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September 11, 2011


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As I have done each year since I've known you, I will be making a donation to http://www.seo-usa.org/andrewgolkinfund/index.html in memory of Andy and the others lost that day, and this year I'm adding it also be in honor of my friendship with you.
Love to you, Pierre.


Reading your letter to Andy has become as much a part of my 9/11 as anything else that I do. Peace to you and to Andy's other friends and family.


God Bless you, Kyle and Andy's family on this trying day. We always think of you on the anniversary, and we send you all our love.

Julie Guerin

I also come to your site each year to read your poignant letter to Andy. As I sit here in South Louisiana, thousands of miles from New York, my heart is heavy and it hurts to watch the footage of this event. I have not forgotten....God Bless you!

Clark Kent's Lunchbox

The rippling effects of this day and the number of people it directly impacted floors me, especially when put into context by tragic stories like this. I'm very sorry for Andy and for those who now have a void where he once existed beyond only a memory.


Bless you, Pierre, and your love for your friend Andy. I too have been following your posts to him for a long time. Take care on this day of remembrance.


Thank you for writing this letter to Andy and sharing it. Like Molly, reading your letters has become part of my tradition to remember those that we loss. May God comfort you and Andy's family.

Sara in SD

Thinking of you on the anniversary of such a day of sadness and tragedy. As I was reading the local paper this morning, it struck me that I needed to go and read your letter to your friend Andy. We moved away from NYC in 2004 but my a part of my heart is still there, today and everyday.


This was the first year I had my kids (toddlers and infant in 2001) watch footage of what happened. We will never forget.


If an individual's existence is in part measured by the friends that person inspires and keeps, Andrew's was rich beyond words. I am so sorry for your loss, and those of thousands of others.


Wendy Starland

I will always remember you as the vibrant, authentic, loving person that you were. I'll always think of the joy and kindness you brought to my life. We all miss you terribly.


Karen from Chookooloonks

Beautiful thoughts, Pierre. And I'm going to make it a habit of telling my friends I love them. I don't. Now I will.


I've mostly avoided the media today, but I came here hoping you'd have another letter to your friend. It is the personal stories, not the nation-wide remembrance that means the most to me. Even though I don't know you or Andy.

the muskrat

I didn't watch any TV or read any blogs today, but I wanted to read your annual post before going to bed. Know why? Because your posts today are heart-felt and free of bravado.

For me, 9/11 will always be
1) my wife's birthday,
2) the day my blogging friend, Pierre, lost his good friend, and
3) the impetus for 3 deployments I didn't want.

I'm sorry for your loss.


thank you for your annual post, Pierre. I hope this tragedy will never happen to any of us again.


Every year, MD, every year... even after a decade, you find beautiful words to convey your feelings for a friend who's no longer in this world. Wherever he is now, I hope he knows that he is loved and cherished so much! God bless you all.


very nice post.


I thought about you and your friend Andy yesterday as I watched the memorial coverage yesterday. I tried to explain to my daughter (who's 7) about what it was like that day. But I realized I don't know what it was like, because I'm here, not in NY.

I'm always so glad to see you working hard to remember, instead of working hard to forget. I hope I can do justice to people like Andy when I talk to my girl about 9/11.

Take care, Pierre.

Football news

.......Bless you, Pierre, and your love for your friend Andy ..........

Jane K.

It must be nice to have such a close-knit group of friends. I'm sure Andy is watching over all of you. Beautiful tribute, Pierre.


As an RCS alumna (class of '90), I will always remember Andy in his varsity football uniform, his blue eyes shining so brightly against the maroon shirt. When I heard of his loss 10 yrs ago, I thought, "I'll never see those blue eyes sparkle again," and it made my heart sad. I wish you and Andy's family peace as you continue on your life journey without him.


A friend of mine recommended this link to me via FB yesterday and I've spent pretty much the past 24 hours reading your entire archives. I love your writing. You should write a book!


Being on the opposite coast, 9/11 never felt quite real to me. Your letters to Andy brings it home. I cry every year.


I thought of you this week, and how you always write the most beautiful tributes to him every year. I never knew him but I feel like I know your relationship and how special it was.

He'd be so honored, Pierre. We should all be so lucky to have friends like you.


Your letters to Andy have always made me cry, and this year's was no exception. I always think of you and Andy and his family and friends on the anniversary. It's good to know that while we move on, we do our best to not forget. God bless.

Victoria Brown

Your post every Sept 11 fills me with tears. I am sorry for your loss and thank you for reminding me that true friendships like yours and Andy exist. I believe you will meet Andy again and will laugh and speak with him like old times.

LA Daddy

Nicely done. Sorry for your loss.

Linda Vermeulen

I've been reading you long enough that I knew who you were talking to when I opened up my reader.


Still gets me.


Damn it...I missed it. I tried to remember to come here and read your post about Andy. As it has been in the past- a superb remembrance.
I was driving for 24 hours that weekend. I counted how many overpasses in twelve hours (one way) had a flag or a remembrance. One. OH remembered. It said "Never Forgotten!"

Satellite's E-street channel played The Rising album-- which is a superb collection of songs regarding that day. And it was observed in Michigan's Big House with half-staff flags and patriotic songs.

I had a moment of silence for each of the towers collapses as I drove home to NC. I carried my piece of American flag fabric that has been in my car since 09-11-01 circa 9:31am am with me on the dash of the rental.

For you, and Andy, and all the others, I won't forget.

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renee.satchell Posted on I just cried reading this. Wow!! How good is our God that He would let us exepirence the riches of his love and minister to his most prized possessions Praying you boys will continue to encounter and spread the tangible presence of God on your trip.

Marc Rogers

As I was reading the local paper this morning, it struck me that I needed to go and read your letter to your friend Andy. We moved away from NYC in 2004 but my a part of my heart is still there, today and everyday.


R.i.p Andrew you are greatly loved and missed. I'd like to send my love to all the family's that suffered a lost from 9/11.


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Your article September 11, I am filled with tears. I am very sorry for your loss, thank you for reminding me, you and Andy as there is a real friendship. I believe that you will encounter Andy a laugh and talk to him like old times.

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When I read the local newspapers this morning, I suddenly realized that I need to read your letter to your friend Andy. We left New York in 2004, but part of me, my heart still exist, today and everyday.

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