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February 29, 2012


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Love your writing. The Peanut is gorgeous. You're a great dad. Hope you're all doing well.


please tell me you dressed the peanut. i cant imagine a 7 year old being THAT put together already.


I know you don't read a lot of non-fiction but The Other Wes Moore is an amazing book. Let us know what you think!


Wow! Is that a pic of The Peanut before she hit the runway at Fashion Week?
And even if you can't remember who your essay was about, I bet it said you wanted to meet one of the Mets.

Vivian - vxdollface

haha Peanut dresses better than me!


Seven is heaven. I have a seven year old girl, too, and I have to say that it is amazing to see their knowledge and independence just explode.
I'm about to add Pulphead: Essays to my Kindle!


Great to read your stuff again. Peanut dresses really well.


Love your writing! The peanut is gorgeous!


Glad to see Wes Moore's book on your list; I know him from Baltimore!


Ah, so much fun to wake up and read your stuff. While I relate wholeheartedly to your feelings about parenting, I relate even more to your bizarre dreams about celebrities. I wonder if it's the yoga? Nah, for me it's the Neurontin I think. The Peanut is so gorgeous (not to mention quite fashion-forward). Take it from me, buddy...there are much more challenging times ahead. (oh and I'm looking at colleges right now with Lucas. How the hell did THAT happen??)

Karen meg

I was so absorbed by this post-love the way you move around all these various topics and then it all boils down to the fact that once you become a parent it IS all about the kids.
Peanut is so adorable! Seven rocks (my daughter's the same and she's got her Dad totally under control with the sweetness that is seven). And I'm freakin out that her homework includes PowerPoint presentations complete with images and flying animations. I now look back at the days that my tween boy was seven and it seems forever ago.


I agree with everybody: Peanut is beautiful, she dresses better than I do, it's great to see a new post, and your writing is fab.

(fwiw, it actually is who; "to be" takes a subjective pronoun)


It always makes my day to see that you've written a new blog post. Thanks, MD!

P.S. The Peanut is beautiful. Good luck during the teenage years!


LOL on the Yoga and farts!! I have issues with that myself!!! Hint: Doing Child's Pose before class can help!! LOL

You daughter is beautiful! Congrats on 7 years!

Daddy Scratches

"You can't possibly know the enormity of the feelings you will have for your children. It is absolutely fucking terrifying."

Yeah, he nailed that one.

RE: Your essay - When I was a college freshman, I had to write an essay on that same topic for my first paper in College Writing 101. Eighteen-year-old, just-out-of-high-school me would have written something pretentious to try to impress the professor. Twenty-two-year-old, army-veteran me wrote about Eddie Van Halen. The professor said it was the first time in 17 years of teaching that he gave an A+ on the first assignment. (Suffice to say, I didn't go to Harvard,Stanford or Princeton either.)

Your daughter is beautiful. And a snazzy dresser.


Always love your random thoughts!


So, apparently 7 is the new 14? She looks quite grown up here (but in a cute, good way)!


The Dead Fish Museum is an amazing read. D'Ambrosio is definitely a talented writer to watch.

Currently reading Barnes' Sense of an Ending. Not bad. Definitely like it more than his other stuff.


Your daughter is so gorgeous!

Re: books, I have the same tendency as you. I have read some of Dan Chaon's work, though, and enjoyed it.


Even though I'm 25 and not even married yet, I've been reading your blog and following the exploits of the Peanut for years. I can't believe she looks so grown up now. I remember when she was just a little baby. She's beautiful!

Please write here more.


When I was trying to explain to a friend of mine who was pregnant with her first child what it was going to be like to be a parent, I told her that for me it was like all my life I loved my husband and parents and some friends so much I thought that was the sun, then I had kids and realized that love was like a 25 watt bulb by comparison. Totally unexpected and amazing to me.


she's so cute. urban kids wear black, right?
i can't believe she's seven. it means i've been reading your blog for a looong time. and that i'm getting old.


OMG! The Peanut has grown up to be such a beautiful and stylish New Yorker. She dresses cooler than I do!

Love your writing. Wish you'd do more. It's always a treat seeing that you've posted something new.

What kind of yoga are you doing?


Wow, Peanut at seven is way more chic and fashionable than I am at 30-something!

I am right there with you on the yoga - I have a low tolerance for crunchy foo-foo, despite choosing to live in the SF Bay Area, but I freaking love how good I feel after a yoga class.


