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November 03, 2011


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Under this kind of situation, each small scaled influence in the world looks for one in succession square the influence depend on, they are all understand, under the situation nowadays, have no six star class above of real strenght, can not make uninvolved fisherman to make profit at all.Thing square at launch to war before, absolute meeting those have no root of"miscellaneous grass" clean up 1 time!

Thunder Mo and thunder Die are two girls, exactly two daughters of thunder emperor, when an egress play, cutthroat raid be worked properly by the free Wu, at lose near

"Si-proud-!"Accompanying with one is depressed of blare to call, the red and brown magma in the magma pond bombs however sprays to flow out like a huge fountain but, the blazing breathing in a twinkling covered with the whole cave in!The magma in the pond like delivered a crazy sort to spread but, the drum concusses to flow out toward the all directions!

Front this Xiao Yi dust chief's hand inside.Unexpectatively now past the ground reencounter."The thunder Qiu lightly says.

"Dian Zhu says quite goodly, we are still that the clothes is immediately!"Although wood beard son for Chen Shi Bin even he also deceives some animations in heart, at this time he must mean support to Chen Shi Bin, otherwise the outsider will think they the evil palace is wrong.

However now six green want with go to, unavoidably will discover his some secretses.Certainly, these secret not is can not let six green know, just six green is feeling pupil religion, sometimes unavoidably will consider for teacher door, and the Du flies not to think will six green pull to go into he wants to do of go in the affair, after all that to six green but talk too dangerous, so he had been hesitating don't tell six green.

After a short moment time, that guard pupil expects after following a Qiao of the monk come out in quick time.But waited that guarded pupil to stretch hand to point the Du fly and the direction of Chen Jing's place after, that Qiao behind expect then tiny Mi of monk double the eye let out to work properly to know.

"Should right."The gold is small to open point to nod, in the voice also take last one silk joy.

"What matter?"The virtual figure of moxa rice immediately appears after the Du flew to call at his body side.

"Mao!"Six green ruthlessly closed door, coming downstairs of Deng Deng, rushed out six villas.

"I am in the manor, I wait you at the manor doorway now, you hurry come!"Hear the Du flying to come and allowing Ting to happily be like a kid.Is a little bit ex- sky of she in anger the sort ground say a suicide on message of the QQ that fly in the Du, but don't think that the Du flies to unexpectedly reply to say in the near future will come over, make her happy thousand times.She once still thought did this QQ Du fly to no longer use!


Li Jun looking at to tease several individuals that didn't hates not from once the exhibition Yan smile, Ao snow it is also say with a smile:"Like, the fatty doesn't make, this not is let Li Jun's joke?"

"Dragon originally supernatural being, the Sun of Zhao it."

"Du brothers, you got lost so for several days, isn't your person in the home worried?"See Huang Xiao E enter a kitchen, Chen walks first to the Du to fly to nearby pay no attention ground to ask a way.Although the Du flies to person's a kind of very warm felling,the Du doesn't know how of, the Du flies to stay one more day in the homes each time, his in the mind always feels very heavy.

"This beast!"From Li Heng Yang's balderdash, summer cloud Xi waited a person to quickly understand the cause for kidnaping.He Jin is more unbearable to come forward to pare off sub- hello to rise him with the big ear.In a little moment, the that handsome cheeks of Li Heng Yang becomes to compare a pig head, the mouth inside repeatedly vomits a lot of tooth that takes blood.

Or a night of early autumn, they another time stand at that"black hole" of entrance.

Pull the hand of jade, the Du flies to walk inside the facing cabin to, just right flash across that sailor's feet Chuai, let that sailor's a Lie Ju, almost split fork.


The little youth carries a big schoolbag, at present, is the whirlpool of homework ……

The public opinion is consistent, soon then negotiate good harvess the division of labour of pitaya, as for harvess a pitaya behind how assign, that said again after waiting to take off.

There is no touch, as long as isn't confused to move, should be still safe of, as long as he sits in silence Du to fly to put him to come out go.

"Cha degree adult, this ……" is called some difficult ways of the youth of little monkeys:"The condition of the injury of this Human body seems to be still very heavy, even if is that I take him to mine for minerals, perhaps also ……"


"I can also send you one more work properly a machine!"See the Du fly appearance with cool look, the car Xuan station really has some to eat to prohibit and wanted to want and then added some price codes.

"The uncle of the Ci, you afraid of some differences like this

"Wall Zhang in the cosmos?"Listen to the Du fly so on saying, give a Ma Si master indeed as expected be transfered attention, immediately start to walk toward the library room of upstairs to, receive Du to fly a way in, " this I have a little an impression, however record not and greatly know, you come to library room to seek together with me!"

Be called the person of Wei didn't talk, careful of looked for on the ground some kind of behind, suddenly point at a way:" Hong you see here, there is footprint."

After returning to a base, spend for quick hour, examine a space shuttle, physical examination, related record ……the etc. a series of progress finish doing, the Du flies three talented person the full face wearily came out medical passage.

"Leave, I take you to go out to turn."The thunder receives virtuous believe the explanation that Du flies says again with his personality, can't thinks more on this kind of affair, either and then pulls Du to fly to come downstairs.

However the jade finally had some to begin to understand at the male now, although time not much, now who don't know as well accurate time that oneself disappears, probably very quick, probably wants for a long time, if the jade really and finally attained at the male, oneself can truely pursue like a normal female kid own of happiness, that thing that is the month ruby to hope to get most .

Remember in those early years at have no the sea moderated the sea person's beginning met of situation, the Du flew again saw a deeply small village of at present this evening haze, suddenly queried to oneself in the heart.He once was must almost parting company to the sea person's processing problem top and car Xuan station argument, but at the moment sea the person's true circumstances not nearly and at the beginning at under the car Xuan station control of level, this is no less than to beat his/her own face at oneself!

"Is alas, hope can't.Only, it is small to open an elder brother why still don't come back?Usually this time, he early should complete a task to return of?"The Wei fingerling title tooks a look the sky, but discovers that there is the breathing of one silk chill in the air.In this day, he and distance snow 2 people's real strenght be continuously also increasing, see and then want to attain a second stage awakening

This bites crystal is red burning experience successively few years, hardships just refining come out, in normal times in have been soaking in the ground among the fire magma, make to bite crystal inside absorb huge have no the calories of , generally practice moral teachings don't want to say to resist, even connect be steamed by this calories to roast will throw away a greater half life for a while!

Not already.



The gold is small to open to feel a pair of of eye seem to infuse a lead, how also can not open, body also imitate a Buddha be trampled by more than ten elephants, there is no one not sore of, the violent ache spreads to a gold small open of in the brain, made him unbearable to loudly groan 1.However this ache also gave him one silk strength, it made him finally open eyes.

"The children go first to play, the uncle bought an antenna back."The Du flies some not saying of good intentions, good at children original very easily satisfy, hear a short while can have a liking for a television and also all ran to go out to have fun.

Slowly harbour is like another Du shallow, from enter school a beginning, always is fasten well-known beauty gifted woman.

"Still care this necklace stem now what?I

'I'm sorry that he has seen you,'I said.

The voice that is small to open along with the gold, the together aureate ray of light projects from the small gold open the palm, this makes the gold small to open to can not help a bit astounded:Last time not still green ray of light?How will become a gold color now?Is also the cause that oneself blended that golden light?

"Is quite good!"Have never waited summer to blare snow to cover up, the Du flies to then and peacefully nod

"BE full?"Wait until the food in the fruit bowl drive a sweep but light, the Du flies this to just become overdo and asks a way to some Xu Ting of panics.

"The solid Lun does obeisance leader of alliance you, we have already completed engagement, so take leave!"At this time, Xin Ji's president of association and Du flew to walk to come over with cool look, the facing solid Lun does obeisance a leader of alliance way.


Jade at once the male see them all prepare to leave in clothes, suddenly is also in the brain a hot, be dressed in own clothes to also start right away.

Already near attain a diverted period of highest point of six green and the great white crane is 2 people.

Frost's working properly Ding is one to work properly a machine, this needs not to doubt, however the Du flies after the chain turned to work properly sword to work properly A this time, Ding-like in shape to this of work properly a machine to have no a way.Investigating its reason is the Ding that frost works properly Ding to work properly, also a fat boy has been mature and want a chain to turn frost to work properly Ding, have to get the approbation of fat boy.

"Ha ha, also recruit with this,is it the Qian donkey that exhaust all tricks?"The body form is one Shan, while Du is flying to once hide those eight waves that is dark to fasten energy, also jumped window way, equally rapid speed to make track for toward the ground eight.

"Is understand!"Speak of proper business, celebrate cloud to immediately also fall grave, hear after the order that the mountain county is a pond, nowise stop over ground to start to make a phone call to order.

Suddenly a big fellow walked out behind from those Human bodies, small open in front sneer in the gold of way:"Bond maid, unexpectatively we unexpectedly decreed by destiny so, and then met!"

"That's right, as long as your ability inhibits it come down."The heresy dollar says.

"Is quite good!"On hearing a cave stone mountain the person's suggestion, public one Leng, later on responding to of conflicting views.

The jade knows at the male to be Qian Xiao Qing to pull up curtain, so is tight the jade person of tight bosom, continue to go to bed of big industry.

"Yi, this BE?"Need a mood resume equanimity after, give a Ma Si master just notice to a side stands of the solid Lun do obeisance, the Chou writes a bit familiar looking, not from fly to ask a way to the Du.

The second dint starts to carry wine cup to toward a present person to say:"I congratulate Sun Mou's commander-in-chief here first.!"Say to in front drink off the wine in the cup.Sun Mou sees a form quickly start to leave to toward second to proceed energetically one gift:"Thank his majesty!"Say the hands hold a cup to quaff in one gulp.The second dint towards Sun Mou to after smiling smile again start to carry wine cup to toward Li Jun to say:"This second cup wine I Li Jun's commander-in-chief of congratulation fairy martial empire is really youth's hero."Say again and drink to the utmost the wine in the cup.Li Jun started to go 1:"Thanking his majesty is never descending alcohol, can with water generation wine."After finishing saying started to carry water cup to drink an one mouthful.The second dint didn't have disaffection because of Li Jun's brush-off, see Li Jun sitting down


Although saying that time immemorial fights fortress is very strong,the amount of big summer clansmen is really rarely seen too much currently, depends on fighting fortress for unique a time immemorial, hoping it can perish all of the mankind, really is some to have fantastic idea.And have crazy some summerses very and clearly, time immemorial fights although the fortress is strong,its energy isn't endless endless either, while facing the mankind of amount of sea, energy sooner or later will the exhaustion till then and perhaps was all judgment days of big summer clansmens!

"However, do you still want to kill me?"Seal Ling Ze to ask a way.

Suddenly"I …… I soon …… insisted not to live ……" Chi quivering voice in the sky of one side says, bean of face the big sweat bead flowed out, air Wei Mi.


Explode an a Jing long grass in the secondary rainbow clothes eyes, seem could not anticipate to have this to recruit.Miscalculate!

Slowly and longly there walk toward the silver to, the Du flies to at random conjecture the surroundings comes and goes in the night view of R the people.There is no the rush in daytime, all pull and drag to open a tie everywhere, untie a shirt to defend the office worker whom the breeze buttons up.Busily work after a day, one cup sake on the wayside stand, became these office worker's favourite.Certainly, they probably also have other needs, however those are in the wayside coquettish number numerous aid with social intercourse the younger sisters, completely can satisfy them!

See this circumstance, at that time several big religious sect masterminds

Follow the finger of Dan dust son, the Du flies to use to work properly to know to sweep in the past and discovered or so placed of that edged next 300 metered indeed as expected having a caved, the spiritual influence in the hole indeed as expected Gao went out noodles a lot of.However let the Du flies to feel suspicious of BE, that edge leaves this not far, if lets out to fly sword, should be light loose ground will that especially the different table move to come over.

Treat the take thousand crane for year of elder in a sudden after moving back, the person of hush sees he pass to

"……I now return just rob to make, I don't give it a bit of thought and then become murderer!"

Face a clear person of an all to oneselfs everythings, resist to accept Xian have already been placed in passive status, can adopt negative defense.


"I ……" sees the reaction that the Du flies thus huge, Qian Jing immediately has some to regret she just obstinate Mao.Just wanted open mouth say what, but felt that the Du flies the breathing on the body suddenly icy cold, Qian Jing not from beat one one cold war, started to sit to part, however she still had been lookinging at Du to fly a this place.

"Lao Tze came back!"

That guard tooks a look a gold small open, ask a way:"What's the matter with your voice?Sounding is very strange."

Controled the melting point boiling point of those materials, at after refine the process of magic weapon in, the Du flies again detection as long as he passes control to work properly burning creation need of temperature, can easily control the whole process of refining the magic weapon, and several rates refining success almost attain a hundred per cent!

"Just was what is the row?"See the Du fly back, six green immediately think of him just difficult to express leave, then puzzle that the ground asked.

The leaf sings breeze nature to know that he or she is the guesses that will arouse Li Jun like this, he like this does completely for recompensing Li Jun that Helps of boon, and his thinking is a man to anyway should not hide, either in the chemisette is even if 2 people to all want to die after death, he also wants to die fore noodles, so the leaf sang breeze to in front hurtle to go out.

The gold is small to open to secretly observe with his/her own right eye to butcher a big dragon for a while, discovered his strength point on the road however is 100,000 many remembered seeing before just he still has 60 several ten thousand numbers, now differ so greatly and really is make people strange.However the gold is small to open to very quickly and then understand reasons in it-the basic reason lie in that day thunder drumstick!Contain terrible strength in the thunder drumstick that day, the number oneself see before, all of big parts are that that drumstick is alls.

"At fix really city with each other, we can the message that gets our want."Can say in the wave green idea to anticipate inside, can also say is in her unexpected happening, the Du flew to do to her this time answer.

"Boon."The Louis Si noded to smile to smile, then dissolved to conclude boundary and had already pushed door to leave.

The silvery disk embarked by those two big summer clansmens doesn't know as well actually is what things, not only have weapon attack system, and the airspeed is still very rapid, the gold is small to open on the behind heel of very exhausting.However in a little while, his hard followed an activity to end-the horizon in afar up, appeared a huge matchless city!

"You say of where is the strange living creature ?"Du's flying is conjecturing a circumstance on all sides, car Xuan the voice of the station suddenly rings out in his ear, he this just respond to come over, is exactly the place that he before captures that strange living creature here.But know a to put along with the absolute being, Du's flying but connecting a tail of strange living creature don't also find out.


Finish saying firstly, the Gou soldier sees Li Heng Yang have already started considering, flash across in heart one silk is satisfied, continue to speak of at 2:00 advantage:"The second, because this kidnaps, the summer house and Li Jia visits relatives tight make, will let two relations walk more when the time comes

"The recall that gobbles up a pit isn't very complete, have some seem quilt the Earth the person discover and cut to stay, the amount is probably that 5% is or so."

So don't at lead in way go back and forth, don't be old to remember you leave station to still have how far!Why not change a kind of method of living, climb more high mountains, eat more some son ice-cream sweet mouth, the usually barefoot plank son slips away to reach and enjoys a trip to in more rivers and sees more setting sun under the west and orders joys more to roar with laughter, little make the tears tick-tock!Is living part lead part lo!Station the meeting soon arrive!

Settle target.Though you should stay for your choice to compromise a leeway forever, you should also accurate know what you exactly want to obtain from a certain work.Definitely concretely looking for a work has to compare to have no a destination opportunity to touch effectively get many.

Will also the dream arrive him, dream inside he turns a blind eye to me and ignores.The in the mind is very suffered while waking up.

"Certainly, otherwise do you think that they have been the ghost appearances of flame body?"Yao area gentleman Wang Bai the gold Be small to open one eye.

"Pure source Xuan fairy, that with you it sees, variation the person is exactly this time what is purpose?"Pure source Xuan the parlance of the fairy, all have a doubt in in fact big parts of fairy hearts, Hao square the fairy see him speech point out, obviously is to guess to conclude a fruit clearly at the moment, curiously cross-examining a way is then full.

"I am getting more careless, the affair of today true elephant is to dream similar."The Wei fingerling groans a , the hands embrace a head to say.

