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May 17, 2013


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On flapping, say with smile:"If words like this, that can like too much!"Originally still wanted that the words being thankful speaking a few lines more, however the facial expression that saw distance snow that smile, these words was again all accepted by him to return to-the gold was small to open to feel that these were really to consider as an outsider, or didn't say well.

Youth hand over girl friend, fear to run into No.2 person most .The first is "she" old daddy.Telephone that, a depressive"who are you ?"Frighten small hair head with joint signatures words all gave to forget.The second is her old elder brother,The card card card card, A string of layer after layer wooden clogs voice, know far from good.The door opens and explores a thwart the big face of eyebrow, another add a pair of thick black arms, chase a door of both sides:"You are several old?Dare to steep my old younger sister?"Underneath of words, need not he says, boy from was to know-" dares again to come next time and give you one smelly beat!"

For example say small development of gold the thing of metal disk kind now, there is basketball size, the color and luster is golden, however isn't a gold material, but a kind of not well-knownly the lightest material.Inset a cake of in that disk center have already become a gobbling up of fossil to check kind thing, that gobbles up a pit from

I agreed not to tell the police,and said goodbye.I walked along the road while Frankland was watching me,but as soon as I was round the corner,I went towards the hill where we had seen the boy.

The beauty of a women must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where the love resides.

Looking at have already paralyzed all over of captain Wu, the Du flies to smile to smile, will several personal dizzy, then the swagger ground leaves the room of Xing Xun.

"Hum, unexpectatively pretend to be dead a superior to also come to take part in this meeting today, really let together will of I feel not late!"Because in those early years every family lord Liu Sheng Bin Wei of Liu Sheng's son, the time of Liu Sheng Xiao the Lang was respected a farmland by the small male took to die at Z country, so at the sight of small male respect farmland, although Liu Sheng Bin Wei has already got the order that the red tail weighs a male,he still cannot helped but eccentrically an irony way.

2 people responds first to come over towards hoping a short while, still Xiao Hui.Taking off the coat will allow the vital part of Ting to cover up, then open Xu Ting Shen's shackles handcuffs.

Only, the taste of this kind of third party seems to be still to take to see through an effect, gold small development by himself/herself now can see among his/her own body of gobble up pit and dollar dint to order!Gobbling up the pit be like be subjected to a certain strength of stir up, suddenly and from above project numerous thin silks, extend among the oneself's internal organs, veins and arteries and blood vessel, the appearance extremely frightens a person.

"Ha ha, severals of emperor Ge also moved, this praying mantis caught a cicada, Huang Qiao's hind good play also go into a high tide in quick time!"After dividing time to leave, the Du flies

"The Du flies a master, the bounty bar opens the door punctually at 9:00 p.m.."The young girl after being just flown by the Du with the Xun becomes more icy cold now.


"Who is your teacher ?We seek him!I pour to and see and fix true boundary here, who the daring don't give me the car Xuan station face!"Hear the answer that the Du flies, car Xuan station immediately spirit shout that the ground drinks a way, obviously the Du flies this to with one action move some self - respects that harmed him.

We covered the body.Then Stapleton turned to go home,and Holmes and I walked towards Baskerville Hall.

"What?!"The gold is small to open a bitterness face to ask a way:"Why to want so?Only have me ……"

PS:Today again spread night, small Du guilty, repent in ……

Uncover book page, read a few good articles.

The gold is small to open way once:"That's right.However I hope that you can keep commitment, hereafter control big summer clansmen and mankind to peaceably get along."

, But the others are understand, the Du flies to don't come back any further.

This kind of"core" absolutely can call up to is a kind of strong dint weapon, 1 kind absolutely violently livings body weapon!What person of work are these"core"s actually?These mankind actually is be not reformed of experiment an article?!Say, in this city, also exist another tall person who is a to have eminent achievement in the aspects of livinging a body reformation?

'It's gone,'Stapleton said.'The marsh has caught and killed it.That often happens.It is an evil place,the Great Grimpen Marsh.'

