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September 11, 2017


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lauren slayton

Please don't stop writing these. As off-putting as social media can be, real, heartfelt posts like this are crucial.

Samantha Beinstein

This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for sharing today. There are a few places I check in every year to remember, and this is one of them. All the best to you and yours.

Natalie Cash

Thank you for sharing Andy with us each year. The horror of the day is unforgettable but so are the memories of the loved ones lost. Andy lives on through you, his friends and family, and now through the young lives of the scholars you have helped. A legacy that will carry his name for generations to come.

Devra Gordon

I am here as I am every year. Love to you Pierre. Much love.


don't stop, I appreciate this post every year, it is cathartic to know I an not alone in the feeling that unless you were right there, you can't really understand the anger and turmoil that comes up every time someone casually mentions the day. the lines of ambulances waiting to take the injured, but those injured never came, new yorkers came together to feed those responders and created hope that never came. i was at work when the first plane hit and then standing on broadway downtown when the first tower fell and the dust came. nothing can change that, and nothing can change the anger that came with the knowledge of what had happened.


I remember the "good old days" of Dad Blogging.. I enjoyed it because it was a community. I still think of you this day every year. I read your post every year because it seems to be the .. not best, but .. a real way to remember that day and how it has affected the lives of many, many people.

Stay strong, my friend, and know there are people you've never met out there that you've touched (through this and all your blogging) and, as strange as it may sound, care about you...


Every year on 9/11, I am confronted with recalling my own experience at the WTC that frankly, I no longer think about each and every day now that 16 years have passed. And every year, I make sure to come here to read what you choose to express about Andy and about your loss. It's become a private part of my own 9/11 check in. I want to sincerely thank you for allowing us to have this place to revisit. Mandy Patinkin's words really resonate: Please know that though the days of blogging are over, a total stranger you've never met, but for a short time came to feel as though she knew a little bit of you, will continue to remember both you and Andy every year for as long as she's alive.


I started reading your blog many years ago and every year now, I come back on this day to check in... thinking of you, thinking of Andy.

You've done an amazing job over the years sharing him with us and keeping his memory alive.

Sending love from California...


Thank you for continuing to post every year. Every year on this date I always make sure to check back to your blog to read your letter to Andy. I was only thirteen when 9/11 happened. My husband ended up deploying to Iraq to fight the war because of 9/11. In fact, I found your blog while he was deployed. And while I don't think I can ever fully comprehend this tragedy, your annual letters always resonate with me and make me reflect back to my thirteen year old self. I hope that my daughter, now almost three, will never experience anything like this in her lifetime.

Christopher spuches

I read this every year Pierre. I'm in Charleston SC after running from Miami avoiding Irma. No power here. But got enough juice on this phone to read this. Thanks for your post. It is appreciated.

Julie Guerin

Thank you once again, Pierre, for sharing your love for Andy with us. Friends like him don't come around often, & I'm so sorry you lost him. My thoughts & prayers are with you as you maneuver through life trying to deal with this tragedy.

While I respect your wishes to honor Andy privately, I hope you know how cathartic it is to read your annual letter. Don't get me wrong, it's always read through tears...but somehow I still smile afterwards just knowing how much Andy meant to you, & the way you will never forget him. It's a reminder for those of us who didn't know anyone personally, to offer a moment of silence in their honor. Sending my love from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!



Every year, Pierre. Every single year I come here and read your words about Andy. I urge you to continue it. It matters. He mattered to you and so now he matters to me. One day I'll get to the memorial and read his name and it will connect in my overtired brain, because you made him real.


Beautiful words, as always, my friend.

Dawnan Hopkins

Thank you. Peace.


I come here every year to read the beautiful letter you write to Andy. Please don't stop. I also made a donation. My thoughts and prayers are with you and his family.