"How, does the way friend come to a decision?"See the explanation that the Du fly to finish listenning to him start behind foolish, the dollar baby expects monk to estimate that he doesn't have a few crystal stones, then smiles happily ground to ask a way and obviously affirms that Du's flying is choosing the second project.

But just that stewardess think that his consciousness is an one mentally dense, then and nowise avoid suspicion the ground took off guang in front of him clothes.So the Du seeing her[one] deeply flies, the nature concentrated the attention to her all over in addition to the watch out of the clothes up!

The that mother monster is again a rant, the voice is in the whole space vacillating vibration, the original liquid-like in shape earth vitality cracks open by explosion to open in succession and turns to make very thick yellow fog spirit to fill the air to open.However imitated a Buddha to appear a bottomless deep hole sort on the that mother's monster body, absorbed into all vitalities and turned to make it body of sturdy energy.


"Is similar to you?If"hear the Du fly so on saying, strange living creature not from beat to cringe, " is here have all is with your similar person, I early escaped other places!"

Die.She depends on each other for life with mother.The mother goes out a work very early every day and just comes back very late.Cent while arriving sunset each time, the little girl starts standing the road before the family is full of expectation ground to hope a door, wait mother to go home.While coming back, the mother is her most happy time in a day, because the mother wants to take a piece of New Year pudding home for her every day.At they poor home, a piece of very small New Year puddings wered all highest delicacy.

That because you didn't basically and never once see what person, seal to traverse a dark way in heart.

The energy that sees the Du flying not and lending outside thing ground afloat and in the sky, and around also having no sorcery motion now, dust wonderful old way immediately thought of some days ago of that is shockedly small sky of to rob, ask a way in the heart.

Sealing a Ling to all have a little is deelpy ashamed, resist for a sky, the forehead of Chen has already come out bushy sweat drop and see, he has already taken a lot of doing very much, but seals the Ling seals a Ling not to like dream son to hand to resist Chen in a sky according to Chan towards resisting for a sky, Chen being still so of disaffection, because of, , in the heart very would not like to.

"Now isn't late either!"Smell the speech Du fly tiny tiny on smiling, in the heart but dark sigh a way, "hope that you can come out the nightmare in the heart soon ……"

'I am sorry,'I said.'You have made a mistake.I'm not Sir Henry.I am a friend who is visiting him,and my name is Dr Watson.'

A great deal of dint quickly flowed out to go into among those liquids, just very short in a short while effort, the gold is small to open these days store of all depletions with complete dint is almost exhausted.Because of the shortage of the dollar dint, the gold is small to open to have to give up a part to conceive, picking first can be used up to added into.

"Feed, you exactly eat don't have a meal of, exactly want to ask what, you pour is quickly say."Jade at male a see some enemy opponent not, this appearance seemed to a little bit want the trend that starts revolt toward oneself, hence ask a way at once.

The black tunic person passed to like this protect regardless of the method of expending the strength temporarily peaceful, but so also all right already.As long as canning procrastinate this seven so other directions to there is enough time cracking an other war, but at under a moment he discovers to come from the attack in the strategies to suddenly increase.The change of circumstance is the long gun that comes from a left hand and one pole pale red color, that left hand every attacks is the arrogants are hundred percent, while that pole grow the attack of gun but is that the desolate spirit is very thick.This hand one pole gun the nature is to come from a leaf to sing breeze and Li Jun, seven kill the groundwork of is the desolate spirit that the leaf sings the arrogant that the breeze oneself brings and Li Jun to break to take to have in the soldier gun, have no these supporting of two kinds of strength seven kill absolutely can't develop so big power.The leaf sings breeze and Li Jun's completion to say is seven kill an of eye, so now two people of every the attack is in brief so much more than all attack of oneself, two people's each action will start to arouse seven to kill the cold idea in and kill of spirit.By so doing equal to whole strategies carry on an attack to the black tunic person at the same time.Black tunic person again strong also is not likely to resist to come from the attack of cooperating of 10,000 people at the same time.

She is "hesitant" over there, smile over there, her pride not because have you, but is many a Qing Mu of opposite sex;Her happiness doesn't is from you, but because she has you is attracted to this magic power.You fastenned a line in my mind, over several years, a head of of line always in your hand..Your a little vibrates me to have a felling, a year and a year past, that Qian lightly takes out in the line of my in the mind and has a little a pain, but very gentle and soft.It is sad warmth after sheding tears.But, when I face her and face to hold you are in the center of palm of she, face already you once connected that line in hand of she, I finally realize the outrage of love.She has no a ground of Ye had scruples about that line, and at will take out to pull it along with rhythm, excitement or concussion talking.She not know a hand inside of have no the silk thread of weight is mine, also not know that its another head of fastens at sit on the her in front, smile to listen to girl's mind that she talks.Her each and every move, all will someone is painful to breathe heavily however annoy, painful must want asphyxiation.But, I still keep smiling, my smiling face is the photograph that is getting more fixed, I bend a body in her laughter and tightly embrace to continuously have muscular spasms of heart.


The fire tooth violently pauses for breath a burst of, hope be full of complicated facial expression in the look in the eyes that is small to open toward the gold.Was silent in a short while, fire tooth sudden way:"You are very strong ……your third eye is also very strong."

The gold is small to open some headaches of way:"Said to see your plans."

"Is all right, start calling!"The Du flies to walk to the liar's flank to sit down, very the doesn't matter ground says.

Month ruby and jade at although the male hasn't arrived intention mutually the situation of , the jade talks so at the male of time just saw her one eye, she knew that the jade was helping her at the male, the nature pickeds up a bowl of chopsticks to start at once.

Flew a short while, the senior clerk who led the way mostly estimated the possible distance that the savage country people escapes all of a sudden, then stopped down and let everyone started the head in cent probing.

Consciousness voice despise way:"Not just because is your essence strength too weak?This by all means causes you accept an invoking of the monster equally follow degradation.If it doesn't lower strength, the perhaps just ostensible flame cremated your this useless host for the meeting!"

This is the sequence of state, oneself current circumstance, return just extremely, arrive the territory of Yi, also don't know that the main route is when.

Because of the latent threat of big summer clansmen, the exchanges of Ding space in the sky and Qin Di's space becomes multifarious and closely gets up, contacts' getting empty boat tall ship at two interstellars of spaces is also to form a continuous stream, this pours is made the gold small to open to save many troubles.After paying many crystal currencies, the gold is small to open an empty boat that leaves for Qin Di's space of ascending.

"Accepted you to do write-in pupil for teacher in those early years, originally wanted to develop you well some kind of, can who after knowing take place accident, for the teacher have to linger elsewhere, need to be returned to face sea more than ten years later, but you already the Yao has no news."See the Du fly to appear a Yi color in the face, Ma Jun goes wry smile in heart a , but still keep steeling the heart later on, continue to preach, " you come back at present, according to reason for teacher should the teaching that you accept to believe in for formal pupil tradition cloud, but at this time your identity have been solemnly different, I one build the monk that the radicle expects to also have no Yan will you this matches the monk that the body expects to accept for the pupil, so-"make reference to here, Ma Jun's line sees the Du fly tiny Cu to have eyebrows, seem realize what general, but still have to keep on speaking, " so the doing not can accept for the teacher you believes in formal pupil for cloud and cans not spreads your clouds to believe in teaching, either."After finishing saying Ma Jun's line lowers the head and have some don't dare to see the Du flying.

"Concealed bead?"Car wood 2 people smell speech at the same time one Leng, immediately car Xuan station immediately responded to come over and knew to is the name that the Du changes after flying the chain turn the concealed diagram, and the wood Huai also thoughted of that the Du flies the space that packs a person, 2 people puzzle that the ground asks a way, "why want to get into concealed bead, isn't the space of airship very big?"

Is original to what affairs all not very care of Li Jun also not from must stare at to see Sun Mou.In fact being much more than Li Jun is all the owners on the grandstand the vision project strives for of in the body, the owners all want to see this to declare in addition to Li Wu outside mainland are the best to command how with 5,000 weigh infantry to dissolve at present situation.


"Is alas, " Xin Ji's president of association looking at to bend from the waist not rise of the Du fly and sighed a tone way, "I can say to is to relate to your master elder brother, in those early years he is be killed, and that person is still at large now!"Made reference to my Xin Ji's president of association to stop down, " can tell you so many, again many not like, like well hard self-discipline!"Xin Ji's president of association clapped to clap the shoulder that the Du flies, then came out room.

This day, wait until noon, the Du flies to see a summer to blare snow just as since the going toward ground prays for him in front of idol, touched in the heart not from in addition deep 1 F.However he still endured blunt met in the past of impulse, the after all momentary moment could not explain what, he wanted to observe to be a

Six cans looking at the energy in the hand to measure a machine and ate an in the heart surprised.Measure a machine top even if is to appear 1,000, 10,000, he also can't thus shocked, but what top shows BE"0".Even if is a common run of people, there are also 3~5 energy degrees, said nothing of those frequently thousands Wu Zhe, the energy degree was zero, in addition to killing a person, is those pupils in the door inside the big partieses that know a profound Lian interest method door.

PS:Beg a ticket ……

The owners were all got a fright by the result like this, who didn't also thought of have been refusing to budge not descend of troops only because making moves of a person, thoroughly break the status of this kind of balance.If say what to break this kind of balance is a sturdy real strenght opponent, they are still unlikely so shocked, can now complete all these only is a shadow occupation.Want to know that the shadow occupation is on the mainland be not so is extoled of, after all in addition to assassin outside other two kinds of occupationses all be not so see only.The owners all think even if is a how strong shadow occupation on the positive battlefield is also have no a function.But the performance of fierce heaven thoroughly overturned this thought today, although serious wound Li Jun is a fierce heaven to make use of its never thought that of but attain a purpose, so the shot harms the ice is cold but is the performance of fierce heaven real strenght.Because from bump to fly Sun Zhong until the shot harmed cold fierce heavens of ices don't cover up his/her own body form.The ice coldly withdraws to say to make four

"My time is tighter, since you came, that now begin to work!"Rice Mr. Zhu absolutely took their 3 as free labor, even rest of time didn't also give, direct orderany them to begin to work.

"."Finish listenning to the explanation of receiving the monk, the Du flies some vision of disappointedly taking backs, then uses to work properly to know once the in front slipped away to work properly sword to sweep to see 1 turn, then selected a work properly to be regarded as in the sword at these top of green dollar sword.

Open Cui Si to track route especially, let he can sometimes flee for life.Flee for life a small development of in the middle gold now although the dollar within body dint in great quantities consumes,he obviously can feel that the total amount of a dollar dint didn't reduce and on the contrary had continuously augmentative trend.This circumstance the fully able elucidation potential sign line is really violent, but also very dangerous at the same time, after all who don't know that the increment of this kind of strength when will suddenly end as well.

Other several individuals see fairy force the empire command also very is surprise, but have no Ao snow it they so exaggerated.Second dint not from of see toward the way of Ao snow:"How to don't know what person the commander-in-chief of your country is prince?"Because Ao snow has been staring at to see that unexpected figure basically don't hear the words of second dint, until second dint ask three times of just answer way:"This person's pouring is understanding, but I really is until just know our fairy force now the empire is come to by this person to command soldier."

"Roar!"The huge absolute being soldier steps back, but doesn't represent red and burning will pass them!Being red and burning to roar just like the wild beast sort ground is a , the whole body shots up fiercely and forward, that speed let quickly people hard imagination, "bang" ground one is huge ring, the air all unexpectedly deep-fries one reunited and annular fog spirit, that is the sound that outstripped velocity but formation to explode!

Food material market.The Du flew in to turn 1 turn, came out and then was almost drowned by the thing boughted.


"Do not useless talk, let to fly a true person of one degree to continue converse!"See this outside pupil loving, anger, saddness, and happinesses in the door all a performance on the face, have no 1:00 as acting with dignity of monk, the great white crane true person hasn't from some disgustedly say.She is also a bit unbearable at the same time in mind doubts, lift this guy inside pupil in the door exactly is to or wrong?

Chapter 2 Li Dai Tao Jiang(up)

"Your fight for sense of honor, I didn't want to participate in?"See the Du fly and the small male respect two like crazy the dog is similar, plain station of Chang Zhe starts, there is the meaning to wise about personal survival.

"The blessing cloth Lai gram teacher, save me!"Once the Joseph wake up, imitating the Buddha has never discovered him being hypnotized similar, immediately facing blessing cloth Lai the gram entreat, " blessing cloth Lai gram teacher, as long as you saved me, I definitely let my father will next year to west gram especially the academic funds appropriation budget raise some!"

Chapter 98 believes in a door

"You trust of go to, I this time come, be want to come to seek your dad of, I ain't a first time again to float to living a valley, still remembering of the road of, know that I came, your father will also seek mine, even if I don't seek your father."The Xiang madam's way.

"Withdraw!"Is silent a short while, beard king suddenly will chop down a yataghan to take back a waist, then adjust to turn Ma Tou and bawled at a , immediately lead off facing background to rush to leave.

Seal to traverse apathetic eyes inside, there is no the commiseration of one silk, the trouble has never used war to rob knife this time, but the most pure hand knife, however, have already peeped out despairing air in the Mu autumn eyes.

"Be free good.Which city does connecting down you is to stay here, still return to cure a condition of the injury?"

Looking at Du to fly an interrogative look in the eyes, Xue Ling Jian is embarrassedly some explanation way:"Elder generation, you if not hasty of words, the younger generation can apply for an old post to senior clerk dragon for you, however the time that takes a week."

Say the jade lets go of Lin Mu Xue at the male, 2 people embrace, the jade will originally have already didn't several buttons of at the male to untie, the one mouthful han lives that didn't°yet soft top.


"Is quite good, can answer one shot of this 50% capability, the war robs knife indeed as expected Kui not is Buddhism first Tu knife!"A cool voice rings out in the Hui far ear.

"Yes, the cocoa is really also getting more different now, compares with a past of she, the cocoa seems to be getting more calmly now and compare with a bit anxious before of she came to say, current of she more mature, this was her with otaku truely and together behind of change?"Qian Xiao Qing is to mumblingly say.

Another one person chuckles a way:"You can try and see."

"Celebrate cloud, I am a Du to fly!"See this circumstance, the Du flies can helplessly one stand hands, directly spoke the truth.

PS:The second arrives more!


"Need not affected a show again, I had already known your true real strenght!"See the elder generation that the wave is green to still prepare to pretend to be him, facial expression of that monk face that nameds to fly Hong one Zheng, immediately Mie however ground say, " I advise you to not act rashly, otherwise finally dying to have no whole corpseses doesn't blame me!"


Welcome some connect to sing us to clap, welcome some connect to sing our Duo to stamp foot, if is some connect don't sing how we do, how do,(together shout) that uses to bombard with artillery at once ……

Come, where does the this period of time become rich?"Receive the beard uncle's summons, the Feng Jiao was very quick and then appeared and flew in beard Bo Shen Pang's Du at the sight of the station, immediately the Jiao smiled ground to walk to come over.

"Is alas, can't, still keep making you bear suffering."The little monkey sighed tone.By this time there are several personal facing houses outside the door in stretch forward to look about, those are all some sallow and emaciated youths, have a liking for go to ten how old arrive 20 to all how oldly have.After seeing a little monkey, immediately the low voice calls a way:"Little monkey come out to have a meal quickly."One among those persons see a gold small to open station also beside, hesitate for a while after also receive his way:"That boy also comes out to have a meal together."


To, Ci don't warm nest, take the sun in the heart as the clear sky of mother's love at, rainy day snow sky also doesn't matter.Under the clear sky of mother's love, how can I fear wind and frost rain snow again.

After, the process so long-term use's gold is small to open have already controled big parts of techniques of thunder war drum in the sky, thunder war drum in the sky has already become one of his strong dint weapon, particularly is responding speed up, the sound of thunder war drum in the sky offends and absolutely resides is small and open at the gold own of the head of all weapons!

"Fly one degree way friend, this BE?"See at present this gold Dan in the early years the small monk unexpectedly dared to fly in front to loudly appeal to the public in the Du small call interrogation, great white crane true person not from wrinkle up an eyebrows inquiry way.She also understood to come over now, just this my daughter fixs pure seeks Chi because the Du flies, otherwise how can has a so strange bargain habit.

