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November 03, 2011


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The Qiao expects and above monk, mostly all listen to the words of five elders on the alert, so after feeling foot emptiness, immediately the Teng gets empty but rises.But those dollars babies who have no how to care expect monk, at the moment but all fall mire monkey, look very laughably.

This time Tang of front can son they also saw don't keep up with with the son Anne's Anne's along while,

"What person?"Once the vigilance ground trample to work properly sword and hide an experienced hand of on"rush toward", the Du flies to twist a head to sink a voice to drink to ask a way.

"Younger generation person the fish clan is beautiful if Tong, is this bad dragon it the elder generation that sit to ride?Dare to ask elder generation is which send Gao Ren, why let out a bad fish waters of Long Lai my person bothersome?"Float at the mermaid on the sea surface carefully conjecture a time of Du fly, after discovering at 1:00 and also seeing not and deeply the depth of the other party, just well-manneredly inquiry way.

The opponent of oneself one war unexpectedly used yin and yang disorderly sword power.

Refine magic weapon much more difficultly than refining material certainly, even if is a black gold knife this kind of doesn't need to mix up any strategies at inside of the outest of the run magic weapon, refine also far far above refine material.So the Du flies at on connecting to use ten materials, get of black gold knife finished product still is zero.

"Do you prepare to when return to country?"The Du flew to want to think and again asked a way.

Ultrasaurus at strength in front like this lowly high skull, it isn't to have never resisted, it makes great effort in the big current of replying the sky to fly toward that cloud regiment in regiment black and wants to break the originator of all these.Just haven't closed to its flank, in cloud regiment project the lightning flash in way red must, have never etc. Ultrasaurus to respond to come over and then hit on it, hence, declare the body that in the whole world and most have anti- sex also drive deep-fried flesh and blood the cent fly, limb

. Where thought of to face to go the front tropical storm debarkation, the strong breeze wreaks havoc and covers with pouring rain, the doll makes a phone call and wanted him since departure.The river says that how that goes, decide a good affair and stop neither by wind or rain.Still give repeated advice to a doll to buy a good cow to pick again and again, wait him to greatly show artistic skill.

"Say so, you didn't need to be stayed."Rice Mr. Zhu ordered to nod.

The facial expression of the Hong has a little bit mitigation and then continues to advise a way, "Mo Chou Gu must go, however before going to, we must work well completely preparation!"


"Really?"The gold is small to open a pleased to hope an outside, oneself at the right moment a group of people surround on this mainland and have already flown boat now, wanting to leave here should be nothing important problem."But this flying boat be covered up in the underground, can also fly to go out?"

"Ah, etc.!"The girl pulled the dress Cape that the Du flies, " you give me 10 pieces, this 100 you take to return to!"

"You misunderstood!"The Du flies to smile to shake a hand way to five monks, " I ain't that meaning, I am to say, I will imitate that breakthrough gold Dan as far as possible of spirit motion, you by yourselves opportunity to hold tight feeling Wu, ability Wu how much see yourselves!"

Congratulations, Graduate,

Listen to that stewardess hum song in the bathroom, the Du flies not and dares to give greatly, doesn't let out to work properly to know as well as uses to work properly dint, but slightly walks to the table a side and explored a body observation to have that watch.

"What?"Just the summer blares snow to still sink to immerse at endless happy in, but after hearing the words that the Du flies, heart immediately sediments.The problem that flies off to open to the Du, she has been feeling that she handle very big-hearted.But really listen to now Du fly to say to leave, in her heart living a hard and low-key sorrow.

Another bald big fellow says with smile:"It is said that that person is also a bald?Hey Hey, isn't that similar to me."

"You have to know, the life dollar is a, although the hull touches, really hard from pull out of, you if this continues, have no advantage by yourself to you."

Spreading a huge rant was full of madness and fiery temper in the voice, made people tremble with fear.

"The person like this shoulded once see as well before,did not you notice?"Huo Ya feels to have a little oddness.

