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May 17, 2013


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Welcome back!


Well worth the wait!!! Hope everything is ok and your recovery is going smoothly.


Food and girls is a hard one. My middle one flat out stopped eating a few years ago when I got separated. Personally I'd see a nutritionist and also make it as little a deal as you possibly can. Oh and feed her ice cream every day. Truly. Our nutritionist at the time said to give it twice a day if needed. They need the calories and it reminds them how tasty food can be. Good luck on that one and on recovering from the surgery.

I haven't yet jumped into the dating pool, even though my ex-husband is married and has a new baby already. I'm just not ready. I think it's great that you found someone and are happy.


When my brother was aged 9 he would only eat cereal...the Dr. didn't think anything was wrong, he said if he wants to eat cereal all day then let him eat it...he maintained weight and eventually grew out of it.

I'm certain it's just a phase...


I check your website almost everyday. Thanks for finally updating :)


Thanks, Issa. We try to give her as much ice cream as she wants. Most of the time, she's not even interested in that. We've even broken our cardinal rule and tried taking her to McDonalds!

Damon Rein

Beautifully, eloquently written. Thank you. Regarding the food issue: My 8 yr old son eats about 6 things: Pizza, Trader Joe's chicken nuggets, fruit (as many as 6-10 apples daily), and pancakes with no syrup. Water only. NO CONDIMENTS--EVER. Zero vegetables. Peanut butter and jelly only because we force him for breakfast on schol days. We've brought this up with his pediatrician and he has said 5% of kids outgrow this pattern. No doubt we have a 20-1 dog worth betting on. I wish you luck but no good suggestions. When did this food madness start? When we were kids, you were either picky or not, but nothing like this shit.


You've summed up my hatred of selfies better than I ever could. THANK YOU!

Lan | morestomach

Love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely. <== preach

happy recovery!


I really need to sit you down and teach you how to keep a blog updated.


Welcome back! You were missed. Hope you are ok and that your medical issue is resolved with the rest.

Julie Kang

Hi Oppa, so glad to hear from you! I'm sorry you've been dealing with health issues, and I'm glad to hear you're on the mend.

Aside from the bathroom sharing aspect (our family of 4 shares 1 bathroom, so I feel your pain), your new blended family sounds like SO much fun!!! I am so happy for you all!

And because of some health issues of my own, I just started working out a couple months ago. I'm still a n00b, but I don't understand how people can focus on a book or a TV screen during physical activity! My eyes can't focus on shit when I'm jostling around, trying not to look like That Fat Girl.

Give me an iPod filled with some fast tunes, and I'm good. I've already fallen in love with the peace of just shutting off all thoughts beyond getting past the next few minutes of exertion and letting Britney Spears (don't judge!) fill my head completely. :P


Always great to get a post from you, MD. Get better soon.


OMG so excited and happy you are back writing!!! get well soon and looking forward to more posts!:))


It's so good to "hear" your voice again! Wishing you a speedy recovery and don't stay away so long next time.


When my daughter was 8, she barely ate anything. The amount of food she had in a single day couldn't fill up a plate. She was practically skin and bones. We tried to feed her favorite foods but she really didn't have any.

We went to several nutritionists and they all said the same thing. just let her eat whatever she wants. Let her pick out her meals. Make sure to give her multivitamins. Try to get her to hgave dairy.

None of that really helped. Then one doctor said that it could be a control thing. If we let her help make her own dinner, thing might change. He said if she had a healthy breakfast, a healthy snack after school, then if she didn't eat dinner not to worry about it, but don't let her eat snacks with the other kids after dinner and after awhile, she started eating dinner again.

It's helped. Not much. But compared to before, it's much better. Good luck.

Linda S



In your girls' defense, the cat probably was curious about them for 3 hours and then started treating them like unwanted captors.

And I was a little concerned about your soliciting "sexy time" in a letter ostensibly to your girlfriend and *daughters*, but then I remembered that you said only your nanny would read it, and it all made sense.


Great post! Nice to have you back, MD. We've missed you. Hope you're recovering well.


Glad to see you posting! Good luck in your recovery!

Good luck with your oldest girl. I'm inclined to say let her eat whatever she wants, but if this is a relatively recent adjustment and not general finickiness (a la youngest daughter and white pasta) it could definitely indicate something more going on (especially given her age).

Take note of what she will eat and when she'll eat and talk to her doctor/nutritionist.


Missed you, dear.


all the best for a speedy and full recovery MD. looking forward to future musings on the fitness routine--you don't think endurance training on a treadmill is a positive?


Thought of you just a few days ago when I was watching a movie. The teens in it were cursing so badly, it made me think of your post on eloquent cursing and how it's an art...