"Thanks the section chief's good intentions, this matter still needs I oneself's solution."Saw He Lin in one eye, Du's flying had already understood his idea, the Wan speech declines a way.This is also the nature, want to allow who meet a fairy person, all will the such sort wants to clime to a relation!

Chapter 2 sign line master(up)

Finally Tang can the son still don't know how to describe that felling, more ashamed speak, have to the to the utmost biggest strength of oneself said that the result in a comparison is regarded as to complete a task, cannot say.

See the whole company spread inside of the salesclerk have already been shaken Zhe to live, two under charges that drag along thunder immediately return to the brand that the body hangs a cake of"stop doing business" on the front door, at the same time close front door well.

"This …… I don't know as well ……" sees the Du fly to hurtle he becomes angry, the Yan left to almost cry, he was to just arrive at here, really didn't know is what is the row!

The gold is small to open some way of foolishly askings:"……Person?"

Chapter 15 has a way the pole of place not, tiny, rare, Yi!

, And after arriving at this Rong Yan and believing in, is even some soul departed from its abode …… you are an autumn what Zhang door says once fell in pieces that elder generation that the unreal left this world Gao Ren just?"


"Give Ni supervisor to make me come to take an experiment medicine, say to receive the order of top and want urgent use!"The bottle of the laboratory inside bottle bottle the bottle is so many, the Du flies naturally could not distinguish which be experiment medicine, then wove a reason to cheat those.

PS:appeared a small BUG in the preceding paragraphs, the Earth disappeared in the original cosmos for 100,000 years, small Du to write 10,000 years, now already correct the mistakes come.

Only not

"The troops that joins mankind first tries to exchange blows and see with those big summer clansmens and exert me can lift a hand to."The Yao area says with smile:"And your boy don't also want to run and come together."

MD country.

The gold is small to open to listen to catch fire a tooth to relate these seem is have no a connection of topic, deliberate in the heart, have never made a noise to interrupt.

"Do four countries compete for hegemony?!I certainly know that our fairy martial Li Wu is the title that competes for hegemony to just obtain soldier absolute being through four countries.You this time come is have something to do with four countries competing for hegemony?"Ao snow drank an one mouthful tea to say.

"Previous means that assassinate, is also those mean rebel groups that I meet down the street, their preparation captures again I walk and negotiate Fa code by increment, but have never thought be by chance broken by you."Lei You says to say, the topic turns again to the gold Be small to open in the body:"The cutthroat that assaults me that day is all three ranks to practice moral teachings, however you can with ease force to back them, seeing to you should be the super superior of four ranks?"

For the heat, the Du flies nature to put in the eye.Inside his body but contain to gobble up of Yan, that flames that is up to more than 5,000 Celsiuses degree can not bring his body the slightest of injury, at present this temperature was basically and naturally!

Tang Hu is some don't believe of took a look Tang can son, Tang can the son is to happily say:"Yes, elder brother, Lin Jie is good to me, the small Qian and small pure person is also very good, and only the otaku is getting theer worst.I disliked him most of, later if he dares to humiliate me and basically keeps the change elder brother your help, we are allied to put together and then can fight down an otaku."Saying Tang can the son still intentionally stared jade in male's one eye.

, Fight Ma Ren to sign but rose the shield of the facing oneself's in front to step down, but the machete but the facing in the hand long the Ji chopped down pass by.The earsplitting voice rings win those war of people sign but the horse mercilessly step at shield on, those hands' holding the heavy infantry of tower shield is immediately shaken of dangerous spot fission, but they replaced the hands that oneself becomes numb to set up with props tower shield to resist to come from with their own shoulder fight a horse of trample.But those hands hold soldier who grow the Ji to then try very hard to of stab the long Ji in the hand, every time wield will start to take one blood rain.


Tall ship slowly the mainland ascension is empty from the absolute being boon, a few hours after then arrived at among the boundless cosmos.These interstellars get empty the power source of boat very strong, get empty the outer circle of boat in each one can form a cover of translucently isolating to protect, complete need not be worried about the variety of pressure, gravity and air, so even if in the astrospace, get empty the deck of boat up still many people take a walk, see scenery.

"This I don't know as well."The old waiter shook to shake head, however repaired a way again:"However, the clergy that there was an emptied boat near the harbor, up was lifted down more than ten clear absolute being religious sections this morning, all got hurt not lightly, I far and far listenned to at that time they seem at say what'evening grand canyon', also not know is not is relate to that several individuals."

Listen to relating of Xiao Xuan, the Du flew to imitate a Buddha to see these years, they step by step come over here and delightedly smiled to smile, way:"See to your aunt Xu Ting still fierce of and manage you very good!"

"Shout" of a , all bargain articles disappear to disappear and seem drive that metal dish to absorbed into.

I, should once hear me as well."Dream son according to looking at to seal to traverse that vacant facial expression, the spirit doesn't beat a .

Then after taking a shower to go out, Tang can the son say to Qian Xiao Qing:"Is small pure you to take a shower."

That cave is the deepest, the gold is small to open not trust little monkey etc. person, then make them stay and wait in the top, conveniently put in the custody of to fly boat for a while, as for the affair that investigates cave is then opened by small gold with sea Si 2 people undertake.There is sea by the side of the body, the Si's gold is small to open to feel that the activity that release a dollar dint hole hole this time should be smoothly a lot of.

"Invoke pretty a stone warrior!"Fail again!Continue to change!

"Four bud blood leaf!"Just walk not and far, this uncanny place gave 4 emperor Ges to send last a big gift, 1 could refine several Gao Pin Xie treated Dan of four bud blood leaf, at an emperor the Ge elder dared not believed of in the look in the eyes, proudly stand caulis body, show its existence.

In this space, was full of various world chemical element, and the Du flew to just divided soul in the sky of, at the moment just absorb water such as the long whale generally, constantly absorb various world chemical element, and along the ray adds and arrives just abruption come out of dollar absolute being core and seven souls in, the effort of a short moment, absorb the whole world chemical element in the space an empty, and just partition to open of small parts of dollar absolute being core and seven souls, also grew up and essence mutually just about situation.

The Du flew to smile to smile, doing not answer, but signaling hint a lotus the officer could start gambling party.


"Indeed as expected is so."The gold is small to open to order to nod, the previous guess of this kind of parlance and oneself is mutually just about.

The moss-like in shape plant of in plant 1 F dark yellowish green color on the ground, trample at up soft and slippery.

Visited each big jade of Teng county respectively

"Is Huang Tong Dao's friend!"After long happy true person sees an arrival a person, canthus tiny flash across one silk despise, then the false smile ground say, " although the I doesn't seem to be an a friend so is a machine to believe in eminent family to be from, however coming to seek the way of I chain machine the friend is many, think carefree also carefree not get!"Say long happy the true person order to that person, " I still occupies, didn't bother Huang Tong Dao's friend!"Finish saying and then flew to smile to smile to the Du, signaled hint him to follow to leave.

Wang Fei 's singing crosses soul, I force to become distitute and homeless.

See the leaf whom Li Jun nods sing breeze a pulled soldier gun in the breaking of her hand to come over, later on deeply take a suck at spirit will break a soldier gun to jilt ownly and after death, is this a few simple actions but make the leaf sing custom to breathe heavily like cow, double the eye is red and red, paused for breath a short while the leaf sing breeze to toward embattled soldier order way:"All soldiers with break a soldier gun for cloth in the center, can not have any a leap in the dark.Carry out right away!"Soldier, leaf, who looking at some hesitations sings breeze almost is roar four words of end.Hear the leaf sing a thus resolute order of breeze those soldiers have to withdraw to go backward, will break a soldier gun to tightly round at the center.

Say a magniloquence, in the fairyland of Peng Lai, is a dog, estimate to have already fixed as well for in the body, so the Zou ocean immediately overthrew his Article 1 to guess and affirmed that Du's flying is the second circumstance!

My this person doesn't like to beat an advertisement everywhere, but beats a while for his/her own new book in the oneself's book should all right, hope that everyone can support for a while, the underneath is a chain to connect the book title 《be love to knock on door 》 , there is the hurl of ticket for a while.

Her meaning of this sentence is to say:In spite of you love what all can,(nature, here mean some things but speeches that is classic and can cause beautiful thoughts and feelings of person) but, you have to have a fondness for.Because you have a fondness for, the spirit would have to consign, the mind just has to adhere to.As for this woman writer oneself, what she loves has two kinds:On being a great universe, one is a literature.She was filled with lovely flower all the year round inside that not spacious park Pu, her morning and night was on guard in spending path, and the heart was full of beyond words pleased joy.She for making people share the Fang Xin of her park , at the same time, even wish to ease the heavy burden of husband's life with the most poetic work, she is often a dawn to namely rise, some blossoms that take a dew shear down, place at pick a basket in, Qian takes city to shout to sell, usually in the forenoon just can return to in home.Sometimes she midway meets rain, while coming back full head whole body all wet of, but she doesn't think idea, simultaneously with the Pa son wipe her on rain water between the sums of head together sweat bead, simultaneously smile to say to her family:

Listen to that stewardess hum song in the bathroom, the Du flies not and dares to give greatly, doesn't let out to work properly to know as well as uses to work properly dint, but slightly walks to the table a side and explored a body observation to have that watch.

This period of time


"Have a competition a beginning!"Because Pope declares, the Du flies to see the at present guy read voodoo, then the body ascend suddenly the ray of light is big prosperous, the real strenght also imitates a Buddha to promote 1.

When the guest is brought in a house, we started to greet him.

"My son to falsely in living to have what viewpoint?"

Jade at male this time is also put forth big effort, tongue and tooth, the lips all use up, is really 18 sort skill in martial artses to by turn go to battle.

See other people don't notice them, thunder Mo silently Tong Tong the gold of the front Be small to open, soft-voiced way:"Remember and want to carefully protect us after going in, in case of what accident, can is all your responsibility."

"I BE!Excuse me, you BE?"The vehemence that looking at hair greys old man is obviously long to occupy place of honor, the Du flies and then knows that his affirmation is the somebody of small male house.

All these, all just more than ten result in the hours!

Want peacetime, seal a Ling to early pull oneself to seek a place to steal to eat of go to, the sealing of now Ling spoke words like this, Hui light very is worried.

However, after waiting Du to fly to arrive to a school, the breathing of the Xiao Xuan has been already disappeared and waits his positive desire to pass to stay when the spirit on the body of Xiao Xuan prints to record to look for and suddenly feels to work properly to know a burst of motion, is the spirit on the body of Xiao Xuan to print to record be got rid of!

The gold is small to open an estimate, if this space in mostly this kind of living creature, that perhaps even if they this several hundreds of high levels practice moral teachings and also all want whole army is routed here.

Those stars steal public all is to live in the maggot arena, drink everyday wager Dou, the day leads very free and unfetteredly.The gold is small to open to look for those people's abode, hesitated in the outside a burst of, don't know if should intrude into clearly.


For-rent car, head also not the time ground drilled into.The car leaves no track but goes to, leaves boy, Zhang Zhu Zui, and stand on the intersections lonesome street in the light.

Cautiously felt for a while Qian Xiao Qing of small raise a hip of later Tang can the son in mind did a contrast, that was to ownly seem to more have flexibility, probably because Tang can the son usually did before some small exercise, and be not like to sit very much over a long period of time, so as to keep own flexibility that is small to raise a hip, and Qian Xiao Qing Be getting more different, usually face a computer, so all want to sit of, time grew nature at not equal to Tang of flexible aspect can son of, but Qian Xiao's purely raising a hip is after all also a youth young girl of, the flexibility is still certain, another because long term of sit a work, so she than Tang can the son have to be a little bit plump, certainly and Lin Mu Xue compare with come will bad far.

See the Du fly this action, six monks of treatment and rather the Peng wait a person to all have no speech and respectively sped living of hand bottom to account.

"There is enemy that strike against my China Wei to believe in?Is Mo Chou Gu?"See Xuan frost rather the Peng wait persons all in the palace, seem at negotiate important business general, the Du flies eyebrows a wrinkly, sink a voice to ask a way.

After etc. once has lunch, the Du flies and seeks that aviation young lady's chat.But that aviation young lady see the Du fly this somebody thus kind, then let go of gradually heart in of careful, boundless as the sea and sky ground and he chatted a lot of local affairs, until the airplane is facing the international airport landings of sea City.

I have sought love, first, because it brings ecstasy - ecstasy so great that I would often have sacrificed all the

We say of the chemisette enjoy, just those belong to a normal person of the most basic of living fun.Only because numerous women have already forgotten by himself/herself in the tired lieutenant general.

"Two roads, you return to by yourself, I send you to return to."Sealed a Ling to immediately dip down face.

He learned an issue to resist

The relatives of a good friend works in the domestic affairs bureau, the report anticipates to call the divorce rate of"80 after" of now is 2 times that of matrimony rate, ever with one friend the net chatted marriage, this problem, he said that the pass Jian that the marriage lasts long is to can truely share common ambition and goal, the depth communicates, each other appreciates with love.Agree!I am a very traditional person, inside also congenitally suffer from suffer from losing, in the marriage love in express very a pig, rejoice of BE, I really be satisfied with my marriage come of more late more good, single, there is enough ability, money and time deciding his/her own life, undertake various correct and false decision, need not depend on others independently life, but I don't refuse marriage, just is slowly deliberating how to own fine marriage, the marriage is a kind of responsibility, to the individual, family, society, the marriage is also mutual love.I am also very ordinary, hope to have the husband to love each other on the life road, outstanding sons and daughters, kindly parents, companion my whole life is one a life time.

"Ni can, I some words want to say to you."After signaling hint the Ni can face to sit on the bed, the Du flies to walk to the stone chair side to sit in seat of honor bottom.


The power of understanding that the Du flies is original very good, otherwise he can't leans against, either self-educated the ability self-discipline arrive present situation.Plus the detailed explanation of the station of car Xuan again now, for the exquisite and matchless general outline of heart chain Jue, he cost two completely made to understand, let car Xuan the station connect to shout genius.

Is three black dress person's difficulties out and away gather together the hands to together, do a peculiar signal, "Ka"1 splits to ring, on their body of those unexpectedly take off to drop down more than 100 pieces and suspend at him

The second day morning, the Du after flying accept an achievement used to work properly to know to explore to explore, the opening widely of detection next door Chuan still was sleeping soundly, then picked up a shoulder bag to come downstairs.The time that walks to the stage, the Du flew to want to think and stayed note piece to open widely Chuan, say that he went out and saw again in the evening.

"Help a lord, take place here what matter?"At this time, those small demons of self-discipline also realized an abnormality in the manor and had already rushed through in succession

See underneath six squad long all wrinkled up eyebrows, without ready to take advice feeling also some annoyed, continue to deep and lowly say:"Half month ago, we at and variation person's troops crossed swords in, drive variation the person found intention and ambuscaded the main force of three elder under charges."The facial expression made reference to here and had no falsely not from again pale several cents, obviously remember to have the then scene.

Flow in the thunder emperor Di hole that huge space Wo outside, under the cosmos background in dark red quietly the Fu wear a huge dark shadow.That is is a like the long mountain range sort of huge steel war fortress, this is Tashan, and is a huge a head of war monster!The vehemence generous war fortress was full of dashing murderous look, war fortress surface metal of that black You You send forth jet black ray of light, in the thunder emperor Di hole continuously gleam of the purple lightning flash shine upon to fight fortress surface, be like embellish for war fortress last the wood grain of 1 F purple color was full of the pleasant impression of letting person's heart palpitates.

After putting very several lines that burst a sign, that several people then and carefully backed to go out.The gold is small to open to conceal in one side, wait to make sure after leaving, that several people immediately and then slip away out allly cracked open by explosion sign lines to all take down, as for that caused a sign line then don't move-anyway alone one causes a sign line to have no a destructive power, the words leaving can also continue to confuse those guys. <

Just came out a big palace, the Du flew feel public see toward own vision was full of weird, random he thought of just give offense to of a spoilt daughter of a rich family, immediately used work properly know fish for.

Surroundings of circumstance to see, the Du flew to have a guess unclearly in the heart, however he still doesn't dare now completely affirmative, also have no to say more.

