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July 25, 2012


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$20 + chocolate? Off to go knock some of my own teeth out.

Fab 5 indeed, MD. That's a lot of smiles. Awesome.


Gorgeous photo. Gorgeous family. Am so happy for you, MD. Just wish you'd write more!


Good to see you here. I pepper my overworked, overtired, and happy-to-have only daughters husband with some of your lines from time to time. Yours is the only blog I mention that he ever asks about. More please!

heather p

"Personally, I've always believed that the only definition of family that matters is your own."

Amen, MD. Amen.


does the tooth fairy come back when we start losing teeth as senior citizens to offset the cost of healthcare? more importantly, I love your definition of family.


OH MY GOD. What an adorable family you have!! Thank goodness you're back, btw!

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

We've explained that there's more than one Tooth Fairy, and that like postmen, they have different routes. We're fortunate to live on the $1-a-tooth route, while some of our friends obviously live on the 90210 one.


While I tend to reject gender stereotypes (my experience with a girl and a boy firmly bear out that nurture wins over nature), the one thing I will say is that TEENAGED BOYS STINK. Not in the 'they have cooties' context, but rather they SMELL TERRIBLE. I walk into the house sometimes and Lucas will say "Why are you crying?" when in fact my eyes have teared up in reaction to the pheromones and foot-sweat. So count your blessings (four!!!) and I love that pic of your new family. I bet they smell great!!


For some reason I know more than a few Dads of three-daughter households. I am thinking of setting up a support group. Or a poker game.
1) Like you, I have recently been thinking about how young boys should be put on some kind of island away from civilized people (kind of like John Carpenter's "Escape From New York") until they are ready to join polite society. But then I look back on how my brother and I acted when we were kids and I'm amazed that we weren't abandoned in Grand Central Station by our parents. As I am constantly reminded, the main ingredient for parenting is patience and more patience.
2) The Drama.... The Drama (said in my best Marlon Brando-Apocalypse Now voice)
3) Another manifestation of the all-girls house: Top 40 radio (or Top 8, seems like). How many times am I doomed to listen to "Call Me Maybe" in the car?


Once again, this is why you're my favorite writer.

Beautiful photo of your gang!


Glad to see you and your little women are doing well.

I have one son who's flanked by 3 daughters. I have a feeling he'll be familiar with hazing way before fraternity pledgeship in 2026.


Congrats. Peanut has grown up a lot! wow!

Derek S.

I too am surrounded by four females---my wife and three teenage daughters. You think it's tough now? Wait until your girls get a little older.


Great photo. Nice to see you back.

Lan | angry asian

in our house, it was my dad, stepmother, their 3 daughters and then me. on top of that, we had a live in nanny. he traveled for work, A LOT. sometimes for 3 month stretches, once for 6 months. now i know why: he had to poop.

so glad you checked in.


You with three girls...I love it. Good luck with the drama and lack of bathroom. Heh. Really though, they are adorable.

I have a little boy. He's three and a complete nut a lot of the time. He's ALL BOY! However, he also has two big sisters so he's way more sensitive and level headed than some boys in his daycare.

Family is those who you love and cherish, no matter if they are blood related. I've made my real family out of friends.


Oh and I'm sure this will put my kids in therapy one day, but I don't do the tooth fairy. Reach under a sleeping child to find a tooth and give money? Ugh. Not gonna happen.


Derek, I was going to say the same thing but I decided to let him find out on his own.


Great post. I love your little gang!

Leanne Koh

What a fab 5 that is! I'm so happy for you! I hope the bathroom situation gets better.


Great fab 5 indeed! Sorry for those expensive tooth fairies flying on the top of NYC skyscrapers. Here in south, our tooth fairies come with mostly quarters and a dollar would have made our girl's day! She is 5 now and in average, it takes 60 min to get her from bed to the car. But it already 3 times longer than any of my morning routine. So, things can get better, just make sure your girls take engineering as their major in college, they would learn that make-up, breakfast, brushing hair are no longer compatible with her new life.


Oh, engineering, I mean anything requires great knowledge in logic, math, physics, and chemistry...you got the idea, somehow estrogen just goes away from their fabulous female heads...


Seeing you on my Reader totally made my day! Welcome back - and please stay. Write on, MD. The world was a little less fun without your posts.


Awww! You and your gang are adorable.

I'm with the others. Please write more! Always enjoy reading your perspective on life.


So happy to see a post from you! My husband was the lone boy in his family with four older sisters, so he much prefers female company...which is a good thing because other than one male dog, he's the only boy in this house! Really enjoyed this post, especially your definition of family. And what a lovely family you have!