Jennifer Speth

I read these ever year. Your tribute to your friend is always beautiful


I'm sure you think of Andy every. day. It may be the sting has worn off. Remember, that although that circle gets smaller, sometimes the real tragedy is the loss of what didn't come. As you or I surpass each milestone without a person who made us each feel loved and cherished, we still mourn what wasn't whether it's a conscious thing or not. The upside is that I'd bet money all was right in Andy's world as it was in Martin's. We loved. We. go. On. It's what we have. Remember, as long as I am "here" I will be thinking of Andy! Your followers will be waiting because we don't want to forget, and you happen to be our link. If it gets to be too much, you'll know. I WILL still read the old posts because I can. ❤️😇

sarah kahn turner

I too was an early reader of your funny anecdotes detailing trying to survive the early years of child rearing. It helped me to know that although we are strangers, I wasn't alone in the ramblings of my internal monologue. I raised 3 happy, healthy teenage boys while reading your blog and I absolutely loved it. Every year I check in here and am reminded that it takes a village to raise our children and it takes a village to get through the tragedies as well. Thank you for continuing to write here. best, Sarah

Linda Vermeulen

Oh I love this so much. Every year. LOVE.


Pierre, each year I come visit your site on this day. I don't blog anymore - and most of the bloggers I blogged alongside don't. But every year on 9/11, I know you'll post. And your posts help me remember that day - even though i didn't experience the loss you and many others did.
I come because you remember... you refuse to let the memory of your friend go. Your words reverberate with hope - of life moving on after tragedy - but mostly of love... and love is what we seem to be in most need of these days. I pray that somehow, somewhere Andy knows he is loved by you and he many others who loved him. And I pray that we all might be recipients of such love. Your posts remind me to love well... and I'm forever grateful for your words. - Corinne//twopinklines


I come to your blog to read this every year. Thank you for sharing, Pierre.


For whatever it is worth, this annual post is the most personal connection I have to anyone involved in the events of 9/11. That probably sounds odd. I live in Australia, and was about 16 years old at the time, so while this felt enormous, it was something that happened clear on the other side of the planet. I didn't know anyone involved, nor have I met anyone in person since. Stumbled across this blog in its early days through some happenstance I cannot recall, and each year am prompted to return.


I forgot to look for a post this year (as it's a) my wife's b-day and b) the whole city of Atlanta was shut down for the storm, so I didn't go to work.

I'm glad you published this; I'm glad you remind us to feel what happened 16 years ago. I think it's important.

Now, I'm gonna click on that donation link.


Every year I come back to your blog to read your words. Please don't stop...they help more than you know.


Thank you for your words every year. I didn't lose anyone close to me, but that day deeply affected me, and I make it a point each year to pause and remember...because I know for so many people, after 16 years, it's just a blip on the radar. And I don't ever want to forget...it's our duty as Americans to honor the thousands of innocents and heros who lost their lives on that day.

I'm the one who tweeted the photos from the Beverly Hills memorial. Because of you and your unwavering love for your best friend, year after year, Andy is one name in a sea of thousands that I remember each year.


Miss you, too, and your exuberant blogging. Miss my blogging, too, actually.


hello. i'm one of those from the olden days of blogging for whatever reason except self-promotion and exhibitionism. i, like you, have stopped writing my blog. social media has evolved to another creature, another life form. but i keep a bookmark of all my favorite blogs, and hope and wait, that once in a while, even if just once in a while, you pop back online, drop a line or two, and make me ponder, or shed a tear or two, or just smile...

hope to see you back here again. in the meantime, i'll hang around a bit longer.


I am here. I hope you come with your words as only you can. I remember.


I was thinking of you and your friend, Andy, as I do every year and wanted to check in here. I hope you are well.

Julie Guerin

I have not forgotten. Thinking of you, Pierre, and your friend Andy. Checking in from Baton Rouge, LA and hoping all is well with you.


I wanted to make a point of checking on the blog today. Year after year this is the best way to remember that day.


Thinking of you, Andy, and New York City.


Checking in this year, thinking of you and Andy's loved ones.

Julie Forward

Was hoping you would post. I understand why you may not.


Checking in. Hoping everyone is well.


My thoughts were with you and Andy on Sept 11. I hope all is well with you.


I finally made it to the 9/11 memorial today. 17+ years on and I almost didn’t go. But I wanted to see. To burn in the images that were seared in all those years ago. Because I’ve started to forget. I actually found myself almost dreading the “remembrances”. I don’t know anyone who died that day. But the pain still runs deep I went to see Andy’s name and picture. This yearly post has kept him alive for all of us. At the same time, I understand your reasons for not continuing. God bless you and your family as well as all those Andy left behind.

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