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September 11, 2014


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My heart breaks every year for you with your letter to Andy. But this one especially has touched me. It's the overwhelming feeling of how important it is to keep loving them when they're gone. That that keeps them here and there is so much value in those shared memories and moments that stick with us. I don't hope you're able to move on, because that would mean forgetting, and that is either impossible or mean they'd disappear a little more from the world - a great tragedy. But I do wish you peace, for you and all of Andy's friends and family. Though to be honest, I sometimes think it's the hurt that keeps the memories feeling so real.

Isabel @alphamom

sending you love.

ang kim

Thank you for your annual tribute.

I love how real you are. This is an exceptionally poignant tribute.

Thank you for remembering.

Susan Greenstadt

Thank you Pierre for always giving us that moment of solitude with such grace. You so elequently write what many of us are feeling.
With love and appreciation,


It's true, MetroDad. Every year, someone passes and as the number of important people in our world grows ever shorter, so does our time here and it seems, a drive awakens for us to keep them here with us, however we do it. I don't think you're older than me, so rest assured, that I'll keep this in my heart longer, for you and the others, always. Thank you, again, for being who you are.


This is the only commemorative article or post I read on this day each year, as I try instead to celebrate my wife's birthday. I'm glad you keep your friend's memory alive. As the distance between now and 2001 continues to grow, and I start to forget what it felt like to wonder if the people I knew in NYC were okay that day, I'm glad to see this reminder each year that, no--not everyone was okay that day, and awful crimes were committed. But, we should remember fondly those who aren't with us any more.


Here. Quietly. Sharing this sacred space.

Elita Lubis

My Gosh. What a truly friend you are, Mr. Kim. You must write more often on this blank canvas aka blog.


Thank you again for sharing Andy with us. Even though this space isn't as busy as it once was, I'm glad you choose to post this tribute every year. I love the idea of thinking of loved ones that have passed - I'll be adding Andy to my list...XO

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