"What?"Hear the Du fly so on saying, those four star evolution immediately feel brain in a burst of faint.In times before that around ten thousand low class experiment body in the process of rushing through a valley to the empress, basic will all the way all of the building met dismantled, they only remain now 16 four star evolution the and more than 430 high levels fight a soldier, construct those all and fix well and estimate that whole lives must stay to do coolie here!


Respond to work properly burning after finishing gobbling up those two pieces of things, the Du flies not to dare to neglect and by leap and bound take out many gold soils from the ring two fasten of work properly a hard stone to start absorbing to lay by.Working properly now is burning although five lines of attributes are complete,

When the dust gradually falls of time the leaf sing breeze and Sun Zhong the knife still come to boxing to of put together Dou endlessly, has been put together Dou so longly of both parties all about have already touched pure the inside situation of the other party, although Sun Zhong's real strenght wants a slightly lousy leaf to sing breeze a raise Sun Zhong's dozen method and Kelly 6 people Be some to is similar to, once starting a hand come good sink into a kind of crary status sort, his knife method completely didn't defend of the move is all move that enters a hand.Common saying says one person to try very hard to, ten thousand man Mo Di.Sun Zhong in nowadays is placed in a kind of status like this.The leaf sings the dozen method that the breeze tries very hard to like this at Sun Zhong under the momentary can not pull a time first hand, the defensive is more than offensive.Although Sun Zhong sings breeze at the leaf that overbearing incomparable vehemence oppression under the influence is some exertion, along with exertion of the knife method is more beat more and without extra trouble.Sees Sun Zhong soar to the skies a to jump, the body form's in mid air turned a turn, the gold knife in the hand took the knife spirit of pale red color also along with revolve for a week, shout at top of voice a way in:"Scorching sun nine turn!A turn!"Along with greatly drink a gold knife horizontal cut but descend, the leaf sings the left arm that the breeze spreads all over true spirit upward a lift hard Han Sun Zhong of this one knife that is horizontal to cut, the knife arm mutually hands over, the leaf sings the breeze is pressed of the body get down, in out of the sky of Sun Zhong then lend a leaf to sing the strength of breeze to in the sky revolve a knife once again and drink low a way:"Two turn!"The gold knife again splits to just from the ground in pull out a pair of leaf of feet to sing breeze.This knife time manages very accurate, the leaf sings breeze under this urgent circumstance in addition to is hard to block basically can not avoid being seen, even if is launch to make track for cloud Nie to also have no way to stay away for month.Is helpless and sing breeze and have to and again lift under the leaf the left arm blocks this knife, the knife arm mutually hands over of the in a flash leaf sing breeze and feel this knife compares it the first knife was strong on the power not only 1 times, the leaf sings the double of breeze the feet was again bombed an underground by a knife of Sun Zhong, only this time compare wanted last time deep a few inches.Sun Zhong still lends dint to revolve scorching sun nine turn the third to turn to comply with the surrounding to split, this knife not only wants to be quicker than previous two kniveses on the strength and also wants to be quicker than previous two knives on the speed.Cannot compared with to pull out a pair of leaf of feet to sing breeze don't lift arm hard block but is a left Zhang a flicked the spirit Zhang of capturing Long Kong Hao to face Sun Zhong's knife to clap up.The leaf sings breeze to pretty much know his/her own current condition, if words oneself of hard anti- will lose the opportunity of moving out of the way this knife, scorching sun nine become very obvious BE

Marry a person who likes talking; because when you get old, you'll find that chatting to be a great advantage;Seek a person's matrimony that your love chats;Because after being old, you will discover to like to chat is the advantage of one biggest individual;

"Mao!" In this time, a the brigade armed police in camouflage suddenly hurtled to come in and immediately after walked to come in a police-woman, she loudly drinks a way:"Police!The owners all forbid to move!"

