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April 25, 2012


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Beautiful. The Peanut has clearly inherited your talents.


But you have fostered her talents!


I, for one, would love to see you do more writing. How about starting with a short story?


Lost dreams of royalty, Jersey rib joints, 1985 Eddie Murphy, escargot, writing as a career, and the creative juices of a young child. All in one post. This is why I love your writing. Thanks, MD

Vivian - vxdollface

Well done on raising her to be so well versed! Can't believe she's only seven! Looking forward to Peanut's future book ;)


Holy crap, Peanut is so articulate. Um, when I was seven, I wrote poems that rhymed cat with mat and flat.


Yes! Please shamelessly promote Peanut's chef d'oeuvres to us when it is time! Great writing! Do you think it is hereditary?


The Peanut has real talent. That poem is simply amazing. Practically brings a tear to my eye.


your 7 year old baby girl wrote that?!

are you telling me that YOU just don't have 7 year old handwriting? amazing.


"...anyone can become a writer. The trick is not in becoming a writer, it is in staying a writer. Day after week after month after year."

thanks for that. i needed to read that right now.


She's amazing! Before a weekly meeting, my boss (or anyone who so desires) reads a poem to start the meeting. I would love to read this one to them, if you and Peanut would agree. I work in palliative care for cancer patients and Peanut's poem speaks to me and my work on many levels.


Lovely poem, lovely girl.



Maddie (age 5), who was having difficulty getting to sleep tonight, happened to wander into my room while I was reading this post. I asked her if she wanted to read a poem written by a seven-year-old girl, and we read Peanut's poem together.

After we read it, Maddie just nodded, and said, "I like the line about the stars in my heart, and the part about things rising high in the night." And she wandered back to bed and fell asleep.

Beautiful. Rise up high to the night, Peanut.


peanut is a very smart n sensitive young girl. you have raised a wonderful girl. love the poem written by her. it brings tears to my eyes. God Bless.

you must write more often MD.


"I'm posting this because as an adult, one always forgets the depth of emotion of which little children are capable."

As someone who teaches kindergarten, I can tell you that this is the one thing that continues to surprise and amaze me on a daily basis. The Peanut is incredibly gifted. I think you're already fostering her talent. Keep up the great work.


Please write more!


For somebody who claims to "love" writing, you sure don't write on here much. That's my way of saying keep up the good work! As a single dude, reading this blog makes me really look forward to becoming a parent.


You really should be writing for a living. I'd love to see you have your own column or publish a book of essays. I know I'd buy it!


i'm reading this thoughtful post and all i can think about is, Eddie Murphy was in Ghostbusters?


I too imagined that I was adopted by my immigrant parents as a child and fantasized about the day my more "American" ones would find me. I also wished that I was blonde. I don't feel so guilty anymore!

Your daughter's poem is so powerful. Think of what she will be writing in the years ahead! You've created an environment for her to be able to express herself fully through her writing. That's powerful too.


One of my favorite posts that you've ever written!


That is just too darling. The Peanut will be going places as a writer :)


omg, i love this post. and this is only the second time i've commented here. she's a prodigy! get her an agent! stat!


I loved pretty much everything about this post. It actually might be my new favorite of yours. :)

And, oh my stars -- the Peanut's poem blew me away. What a young talent she is.

Linda V

Stars begin to rise in my heart. Oh my. Well, she sure knows what love is like...to have and to lose.

Simply lovely.

I just watched Delirious again. Seriously. He certainly did have it, and I have the shame of really loving Party All The Time.

Lovely poem. Brought tears.

Sara J.

Your daughter has an incredibly creative mind and is an amazing writer. I look forward to great things from her.


It's kind of creepy that I had the same dreams of lost royalty! Clearly there's something in the second generation psyche that lends itself to illusions of grandeur. ;-) Great post and thanks for sharing.


She's a born writer. As are you. I look forward to reading more of both of you in the years ahead.


Good god! Peanut IS a little progeny! I'm excited to see how she hones her skills as a writer. If she doesn't become a writer, I'm pretty sure she'll be the first female Asian American president. The girl can negotiate!


Amazing. I'm in awe of the Peanut's depth of emotion and writing skills. She's a special girl. And you're a special dad.


First off, I also always thought I was DEFINITELY deserving of Donald Trump-like rich parents. Secondly, your daughter's poem is lovely. And you are definitely a special dad!!!!


This is amazing. I have been working with kids for a while and they never fail to surprise me. Continue to be awed by Peanut...


And that PUNCTUATION! She ought to give lessons to my twenty-something law students.


Totally agree with everyone else's comments. YOU SHOULD WRITE MORE!! Easier said than done coming from someone who aspires to write a novel one day, when I am old and grey.
I found your blog just a few days ago and I am completely hooked. As for Peanut, well what can I say....you are both lucky to have each other.
I can totally see her as a winning poet/author.
Good job MD.


Talent runs in the family. Foster it well. I look forward to seeing both your names on the best-sellers list some day!


First of all, just beautiful, and jaw-droppingly amazing stuff from the Peanut! She is a treasure. (whether or not she becomes a writer)

Second of all, what is holding you back? We only have one life, as you know, Prince.


You both need to write a book!

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This is a so moving. Your little one has really the talent. :) Hope to be reading her book in the nest 20 years. :)


That is really awesome!!

sewa elf

Nice article, thanks for the information.


Thanks for making my kid look like a dumb-ass. Bastard!


Please write more. I love your posts!


That poem is gorgeous.


Peanut is amazing! Please write more, I love your writing too.


Good blog today


In the 70's, I aspired to live in the Berkeley Hills with my two sons (childsplayx3 and @bjhenry) and their gay godfather and dance.

Being a Marin County housewife was never a plan B.

The 70's, now that was a wild decade, for hot stuff and bad girls.


That was a beautiful story. I hope that you will get to write with her. You two are great togather and over the years, I have seen how much she really is like you. Keep up the good work.


Beautiful! I bet she'll be a better writer when she grow up :)

Rock-a-Bye Baby Gifts

If it wasn't for the childish scrawl I would say that could be written by a very eloquent adult. Well done Peanut.


It's been awhile since I commented, but I read this post some time ago and then forgot about it. However, I started teaching the 3rd graders at my school how to create their own books with a website called "Storybird" and they LOVE it. You should sign Peanut up. The illustrations are great and there's a social aspect in that people can leave comments for one another.

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Well done for a seven year old. Most of the now are intelligent that's why I know that they can do this poetry.

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