"Do you want to recruit to the bodyguard of your next door?"The bearer corner of mouth is tiny to up raise, " believes that they haven't walked in leading to hellish road now how far, if you the words hurried can also catch up!"

"The dollar baby expectses!"Listen to the Du fly so on saying, six green immediately the dialogue crane dollar miracle drug within true hand lost interest.Although she doesn't have much deep knowledge to the Dan medicine one way,also know that the medicine can not eat without caution, otherwise working properly a medicine completely can become the poison of important person life!


This see going to stop of war situation, actually just have no floating of root Ping.While fixing a true alliance to think that person, square, of variation will leave, search complete star but on having no the variation person of acquisition, again don't hesitate net cost ground to fixed true alliance to launch attack.Momentary both parties death and harm innumerable, fix the monks of true alliance almost whole army is routed, and the fairy city send to the fairy supporting and make also death and harm over the half, go to this, fixed a true alliance to thoroughly withdraw war, but the fairy city then takes up completely, sends almost half of strength in a fairy city and adjusts to crary variation person's battle of fleet with constantly and continuously from the rear.

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet. Each the persons who bathe in the love river is poets.

The Ji plain match girl just substitutes a person with the crystal ball fortune-teller time, have to forget oneself, so as to see the pure other people's destiny;Is same, be you to want that before seeing is pure whole the whole, have to wipe clean you receive the emotion of dust.

"The Du flies elder generation, you want to accept a Peng Lai fairyland and killed me, you how can take many?"Unwillingly supported the first attack that the Du flies, hush last person flurried openings way.Allow him at this time how again self-willed, also saw clear situation, the Du flies is prepare is here putting out to kill him!

"That how do we do?"Listen to the Gou soldier is not clear either, Li Heng Yang immediately becomes nervous.

"H'm?"The Wei fingerling suspiciously tooks a look 2 people, in consideration of the old monk is his/her own old daddy to please to come of tall person, also not refute his face, have to to with reluctance open a way to the small gold:"Is small to open an elder brother, that I arrive a part first to wait you, you talked and then come over."

You are a little boy that has much of definite view, the teacher knows that your ideal is to do one"great man".Can"great man" isn't what everybody cans make.You have to carry out ideal, have to the matter started to do since the childhood and regardless did what affairs all had to be diligent to make great effort.But, you want well, did you attain?Try!Teacher's in hopes of your progress!

But they ten thousand ten thousand what to have never thought BE, be on the contrary drowned their these star thieves.

"That still uses to say!"The Du flies despise ground to glimpse that reception monk, seem he asked an idiocy question similar.

"You ……want to do what?"The boon space strengthens a courage to volunteer to help, certainly he very clear, oneself absolutely can't have what dangerous, because of after death of the gold is small to open absolutely is a form weapon of a more dangerous person!

"Marry cocoa, that others


"You called me as white way friend to go!"The inquiry that flies to the Du, the white dress woman reported surname, immediately and directly get into a positive way, " doesn't know that the Du flies is a friend how to know with Feng Jiao?"

See the white dress woman take Du to fly, just rounded a view of many monks the immediately dispersed time house self-discipline went to and left two elders of face a burst of and red and a burst of white and ruthlessly stared an eye panic has no Cuo of Feng Jiao, then also silently return to couch grass house.

The girl hasn't come yet and tell a boy, the boy brought up his/her own perplexity, because of future

Has no words for a night.

"Saying is ashamed, at under gain to that Mi book a bit incomplete, so now can the magic weapon of refining way machine class.In the last years in"for the long happy true person's inquiry, the Du flies unclear not and purely answer way, then not the etc. the other party open mouth and continue and say, ", at under just by dint of a the book of origin Mi build a cart behind closed door, don't know the long joy way common sense that friend can fix the concerning chain machine in the true boundary for a while for at descending explaining in detail?"

9.Someone when your in front says something against someone, you smile.

"Many thanks to senior, thanks senior!"Seeing the claim that the Du fly to freely promise him is greatly touched in the Lin Jun joy heart, however he temporarily doesn't know how express, be just in the mouth repeatedly Xie Dao.

"My name is gold ……Wu Leng Yai!"The gold is small to open temporarily careless of speech, almost speak oneself's autonym, although withdraw previous remark in time,was still a surprised whole body cold sweat.Only he whispers to the some name in"the Cui Si is especially" and always feels to seem and oneself once was once seeing on the earth of person within a certain and peculiar novel homology."Dark spirit still what come?Half spirit?Anyway seem to be not is what good bird."

Want to control a thus strong ground of fire monster Jing, the gold is small to open the dollar of oneself's depletion of the dint is also more astonishing, if is under the height of prosperity status O.K., but he has already been subjected to severely wounded now, this kind of time starts to manipulate ground the fire monster is lean at is some lack the ability to do.Regrettable those flying fisheses don't give the gold the opportunity to is small to open a choice, they an open big mouth and want to is small the gold to open 2 people to all tore into fragment with distance snow!

The gold is small to open great anger, sprang up to a slap to clap in the head of tooth Liao:"What complete nonsense plan!"His statures doesn't have tooth Liao Gao, can be sprung up to clap.

But immediately after, another problem also appeared, because water of the upper stream flows still and just and without intermission and downward, water of the drain is more and more, see will Man dike, we have to continue to add Gao our block a ditch big dam, the big dam is also more and more high, but the width is certain, bear of the pressure is also limited, sometimes because of the negligence, don't think other ways, favour the work in greater half sky will fail of, that is the Kui dike.If sometimes preparing is full, we will dig more mires and put at part prepare, be block a river dam more and more high of time, we are still blocking a river dam to have no aqueous of the side keep reinforcing thing for it, don't all impossibly widen it, because of having no so many muds.Will be made into support shape with a big piece mud, the crest writes to block a river dam, for block a river dam to strengthen acceptance ability.


Looks a stupid enough problem in the fat boy.

"Show me gobbling up of your boy pit again ……" thunder hat discovers gold being small to open there are too many unimaginable affairs on the body, then decide to cautiously check the gold is small to open all of a sudden of gobble up a pit, see an inside to actually have what special place.However, when he infuses into own dint to the gold small open in the lower abdomen of gobble up a pit behind, like disappear, completely had no some voice interest.

Water thousand Lians sigh a way:"I once didn't want to help you, just I am also incapable for the dint, the beard knewed more leave have already come to once seek me, I over-confident, crazy idea used to ownly float to living of way, dissolve evil kind of of decline a life time, regrettable, sealed to more leave but dissolve all alone, he still can not dissolve, I again how?"

Once wore the window way of prison building to hope to go out, saw the sky in a cold ice of ice coagulation but become the bird is quickly flying toward the afar to, several next breaths have already disappeared at horizon.

"Ceng!" After suspending the knot boundary of hole mansion outer circle and being been ground by the shot, suddenly a breeze rings, one thing is rapid to break empty since then, toward form most outer circle of thousand crane the year attackstone but go to.

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Sun rise the month fall, a connect 2 people for nine days the east of the facing make great effort in this boundless ocean.Leaf's singing the second day that the breeze floats a sea surface at 2 people has been already come to turn, although he whom he doesn't know that Li Jun is how to save, also know that Li Jun can save to arise from F in the deep place of ocean to can't definitely be an easy affair.Can whenever as he is starting to ask this affair Li Jun all chose it's silent, as time passes the leaf sings breeze also be not bringing up this matter, but his heart in is anyway can't forget Lee, either to handsomely help of boon.Is awake the leaf after sing breeze to resume he or she to almost consume with a day almost exhausted of inside dint, although inside the dint depletion resumed about, but those external injury be not can resume for a day and two days of, and because of have no boats and ships and have been soaking is at the sea water vilification harder heal.Saw basic instauration of the energy that the leaf sings breeze Li Jun finally insist not to live collapsed and fainted in the past, also no wonder that she would be collapsed and fainted, although just three very short regardless is in the deep sea to leaf after singing the poise spirit still float one the surface took a leaf to sing all of breeze headways are very depletion physical strength, only for the sake of care the leaf sing breeze she always bitterness bitterness' insisting, since the leaf sang breeze to have no big Ai her to also finally insist not to live.

The gold is small to open to interrupt his words way:"What call'degenerate'arrive this kind of situation?This foot has five bodies of rank awakening degree you still see not up?Still have that to forbid a machine, call what wear?To, thousand work properly an awl, if you doing not want me can send to the other people."

Who say to like one thing and then must get it.Sometimes, some people, for the sake of the thing that gets his like, the Dan Jing Jie Lyu, with much ado, more very may stop at nothing to go to an alignment extremity.Probably he the thing that gets his like, but in the process that he pursues, the thing losing can not also compute, his paying the price of is the thing that it gets can not make up.Probably that price is till the last heavy, keep to be discovered just by him.In fact like one thing, not necessarily good arrive it.Sometimes for demanding one thing but making his/her own mind and bodies all utterly exhausted, isn't very worthwhile.Furthermore, some things are "can only far view but can not near lo of", once you got it, day a long you may discover that in fact it rather imagines it's mediumly so good.If you discover that you lose again of and give up of I think when the thing is more precious that you don't already will be definitely displeased.So also often there are a words that is such"the thing canning not get is the best forever."So when you like one thing and get it isn't your most wise choice.

The drumbeat of a burst of infuriation rings out, numerous savage country people walked out from the cave respectively living, underneath met together altar, then then a s all kneel at ground up, facing that altar Kou does obeisance.

Although the orchid degree feels a bit not clear so, however pouring has never also doubted if the gold is small to open, the gold ordered to nod and had a lingering fear way:"We still rush through to leave at once here, otherwise in case of that thunder war drum again come back, our true mess."


Is this exactly what is the row?Does this person how can have such great power?

"A younger sister?If"Jing Shi Xiong thought for a while and immediately smiled, " he takes a younger sister, that I believe that he isn't any the one party sends to come of, five younger brothers, you descend well check for a while, clear up this affair."Make reference to my Jing a life time once the male clap hands, vision each big guy face under the hall up once swept, " like, this words outside stop here first, we start the summary general assembly in this month!"

Chapter 1 investigates monster boundary(bottom)

Suddenly, the Du flies of the corner of mouth suddenly start to hang up one silk smile, the body form is one Shan, have already appeared at a treetop, but he is in the moment having a guy to lie prone tree branch up, feel suspicious ground to hope he just stand of place.

"BE seal ……can enter the thing of ability not?"The gold is small to open to pour is have no how much the viewpoint that is worried that oneself returns not to go, anyway is above also a terrible rat nest, also not equal to avoids a period of time in this place.

However at pass by some kind of hard behind, public finally still arrived at drive closely the basin of the plant overlay the center, here tower aloft the building in ash white, it is a to externally look like button up on the ground of big bowl of.Only this bowl has already become thousand Chuangs 100 bores now, a lot of plants all from that building growth but, support the outside wall of building fragmented and disorganized.

"Work properly to know to print to record?"Was flown by the Du the word bursting out in mouth to get a fright, the green jade precious jade was some to frightenedly ask a way, " elder generation is to be not knowing nautical mile to leave to forbid to make, if we made wrong, let to forbid to make an explosion, took our life?"

"Be really greatly repair."The card pulled to blink to blink eyes, the golden light was taken back inside the body, close behind it that huge body start narrowing, the end returned to originally cleverly made shape again.The card pulls to instigate it is that cleverly made wing, the facing fills the tall ship of Ni Er to make track for.

See the great white crane true person's this time express, in that Peng Lai monk eyes of appreciate that meaning is thicker, comes forward to smile to ask a way:"At under China cloud, in the fairyland of Peng Lai a very small Qiao early monk, don't know that the friend can tell a Hui?"

"Is a novel, you once said to want something to write.Record not to get up?"

The car Xuan station certainly knows the persons all have privacy and see Du fly to have no to say clearly, think is don't want to let side the person know of matter, then have no again cross-examine, easy to read reported for him an according to this not far black market in the city.However after finishing reporting, car Xuan station again not trust the ground give repeated advice to a way:"This black market is several thousand year ago existences of, don't know still now at not at.However if by coincidence and still just of words, you went in to change thing to immediately leave, and wanted to notice a wealth not to expose white, otherwise once making people stare at up, that can bother!"


And Lee is sweeping the dormitory clean, the Du flies to took a look time, time about is rice that eats an afternoon, then and Lee be together going dining room.

"Little president Xiong, recall~toing the mind the sea Ge has already got ready, the Li that you like most is second and Jia female also all at wait for you!"See the small male respect the farmland is from the car in come down, the skill Ji building boss's wife immediately says with a smile, then panic not Die ground the small male respect the farmland faced into.

We turned the body over.There was no doubt about it.I had seen the face before,on the night Sir Henry and I had chased Selden over the moor.Then I suddenly remembered,and everything became clear.Sir Henry had told me how he gave his old clothes to Barrymore.I realized that this suit had been among the clothes Barrymore had left for Selden,and I told Holmes.

Impress finally some colors change, she this has already with all strength used all of a sudden, but still can not what then get a gold small open, this can explain the gold is small the defense ability for opening already far and far outrun her imagination-only, actually is what kind of defence capabilities just can attain this?The sudden impress thoughted of a possibility, unbearable surprised shout 1.

And make the gold small more to open to steal what to smile BE, the mysterious person has already forgotten to continue to investigate he or she's identity at the moment, however may also this guy intentionally pack to forget.As for say just the gold is small to open to feel of murderous look, has already been thrown far away by the mysterious person more, then a son heat that leaves now slices!

"Could money in nowadays still not want?"The Du after flying finish asking looking at slowly the aunt's facial expression, knew answer,

"To, where is this exactly?"The little monkey knits the brows to conjecture public save the cave of body, feel some oddness."This is which squad dig out of thing?"

Fearing parents today with it is sad but gives up to love his/her own person.Marry 1 from

"Good, good!"Rice bamboo male favour not the Die put out the thing that the oneself lane come out this half year.The gold is small to open this first sight rice Mr. Zhu still take out he digs out from the historic relic of finished product, immediately also curious aboutly at a watch from the sidelines to see.

Barrymore was st

The gold is small to open some surprised ways:"Do you know where she is?Can you also probe into her position in this dreamland?"


Backed several steps.

"There and somehow still sent a point person, this place but is make a decision to do to shrink a tortoise!"The variation person's major general looking at empty appearance of screen, tiny sighed tone, term he still thinks can an account settle victory or defeat, have never thought to evolve a body there can don't all not is an idiocy.

"Is perhaps underground what the evil monster arouse of earthquake.Early front I hear and have the miner the trace for once seeing the earth Yin in the underneath, we more dig now more deep, perhaps perpetrate the attack of that thing."A triangle eye clerk of the works spoke his/her own guess.

"This guy!"Xuan frost flies to hate to the Du in the heart after coming out the tent of three elders the gnash teeth in hatred , after waving hand to signal hint a few under charges to leave, then annoy blunt blunt the ground run to seek Du to fly.

6.The tube lives own mouth tube to live his/her own mouth.Don't discuss oneself, don't even discuss other people.Discuss oneself usually arrogant false, at unworthy of name in lose oneself.Discuss the other people usually sink into the right and wrong argument of trivial matter entangled.After getting off work every day and those colleague's friends of yours' drinking to chat isn't a good matter, because of, this in the center usually discuss that the colleague, friend considers as a topic.The back discusses person always not okay, particularly discusses the other people's shortcoming, these characters that will lower you.

In response to although the dint isn't Wu Meng's middleman,also know that the Dan medicine is in the precious in Wu Meng.Because take part in with Long Zu's consociation activity, he handed over how many dragons set friend, time chew the fat, he once made fun ground to once inquire, their self-discipline whether wrote like the novel of so, could having various miracle drug wonder drug let people's capability advance by leaps and bounds?Who know those friends listen to his make fun behind but didn't smile, on the contrary full face Xian color ground tell him and really have miracle drug wonder drug in the self-discipline, only those Dan medicine only the inborn expect above superior just can get, be like them those connect inborn's expecting don't get into of chicken lobsters rice, canned be in mind to consider!

"Hum, this magic weapon on the boy body forces can also, this just blocks live me one shot, put on you, perhaps and at most is also same result!"Hear the car Xuan chuckling of station, immediately have some to hang not to live on the wood Huai old face, answer criticism an after, then bellow a , recruit five puppets from keep the thing magic weapon, once the Shu method in hand urge, those five puppets immediately double the eyes are big bright, see leave to lay siege to but go to toward the gentleman.