"Do you have a Huan stone here?"See a young girl attitude very good, the Du flew to want to think and then asked a sentence.The Huan stone is his refining to match the last material that the huan bell lacks, although calls that it is nothing of and rare,BE not very familiar either for Huan stone, being not a rock, but a kind of material that lies between metal material and the crystal material, although.

Chapter 91 hides

"What?The Heng sun is saved back?"In private home Lee, Li Heng Yang's contemporary house main Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Xun of close grandpa, Li Jia, is grasping telephone words tube one face surprise the ground shout a way and drew on Li Jia's others to immediately come over.

91, the first youth is God to give;The second youth is to depend on oneself diligent.

The wave is green don't open a magnetic force interference machine, that Du flies of work properly to know can also use, so just wave green behavior at his work properly to know in the display clear, wait to hear she under the order want to open the laser beam of seven star classes, Be not willing to wait helplessly for the end naturally, directly break jailed cabin wall to hurtle out.

"The saint palace is most the miraculous building, and only has most the person of the pure and unadulterated emperor clan blood relationship, so as to have method to get into, as for say common mankind, can be seen a saint palace with eyes, but can not get into at all among them and even they all can not the emotional stirrings arrive a saint palace of existence!To the common run of people, the saint palace root is a vain shadow, it floats to float to get empty in the half in, like image of markets and buildings in mirage general, however can release the ray of light of the most gorgeous and colorful!

A house doesn't sweep to why sweep world[the building room is pure-pen the Yan is positive]


I have never thought I's reputation so prosperous, Li Zi Mu is incredibly very deep to my impression.

"Secretly leave?"The Du flies to set up for innocently appearance question way, " I am to feel that together the self-discipline of our two people will influence each other, so I then went the hilltop of flank.Don't leave at all!"

"Thank!"See Du's flying don't sneer at the meaning that she just overdid, Qian Jing ashamedly also way voice, then thoroughly resumed the open personality in the past days.

"Way friend's coming to Huang Ji Xing is also a predestination and make us to the utmost perform the duties of the host, how?"See the Du fly to start leave-taking, the middle age text private suddenly opens mouth a suggestion way.

"Is true, we are to really occupy."The gold is small to open very anxious to immediately disappear from this place, however also not give offense to this guy.

Constitute to°from nine knives, and a knife compares the power of one knife to have to be big, if oneself can not get away from this kind of situation to allow Sun Zhong to split nine knives whole he or she's so still hasing all of the games that the left over strength copes with subsequence is a problem.

A person lives and has love and has well, so as to make to live interest to turn, vivid turn, beautiful turn.

'Because I got help from someone else,'she said.

Looking at at present person of this hush that shocks one act, just recognizing at this time that regiment already more prosperous flame, gobble up of Yan!

"Way friend, this is your real object currency."Shout a Du fly, monk won't crystal currency and black dollar of equal class one by one in order took out from keep the thing bag and let after Du accept into a ring after flying ordered clearly, this just smiled to fly a way to the Du, "this bargain be over, welcomed a friend next time again."

3 ends language


Because of this much reason, big summer clansmen till the last can return to life smoothly, only haven't to arrive 100,000 people, connect they early ex- Be deposited to big palace in of make bodies don't use up.

Wait the car that the small male respects a farmland to arrive at to think of old times the skill Ji building doorway, know that the skill Ji building boss's wife that he wants early waits for at there, see after his car, immediately faced to come up in quick time.

Chapter 104 interrogative exert a solution

This day, wait until noon, the Du flies to see a summer to blare snow just as since the going toward ground prays for him in front of idol, touched in the heart not from in addition deep 1 F.However he still endured blunt met in the past of impulse, the after all momentary moment could not explain what, he wanted to observe to be a

See after oneself cry for help, bearer didn't respond, in the pure Huang heart on pondering, then the Duo cringes Suo ground to say:"BE descending ……is also an alliance ……of monk, belong to ……five elders of ……23 in brigade, this time ……drive variation person ……catch, in every possible way ……molestation ……want me ……reveal an alliance of ……deployment.I ……rather dead not from, result ……drive they ……the strict Xing extract confession, now ……must hope manies ……defeat a variation person, be really luckily very!"