Seal to traverse strong from press the grief and indignation in the patience, light way:"The nothing important just thoughts of, the Chu text Xuan gets hurt, probably you float to living a valley to have no what get the war of dint will."

"So, evil as kind is declining a life time, my meeting how?"Seal a Ling not from ask a way, this problem he concerns most .


Fly also not concerned at 1:00, however strange gram of Ci Wei had a words to remind him, he seemed to forget to rise an occupation in the association Pu!

After the wish completed, 3 people then backed down from the high level.

Chapter 13 library Ge(up)

"47 year agos, Hong Kong has a gold basin the big guy for washing hands, he knee descend only one female given birth to by middle age, the nature pretty much loves deeply."Make reference to here, the summer blares the rim of eye of snow suddenly tiny be suffused with red, obviously recall to have what things.

The Du flies to took a look the date on the form, was already October 20, 2028, in a couple of days is that he returned to a permafrost day.Come forward to open a gravity constitution, the Du after flying refrained from rash action true spirit still feels light loose, helplessly took a look that 15 numbers of gravity constitutions, the Du flies to shake and established gravity to close.

This isn't strange world either, his a kid almost has jade at the male greatly of person, return to seek the affair that the jade asks this feelings top at the male, and this is the working time, generally speaking he is hardly do this kind of private affairs at the working time, unless the jade on one's own initiative discusses with him at the male, today but is him to ask, so naturally a bit ashamed speak, originally he thinks that the jade should know his/her own meaning on seeing his appearance at the male of, result jade at a little bit more male didn't see out, the not so bad jade finally asked at the male a , so world followed jade to say in the male's words.

Suspend the knot boundary of new 1 F in the mainland inside, the Du flies absolute being to just know at will on sweeping, discover count the kind material ground treasure in sky, however to this he the meaning for doing not the slightest pick, but continue thorough to next knot boundary.

"What is the row?"From strange pair alliance

Silently think of the person of in the mind;

See this act, the gold is small to open unbearable call get up!This condition acquainted with too much!On the time in underground space, it is evil to bite thunder of after hat dead drop, on his body of gobble up pit and then once produced similar of difference change, however end of result be thunder hat the whole body completely swallow to eat up.

Qin Ling's summer, the very airtight forest hides a sky to cover a day, the Qian Qian Fang grass connects wild path, numerous mountain flowers embellish between the edge woods, river water Chan Chan, the mountain breeze is blow gently, the sunshine is ample, the ideal Kingdom that the butterfly livings an interest to multiply greatly, diffused Tashan, bringing up of mother's sort is 100 various butterflies.The queens in it certainly initiates Qin Ling Feng Die.The drop is blue in its Mo, wing exhibition's above 10 Li rices, if Yuan Phoenix in Die, extremely beautiful, glamorous.The these butterflies beauty once leads great universe, once dumped the whole Qin Ling as well and once pleased the mankind of man more.They are the matchless beauties that the innumerables turn Die, is go to heaven as a fairy of lightly moving fly a sky, is a gorgeous and matchless flower of rain.They are on the hoof, a view of the great universe, as well is mankind matter luckily, they usually land on the blossom, and then usually make a living in the vigilance, who once expected, did these charming bewitching females unexpectedly want to make a pounce upon to melt into nothingness in life's most beautiful time?


"H'm?"Listen to a Zhu Hua Dao person so on saying, the Du flew tiny Zheng Zheng, immediately say with smile, " since it is so, that permits to fly some consideration for a while."The Zhu Hua Dao person who sees today greatly has been already said motionless the vehemence that he doesn't give up, the Du flies straight-tempered stopped halfway this topic.

"The Du flies!"Just recognized a good direction, the Du flewed and then hearded the together together graceful voice is after death ringing out, dark called in the heart unlucky of remaining, once turned round in response to the way:"Is Ms. Ya together and together, I still think we were separated by the transmission."