Yes, real men do yoga!
I love that post about parenthood by Jeff Atwood. So true.
Peanut is one well-dressed girl. She can give Suri Cruise a run for the money (just keep her away from high heels!)


OMG, Peanut is so cute and stylish. Looks like you've got your hands full.


My husband always used to make fun of me and my girlfriends for being obsessed with yoga. As an ex-jock, he thought it was just a bunch of hippies in tights doing stretches. Naturally, he tried it a few times and is totally hooked too. He's even getting his basketball pals to give it a try.

I never thought I'd see the day.


I'd argue ONLY real mean do Yoga.


What's all this about the gorgeous girlfriend? Spill it, MD. We want to know the inside scoop!

(So happy for you)


I love your style of writing and your take on life. The Peanut is lucky to have you as her dad.

Rachel E.

No...that is very STYLISH seven. She is adorable!


If the Sartorialist ever starts photographing kids in NYC, the Peanut should be his first subject. She's so hip and stylish!


I think I get the happiest when I see your blog updated on my feed :-D Yay! Thanks for another great post


Clearly I have missed out on one of the best things in life.

That being, the ability to dress up a little seven-year old girl in all black so she looks totally posh.


A lovely little girl! My little girl is going to be eighteen soon. I remember when she looked a lot like your stylish girl. But more importantly, your daughter looks healthy and happy! Good work, Dad! As for book recommendations, I pretty much read any trashy thing that has a good story. Love Diana Gabaldon. I think you would hate her stuff though.

Leanne Koh

Peanut looks beautiful. You'll be worrying a lot more when she gets to the age when boys start asking her out.


You would love the book Sisters Brothers by Patrick Dewitt.P.S. glad to see you are blogging more again. You are one funny dude.


God damn she is stylish! I wish my parents had dressed me better instead of putting on ten sweaters and a coat on me for fear of me catching a cold. The album is full of embarrassingly fobby pics.


Come on man spill the means on the gf pronto!!! Been reading our blog for years....!


I hated Await Your Reply. Just too dismal and weird; unless you like dismal and weird! If you haven't read the Dragon Tattoo series, I highly recommend them. I have heard GREAT things about New York by Edward Rutherford (historical fiction). Check out In the Woods by Tana French, a very good thriller based in Ireland. I read a book a week and love to talk books. Email anytime.


(1) The Peanut has got to be the most beautiful and stylish little kid in New York City.

(2) Pulphead is an amazing book that I think you'll love. I just finished it one sitting this weekend. Let us know what you think.

(3) Girlfriend? I'm sure that sound you hear is hearts breaking all over the internet. Do tell, MD!

Daddy Geek Boy

Wish I could do yoga--bad wrists prevent me.

And your friends are way more entertaining (and tech savvy) than mine.


so, my mum JUST told me last weekend that asparagus makes pee smell funny. WHY she told me that I have no idea, totally random.

Vinyl Banners

I read a lot of blogs but this blog is really awesome and fulfill all my requirements...Very Good job Guys!


As a long-time yoga instructor, I'm thrilled that you're now a convert, Pierre! If I'm ever in NYC for a work trip, I'd love to give you and your girlfriend some lessons. Namaste!


Namaste...always reminds me of the movie, Catch & Release. They, sitting around the dinner table, looked at her as being a bit strange when she spoke that.
Just barely into The Hangman's Daughter, Oliver Potzsch. Good so far.
My daughter is 29. Happy, is what I want her to be. She is. I believe. :)
Women can be tough on themselves. Just read the post, The Inevitable Ugliness of Women, by http://the bhj.com. It resonated with me.


I enjoyed Wes Moore, although I found his final/acknowledgment chapter to be more introspective and raw than the actual book. He doesn't have the same writing chops as professional journalists and authors, but it is a thought-provoking narrative that is honestly written and reminds you of the importance of strong parenting, good role models, and education.


If I were seven...I know I would have gravitated to her and made friends...she is just so sweet. And her outfit shows how confident she is and will be!


She is so, so beautiful.

So much to comment on, so little time. Love Neil Gaiman, Kate Morton, The Girl With The ... series, Hunger Games series. Oh! And Gargoyle. Brilliant. You've read Room, right? It haunts me, six months later.

Hope to see you in NY this August.


Love this post. Love the photo of the Peanut. Love your writing. Please write more!

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