I'm glad you're back and looking forward to hearing more about your joint families. How's the Boss Lady, btw?


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yay you're back! the thought of not eating and potentially ruining my health meant I always ate my food! (plus being an asian girl, I love food) just exercised lots I guess. I dunno if that helps..... the not eating thing is pretty bad, the protein - can you just get her some chia seeds etc so it bulks up whatever she's eating? But yeah being a chinese kid if I didn't eat i'd be in big trouble. is it related to a fear of losign weight? A mental issue (anorexia or something like that in its mild form) - is she a perfectionist/ stressed etc

When my bro was 5, he suffered a severe bout of constipation (so much pain etc) that he had to get an enema. Needless to say he made sure he had some vegies and varied food since.


Welcome back MD! Hope you're feeling good as new soon - or that you give us some more Vicodon fueled musings if you're not!

Girls and food are a constant worry. The biggest thing I've learned raising my two daughters (ages 21 & 18) is that it's usually about control. Find ways to let her feel like she's in control of her intake and it'll get better.

Good luck - and keep blogging!


Yay, you're back. I was getting a bit worried that it was the end of your blog. You are the only male blogger that I follow, so please keep blogging :)


Thanks for the update! I've been reading you for several years, and was just thinking of you!

Best wishes in all your ventures!


Nothing makes me happier than a new Metrodad post. Welcome back. Hope you're feeling better and will be writing here more.


Glad to see you somewhere besides Instagram!

Also, best wishes for a quick recovery. You don't seem like the sedentary type.


Glad to see you're back! Hope your medical inconvenience goes away quickly, and the girls let you have your 'me' time on the throne.

(I felt the same way about Sedaris' latest. Plus, I felt kind of cheated since half the stories had already been published in The New Yorker. Dude couldn't write a few more new stories?)


I only have one thing to say: Peanut is tooooooooooooooo cute. >p


so glad you're back, MetroDad... with your usual blend of insight, intelligence and ridiculousness. all my parents had to do was give me the Korean Death Stare and my plate was immediately clean.

your girls are all lovely. so glad to hear that you all have each other.


Three girls and a girlfriend? No wonder you're not writing much anymore. Hope all is going well with the recovery and we see more of your writing. I've missed it!


Hello, and glad to have you back! (Thank God for blog rolls :)) Wishing you a good recovery. Touch wood about finding love after your divorce and the girls getting along well with each other.


I also have three girls, ages 3-9 with food pickiness that changes every couple years. My solution: I make one dinner and if one doesn't want to eat it, then don't. There will be no snacks or desserts afterwards, so decide accordingly. This is based on the advice of the ancient pediatrician who cared for me, and he wasn't wrong. When kids are hungry enough, they will eat whatever is set in front of them. And no, I am not advocating starving the kids. One day is enough for them to get hungry enough.


Lovely post and enjoyed the great length!
Will read A.M. Holmes.


YES A NEW ENTRY! That is all that I can say. I really missed reading your blog. Come back quick!
ps: your girl has grown into such a sweet young girl! And I am so so glad that everything is going well with the family!


My philosophy on food and kids is just never make a big deal of it. And no way does anyone, including adults, ever HAVE to eat everything on their plate. As long as you've tried a mouthful of each thing that's there and you've had enough, that's fine. And you can have a apple for dessert.


Great. Now I no longer have the excuse: "Well, Metrodad hasn't posted in a while either." Thanks for that.


Yeah, MetroDad's in the house!


You scared us. I've been reading ur blog done 2009. U just disappeared. Ur lucky u were hospitalized. Just kidding. Glad u r back & okay. Nice post


Whoa. Thought you were gone for good this time. I hoped not, but I also completely understand about how pesky things like life can interfere with important things like blogging for your adoring fans. Sorry to hear about the challenges being thrown at you. Sounds like there is much goodness too. If you never wrote another word, I would consider myself lucky to have had what you gave in this blog. Take care of yourself!


Great to see that you are back at it!

Life seems to throw all of us a couple of bumps along the way but I am glad that you can still find the time to give us a little insight to it all.

My wife is due soon and I was just going back to some of your old posts to calm the nerves!

Get well soon sir.


Welcome back. Hope your surgery wasn't for anything too serious... and may you have a speedy and complete recovery.

That post was huge, like the kind of Food-Baby you deliver after a month of heavy eating. But much more pleasant to spend some time with.


I've been reading a lot of mom bloggers who have book deals. You should get one too!


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Happy to have you back. Love your blog!


Can't wait for more posts!

Vivian - vxdollface

Good to see you're back, more posts soon?

It would start off with a lecture how people in Africa are starving so I shouldn't waste food. If that failed, my parents would switch the lights off and leave me in the dining room until I would finish my dinner. I have a fear of the dark :/

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