I still want to live first in the school, after all there is still there quite a few brothers, leisure Dou Dou small landlord, play small Three Kingdoms, drink small wine, have a chat small sky of, live to belong to "free and unfettered small day" that we are finally ownly and probably whole lives, form with happy.

Does the home beg some rice seedlings, is busy in transplanting rice seedling for these two days!

The gold is small to open one Leng, immediately exultation:"Fire tooth?!"After believed in break out of in the pole ice, fire tooth always soundly asleep, the gold is by this time and unexpectedly small to open the voice that call to all can not get a response, unexpectedly can hear it several times.

Sea Si face up peep out one silk smiling face, way:"Cooperate to break their turtle hulls!Let they also taste be made track for to kill of taste!"

 "The younger generation just was the elder generation as to build the way that the radicle expects friend and pleased elder generation not strange!"He Zhong Dao started to fly toward the Du a gift to say.

"What?"Han Qiu Ya smells speech one Zheng, she also thinks after just receiving to report to is those small R devils to burn building to cover up movements after escaping, but sees now, they seem to be all ……die?

We usually Kua Kua it talk, but hardly pays a benevolence, and usually is full of old grudge in the heart.We learned how to make a living, but hard put a life.We prolonged the term of life, not living term.

So I the career today again some what different, once let I so shed tears of love, while looking back also however feel like one dream.-Records

"Ship more does the main hand inside in house also have formula?"Hear a ship more lord in the house that popular goods from report such an astonishing news, the small male respects a farmland suddenly brain in a bright.This was absolutely a nap someone come to send a pillow, he is worrying how to fly an explaination for Du, but got this news now, no matter true or false, also on the whole is have an explaination!


See arrive respectfully sit the living room is in the sofa of this, the Du flies of person's soul divide time a dynasty, he ordered to nod, then a move and then leave in a sudden.

Sealing Ling and Hui simply still being really unwilling this place to come here is so long, seemed to really produce feelings to this place, Hui light this guy still perhaps, as long as canning follow to seal a Ling and seem where all can, he is that personality, with seal Ling to have natural feelings.

, In the heart not from secretly praise this guy is personal thing.

Sealed a Ling to understand a little on the whole, however really is a too big result.

Go vulgar life time experience and training this time, although it is said is the suggestion that keeps in mind a true person of bamboo, but the Du flies oneself is also pretty much want to go.Stay is flowing cloud territory self-discipline, to other monks, may be a quite good choice, but talk towards carrying the Du that the innumerable works properly a stone to fly but, some Be getting duller.As long as he would like to, he can close the border at any time, ask for help of to work properly the spiritual influence in the stone and pound at to attain a dollar baby to expect!

"Teacher, I knew, you took good care of!"The Du flies a point to nod, stare at the Louis Si master's along while, etc. see a teacher in the face after slowly showing a smiling face, just the Gong body went one gift and had already turned round to come downstairs to leave.

This time it's leader of a group's turn to explain and convince me:"She seeks me.Trust, she is several ten thousand in all fly."Immediately after give me one to"hum" a word to shut last mouth, but I am clear to read:See your baby's pupil!Her matter is many.Do one's own way!

", This is the animal that my early years once saw on some one star, the amount is few, estimate that being all killed now is unique!"Hear the question of the station of car Xuan, the Du flew to stay calm and collected ground to accept out the Yan gobbled up, then described with a delicate touch ground to seek a source for that fox.

Flank a summer clan the old understanding Xia Yu, stretch hand to block his way:"Xia Yu, unimportant piece, nothing important big Ai."

Slowly annihilate.

The thunder hat squats down by the side of the magma pond up, explore into right hand lightly among the magma, that even steel can the intensely hot magma melting completely have no effect, because on his right hand, have already coagulated very thin crystal hull of 1 F-bite Tui A!A permeates from the thunder hat the right hand like the black liquid of ink sort and turned an eye to melt into among the magma.


