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February 16, 2012


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I. Love. You.


When he starts dating Kim Kardashian, you're gonna change your tune... :-)


I'm waiting for a short Mexican-American who graduated from Columbia to dominate the NBA. Of course, I can't even get off the bench in the YMCA league, but a guy can dream!


I dislike the use of "first black, first Asian" in anything, but yes, Jeremy Lin should be so proud to represent!!


Dude, you are our Asian-American rock star. Great post.

Boston Mamas

Oh dude, do I hear you on this. Just the other night I was asking my husband (an avid hockey fan) whether there are any Asians in the NHL. I want Asians to rock all arenas, not just the figure skating ones...

Daddy Scratches

I'm not Asian-American. I had roughly the complete opposite experience from yours in terms of youth sports. I don't care about the Knicks, nor the NBA in general. But I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Well done.



Ernie Santos

Well written piece. I can completely empathize with growing up an extreme introvert and I think that is one of the Asian-American stereotypes that continue to get broken. That being Asian-American means that we're just going to sit and nod our head and be agreeable. That as Asian-Americans we are bright, educated, literate and more followers than leaders in this great land.


Was hoping that you would provide your own unique take on the Jeremy Lin phenomenon. As usual, you didn't disappoint. Please write here more!


Loved what you had to say. Posted it to my Facebook and got some interesting discussion points, too.

I've personally always loved narrative writing and people who could help me "get" the background behind anything and everything. I've loved your blog for your take on parenting and I will continue to love your writing after this post.

By the way... the MetroYouth who wanted to be a sportswriter? He'd be proud to know he could turn out work like this someday.

Asian American
Asian American studies graduate
Also, narrative journalism graduate

Wandering Chopsticks

An Asian, but not American, friend asked me why people were going crazy for Jeremy Lin, but not for Yao Ming. I tried to explain to her that Lin encompasses not just the overlooked Asian American, but also the classic American ethos of hard work. We love our underdog success stories.

Jan Cook

I'm a 54 yr old Southern white painter, widowed-mother of 3 girls; long-time-huge-fan of MetroDad. My Comment: You had me at Deford. Stereo-types? C'mon, the biggest one you didn't mention is Asian = short. Case in point, my friend's young son who love-love-loves basketball once cried because he wasn't black... black and tall enough to play basketball. What makes Lin so exciting? There's a chance. Lin is humble, not a strutting thug. The stereo-type he represents? Asian = respectful. With Lin there's hope that he will bring class back to the game.


Knocked. it. out. the. park. Kudos, bruh.

the muskrat

Dude, regarding the "studly Asian-American playboy"? You are he. Embrace that!


Loved this. I am more floored at the fact that JL is smart and in the NBA than anything else. And I have a question, as long as we're talking about equality, how come that brother of yours wasn't put in those sports leagues? No Nelsanity?

Leo Patel

Good Article !


thanks for sharing !


If Jeremy Lin had your looks, he'd be on the cover of GQ!


What are your thoughts on Texas Rangers new Pitcher Yu Darvish?

Chicks were crying when he left Japan.

Sign in to personalize #11 SP Throws: R, Bats: R for the Texas Rangers
Birth Date August 16, 1986 (Age: 25)
Birth Place Habikino, Japan
College None
Ht/Wt 6'5"-216

I'm really intersted in how he is going to do this season.


This, in the same season that Steve Yeun gets to nail a white chick on national television? I'm telling you, man: The End is nigh!


Great post.


I was with my Chinese American best friend and family the night Jeremy made his debut and it was obvious to me that there hadn't been this much Asian representation being celebrated since the opening screening of The Joy Luck Club in San Fran. It was JUBILANT and a milestone for certain.

While I hate to hear that he's "respectful" since that's such an Asian stereotype, and in fact gives me the creeps, he IS refreshingly modest and well spoken, and I'm all for that wherever found -- but especially in sports. Because let's face it, sports has been about bail, jail and wail way too long.


I am not a sports fan. Partly because I grew up with 3 older brothers and dad who monopolized the TV for every sports game imaginable. But I do value the poetry of athletics and the back stories.

I laud every Asian accomplishments in the US. I am less particular how the media presents him - as long as the accomplishments are presented w/o blatant racism. I am particularly interested in Lin because he's am Ivy League grad; he has a back story more similar to our family story than say, Hines Ward, whom I also greatly admire.

And yes, if you had grown up with real Asian role models in America, I am sure your life would have been different. Better grades? a better job? Not necessarily, but definitely a better psyche.


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You truly are the "studly Asian-Americanplayboy" thanks for the post :)


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I can completely empathize with growing up an extreme introvert and I think that is one of the Asian-American stereotypes that continue to get broken. That being Asian-American means that we're just going to sit and nod our head and be agreeable.

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I found myself having feelings of pride that I couldn't easily explain.

Jed Art

Jeremy Lin is representing haha LINSANITY


Great article. I, like the author, grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood, but unlike the author, I didn't have sports to "save" me, largely because my own dad apparently bought into the stereotypes that we Asians are too weak and small to compete in sports. So I never played Little League, PeeWee football, etc. However, I loved basketball and the NBA, and so shot hoops with friends after school and such. It wasn't until college that I realized that I was pretty good at b-ball, and felt cheated out of the years I could have been developed had I only been signed up by my parents. Anyway - I grew into a fairly big sports fan, but my favorite sports tended to be the ones with the fewest Asian faces in them; football and basketball. So the success of players like Dat Nguyen, Eugene Chung, Chris Gocong, Roman Gabriel, and now Jeremy Lin have certainly given me a feeling of pride.


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omg this comic was so funny. i love your sense of humor, especially with the iliantrutloss.for the people who can't figure out the purpose of this comic: not all comics need to have life lesson. but if u had to pull a moral out, for some compulsive reason (kidding), i guess you could say that andrew is trying to tell us: have some fun with whatever lame summer job you get as a high school student. if you can allow the skills, from even a demeaning supermarket job, to help you later in life in your career, good for you


Hey! Great comic. I work at a supermarket and have for the past 9 mhtons. Luckily I bypassed bagging and was only a cashier for 3 mhtons. Customer service is so much better!But I feel your pain. Sometimes working at a store is a real drag, but it does give a very odd since of satisfaction =)


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