Had no leading long of evil Sha king to make, the leaf was alleviated while singing the pressure of breeze to sign, by so doing the leaf sings the offensive of breeze to seem to be more calmly and make moves of more and more and relentless fierce just.Time not big all of those evil Shases die and sing the under charge of the breeze at the leaf, while leaf's singing breeze is also to pant noisily, on the body several ten wounds as soon as the soaking of sea water is also that the ache is difficult and is.

"Shout!"Wait Jian Ni to wear 2 Jennies anxious and fearfully lead after a minute, see the Du fly still a dead silent appearance, this just loosenned tone.However Jian Ni just let go of heart, hear Jenny and exclaim a , hurriedly turned head to fly toward the Du face up see.

Top of main Wei up all rose a side to embroider the war ensign of blood-red color sun, if only is like this still not enough with let these mainland high level existence of the mood has what motion, but the distance still has 2,000 war ships that equally flaunt blood-red color sun war ensign positive facing those 1,000 war ships to slowly drive.Thus the war ship of sunshine country has 3,000 of Be getting more, if according to these 2,000 war ships of much predicting of former Gegenschein country real strenght to four country allied troops' coming to say also however is many 2,000 cannon fodders that fight a ship just, but of the real strenght of that the other days sunshine countries makes a show of to see, the present sunshine country will never be so deal with, and these just drove of is very likely to have the existence of an absolute being class strong in 2,000 war ships.

Seal to don't already traverse surge in heart, see, the whole omens of affair all the occurrence is on own body, the Xiang madam knows that he or she carries evil kind of, so the time faced to walk work properly pure water to take.


Chapter 6 adult's ceremony(next)

"That's right, he succeeded!"

"Good Mao asks two guests and officers to slightly wait!"Hear the Du fly to finish ordering vegetables, the store is small 21 jilt a snow-white towel of shoulder, threaten a , immediately turn to come downstairs the favour lived.

"Xi Xi, that now consider as the woman to oneself good."Distance snow again move back and forth in a short while the detail on the long skirt, this just pull a gold small open to go out.

"Hum!"Six green humed 1, had no a speech again.However, she thinks that the Du flies to just seek to lend to talk with her, the in the mind pretty much despises.

"There is way that BE'the fairy fight, the ordinary mortal meets with calamity', I see us not as long as stopping business, and still needing to leave Europe and wait until here of'fairy'when fired away, we come back again!"The building is handsome to listen to the Du flying so on saying, surprised have the chicken skin of whole body pimple, hurriedly start to persuade everyone.

To many boys, six small Yues are a rose that takes a sting.

Heard a gold small to open to affirmatively reply, tooth Liao two words didn't say and immediately run to return to will he old dad gold hair lion the king and other a few elders all pulled to come over.After seeing this development slot, these old guy also all the double eyes put only, absolutely be like want and develop the slot to this and swallow inside in the belly.

In the summer of"I want …… killed you …… the ground corpse is ten thousand …… want …… killed you ……" crazy double of eyes of red only the projection foot contain long half Chinese foot, at the moment of he has already thoroughly sunk into crary status and lose a normal person of rational, as long as appearing living creature in front of him, he will don't hestitate ground to hurtle up to put together to kill!

"What?!"The gold is small to open a gape, ground fire monster the Jing has no a function, this still takes place for the first time this circumstance.Suddenly those white dress summer clansmens separate to the both sides, a close behind young girl slowly flew out.The gold is small to open after seeing an arrival a person, body not from of tiny tiny one earthquake!

The gold is small happy medium a little bit had a little bottom spirit, order a way:"Since it is so, that we start."


"I am to spread to fix, self-educated become just."Listen to old man tone in of lose, the Du flies secretly a guess, this a guy is still a celebrity?Unfortunately meet him the come from an outside cosmos of fix true, return be really have never heard.

The fire tooth saw one eye gold small to open, light way:"I also see this city for the first time."

"Is this what is the row?Are these two different rascals?"The gold is small to open a gape, looking at these two groups of personses by himself[herself] to deliver a young tiger over there, unexpectedly complete chase oneself Liang at one side.

"So that's why!"Get the Du flies of affirmation answer, give tiny Leng of Ma Si master a short moment, draw a deep sigh, just continue to lift a step to

The jade says after taking the document that passes over here over world open to carefully took a look at the male:"Is all right, like this better, our arrangements are quite good, start us willing start walking now exquisite article route, those small field the son slowly turn a hand or directly closed, hereafter our wanting are a for our fixed positions of consumption, certainly this consumption not is say the whole country is unified, the circumstance of each city is different, so we all want to have differentiation."

Monk!Thought of here, the Hong elder generation immediately turns round to escape, he wants to tell this act to believe in a door, otherwise etc. these variation persons beat to come over, they can wait to die!

Deeply wear a suspicious affair to this, great white crane the true person is curious under, choose in person to understand circumstance in the Xiao house.The deluxe elder that faces a such a concealed alliance, Xiao house from up arrive descend all didn't dare to neglect, after greeting to go in, basically was a true great white crane person to ask what, Xiao the family answered what, connect the Du flew to give they three

The you have given it your best shot, anyway! Aught, you have already made an effort;Cut it out. Save province.

"Leave, we see that boy!"The station starts and opens match boon to nod to honey snow son point, then draw back the door of training the room and walk to go out.

"E, grasp salon for no one to sell?"The gold is small to open still deathless heart.

"Come over here and then went, run much tired!"After waiting Xiao Xuan to come over, the Du flies the kindly ground shoulder way that clapped to clap her, then changes direction jade, do a simple introduction way for both parties, " this is jade, this is the Xiao Xuan."


"Wait a meeting, I will give you one to living muscle Dan, and put you to leave!"Hear the Du fly brush-off, the white dress woman declines to comment, after leaving a words without telling anyone left, but the Du fly hesitate for a while, finally still kept up with her step.

"Do not know what best Dan medicine the expensive store can have?"The Du flies also Don't mention it, directly explained purpose.

"We next go to!"While doing not far wait 4 people to arrive to the location of leaving the conflict great white crane

Sun Mou of the courageous empire comes from the idea of owner to anticipate to unexpectedly use the heavy infantry resists Dou absolute being empire of 3,500 heavy ride soldier and 1,000 hussars.From time immemorial the infantry resists to ride soldiers to all strictly guard a type and needs Lao by Yi, but Sun Mou do exactly the opposite to send a heavy infantry to squared on one's own initiative, the affair like this basically has never appeared in history.The action that strives for in no case and only such, sees his gold knife brandish, distance of 1,500 heavy ride a soldier to stir to turn first time horse to return this, unexpectedly

Hear jade at male so a say money is a bit small pure worry of ask a way:"I isn't this normal?"

"Is together together graceful, " sees arrive together and together the friendship is this appearance, the Du flies to feel that she look like the solid Lun of quilt to do obeisance leader of alliance to receive at drum in, then once the facial expression turn and cordially say, "you know I today why want to here?Because my younger sister and foster daughters are all grasped by your teacher to go to, I have to come!"

One leaf skiff, all anywhere have the danger to overthrow at any time!

The Du of one side flies to smile to sing ground to see the facial expression of several people of Chen Shi Bin in the eye, then lightly coughs 1 and drew on several people's attention way:"The space done not know that everyone saw just has what viewpoint?"

The emperor whom the gold is small to open to nowise hesitate ground to take out a Lu evil stone in sky, press to forbid machine blood on.The original crystal-like in shape sky of Lu evil stone is small to open in the gold the function of a dollar dint under become one gradually regiment liquid-like in shape object, soon then integrated to forbid a machine in.This appearance that forbids a machine blood emperor is like a stone-like in shape translucent a cake of egg object, the back livingses a pair of wings, is getting for a sky, after Lu the strength of the evil stone integrates, forbid machine blood emperor the immediately then violent earthquake move, the shape starts to be violent becoming big at the same time!

That huge energy light beam immediately and then disappears in the boundless silvery ray of light after once hurtling a small gold and opening, don't know as well to actually fly to where.

"BE, BE!"Fill Ni Er to talk to all have some to shiver.


Small scaled tornado lines up into a line of facings ten square the college quickly push forward, clear is a breeze to fasten rather strong breeze book world of the power in the sorcery, even if so Ping Yue Shan didn't want the meaning for letting at 1:00 as well, the method Zhang in hand brandishes the Shu of breeze shadow to launch, along with the meeting together of breeze chemical element, and then have several tens tornado joins among them.Have been being singing the sorcery Zhang in jasmine hand of sorcery forward at 1:00 at this time, the together huge black aureole takes various icy cold Sen however of breathing facing those more than 100 tornado cover with and go to, along with the pushing forward of black aureole, the color of aureole is getting deeper, terrible breathing also along with deepening of aureole color but more obvious, facing tornado covers with but bottom, is exactly dark black to fasten sorcery to darkly cover with.When the aureole and more than 100 tornado in black bump shot to arrive together the strong breeze sign your work, numerous small breeze blades attackstone that crazily black of aureole, but black of the aureole the slightest don't sway, slowly the facing center oppresses since then, at oppress of continuously continuously resist a full sky of breezes blades for dancing in the wind just like the substantial black smoke at the same time.The aureole in black finally can not hold up all tornado, at least ten tornado bump at the defense method of ten college Shu the privates of square on.Defendoof once the strategies be subjected to attack of the outside dint and immediately open to defendoof function, the charged barbed wire net of way way appears in the sky of these chemical element users and blocked those tornado down.And jasmine and Ping Yue Shan also because one white of the vibration face produced for blowing up sorcery, sorcery teacher the vibration from soul that be subjected to most easily while resisting is also the vibration of mentality, because those sorcery from display to blow up always to connect with each other at the mentality of sorcery teacher.

"Idiot!That is dirty!How many years have never taken a shower."

."The Du flew to clap the arm of clapping the Xiao Xuan, " today uncle come, be want to say that an uncle has already arrived for you.Beating for you in the morning is past of the number is what uncle uses in London for this period of time, you have to occupy to beat to come over."

Hear the gold of all these small to open absolutely hard believe his/her own ear!Mankind?Embark to get empty boat in the sky of those is all so-called"mankind"?What does that oneself calculate?, Not to, oneself is a "big summer person" now, but, isn't the big summer person mankind?The gold is small to open a quilt own of the problem make dizzily, however obviously isn't the time that studies knowledge now .

Does the 撃 Xi suffer from Joe Gui ?rdquo;I say.The 撐 Yi title Ye Jiu which raise the Bian to hang the Ning D pay spring onion of male fat Xie Gu Qin to blow a mold?lsquo;Please must burn down this letter, and the time in 10:00 arrive wicket there go.'"

See a gold small to open 3 people still keep aring a careless air, the one-eyed person suddenly becomes angry from embarrassment and drinks to scold a way:"Lao Tze is naturally a road Chi!The road canned not found to go out, how?!"

"Is him!"Wei in the door sees the Du fly into to come behind one Leng, immediately point at him to yell a way.

Way each general situation of Ji dint disallows to appear new influence, a new influence, if there is no tough backing, very difficult keep on supporting at Ji of way.Float to living a valley to suffer the attack of each general situation dint at the same time, this is any test that an influence has to experience, but Fan

Want peacetime, seal a Ling to early pull oneself to seek a place to steal to eat of go to, the sealing of now Ling spoke words like this, Hui light very is worried.

Haven't waited a gold small open to wide awake from the vibration, thunder war drum in the sky suddenly sends out one astounding huge blare to ring:"Bomb-!"

"Hum, you are this timid shameless scoundrels, don't dare to face my elder in the teacher door, come right away to make a surprise attack us these pupils, if be known by my teacher, she can't definitely pass yours!"See the strongest attack for oneself drive bearer with break to go, the week is clever to know this time can not escape by sheer luck, then denounce openly.


Or say how feel?"

Allow Ting to lie prone indeed as expected on the desk asleep.

"Shout, be worth this time."

Chapter 1 repairs blemish(bottom)

"Guest officer, down stairs hall comes to individual to say to seek you, with you invite good of, do you see?"The fat shopkeeper smells the speech push door to come in and see when the Du fly bright eyes to hope toward him heart bottom not from beat to cringe, however the words in the mouth is had never beaten Ban son ground to say out.

You are the little boy of a cleverness and then amiability, hard study, the homework completes in time, has a passion for a labor and has a passion for collectively.If you from now on don't do small action while having a class, overdo an industry not careless, the teacher believes, in the near future, the teacher can definitely see one more outstanding of you.

"The Du flies, you fix at present for attain what extent?"Is silent a short moment, give a Ma Si master to turn but again ask to have Du to fly of fix for, immediately let 2 people's some atmosphere of tediousnesses a loose.

"Eldest brother, we have already cut down all of the economic sources that Vietnam help this time, even if because small ï¼² this and stop opening fight, believe how long Vietnam helps to also support!"See the anger Men in the Jing a life time's ambition, five Yes the station come out to persuade a way at this time.Help with Vietnam this time of open fight in, green Long Tang first acts, so the advantage getting is that each inside is the biggest.After suddenly rising, influence's five Yes have unclearly now help a lord under one person of felling.

"I would rather not want this to be honored ……"

Sea the Si deplore greatly of shout loudly a , also rise in the heart at the same time a burst of fear:Is strong evil accidentally and unexpectedly at one face to face personally thoroughly damage, this old guy exactly from where get so great power?

The measure that sees a sunshine country, strives for a surprised, he originally thinks in command of only the warship up just has that kind of violent to the blood-red color protection cover of pole, but see now all have that kind of on board to these wars blood-red color defend rain of cover.If those cover that are common to fight the protection on board is similar to the protection cover on the conductor warship, so afraid of these three sorceries and this doctrine very difficult show results.Although want to is to think so, the moment of sorcery's breaking out keeping on of dint and doctrine to attackstone dint can not estimate, probably can really produce what miracle also perhaps, never so must force these sunshine person's landing operations four country allied troops a just


So, as long as the mankind could think way instauration the strength of the period for time immemorial, the nature also re- owned the real strenght to resist with big summer clansmen.

Chapter 2 Li Dai Tao Jiang(next)

The Du flies to take small United States of week to walk into hall and hopes to watch from a distance everywhere, then heads for a 21:00 of wager table.Just he of so choose small United States of week, is because he sees when those accompany wager girl secretly luck works properly to know and takes a little awe, who know many girls after stepping back, but leap out small United States of a week, proceed from a little curious, he then needs week small beautiful"accompany wager" service.

Is the first, everyone's none of lucks how like, Ai Luo and pulled Bo Ren to directly choose to leave a card, leave the Du fly with T

Return to dormitory, the Du flies to sit to contemplate on the window sill.

"That is ……" Du flies several talented persons to respond to come over at this time, the favour landed down from the air.But the wood beard son remember just of living creature, old feel some to acquaint with, not from pondered to remember.

"The past friend that is me flies an one degree true person."Drive once the brocade spot remind, the great white crane true talented person thought of Du to fly to once fly an one degree true person from the number, then and freely introduced toward him a , then changed direction Du to fly to ask a way, " you said to is to go to a M country and check the affair of of gene medicine in those early years, how a went to and all had no news for more than three years?"

Medium 1 says:The person in"he remembers words that you once said, " says again that"he believes that your eyes can see his soul."

"Ha ha, the owner joked, you cooked of the handicraft is so high, do we rob to eat still too late, can also have what opinion!"The Du flew to stretch chopsticks to clip one mouthful vegetables and put into once the mouth chew and immediately stuck out thumb to the owner of store.

" ……To, I the momentary forgot."The gold is small to open some topic way of being embarrassed, having to converts:"So that ball?Seeming can in great quantities absorb Na world dollar dint, is a weapon?"Those people's dollar energy regiment attackstones to have no quilt gold small open to present to mind, as long as a little bit the attention order not to be directly hit and then can't have what dangerous, however that ball that contained terrible strength make him some to fear.

"Sound, seem to check radioactive result ah!"The Wei fingerling shockedly says.


Tang can son and leaf cloud Qian a hear the jade open mouth at the male and shut right away up mouth, again not send out some voice, also not answer that the jade is in the words of asking of male, seem jade at the male is to just say to the air similar.

