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October 02, 2012


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Forget all that, what are you guys all dressing as for Halloween?


Once again, this post pretty much sums up why I love you.


Glad to finally hear about Ireland, since you dissed those of us who flew to NYC for BlogHer in favor of Ireland. Sounds like you won.

I'm the same way re: TV. Haven't seen any of those gems. Usually, I work, write, or go out drinking at night after the children go to bed instead, which isn't bad, though.

Jen B

Your girls are beautiful, MD.

As a woman who got divorced a year ago, I can't tell you how much it hurts only having my kids half the time. I feel like I'm missing so much in their lives. The pain is unbearable.

I don't regret my divorce (AT ALL!) but I wish I'd known how much I'd miss my kids.

Not that it would change anything...

Tara McCulloch

They smack of the truth, your comparisons of Koreans and the Irish. However, my mother used to tell me: "Koreans are the Irish of THE ORIENT." She still refers to herself as an "ORIENTAL." What's wrong with that?" she wonders. Loved your post.


Beautiful photo of your family.


iPad + Netflix + Noice-cancelling headphones = Dad TV. It works like a champ. Sit on the couch with them while they watch Glee and catch up on what you want to watch.


Gangnam Style? You crack me up. Great piece.

As one who has watched TOO much television lately - you ain't missing anything, my friend. One exception - the Daily Show during the conventions. That was actually pure genius.


Awesome post MD!


You're my favorite writer. This was all fantastic.

Kevin (Always Home and Uncool)

RA Dickey pitched last night so the Mets game officially moved up mediocre TV.


Yeah! Halloween!


I feel the same way about TV. You have kids, I have the graveyard shift. Now I watch morning talk shows and skinny Drew Carey on The Price is Right.

I agree about the cool pillows, I always flip mine throughout the night to get the cold side.

My parents divorced when I was in 1st grade. My mom used to say that she was happy when we were with our dad so that she could get a break. I wonder if the other feeling is true, if she ever wished we didn't go to our dad's place. Being Chinese and not sharing our emotions, it wouldn't be something I'd ask her now.

Glad you're able to express your feelings to Peanut, she'll remember it in the long run.


Yeah, why aren't there invisible socks? I'd buy the shit out of those.


In re: a pillow that stays cold, I delurk to point you to this. I only learned about this when I was 9+ months pregnant in July and a hot pillow became unacceptable.



Give it five years and all the great shows from today will be on Netflix. This is what I tell myself at least, as I am currently just starting Weeds.

Your girls are adorable and oh how I understand the custody thing. We have a 50/50 split and it works and my kids are healthy and happy and all that. Still...i get it.

ray lee

My advice is to get 2 TVs. They're cheaper than buying a pair of prescription glasses these days.

And are you sure they haven't invented pillows that stay cool?

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sean D.

MC Vanilla Rice? Bwahahaha!!!


Most of those shows are on the ipad app for the various networks. Watch them in your bedroom while the kids watch Glee! I am sure that you have a sweet pair of humungous headphones to wear because the sound out of the tiny ipad speakers sucks!!


This is why you're my internet crush.


So entertaining! I love your perspective on family life.


Do any of your kids go to PS 41?

I thought I'd seen you and the Peanut there a few times. Hard to tell because I only know you from the photos that you post here.

If that's you, don't be surprised next time a stranger comes up to you and tells you how much she loves your writing!

When are you going to write a book?


How cute is this photo?? You guys are great parents to the girls.

Kate (Bee In The Bonnet)

Well, there is this:

But, I have to admit that it kinda sucks. It works, as long as you move your head from place to place so that the Chillow gets air exposure. But it's heavy, because it's, you know, filled with WATER. Which means it has a tendency to flatten your pillow, which I really don't care for. However, yes. There exists a pillow-device thingy that keeps the pillow cool. I used it on my feet in the winter, which is great for those of us who have the thermostat-foot thing (where you can cool your overheated self off if only you can expose just that one foot...), but like I mentioned, it only works if you can give it air exposure, so it warms up after a while if it's under the covers. Great idea, but still needs some work.


I'm sooooooo jealous whenever I read that anyone I know is getting divorced. (...wistful sigh...)

Your girls are beautiful!


Yes...Homeland is all kinds of AWESOME. You're missing out!!!


My dad is Irish and my mom is Korean. We spent the entire weekend discussing and laughing about your post. Everyone agrees with you!!!


I know ths pain. It does get better or easier. Or, something. Mine are late teens and early twenties now - there's a kind of fluid backing and forthing, as and when they wish. I think I see my 22-yr-old more, as a result, than most parents of young adults do. Keep going, keep loving them. It will all be good.


Why aren't you writing for a living?!?


Beautiful picture! Breaking Bad is an awesome show on many levels. I highly recommend it. But it will be addictive to watch the whole thing.


Lol, there is such a pillow! It's a brand called Technogel!

I saw it at the store the other day and was fascinated with it....until the saleslady told me how much it was. It's about RM2000 which comes up to about USD570. I'm dying to try it but it's really hard to justify a RM2000 pillow. So you know the dollar-to-dollar conversion, a cheeseburger at McDonald's is about RM5.

Maybe it's cheaper in the States? :)

Meredith P.

I too wanted to love Amis' "Lionel Asbo." Definitely entertaining and a quick read but I was left wanting more. "Hologram for a King" was awful. Hated every page of it. Felt like it was written by a college student.

Will definitely check out Ford's "Canada." I've heard great things. Thanks.


I'm so glad to see a new post from you, and happy that you have "your girls." I had to chime in and agree that Richard Ford's "Canada" was an engrossing and evocative read. I love writers who have such a strong sense of place.


I've been saying the Koreans are the "Asian Irish" for decades! We like to drink, fight, sing, and fall in love in dramatic fashion


MetroDad, YoYo Ma and Biggie Smalls at the same dinner table? Can I get an invite to that party?


Too bad you're not single...sigh.


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I love how your mind works..it has a lot of brilliant ideas :-)

have a girl

your best part of all these:

Pillows that constantly stay cool.

I totally agree!

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Beautiful family! It's very nice to see how nicely your life has settled back into place.

I can't even imagine how much I'd miss my girls if the spouse ever finally had enough of me. I go off on hunting trips once or twice a year for a few days and I have to be very careful not to think about them. Not looking forward to the "empty nest".


aww the peanut is such a beauty


I completely agree with pretty much every point you've made in this post, but have to say that you've really nailed the emotional downside of divorce from the parents perspective. I love my daughters, and admit they drive me up the wall now and then, however not being there to tuck them in every night is always going to be a hard bit of truth to swallow. Thanks for the wisdom.



For God's sake, Dude, rework that chair layout at the top of your page. Doesn't that piss off the new Metrohottie?

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Jed Art

Thank you for sharing this blog with us all. Its always interesting to hear other peoples views and opinions. Thank you

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As a woman a year ago divorced, I can't tell you how much pain my child only half of the time. I think I lost so much in their life. Pain is unbearable.

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