"Sir, important point what?"A full face charmingly feminine white dress waitress walked to come over.

"You why want to tell me these, waited Du to fly to disgust me, do you falsely have much of an opportunity?"Need a mood to slowly recover down, six green walk to the great white crane true person flank of guest's chair sit in seat of honor bottom, light tone ground inquiry way.

Building the inner part is a hall of wreath form,

"Luo Luo ……do not so looking at me, does the person who don't know still think that you like an elder sister?"The woman sweet girlish voice smiled and saw her side if unmanned appearance, the youth is a burst of and angry, however green jade fall one square's person refuse to be distracted, it is thus clear that train have a vegetable.

Nine, don't for yourself and don't

Because the position in the class each time every a period of time will transpose, there is the front that the times all move to me, though still keep separating very far, but I can morely see him, a title can see his figure.once class is over, am I staring at his behind to see, have never thought he suddenly twist overdo come, I am immediately panic hurriedly lowly head, don't know that he notices this as well suddenly change have no.again is a time that wants to change position, letting me having a detection of surprise be if we this table motionless of words, my left hand was side him, in the center separated a small way, so can with nearer observation he, for this my excitement not already.probably my sit at the same table forever also not can not know me the reason of the position, get in touch with further with him for the sake of the ability me would do so.


At this time, Du's flying has already flown the house that the time is apart from a summer villa not far of the villa is taking to spread achievement jade Chien to check 《work properly burning chain Jue 》 chain body article the action and formula for incantation of 4 F.After worked properly to know to break Qiao initial stage, he had been forgetting the chain body of the self-discipline 《work properly burning chain Jue 》 article.But be apart from be over in the house of observing the summer now

Show a different idea, however thought of that summer's blaring snow is his to give birth to the mother of body, not very too strict, short cut, "if self-discipline get annoyed, you can return to the Earth annually three, at that time relax by taking stroll!"

Peacetime, although you are silent few to talk,the teacher likes you that gentle shape.Kid, your pain, the school leaves journey in your house faraway, can you always stop neither by wind or rain and get to school on time.From now on if you can change to study a method for a while and develop a study hard bitterness to do, not ashamed to ask from common people spirit, the so excellent result leave you nearer.

Zhai son inside in addition to be killed of and 12 lucky persons for escaping, leave of 200 bearers all about here, at the moment they all drive life

"Certainly, the way that he can not use to scare to check Er Si jazz treats Henry's jazz.Henry's jazz is is young and healthy person.Therefore he makes that hunting dog be placed in hungry status.He knows that that animal's wanting Yao will bite to kill Henry's jazz, Yao meeting severely wounded he, but so first, can easily will murder finished great luck."

"Mr. Du!"Li Dan Shu still wants to say again what, but see the Du fly cool facial expression, the but again shuts ascend mouth.

"With double head evil Mang ground speed, probably again the half hour was!"Flew to just once think to this problem Du, so He Er south elder on asking, he easy to read answer way.

Li Dan Shu liked jadeite since the childhood, so this time certainly of the tour location is a MD country.However when she set out, her 8-year-old little cousin, Li Dan Zhen, in brother-in-law's house, the dead live to tie up to want, helpless under, Li Dan Shu the approval that can obtain family, take the bottle that is small to drag along oil to set out.

The gold is small to open to listen to be afraid in the heart:"What's the matter with me?I have what special?"

The time that waits until late at night, the Du flies to see keep night watch and keeps night watches of the persons all have been already been slacken and then and silently touched near encampment, however he just arrived encampment in the side, worked properly to know examined foot to suddenly break out a burst of mentality motion, inheritted to him, then hear that company the brigade leader roaring loud a way:"Camisado!"

Chapter 16 evil palace

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