In brief understood the Du of fixing the true boundary to fly for next three weeks, have no again rise what look for the idea of treasure, after all looking for a treasure has to also have real strenght.The identity that completely integrates into a visitor, the Du flies on six green districts to get under, amusedly south the Zhao saved great tourist spots, such as reason and Lijiang...etc. to mostly stroll some kind of.

The place concealed for flying Du.

"Great white crane true person, at under have place to give offense to, please say clearly!"The any Ye true person steadily sits in transacting chair, the great white crane that saw one eye in a great rage true person, not and urgently and not and slowly say.

"Old Chen, do you say that how to do this matter?"The Du flew to rescue in those early years at this time of little fishing village Lee first in home, Huang Xiao E and Lee is worrying first very heavily and sit in the middle of turning over and covering one new big house.

Silently closed to luxury to greatly wrap, that woman lay prone on the door to listen to a short while, then suddenly hurtled into, yelled a "forbid to move", completely have never noticed to hide a strong man at the back of the door, peeped out bloodthirsty smiling face.

Wait until Du to fly and slowly aunt enter house, see previous of the kid with eight lie Kang up of the small puddings just and anxiously looking at him.

"Hum, at under open flow cloud of the territory gold Dan elder, how could another throw his parties!Your Wu Dang Shi of"do not in the past see a paste lane, the Du flies straight-tempered take out true facial expression of way, " is big, our flowing cloud territory isn't weak either, for the sake of the pupil that only an inborn expects, cause the war of two partieses, afraid of Wu Dang Pai also would not like to!"

"Fly one degree elder brother is indeed as expected straightforward, Huang Tong didn't learn that dogmatic private as well!"Listen to a Zhu Hua Dao person so on saying, salute half of Huang Tong Dao person to then smile a station to keep body.

In the concealed bead space, time in a hundred years, the Du flies of three greatly divide time all self-discipline have already arrived to match a body to expect peak, however the Du flies of the sky soul divide time because comprehend parts of time truths through a strange stone, at this time is addicting to among them, the Du flies and then has to to match time that the body Du robs hereafter noodles to postpone.

Call she a beauty or fly son.I know that she isn't likely to teaches me again, but has already grown a felling, I think to be all very difficult hereafter to have again.


On the second day, the Du flies to be responsible for a value to guard and fights an alliance or comes to make a surprise attack once, as usual is prognosticated a member and discover, has no achievement but return.Wait until the third day noon, the Du after flying to believe the responsibility handover that the value guard elder to the Pu then leaves association the hall fly the sorcery tower of returning oneself, however all the way he feels where some not to, but again can not say it concrete where not to, can annoyedly return to his/her own sorcery tower to continue to study 11 class sorceries.

"Can not exchange with other things?"See the old a shape for ignoring, the Du flies to sound out ground to ask a way.

Chapter 9 war drum prints to record(up)

Those living creatures visited Du to fly several ten meters places of in fronts to stop down and then suddenly rocked head for the living creature of head, immediately it the black on the head only the Cape come out one regiment black light, spread to shoot in the waters for neighborhood, the Du flies and then feels after the absolute being knows of fished for scope to suddenly narrow a lot.

Chapter 6 gathers to belong to bottom(bottom)

"Good!Thoses know the Du insect that descends an order politician and have already lost the right of control of base!"The voice that hears inside in the broadcasting, four big fellows immediately and happily hand over a head to connect an ear to get up.After, the M country is them super can fight the world of brigade, they will soon also become be like Wu Meng and evil force alliance so Be overridden to a nation on of organization!

Woman an answer clothes, Pie mouth way:"That is that you didn't experience, I liked to be white, you take care of wear?"

"Calculate, you came in!"After that stewardess comes out luxurious cabin, the Du flies to hear her step voice rang two times to stop, not from use to work properly to know a to explore, but discover that she is being like a similar station of a door Wei at the door, wanted to think, then started to open the door says to her.

However now six green want with go to, unavoidably will discover his some secretses.Certainly, these secret not is can not let six green know, just six green is feeling pupil religion, sometimes unavoidably will consider for teacher door, and the Du flies not to think will six green pull to go into he wants to do of go in the affair, after all that to six green but talk too dangerous, so he had been hesitating don't tell six green.

Saw through the intention of two elders, the United States fixed if is light a say with smile:"We press the soldier motionless at present and send first the person finds out news in new moon mainland and sees whether have what regard with hostility Mo Chou Gu of the group appear, if really have, this puts the blame that today it accounts can pretty much clear!"

Bottom of bite Tui AN all the slice slice crack to open, distress and matchless.Although all of them is survived for several thousand years of practice moral teachings a superior, and then controled super powerful weapon,after all still keep belonging to mankind's category, face a purple electricity Ultrasaurus this kind of outstrips mankind's common sense of strength existence, really have no ability to resist.


A few sorceries of unexpectedly is both parties' sorcery teacher to collectively back a field to the result for offending, the combat after having no the help of big power sorcery under both parties undoubtedly more of hardship, but same of, the threat from the other party sorcery also disappears at the same time, this doesn't know to both parties still being fighting is luckily or misery!

After the rinse of dreamland of, the robbing of gold yellow knife appears in the hand of sealing the Ling without basis, at this time is chopping down last shoulder of Mu autumn.

Chapter 51 drains(bottom)

"Each customer who patronizes our store is all worth thankful, but, that customer's circumstance has a dissimilarity again today.""What dissimilarity?""Is common to come to our store of mostly is the rich, but you want, today this customer for tasting our steamed stuffed bun in the store, make much decision, drum much courage, perhaps any further didn't than this more difficult ability valuable matter!For the customer like this, I to receive is a naturally of."

Time of"Du-Du-" is breathed and silent to run off, when the Du flies to compute a bright gold color lighting to leave his place star to only have the road in quarter, city suddenly ring out huge alert voice, immediately variation people in the pleasure ground are in confusion, finally in one small parts of persons shouting and under, just slowly resume equanimity, one by one in order withdrew a pleasure ground.

", I forgot!"See the Du fly to start and walk, Xin Ji's president of association suddenly clapped to clap head and called to live Du to fly, " this is the badge that your five planets enforces the law elder, I have already registered in association.From now on, you were the sorcery association fourth to enforce the law elder!"

The other people listenned to maybe not feel what, but the thunder Man listenned to behind really shocked.The others don't know that he but know, the thunder Qiu declares at Howl Si household young generation one person, it is in the natural endowments on the sorcery still at oneself on.If oneself isn't a long building Di with lend the words of real strenght, that this absolute being song empire the little clan of first clan is long is a thunder Qiu of.The decade previous thunder Qiu just stepped enough the realm of four rank sorcery teachers and refused to concede defeat of thunder Qiu the week visited a mainland but at go on a tour gloomy the Qiu returning home, hasing been taken turns to find out to just know thunder much more publically after a year visited the time of mainland in the week and hurt at an and some time Ji look like hand in.Return home the thunder Qiu after greatly the disease is 1, after recovering from illness close the border not to become, until the thunder Qiu just breaks pass but at the beginning of this year, at present already year over 30 of he keeps in mind one chamber ambition life ambition since then, the never thought that unexpectedly meets oneself in all my life for the first time the big enemy of fiasco.

"Bureau chief Han, we didn't grasp current, if the true dozen rises lawsuit, we could not have advantage, by that time if is arousing a diplomatic conflict, afraid of an affair to make big!"The armed police that starts out this time pays brigade captain the Yan is good, hear the small male respect a farmland so on saying and have some be worried that the ground makes reference to in that police-woman ear.

Try."The Du flies to accept tool Long and packs into a tool pack and pass to Qian Jing Dao.

Not so bad leaf cloud Qian just once experienced once, so don't is too many, several bottoms finished, but this several bottoms also imitated a Buddha to consume light all of her energies, this time of she compares just the first-time of time there is more no energy.

The one disorders in the whole day Ding space, the owners are all agitated, who also not know that the big summer clansmen when will kill to come over, also not know next target of big summer clansmen actually is where.


"Everyone come over, please!"Once waited a short while, the Du flew and wave the voice with bright Hong that is suddenly green to hear a ring out, title hope go to after, the detection is the monk of a middle age blush from shame strong man's shape.See its breathing, fix for absolute expect to be above in the Qiao.

"Way, reply a sky to carry ground, the Kuo dismantles eight poles everywhere;Gao can not border, deeply can not measure;Wrap up world, report to teach invisible;Flowed spring 浡 at first, blunt but Xu Ying;Bludger Gu Gu, muddy but Xu Qing.Is past plant it but Be filled to world, horizontal of but Mi in the whole world, endless but have no the morning and night;Comfortable 幎 in six match, book not Ying in a hold.Invite but ability the piece, You but ability are clear, weak but ability strong, soft but ability just;Horizontal fore basic virtues but contain yin and yang, three lights in the cosmos but chapter;Very Nao but 滒 , very Xian but tiny.Mountain with of Gao, Yuan with of deep;The monster walks with it, bird with it fly;Sun and moon with of clear, stars with of go;The Lin visits with it, Feng with it soar."Water thousand Lian light tone way.

After a short moment time, several talented persons of Chen Shi Bin are surprised to wake up from shocking, the momentary attitude is each difference.

The Louis Si master behaves very modern-minded, for this circumstance didn't also oppose, then the Wan speech declined that proposing of the war alliance genius pupil, but Be preside over a wedding ceremony a person, managed master elder brother and two elder sister Shis' weddings.

See Qian Xiao Qing lie prone on the bed, Tang can the son sit on Qian Xiao Qing's waist, two hands grasp small pure hands of money to mercilessly ask a way:"Is small pure to submit, hereafter dare to also flirt me."

Finally, the boy returned after he left for so many years. "Sorry, my boy. But I don'the t have anything for you anymore. No more apples for you..." The tree said.

"There is beard Ti the speak of the son, I still have what reason different idea!"Stand stand hand, the Du flies to again make fun the beard Ti son way, however expressed his meaning clearly.

From the being small to open to sink into to deeply sink to awake status in the gold date, important event one connects in the six greatest spaces a , closely upon heels and since then.

Result Qian Xiao Qing a listen to Tang can the words of son, immediately made a deep red face, the jade is also a bit surprising at the male of see toward Tang can son, Lin Mu Xue and leaf cloud Qian all have some to surprisedly see toward Tang can son, even the month rubies always kept out of it everything all some oddness.

"Section chief, how?"He Lin at not clear in the ground depended in the past, bureau chief piece also had some to flatter ground to once stretch a head.

"Boon, so that's why."Although knowing is at present of this on shift duty pupil affirmation is saying leave words, however the Du flies respond to him in the heart thus clever pretty much appreciate, have to pull unclearly for nearby the person's mind, then take advantage o power took back a previous speech, turned but ask a way, " some days ago I because the private affairs didn't stay in the palace, I come back now, don't know who manage the hole mansion in the palace, take me to beg for to want 1!"


The gold is small to open to hear noise and turn round and hope to go, not from get big for shocked-appear they of at present of, is an unexpectedly limitless huge plain, but they in times before ascend of the overhanging cliff is only this one of numerous cracks on the plain!

For the filial piety, younger brother, sincerely, letter, be suffused with to love many and close Ren these should make great effort to practice of this, but Be not willing to proceed energetically, study quest just on knowledge, become vain and superficial temperament like this and most easily, how can become a truely useful person?Is opposite, if the gravity goes, for knowledge but Be not willing to study, easily keep the Zhao oneself's viewpoint, and can not agree with the truth, this isn't the attitude that we should have either.

"That is all right, you travel in the Z country when the time comes, wait Europe to resume quiet of time, I will notify that you come back!"See jade insist again and again, the Du flies also no longer obstruct, noded to promise her proposal.

Finish saying the ruby in month turns head to Tang can son they walk to, in male's a figure of ruby that person looking at a month, the jade's sudden center of the chest is tiny tiny a painful, this is the month ruby to stay lasting figure is to oneself.That the uneasy emotion again and suddenly upsurge, imitating the Buddha has to drown he generally, but this emotion come of also go quickly quickly.

Looking at a gold small open still some blurred airs, rice Mr. Zhu helplessly shakes and have to detailed explanation way:"I estimate their this two doorses toghter appear, should for dealing with absolute being act organization.While seeing just attackstone a mysterious person, your woulding be is believed in by the pole ice to make moves with the religion of Rong Yan successively.As for say to afterwards quarrel, that is also their a spoil style."

See that four wet pants, the face of many Weis top immediately flash across one silk disdain, and that little boy also Lie Lie body, fear four urine liquids be stained with in his body.

"How did he suddenly become strong!"The neck is being flown by the Du to chock, finishing the brain of dew but only such a mind, " why be imprisonned for about a months, does he on the contrary become so strong?"

However both huge figure difference, will never be by dint of is red-blooded to excite and then can can offset!Ground fire monster the Jing is just fierce on putting a head, start to take one Peng extreme steaming hot of magma, the gold is small to open can be again distress to retreat!Momentarily freeze a spirit attack, momentarily magma attack, the cold heat doesn't live transformation to hand over shot, let body therein of the gold is small to open misery.Although Be kept constantly on the attack that copes with a ground of fire monster Jing, the gold is small and opens also understand, the enemy in nowadays suffer from the harassment of body endotoxin and have no violent ambulation position to attackstone-if the ground fire monster Jing still can be like at the beginning and so and start an attack from the underground magma, or is to fly in the sky, affirmation of that oneself is have already turned to make one the black paste of regiment stick of coke!

Seal a Ling to feel the dream son depend on of heart like one noodles clear mirror, be calm, spotless.

See is so, three old ghosts then and immediately investigated to stay at with each other city in of that stirs, the detection after just flying Hong 3 people then expels they.However another two stir always foolish in the Huang city, three old ghosts feel even if investigate to can not begin, either, and they now stay in city with each other, can not leave, then prepare at with each other after city end again say.

Zhao Gu Yi just lets rather the Peng swear, but the words after speaking him regretted.Under the parents' guidance, he knows asseveration's importance for a monk, so at the sight of rather Peng with angry determination of the look in the eyes is not scaredly meant to say by Dan Zhan need not, not think rather the Peng unexpectedly and really sends down Shi!


Seal to traverse a hand suddenly in a tight, the war that hasn't modeled robs knife unexpectedly and then is raised, clips incomparable vehemence, press toward black dress person's top of hill

Make reference to here, sea Si suddenly live and shockedly hope to open to the small gold.Two human face face reading Qu, full in the look in the eyes is apprehensive erratic air:"Should can't, really be so?"

Make reference to here, suddenly presented on the face of big elder one silk cunning air:"Our cooperating with M the people is a doomed request, that do we why not become that tiger?Want ~only in appropriate time, we reveal this secret to Wu Meng and the evil force alliance to know, that M country of super can fight a brigade to on the contrary want can not eat Dou to walk!Become us to come to an advantage when the time comes, the M the people takes the blame for us and lets them steals a chicken not to become eclipse to chase a rice!"

"Mr. Du, we go to there, that Sir is British wager king whom we invite

"I just had already listenned to fly a relating of degree, Jing Hao, you say 1 time again!"Lifted to see to see a Jing Hao true person, for the action that he flies to stare to the Du, the bosom bamboo true candidate chose to take no cognizance, to his order way.

"The Dan medicine of best this store is to turn absolute being Dan and match miracle drug, however are the amounts few, don't know how much the friend needs?"See the Du fly a wealth atmosphere thick appearance, although looking behind a collapsed and fainted old man's back is a bit weird, store the owner the slightest has no small Qu, enthusiasm on the face is more prosperous for several cents.

"Celestial spirits?Probably ……after returning to make the Bu calculate for a while, now, Hey Hey, make him thoroughly tell a story for me."

Once in a very long while novel download the net collection tidy up you to smile, world also smile-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

The strength that this kind of sign line has is the strongest, but the gold is small to open but still by dint of personal dint, make duplicate it-and most important of BE, this kind of replication has already outstripped the existence restriction of sign line shell!

"Small brothers also had good thing like this?"

