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April 25, 2012


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vidro automóvel

This is one of my favorites.


at age seven she seemed to have sense the idea about life in a deeper way..she must be so smart-intellectually and emotionally..

:) :) :)


Oh my word! She is very talented. Far wiser then her 7 years. I always enjoy what you write. The way you write. No matter the subject it is always written beatuifully. I wish I had your talent and hers for that matter.

Her's to your prodigy and her book!


peanut is gorgeous. hey, im missing manhattan so bad after reading your blog. :( wish i can afford to be back there someday.


We have a new writer in our mist. She is not only a writer but an artist as well. I know that with the help of the people around them they will continue to grow. I am so please with the way you get along with your daughter. It is nice to read about.


keep on posting, Mr. Peanut's dad! Your blog is inspiring to the core.


Wow! I cant believe a 7 year old wrote that. That puts my writing to a shame :) It looks like you are going to have an Ernest Hemingway on your hands!


two months already Metrodad. waiting waiting.


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Of course we'll see you soon back in Paris!When the faumos "rentre9e" hits us, everybody comes tanned and with new clothes and lots of holiday story, you'll be back as well like a real Parisian Missing you Vero


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she got your heart...not that i know ur heart...fuck, that sounded almost gay..what the hell...it was a great poem and it was nice to know a lil bit more about u...if life was a spectator sport ( which it is on its way of becoming) i would root for you...and of course, peanuts...thats a given.


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she's incredibly amazing,i know someday she could be a best writer. Looking forward for more peanut's writing.

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I guess our tradition is to watch frkeworis on the back deck which faces Lake Washington the past serveral years the frkeworis shows have been getting more and more elaborate the gathering for a family barbeque and then the clammoring for a chair that has the choice view in front (the seats are all good!) I do remember one year as a child (maybe 6 years old?) and being told that I couldn't leave the dinner table to watch frkeworis until I ate my salad (with peas) .sadly that year I missed the show because I fell asleep on the chairs


I grew up in a teeny-tiny town of 300 people, but we sure do 4th of July right! My fartivoe tradition is now to drive home (6 hours!) and go to the little small-town parade, cruise the craft fair, and then buy a bunch of small fireworks and firecrackers from the local Indian tribe. At night, we drive up to the a reservoir about 40 minutes away to watch the fireworks, but everyone who brought some sets theirs off first! It's so fun every year. I just love the home-y small town feel.


I am a sucker for trtandiois, I feel it is really important for my kids to have all those memories! When my husband and I got married we moved an hour away from our home town. So every Fourth of July instead of staying in the city (big city for us) we drive back home to watch their big show! It isn't a huge show but it is great to see all of our friends and family!


Our whole neighborhood buys fiwrkores. We kind of go crazy. Each home spends at least $50 (although that may not be the case this year!), and we have this giant fiwrkores show in the middle of our cul-de-sac. Our city puts on a fiwrkores show, but our neighborhood one has it beat, I believe! Of course, I get everyone's pics later and scrapbook them!


We always get toetehgr with family or friends, depending on where we are and we are also celebrating my son's birthday! He was born on July 2nd, but it usually works out to do it on the 4th. Many years we are in another place, last year we were in Chicago with family, other years we've been in Canada or one year we were in Switzlerland and everyone in the restaurant celebrated with us!


We are just winding down from our usual foturh of july festivities! we gather in a big ol' group, have us a potluck BBQ, give the kids some water toys (this year we went all out and rented an inflatable water slide! new tradition.) go out front and fill the air with fireworks. sooo fun!


BBQ! Hamburgers, potato salad, corn on the cob, those red, white and blue popcisles When I was little and living in Massachusetts we'd watch the Fireworks on the Esplanade, now that we have moved away we still watch them on tv and dream of memories of home and Independence Days gone past.


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Is there an apparent crttoadicnion in being a "sentence to sentence writer" and writing a plot driven "compelling narrative"? Maybe he writes the first draft in a stream of consciousness way and later rearranges and edits it to bring out the narrative?The word "yearns" reminded me of Seinfeld!

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If it wasn't for the idiotic scrawl I would say that could be published by a very elegant mature. Well done Peanut.

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But he was taken is the only option that fits Remora and Hackwrench's dmitoifscure. He ran away ? Not enough information (which, of course, gives Tami plenty of leeway on how to write the next installment). But to me, highly unsatisfactory. He was invited out by Inspector Gideon. In a pig's eye. How is that different from He was taken ? *grin* He went shopping simply doesn't explain why Remora is acting so weird. (Well, of course, she's always acting weirdly, but still . . .)No . . . I'm afraid I'm convinced that Bones was taken. And while that implies he was taken against his will, I give him (and Tami) more credit than that. For one thing, one does not simply take a ticker. Unless one has a crane. :p


Anyone can write. But only few people have the acautl skills to write knowledge, literature, a true work of art. I see this in your passage now. I rarely find anything worth my time on this category. Only three pieces of work have acautlly been good, and you are number 4. For 15 years old, (I am 16 and writing a novel as well) I think your writing style is of a high caliber. What you wrote, did have enough description to get me into it. So yes, to your question, I do believe you have what it takes. a year of a intensive critical writing class.


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I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for ptosnig this!


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