So glad to see that you're back, more refreshed and happier! What a beautiful gang. Hope you're enjoying the summer. your faithful reader from korea :)


Very happy for you, MD. Loved your photo too. Hope you are able to find time to write here more often.


Love the photo of the beautiful MetroGang. Enjoy the sweet times while they last. Middle school is when they grow claws.


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Nice to read about your life again and I think the four ladies in your life now are really cute especially The Girlfriend.

At least, Peanut got a dollar. I never received a single cent. Bleah.


You look happy, and you deserve to be. Would love recaps of the girls' dramas if they allow you to preserve them here!


Also, isn't your banner due for a redesign?!

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I have five daughters, a wife, and one son. I know exactly how you feel. Hang in there, bro!


It's 1am where I am and I have to wake up in 5 hours for work, but when I saw your update I had to take the time to read it, quickly, once, and then slowly, again.

Your posts are like crack. (Never tried crack but people say that all the time and I feel like I know what crack must feel like. Ie, your posts.)

I digress. Beautiful gang you have there. I've been following your blog since Peenut was a tiny thing and this made me smile. Internet high-five!


Holy cow -- we'd go bankrupt at $20 a tooth. I got $1 and was happy to get it! Nowadays, I guess it'd be cheaper to let all their teeth fall out and take the money to instead buy the kid dentures.

And what a great photo. It's a beautiful family that you have. :)


Our Tooth Fairy is inconsistent and arrbartiy, sometimes, leaving coins, other times gifts; no rhyme, no reason. There have been times she has hidden the prize so well that our sleepy children have managed to push the booty out from under their pillow and deep under the bed where it cannot be found until the next day with parental help. Then there are tthe imes when a tooth is lost so late at night that it misses the West Coast cut off time and has to be rewarded the next evening. Last week Sistafoo lost her first top front tooth late in the eving. We were convinced she had missed the cut off, but the Tooth Fairy must have been impressed by the fantastical little house she made complete with a bed for the tiny ejected not-so-pearly white; because she left her a twenty as if she couldn't find change or something!


At a playgroup with three five-year-olds the only girl lost her first tooth. My son and the other boy kept runinng over to their respective moms CONVINCED that their teeth were lose. It was apparently the coolest thing ever...Congrats on another milestone.


$5?!!! $20?!!!
No, $1. Sometimes a book is included, if TF happens to have one on hand.

And sometimes I recycle that $1.

Looks like life is full for you these days.

Um, perhaps a new website banner is in store?

How about four toilets and a urinal?


I am so happy for you and your adorable gang but I'm going to have to defend life with boys. I grew up with estrogen all around me. Now? We can get out of the house in 15 minutes (with breakfast), life is full of hockey and football. The only moody one is me and they all ignore my moods anyway. Just saying, maybe it's nice to be around the opposite sex.


Time to update that danged Metrodad graphic. It's great to see you and your family so happy. Great picture!


tommy riles

Geez...thats alot of girls. I have a wife and once daughter, and that feels like alot of ladies!


I always love to read when you update your blog. Love the pic... everyone looks so happy!
I do have to say, though, boys are so much fun! They have so much energy but that energy keeps us young (or gives us gray hair, you choose). I'm blessed to have one drama queen and one curious energizer bunny.

yates en Ibiza

My overworked, overtired, and happy-to-have only daughters husband with some of your lines from time to time.


NOOooo! Don't change Metrodad's graphic! Or just add to it. The more vinyl chairs to love the Peanut, the merrier!


Oh, sorry - are they leather chairs, not vinyl?


I hate those people that give too much from the Tooth Fairy and make the rest of us look bad! That being said, the kiddo in our house gets two dollars for each tooth, but I have a roll of the gold dollars! Those are very special so the amount doesn't matter, he's happy to have the gold! Might be worth a try for the next ones!
Your family is gorgeous! Glad you are happy!


i love your blog. i must read your post........


Wow! Good for you, I'm glad you are so happy. As for boys, you have not had the pleasure of having the sports page read to you while you are in the shower and getting your mascara on. Now, I have three grand daughters and I am making up for what I missed.
Warning from a former middle school teacher: those cute little girls will turn on you but it will pass by age 18,


Please keep writing... There are people who blog, and people who write. It's so refreshing to read the latter.


In case you don't post it...I want you to know that I remembered our friend Andy today. I finally visited the WTC Memorial and I was absolutely stunned, crushed and had no words to describe how I felt upon seeing the proximity of everything and thinking of the destruction and death there. I was going to find Andy's name but in my incredulous state of mind, I just said a prayer, and swore I would come here to let you know that a perfect stranger who reads your blog remembered your friend that day and today on this day, September 11, 2012.

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