"Elder generation, those seven emperors of high households endure all already advanced arrive absolute being to endure.I tomorrow take part in a meeting, if they speak of the affair of of gene medicine, I definitely think that the name that the square tries small male household with us begs for to want up 1 bottle, after all now will say to the black dragon, each time many a five planets war capabilities, mean many a capitals!"See the Du fly an isn't the appearance that cares very much, the small male respects a farmland to have some the military command-like in shape sort ground say.These days of Dus fly always to stop one's ears to the small male house in the secret room and let the small male respect a farmland to feel that the Du flies to seem some disappointment, in the heart not from very anxious.So just on receiving the telephone that the red tail weighs a male, he then and immediately rushes through to come to secret room to fly toward the Du


The eye sees cold 3 people of ice and whirling more and more near the mind of Ao snow not from a flap:The decisive battle started!Li Jun's eyes are also a bright:Come!First and whirling hit together of is the ice of the Dou college of private cold, the car wheel ax that sees him takes icy cold of the Dou spirit toward a whirling slender waist limb fierce chopped down to come over, the whirling eye sees the huge ax face a body, the body form in a flash starts to take the lighting of a royal blue to strain in the past, the talons in the hand since malicious and steady hook to ice cold throat.That fast skill is like also a shadow occupation and isn't a Dou private, the ice is cold have no whirling of the huge ax facing in the speed hand before the body a block to listen to"be" of a lightly ring, whirling be coldly and strongly shaken backward and urgently to back by ice, and ice cold body form but connect rock for a while also have no, on the strength obviously be not hold car wheel ax ice cold opponent.Along with once crossing swords of 2 people, the leaf sings breeze and Kelly 6 people also and received 2 Carls to get entangled in fighting together, thou surname three brotherses also facing war the regiment fly to soon close to.

"The Chi hides a guy of dew tail, being it the timidity that just doing not dare to come out to appear in public?Is still saying that you grow too ugly, even can not win against the monkeyses here?"The gold is small to open loudly taunt, secretly and silently coagulate a dollar dint, preparation at any time give that guy deadly blow.

Can feel those 36 by iron,such as crazy real strenght nature, falsely shadow bring of destructive power, the eye sees falsely copy close by iron if wildly roar loud a way:"Defendoof with all strength."Along with iron such as crazy of voice 10,000 cloths the soldier's body up gush each color to differently protect body Dou spirit or protect body Gang to annoy to resist those attacks that falsely copy.Looking at those yin and yang teacher Wu from to infuse into in that six long grass stars strength iron such as wildly know these 36 falsely shadow later on remain also will have falsely shadow press down, only will those yin and yang teacher solution just can do once and for all.Thought of my iron such as wildly toward those soldier order way:"Type that is strict to be on duty at post, keep a ."After finishing saying iron,such as crazy foot, is made an effort the Dou spirit of metal attribute to spread all over whole body, the facing yin and yang teacher outside hurtled pass by.

The gold after being small to open some fears, way:"Luckily you still have the means to inhibit, otherwise this time really and miserably."

However this opens to the small gold and fire tooth to say,is not what good matter.Because the scale of this dreamland is more big, to them more dangerous, after all will here appear of is all big summer clansmen, all is them of enemy.Is current of they can say up to is power list dint Gu, want to find out that"princess" and relieve the whole dreamland, perhaps isn't an easy affair.

"Is this He Yi?Does the I still lack these two moneys not to become?"Swept Xue Ling Jian's one eye of look in the eyes flicker, the Du flew and then knewed his idea and nothing but wanted to know oneself's movements.However he meeting for ordering so money to betray himself/herself, finish reprimanding angrily to not to treat Xue Ling Jian to say again, turn round to sail out of the room, leave facial expression white a burst of and red and a burst of Xue Ling Jian.

The Kai Rui gathering rises all Dou spirits, the yin and yang disorderly sword certainly develops extreme achievement and see not pure any further he sword power up of the cent of yin and yang, blazing Dou spirit good the scorching sun is general, the Kai Rui carries this sword to certainly go straight to Mu to permit a sky but go.The Mu permits for a sky, the lance turn turns, sword spirit blunt Xiao, keep making bullfight, the place of lonesome Gu Ao is good circle the month is general.When hot sun and cold month collide with each other together, in spite of BE

The idea that flies to the Du, the surmising of wave green process long time, has been very clear.She know her existence and fly that cosmos to the Du to say, is a time bomb.With the parliament troops' real strenght, or is opposite weak a


The opponent of oneself condition of the injury is what anyones would not like to face.See the Li Li that the leaf sing breeze such condition not from of step up the bow and arrow in hand projects of frequency, thou Xin, a Chinese family name faces this suddenly acceleration and pattern 100 arrows methods also not from must fluster.

"A western meal, the Chinese food waits I to return to country to eat again orthodox!"The Du flies to smile to order, for this passionate service stewardess, he isn't smoothly really ashamed brush-off, who let Na gram many elders ordered this service to him the only a luxurious cabin, this stewardess is specialized to contribute efforts to him!


"When does that Xin, a Chinese family name radicle president of association close?"Hear the Ci Bo Fu's president of association so on saying, the dark council chairperson quickly asks a way.

"As for the affair of identity, you play by ear!This time tomorrow come here, do a good identity certificate to hand over to me!"See the appearance that the small male respect a farmland to lower the head to tame, the Du flew to ordered again a , no longer talk, slowly see the skill Ji of having the on the stage performance.

The gold is small to open to hear "small shameless woman" three of word, almost annoyed to deep-fry lung, perhaps and regardless is who, hearing this kind of form of addresses all affirmation can't poised place-particularly the gold is small to open the man's circumstance of himself/herself or under, hearing this form of address is more angry.So the gold is small to open two words not to say, in a twinkling and then activate to bite Tui of A, the whole body imitated a Buddha to turn to make a blazing flame and in the sky rose Teng for a while after, morrow then the facing is red burning Teng book past.

"Is alas, that hopes that they can really find out!"Sighed tone, Qian Jing freely should sentence.Although Liu Xin Yu says very optimistically, but Qian Jing listenned to her words in of lack confidence.Is also, the Du flies but flies a sky to escape the monk of ground, with the private detective of body of those four ordinary mortals, want to find out the movements that the Du flies, afraiding of can all depend to control breath!

"Like, now is the third problem."See the taste that the kids throw to envy toward the little fatty in succession, the Du flies not from in mind and self-reproach 1:He does this calculate to not and at last teach child wrong things?However the matter has already gone to this, he also can't the false ground stop and then become to mutually pose the third problem, "who find out that ghost first to beat the place of wall, the uncle keeps in mind mediumly sugar remained all the prize is to him!(she)"

"Afraiding of this is your true viewpoint, you have to want to back, you say by yourself, I absolutely agree, however I am being lazy must realize these matters.In fact backing or not is all similar, do you say?"Sealed to traverse to quickly fill the problem to water pure work properly.He by himself is absolutely would not like to see fatherly.

Ground inside, at the moment positive ablaze with lights, everywhere all someone in a hurry walk around.Is an outside star of M country detection to leave behind a base here, but after discovered here, the M country government immediately carried local top scientist come hereat, all the time be not decrypting this science and technology in the base.But a little ex-er years of, the M country appeared a problem to the research of base, because base before being disheveled hair now, there is one part exercising in the long-last earth crust in be ruined, but be destroyed of the part, at the right moment let the science and technology system creation in the base settle a layer, momentary, all top-class scientists of M countries feel helpless.

"My forgetting you were an abnormal condition!"Smell the speech thunder receive some virtuous ground of Xing Xings to say, after once experienced Du to fly the speed of studying the sorcery voodoo, he no longer calls Du to fly genius, but changes abnormal condition!

"This way friend is getting more polite!"Hear wave greenly shout a voice, luxuriant just transfered vision to come over, immediately courtesy ground beat hello.

In spring, I go to a neat land, or plough or rake.Open small four wheelses, or simply threaten that old ox.The land that will defrost soon turns over loosely lax spread, roll so-soly exactly.The time that is getting more tired, a bottom sits on the rand, orders a smoke and longly absorbs.See the willow that the river opposite shore be suffused with green, poke aside the withered grass of the side of feet, searched that to just peep out the green grass bud of head.I sow seeds after.Grow wheat, sow corn, order a sunflower......Keep in mind a heart of godliness upward sky to say the prayers:A year breeze adjusts rain fluently, can have a good harvest.

Note that battlefield, be he discovers that his own satisfied under charge is unexpectedly stood the central drum foot energy of big brandishes tunic Xiu to protect whole body of time have already had some to lose temper, the big originally thinks with one enemy ten thousand is some exhausting, but when he discovers those 10,000 well-known scholars the soldier just round the black tunic person continuously revolves and truely attackstone of only have empty several people, at under the circumstance like this own under charge unexpectedly adopts pure defensive to then make him angry more, till the last seven kill to be in carry on attackstoning of only the seem to be more to the youth men and women but black tunic person of exhausting, the circumstance like this makes him exhaustive of furious.The scope that the eye sees the black tunic person defendoofing again narrows a big finally openings to say:"Ji Chuan one Lang you at dry what?Target at your body side, attackstone!"Big of although the tone remains mild,that billowing voice is to continuously resound between the sea sky.


Hope sunlight bottom golden light flickering"casino in Kinmen" is four big words, the jade is some shrunk back ground to pull to pull forget of outer garment:" Elder brother, we are still wagers not, daddy once said, gamble not good!"

The tooth Liao point nods, way:"Although the words are to say so,the felling is still very tired.Hey, the scepter of this gold lion clan will had better not make me come to take over hereafter, otherwise of the words I will definitely do of in a great mess!"

Is black the spirit giving in the rare Er attack to end the iron ball in the successor to take the Dou of catching fire the red hit at the rare Er just attackstoned of position on, one handle very small iron ball at black give of dance but is that the like big hammer is general in the hand, the so wild strength can hardly see is the body that comes from such a short small shape up.Along with black give of attackstone the rock that knots boundary more violent, and because twice fight in the same position in a row, the yonder knot boundary is obviously weak for several cents.

The light beam is almost one Shan to namely die, moment submerged the foot of those clerk of the workses.

The sudden gold is small the dint opening to feel a dollar in the body oscillates for a while, close behind appeared a deep and low voice in this hall:"Surprisingly you just waked up, can respond my existence, see appearance you indeed as expected still that genius bedlamite."

After returning to abode, the gold is small to open to study various variety on his/her own body.After various detailed test after, the gold is small to develop now, oneself is absolutely the intelligence and knowledge that acquired Liu just, and body up also appeared some delicate varieties-however isn't superficial, but inside produced variety.

"Is unexpectatively so smooth, ha ha ha!"Black dress person's leader is delight with unexpected good news after seeing this sign line, a grasp to come over to fill Ni Er, bad malicious way:"His highness should be the entrance that gets into a saint palace here?I want to have no call to me to say more, should you understand to do what?"

" Because our these people intrudes into, does it just cause the summer go crazy to create to gobble up a pit?"The gold is small to open a bit puzzling, is clearly a dreamland, not the realistic world some ten thousand yearses ago here, seem is least likely to take place the affair that oneself affirms."First ignore those, solved at present trouble to say again."

"Zu Shu says where of words!Small niece also because the chance and opportunity strangely fits just had current of fix for, the Tu asks for uncle Zu shocked, it is the fault of small niece to pour!"The Du flew to appear in public to say person's words while mixing a vestige in the city well in childhood and saw the ghost say outright lies, the capability telling a lie is deep.Now and some kind of dialogues of four elders in the small male house, seem to be flowing freely matchless, the slightest can not see clearly him and is blathering.

"Hereafter educate that unfilial son well, if the scandal that expel that kind of to lost face again, I definitely interrupt his leg!"Seeing the matter already to this, but Chen Xiang is again his only joss stick, Chen first can painfully choose to turn a blind eye and allow Huang Xiao E's whereabouts to manage this matter.


Of words my conscience up can not pass."

"You can walk out, we also have no confidence, see concrete circumstance to say again."The gold is small happy medium also some have no bottom, don't know isn't true existence"fan" said by Tu Da Dun Long.

Because the Du flies this to make next, come out various light beam of each kind in the weapon system of airship, the in a little moment will change

"You are four orders that listen to a Doctor Ge now, immediately send to that experiment body to go'ally'there, as for you have to defend of place, I will re- send a person pass by!"Big fellow just on putting the contact machine to the ear, opened match boon at there order way, finished saying to directly close to contact a machine after.

See have no falsely the voice color accompany fierce shape, the impatient squad grows a bit puzzling in the heart, however don't falsely have elder generation and the superior's dual identity, after being condemned, he can shake head to mean to don't have objection, then silently send back a troops behind.

Comparing the fire tooth will be wretched of many, the body of Ultrasaurus smashed 1/3 under the seismic wave, the part leaving was also all with cuts and bruises all over, the flame of Ultrasaurus body surface almost and completely puts out, and the gold color on the body ray of light also about and thoroughly disappears.

A few elders hear the order that the gold is small to open, but misunderstood his meaning and unexpectedly and greatly add applause and together declare great"Zhang door think of thoughtful".After all from the affairs this time can see the real strenght of absentminded act, if killed off those two captives, although can one mouthful hatred, also knotted to descend irreconcilable enemy, this believed in to the pole ice to say to absolutely is the affair for losing more than gain.To think to be steady to solve can the opportunity to seek puts those 2 people, although the pupil that drops to the personal square dead is a bit unjust, for the sake of the whole benefits that believe in a door, also can be such.

Attain don't tell a lie, and as for effect that want to make small pure oneself of money guess, this some difficulty.

"You know a pair of xiu is what self-discipline method door?"Hearing the Ni can of words, the Du flies a bit in distress situation.

Listen to six green say firmly, a bit tiny ashamed in the heart of Han Qiu Ya, after all and at the beginning she also just see six green wretchedness, just hit upon a sudden idea ground to help her, who know now but drive six green be boon in Chengkong University treat.

When the love suffers friendship


Situation to unprecedented, four bear each other out, have already arrived four the situation of integral whole mutually, connect resist for a sky, the Chens all come to a four to mutually flow to turn and rush at four mutually transmigration of soul, but oneself then still just four connect with each other wreath up pace.

"I also register!"The Du after flying decline to drop down directly crosses that several still just hesitant of monk, run to the alliance bodyguard's in front to say.

"Leader of alliance, we be not still have a laboratory is studying?Now should also achievement.I hear that the R country is there and still studying this kind of, and the achievement is unlike we are bad, can you consider carrying on an exchanges cooperation with them for a while?"See the solid Lun do obeisance leader of alliance great anger appearance and give Ni gingerly suggestion way.

"Is you!"The Du flies to turn head a to see, but is in those early years on the wager table and he once exchanged blows of Ai Luo.

"You these rats really dislike!Fireball Shu!"Wait until that

Once wear after one grow long passage, summer crazy a group of people arrived at the central part that time immemorial fights fortress, here is a hall of expanse, among the hall have a from pure energy altar of crystal construct but become, a huge light ball suspends in the altar above.The light ball diameter is more than ten rices, there are numerous sign lines in the inner part fluxion, a way gorgeous ray of light is in the sign line this that Fu, if there is still at the same time, a vice- appearance is in the light ball Shan now, let people have already grown a dim in vision confused felling.

"Nothing important, " strange Ci Wei gram the dark sank ground to open mouth, "we twice give offense to you, after believing test be over, your affirmation can't easily pass us, so we start first for Be getting stronger!"

"You forgot, inside of time is outside of decuple!"A side hasn't been putting a true person of the Nian bamboo of speech to suddenly speak a way and immediately let a many elders in succession suddenly at this time.

Six green old to Peng vegetable to esteem highly, the person of this branch although worrying six is green,worrying six still left manager's room according to speech, that manager finally left, also conveniently wear close door.

More leaves a part to say, the right hand falsely holds.Seemed to hold tight the strength of a certain oddity, stretched hand a to lead, that strength was sealed to more leave to lead long to pull down.More leaves right hand to get down one first shot of row, from that time on completing.

Voice, again openings way:"Fly a degree, do you know the chain machine that the concealed alliance starts this time big match?"


"Are you what is the row?Why didn't realize the attack that fights an alliance?"Is also a head of cold sweat by this time of from strange pair president of association and the Ci Bo Fu's president of association, just in the responsibility ask to be responsible for an observation surroundings prognosticating of condition of the enemy member.