"Go first in those early years us

Mow a fracture of a way for the ground of center, the leaf sang the dress Shan of breeze to also become in fine threads ground cloth in this knife breeze.The leaf sang breeze to on the contrary calm down down under this terrible knife breeze, the capability of whole body condensed at own left boxing on, even connect protect a body of true the spirit didn't leave, the leaf sings breeze to feel that he or she is like a green insect for spinning a cocoon general, while oneself will break a cocoon to turn Die right away under Sun Zhong's pressure, the eye sees the close by leaf of that sunset singing breeze to shout at top of voice:"Break!"The left boxing takes endless strength to stubbornly face up, the leaf sings breeze to feel that this is he or she to learn after being this one punch to hit the most perfect one punch.In this one punch not only the Rou is miscellaneous the gold just was like that arrogant that won positive Ping-ho and had already pointed out river's mountain as well that pressed forward with indomitable would and stubbornly kept the idea Yun of shot and even still had other achievement the trace of the method mixs therein.Be gather leaf to sing like this breeze learns to take the glory of ivory to head for Sun Zhong for the boxing method of whole body that imitates a Buddha from nine days but next of blood-red color and sunset.

Is at the thought of here, the Du flies and then has a little penitence, early know so, he waited for in the ice hole and killed off Xin Bo that boy, a 100!

The sky in, unexpectedly hang more than ten gold yellows of circle month!At utter darkness deep cope of night under, those more than ten months send forth a soft ray of light, putting on the whole spaces to all ascend the light in 1 F thin yellow is dizzy.These more than ten circle months greatly were small, biggest almost occupied greater half of the sky, but those night skies that smallly then spread in the surroundings in, a full sky of feel like bead jades.

"Blood-sucking vampire!"

"Now is that we take the offensive.If now return to, a say we are together done not establish the coast defending to frighten back, the monk of underneath still has what morale combat?"Five elders also in consideration of the suggestion that matches a body to expect monk, however he sees more far, this decision, really not descend!

"You BE?"See the Du fly thus and greatly ground say to see their general manager, the guard doesn't dare to neglect as well.Dress up as the person whom the pig eats tiger is really too many for these two years, and do jadeite business of, it is a wealth to all pay attention to ground don't expose white, usually 1 looks similar guy for seeming common fatty, is the big customer of company, this guard has already seen much.

Gather to work properly, the elfevident is the strategies that remit to gather spiritual influence.This kind of strategies belong to the foundation in the foundation, because of

"What?!You this is rascal, dare such impoliteness!"That voice extremely angries and immediately sent out earsplitting Nu of Long Long to drink.Hear this Nu drink a voice, the eccentric in the surroundings cave is rattled, the hands embrace a head and kneel Fu don't dare to move in the hole.

Hence, that historic monument became to live a new life to move feeling, that tour became deeper and interesting, as for those oneselfs visit of person, sees eastern one ruins, a western photogene and strolls each ancient arena of finishing Italy, the impression is almost completely similar.No matter historic monument, famous spot or museum are all like a person.You are incognizant he, he is an individual, greatly not is a person with special outlooking, but after you know him, he then becomes to°from the stranger your friend and becomes a "lovers" that is living and makes your understand and pity.

Will accompany with a total degree of two of you the years of the life.


Llega el invierno, marcará el comienzo de un invierno frío. Incluso la gente del Norte no Tucao Sur de nieve menos amigos Idioma cerró la puerta, los amigos del sur envidiarán a los del Norte dispone de calefacción geotérmica exposición cálido sol son como la gente se duerma, pero no importa dónde se encuentre, que necesitará una chaqueta o delgado o grueso, largo o corto, o la multitud en la calle para ver a la gente mirar hacia atrás en un resfriado o puestos de trabajo para cubrir el frío viento. Chaqueta caliente abajo de hoy, no sólo para la fabricación, más se refleja la belleza estatura.


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watch was far too easy previously, however right now its impossible

H. Campbell

great post, reading this, I am missing my father now...so teary eyed...I'll be home soon.

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