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October 20, 2011


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Everything's fine Down South here, yo. Didn't know about the GF, see what we miss when you don't blog regularly?


Welcome back, dickballschin!

Lisa J.

Finally! I've been waiting for you to write more here forever. You've always been one of my favorite writers and I've loved reading you for years. Let us know when the book is done!

Julie Kang

w00t! Great to hear from you again, MD. Also, w00t amazing girlfriend! My boy is about to turn 8 and my little one is about to turn 5.

Also, I think we have birthdays coming up? I'm thinking of shutting myself and a few other Scorpio girlfriends at the Chateau Marmont and soaking ourselves in champagne, wanna come? Oh crap, forgot about the girlfriend.


Well, now I feel a little cheated because I Googled 'Recipe for pumpkin soup' and it brought me here.

Seriously, welcome back! As long as you keep writing - and quoting Lil Kim - I'll keep reading. Yo!

Daddy Scratches

"Don't get me wrong. I'll be the first to admit that it's not easy. There's a part of me that sometimes wants to bail out on being a parent, jump on a plane to Bali, drop Ecstasy, and write screenplays under a palm tree."

Yeah, that sounds about right. I'd appreciate it if that part of you would save some shade for that part of me.

L.A. Daddy

Welcome back, brother. I was away for awhile, too. And I have managed to sneak back in, completely unnoticed by my former readers. Which is why I need to promote my T-shirt sale! And get me a dadgum book deal! Mu-ahahah!

My life before kids? Schmoozing with the movie stars! Parties till dawn! Film festivals and premieres!

Now? Not so much.

I think I'll buy a Porsche anyway.


Hooray, welcome back.

By the way, I kinda do want to know your favorite recipe for pumpkin soup.


More MetroDad posts? This totally made my day.

amy sue nathan

Welcome back, Metro Dad. While you were gone, I...
just kidding!


It's posts like this one that explain why you have so many fans. Smart, honest, funny, and touching. Welcome back, MD. I'm looking forward to reading more of you.


Awesome, so glad to hear you will be writing more! It's always fantastic to see you pop up on my reader feed : )


So glad you're going to be writing more. I'm obviously one of your less witty fans. I just want to keep reading your insights. Do give us a hint on the pre-sale for the book. (I don't want to wait in any lines!)

Melanie F

I started reading your blog when I was single because I enjoyed your humorous take on life. It's hard to believe that since you've started, I got married and had a kid of my own. Throughout all of it, I've kept coming back here with just as much fervor as before. I'm so glad you'll be writing more here. I can't wait!


All these years and I've never taken you out of my reader. How could I? You were my first. ;)

Welcome back MD.


Ohhhhh, so happy to read this. I eat up every word that you write!


Welcome back, MD! I always enjoy your musings and glad to hear we're in for another season.


Yay! I look forward to reading your blog again!


Damn it. And here I was after more pumpkin soup recipes. For my Seinfeld-loving cat (who enjoys bringing dishes to the pta meeting). (Sorry, I couldn't help it once I started.) Great to have you back. I'd buy the shit out of your essay collection. Best of luck!


Welcome back MD! I've missed you!


It's about fucking time, man. Welcome back!


I've long left daddy blogging too. But as long as you post a link on Facebook, I'll keep reading. And, yes, popularity indeed is a goal for the emotionally insecure.


Oh thank god, my blog reading has been low on good humor for awhile!


Bullshit. We'll see plenty of #10. As it should be.

Welcome back. Next time we get dinner, I'll bring the Zantac.

Redneck Mommy

Oh welcome back! I found you just as you went dark. I'm glad you're shining a light on this space again.


Delighted to see you back! I hardly ever read anyone's blog anymore, but I'll totally make the effort to get over here now & then, because your sense of humour is straight up the dark side of my alley. Or something.

Meanwhile, I've pretty much abandoned my own blog because man, who has time? It was only ever a place for me to chat and ramble and occasionally write something that mattered to me, so while I miss that outlet sometimes, can't point you to anything I'm writing beyond book reviews and tweets these days!


It's about f*ckin' time.

Welcome back.

Now get writing.


Deez Nuts...

Laura Mayes

But I want your favorite recipe for pumpkin soup. In fact, I demand it.


Thank you. Like the poster above, I'm not all witty and clever but I certainly enjoy reading someone who is. I hope you are well and I hope this renewed blog means that life is good for you and your family.


I met you in NY and know exactly how awesome you are. I have you in my reader for a reason, dude. You are worth my (reading) time.

Hooray! for Pierre. :)


You'll always be my blog crush, MD. Glad to have you back.

the muskrat

Kick ass! Glad to see you pop up in my reader again. As for me? We're trying to buy a new house, fix it up, and move into it in time to fry a turkey.

Does this mean you'll come to Austin in March for Dad 2.0? Or at least walk up to BlogHer '12 again?


I found your web page just a bit bf you slowed down, linked you anyway thinking you may come back to write again. BTW, don't make fun of our Chinese Gynastists again, otherwise, you may receive snakes in the mail...



Kristine (Mommy Needs Therapy)

This makes me happy.


This is great news! You are the one and only, and we missed you for awhile... Glad you are back in action!


I've already got visions of lining up for your book signing at my local Barnes & Noble with hordes of your fans, and taking comfort in the fact that I've been reading you since you first started. Write that book, MD!


Does dropkicking cats make my ass look big?


"I like to think of this site as being very similar to a "mommy blog."

Except with real humor!

And 50% less crazy!"

This cracked me up (because it's true!)

Busy Mom

Best news I've heard in a long time. Rock it.


I always get so excited when you show up on my RSS feed, although lately I've been fearing it'll be a "goodbye forever"-type post. Glad to hear the opposite is true! Day = made.

Jane R.

I would be first in line to buy any book that you wrote!


I'm not sure I approve of regular postings here. I'll miss the anticipation I feel as I click on your page in my DadBlogs folder, hoping to find a new post, but expecting to be disappointed.

But, I suppose I will adapt. I've been reading you for a long time and am looking forward to seeing what is to come.

Rock on Daddy-o.


Yeah! So glad you are back. It's great. Be encouraged, and write on!


HOORAY! More nuts, less crazy: Me like!!!

Harajuku Girl

You were my first (blog that I read, that is), MD! You know... you never forget your first! Glad you're back!


The return of the king! You're the original OG daddy blogger and still my favorite one out there. Glad to hear you're back.


I'm so glad you are back.
First time poster, long time reader.


Hot Damn! I missed your blog. Peanut is about my oldest's age and I love hearing about other funny kids!

Welcome back...

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