But is the other party Be not willing to let you,

"Three day."See red elder sister and resume as usual, the Du flew to on the contrary and more feel suspicious.

", Does the Du way friend have realization in fixing for?That should quickly a Qiao middle, What a congratulations!"Although hear a perfunctory meaning in the words that the Du flies, Wang Tao the slightest didn't care, still a face smiles idea ground to flatter a way.

That year, she reads big a, have already forgotten BE

The chapter 7 superior comes together(bottom)

Of floating and livinging importance 2?

Gu in the black youth's mouth is several Nongs, although being still some is dissatisfied, however pour also have no again continue to obstruct.

Chapter 2 is beautiful is beautiful of the azure stone of Fan Bai

"Xi Xi, Pan old ghost, often old ghost, that guy is the monk in a dollar baby's middle!"Just stuffy head in palace a middle age text for drinking private, suddenly peeped out smiling face on the face, after drinking the next cup wine, lips quickly the Xi moved several bottoms.

The black dime dragon looks up at sky to roar a , on the forehead of that only the Cape unexpectedly become blood-red and flow out redly only like want to leak out blood, at the moment even its double the eye also become one red and seem is completely lost rational appearance.The black dime dragon doesn't see 2 people on the sky any further and lower the head fierce forward blunt, fall thick and fast on ground of the earth, smoke and dust is billowing, keep on hoping from the sky, absolutely seem a yellow dragon billowing but go, the city of facing front straightly hurtle pass by!


"Mao!"One is stuffy after ringing, the place dust being bombarded by the blue ripples flies

At this time, "I see you still keep handing over thing ……"'s strange gram of Ci Wei also puts a speech way.Fight the person of alliance still has been already had scruples about to the together together graceful identity, but their don't care, and strange gram of Ci Wei sees arrive together and together the friendship grow very beautiful and is suffused with more to have other minds in the heart at the moment.Two big guys aren't to say, as long as doing not harm human life, stem what all can of!


"Can say so, only the Class of this knife is a bit low, not ability manned flight!"The Xiao war smiles to order, then fondles mo to wear a knife body way, " but this returns knife ratio the sword of crane old cow nose is at 1:00 not bad, there is this knife, later and that old cow nose have a competition, I can't lose any further!Ha ha ……"

See this kind of circumstances, the Du flew to smile to smile.At the beginning in the evil crystal mineral of secret place, he at the right moment dug the evil crystal stone of a big piece, have been loathing to give up to knock ground become small evil crystal, be at the right moment used now.

"Really is here?"A among those black tunic person's low voice of the shape rickets asks a way, his voice is hoarse and old, like a near ancient sparse a year old man."That boy if not am after how to do from here?"

"Bomb Long!"Bite crystal earth Yun fire and ground fire monster the Jing bump shot together, both all have strong have no the fire attribute of , this is really a give tit for tat all of a sudden, match equally!The flame of white Chi color from two bump the center of shot to burst out and turn to make

"The chain machine believes in the elder of door."The Du flies a mouth inside the light way is 1.Surprisingly those three guys figured out to him so identity, however they mostly of the guess is also quite good, many places all and his current circumstance agrees with.

Finally those monster persons have already responded, only this kind of reaction also all makes people a bit fantastic in thief of star's eyes.Only more than ten monster person the swagger ground stood out, the monster person of rest's then seeming was joining a crowd for fun one gathering in the surroundings, often still point a point to those star thieves, seem they have never seen mankind similar.

Carry on interstellar transmission of, at least fix in order to also want to attain a dollar baby to expect, otherwise meeting drive space of tore to pull of the dint change into nihilist.But old man just and only the monk that the Du expect after flying is a gold Dan the middle or, unexpectatively he but is a dollar baby to expect monk, and still outside star come of!

Distance snow sighed tone, sudden way:"Otherwise, we and does that thunder hat discuss?Seeing can be used other method solution."


See true person of great white crane and solid Lun to do obeisance of exchange blows a location, the that direction stood by facing the whole world group president moves to, but just and still just the whole world group president of Keng Qiang speech in the guild, saw white solid 2 people's war turn to slowly move to come over, have been already frightenned at this time the facial expression is pale, Huang however ground hope on all sides and want to seek a place that can hide.

"However we still have to do some prevention measure, province someone escape.In"the Du flies a point to nod and means support to the viewpoint of wood Huai, but turns but he put forward a question again, " private Bin is just Chen Shi Bin's person's soul to divide time, even if we hold tight it, his this still just the fairyland of Peng Lai in safe and sound, when the time comes this of his if contact the Peng Lai influence within fairyland is anti- I, what I make be not all had no meaning?"

The black piece crumpled to rub eyes and again and again confirmed oneself didn't after seeing wrong immediately and excitedly shout at top of voice:"Is small to open an elder brother!You come to see this quickly!"

"Senior, you say, wait my experience and training over after returning to, I choose what the force learn to self-discipline good?"Hui light crowded crowded Ling of shoulder.


 Miss Stapleton was clearly angry with herself.'I'm sorry,' she said.'Please forget what I said.But do come with us to our house.'

At that moment several people also no longer see the Dou skill that that fascinating Fen presents, but the underground district that goes to jail a Dou skill.Some"Dou skill" are huge different body figure monsters, so this of the underground district also construct pretty much comprehensiveness, the space of inside combines to bear comparison with outside of Dou skill field.Only make the gold small to open slightly some uncomfortable of BE, this underground district is boxed off by iron palisades an is small list, have a liking for to some is like jailbird's prison.And the ray is dreary, the smell is turbid, make the gold small to open to almost think that oneself returned to the Earth again.

"The It was as if a transformation came over m

"The Si set Pu says to me, he can not allow the another man as the matter of my divorce but pay for me, " Lai proud wife Si say."He says although he is a poor people,he also wants he to the utmost all make our 2 people can combine.Immediately after, at after I hear check the jazz of Er Si dead one matter, the Si set Pu the letter peace treaty that make me write he meets of the affair tell others.He says that I will become suspect.He frightens I didn't dare to talk."

In love folly is always sweet. Be in love in, do a silly matter to always make people feeling very wonderful.

Two intensely hot blazing flame of Tao skies are from the sea Si and gold are small to open body up bomb however blast open, the fire in white was burning to in a twinkling and then cover with square the scope of circle thousand meters, 2 people's strength hands over to remit together, like in out of the sky suddenly bloom two dazzling suns, Wei power the drum concuss but, ambiguously win to still take billowing roll of thunder!


"So, I think, you can give me an explanation!"Seal a Ling to stare at a heresy dollar, sink a track.

Team match the morning on that day, the sun is early early of peeped out a head, seem to be also very interested in this fierce battle between two giants.The leaf sings persons like breeze,etc to lead off to walk into a training field, the leaf sings breeze and Mu to permit a sky to walk troops of most front, money sticks out chest to lift up head much and more of walks in the position facing field in 1:00 soon afterward at two two people;The heavy infantry battle armor of Kelly's six personal all of the same parties, the left hand tower shield right hand heavy sword, formed together solid defense line;Is whirling whole body still black close fitting fur-lined jacket, the hands are last talons, gleam icy cold of cold light;Four Human bodies of Ao snow wear the full-length gown back back lance to walk at 7 Kellies after death;Rose 5 people tightly heel at 4 people of Ao snow after death, the sorcery Zhang tightly holds in the hand;Wan Rong and Li Li after death stare at to see front in five sorcery teachers;As for fierce heaven, in addition to the feeling knows that the dint is super

"Okay!"The moxa rice smells speech should a , double eye then at rather Peng seven Human bodies up sweep to see but lead one by one, the etc.'s end completes a blue mountain sword scanning, moxa rice of falsely shadow suddenly misty a burst of, later on again resume realistic, "the legal power promote to complete."

"Do not chat, this is rice for you, finish eating at once go to dry live!"That black youth carried a few wood bowls to walk to come over at this time, not feeling not wish ground filled is a small open in the gold of hand in.

Spring chicken?Is at the mention of this, the Du flies and then thoughted of Xu Ting and thought of the contact in that night, however, his seeming to return is really a spring chicken ……

The gold is small to open to clearly feel, here noodles be his/her own bitterness bitterness looks for of work properly actually, the momentary was unexpectedly foolish to live.

Face strong"Allah", why not make oneself seem to be smaller and weak, stir up his sympathy?The young girl of cleverness does like this.

The spade wields, a piece of piece of piece of stone was dug down from the megalith by him like the bean curd sort!The gold is small to open to tightly stare at his action, discover that he regardless flicks a spade or makes an effort, action all have already come to an a certain can be called to return to original nature of territory ground, absolute have no the action of one silk surplus, although look isn't so beautiful,match superior turn the principle of using the strength.

"Is great!Really his mama of great!"The gold is small to open excited get hard from hold, sudden a crary mind appears in his at heart!

"The news that the Du flies I am to really reveal to them, can who know them?"Hear tiny to take chagrin in Chen Shi Bin's summons, in the wood beard son heart one Zhan, it is 3 emperor Ges to twist a head to kick the ball to of one side.

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.


"The superior comes to grips, how may permit to grant that the other people participate?Not much your coming to accompany me to play is similar, is you not also the tall foot that seals to more leave?Now that the identities are all similar, rather we come to compare to row compare row."The left bosom Yu looking at dream son to depend on and sneers at a way.

Along with life experience to gradually increase, the experience enriched interest

In the time of end, she thoughted of, once upon a time, she once had Xu Nuo to she-in the day in spring, firm ascend a red yarn towel, to the balefire green grass is in the ground and took a sunbathe quietly and listenned to the voice that the ant run about on the pebble ……

Just that a moment, I know I, the good elephant owed his feeling.It is human feelings at least.

But stay calm and collected, lightly ordered a , then continued to walk into her office by steady step.

"The Wei fingerling part breather simultaneously says.

Wait until an evening, take part in 40th, the person who take part in a test, come back 17, the eye tells time a to arrive and leave of person return Yao have no news, Xin Ji the president of association and solid Lun do obeisance leader of alliance to then decide that the person that take first to complete a test returns to, as for leave overdue pupil, behind will do an arrangement.

"Return ability is what?The nothing but is money Bai!"Money much many a faces disagree of say.

Chapter 7 conjecture trains(up)

After all of these war ships escape from sea water, the soil leaving fastens the sorcery teacher sorcery Zhang within hand to again wield, the land of that soil chemical element formation on sign numerous outstanding Tu with sharp root sting, sting to leave 1,000 bottoms that fight a ship.The sunshine country war is on board although have to defendoof a very and violent defense cover of dint all of those is according to naval battle prepare, fight all of the bottoms of ship in the naval battle is under the sea water, having no attack can attackstone to arrive continuously ambulatory war bilge a department.But the soil of absolute being song country fasten sorcery teacher but with lend his/her own sorcery to abruptly build a piece of land, and lend this artificial land to start to launch soil to fasten the sorcery ground Tu of the most basal sorcery to stab, thousands root ground Tu sting's stabbing to go into some protection measure don't fight ship bottom

Oneself's everything in green night has already been occupied by two people one after another, original oneself is under the father's knee of, change now resist for a sky, Chen, and keep company with oneself's mother, don't know to change as well what person.


'By the time I went to Devonshire I knew that there was a real hound,and I knew we were looking for a man and a wom an.I guessed that the Stapletons were the pair.I had to watch Stapleton,but I had to hide myself As I have explained.I could not tell you what I was doing.I stayed in Newtown and used the hut on the moor only when necessary.

"Duo treasure?What treasure is Duo?"The gold is small to open asking of astonishment of way, idea immediately was drawn on by six not intentional this sentences to pass by.

See car Xuan a station thus anxious, the Du flew to want to think and then promised down.Anyway he still needs to consider how settle a car Xuan station, stay first at in cloud star ascend also quite good.

So on thinking, rather the Peng then sent back near the bank and prepared to stay to need useful body to the Du fly hereafter carry on a help.And pure Huang 4 people be just satirized by him drop of face blood, see him also back back now, then give vent to anger in succession the sort ground speaks Ji Feng to him, the speech like"hypocrite" flows to drip but.But to this rather Peng but ignore, let pure Huang 4 people are on the mouth big Chang moment, in the heart but the fumigation Be difficult to eliminate.

"Know, I knew, you see me small and all know to humiliate me and make me do this to do that, still the Hui feels senior good

More leaves at the second Ji, oneself is a legend.

"Wu."Hear car Xuan a station of this suggests, the Du flew to immediately ponder.Want to say along with gobble up of the Yan continuously promote body strength, the big perseverance estimate that the nobody can bear with herein inhumane pain and sufferings, besides which, but if body strength the self-discipline arrive enough Du robs and henceforth gobble up of Yan the evolution then is partitioned by Yan bag, it is a quite good idea to pour, by so doing the heart chain Jue really became a quickest self-discipline method Jue.

Face teacher to die, the hole mansion is in the territory taken back, dwell a momentary of the medium Chang Li that gives up at the pupil Jing to feel very vacant.Be by this time having the worry China consolation to help him so much, let him regulate a good mindset, finally came out the low tide of life.

The leaf sang breeze to in front hurtle to go out after Ao snow finished saying, whirling 7 people also hurtled in momentary.The leaf sings although breeze is the first hurtled to go out, but the whirling speed still has to be quick than him and wink of exceeded a leaf to sing breeze, until is whirling and just reveal and come from personal real real strenght at this time, the Dou spirit that see her whole individual taking blue black is like together black light similar and rapid of ex- go, the talons in the hand gleams the Zhe person's ray of light.Kelly's six personal rows become a front line, the tower shield of the left hand Shu formed the fort of an ambulation but the heavy sword of the right hand to then take heavy Dou spirit tightly and hold in hand before body.

This kind of strong power, absolutely can match in excellence bazooka ……not!Even still want stronger dint than that!This is absolutely a human body guided missile!

"The building does so much, let the pupil that the soil fastens these days of weariness from overworks for a while, should be very quick and then can set up."Smell speech Ci Bo Fu a president of association way, " just those are closing the border the pupil of self-discipline, don't know that still several people survive!"


Is very quick, arouse the thing of space motion and then appear small open in the gold view in-that is unexpectedly huge black time immemorial to fight fortress!And make the gold small more to open shocked BE, fight fortress in that time immemorial the top still climb to adhere to a matchless huge Human body snake tail fierce monster!That fierce monster top half behavior form livings six arms, on the arm and the back extend a bone with huge root sting, numerous electricity long grasses stab boudoir to move flicker in the bone, the ray of light is dazzling.

Pulls in the gold color card of arouse under, the gold is small to open to embrace ice of eye, slowly got into package the yellow light act of layer is outside this space in.Once wore a light act, the gold was small now the development is original of soldier scale rat the old nest have already become moreover an appearance.

Suddenly the body of Wei from disappeared at first, at public is of one E of time, he has already appeared at an eagle hanged up nose young man after death.The left hand bites a crystal bayonet to turn to make together crystal bright ray of light, "Shua" of an once wiped from the neck of that young man!That young man whole body an earthquake, peeped out painful air on the close behind face, hands bite on granite of try the Wu live the wound of neck, think call again call don't come out, stumble of go straight up two after, a head of falls down on the ground.

Do I think and hum, I think, I think that his have nothing at all says.This promise Cao.Do I how to believe that the boy of so big mouth can't explode to anticipate.

"You quell your own fury and explain you self-made dint be still quite good of, this is to float to living a light way, lightly arrive at Wu Xue heavy Be paid attention to to defend, is contrary with heavy way, but, both can change with each other of, you just of the performance can explain like this."

Is that accident??

At this time outside Li Jia's car up, Li Su Mao just some in anger say to Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Xun:"Daddy, summer house not is invite us come over, how doorway even have no the persons of an accolade!Still really think that they replaced us to become the first in Hong Kong not to become?"

"If the little useless talk, dares don't listen to Lao Tze and have your good-looking!"Butcher big Long Wu to mercilessly let out words, turn round and then left room.

"Is me!"Bearer a don't hold tight the arm that the Du flies, hurriedly appear a body form, anxiously say.

Have found a cause and effect, the Du flies to become clear suddenly in the heart of remaining, then turn over a lane to have the thing in the ring.

3 Checking the jazz of Er Si is how die How Sir Charles Died

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