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July 03, 2011


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Leanne Koh

I could see you and Peanut singing along to Glee at the top of your lungs! The memories are precious.

When I first heard about Jim Carrey and his past I was amazed.

His dad worked as a janitor all his life. When he passed away, Jim wrote a check for, I think, $1 million dollars and put it in his father's casket.

Then he did his first movie and exceeded that amount.

I know I'm missing parts of that story, but I thought that was a great testament to his true character.

Jennifer G

I love the way you write. Thanks for the entertaining read, MD.


Looking forward to lobster rolls at your local haunt with you and Mrs. MetroDude in August. Great post.


Embracing Taoism now, I see.

Isabelle F.

You and the Peanut can be our houseguests anytime!


Happy Summer, Pierre.

p.s. - California is ready and waiting for you, buddy! Get yer ass out here.


Hey, we need some towels, come on down to Savannah! However, since you're not accustomed to 100 degrees and 100% humidity, you may want to wait until fall.


Nothing makes me happier than seeing you've written something new. I practically squeal when I see a new MD post pop up in my RSS reader!


jim carrey was recently mentioned in some blog posts for an off-topic interview discussion that ended up on the topic of 'Goodfellas'. i like to imagine that this is what let you to the Larry King bit.


Miss you and your writing!

Geek in Heels

You've kept us waiting 2 months for a new post but it was certainly worth the wait. Hope you and Peanut have a happy Fourth and a joyous summer!


C'mon. Will you PLEASE write a book? I can't believe how much I always look forward to your posts. Have a great summer, Pierre.


I didn't know you were Catholic?

The Peanut is so beautiful, have a great 4th.


The quote from Jim Carey, as well as your own, came at the perfect time for me. Thank you, Pierre. Your posts are a godsend and I get giddy each time I realize you've posted a new read!


Funny, thought provoking, insightful, and touching. All in one post. This is why you're one of my favorite writers. Thanks, MD! Write more please.


Welcome back. See you later.


Love reading your work.

I got a five year old so i read your postings to prepare for what is coming up next. The posting about the racial issues was especially helpful. Didn't expect her to encounter that so early at the age of five but wasn't shocked when it happened since I read it here first. Sadly, my little one thought the older kids where playing with her, not making fun of her.

Keep posting stuff.


You're the only person that's ever been able to make me miss NYC.


Glad you're living your summer instead of writing about it (even though I like frequent posts as much as the next reader)!

Oh, and back when I traveled more, I used to love going to bars or restaurants with bars in them to drink and read instead of sitting alone in a hotel room to do the same. Now, I feel selfish leaving the family for "me time" like that, but I probably need it.

Hong Kong

Feels like all is right with the world again. Great post!


I love the bar, restaurant, food, alcohol, music, and book pairing game. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks!


Good Stuff! As a 27 yr old single Korean dude, reading your blog actually makes me more excited about becoming a dad than getting married.

Btw, I usually don't capitalize anything unless it's for work, but I didn't want to get scolded.


You are well on the right path. Living where you do in arguably the materialism capital of the world seeing 'stuff' for just that, stuff, is very admirable.


if you're a woman and want to read out and about it has to be at Starbucks. I'm not sure why, but it's the only place I don't get asked stupid shit. Maybe people are afraid of the overly caffeinated?


Bernie macs autobiography totally had the same effect on me. Comedians are deeper than they appear. Keep blogging we miss you!

Linda Vermeulen

I get the book/food thing. Have you read Epitaph For A Peach (MasMasumoto?) Most beautiful reading about the Central Valley of California!

Your posts are always great. The picture of your lil gal is adorable. Keep writing please.

~the former Ms.V.


Great read sir...Hope you continue with the post

Jamie O.

You're totally my internet blog crush!

Amy K.

Thanks for a great post! And your daughter is beautiful!


article that appeared good enough to be read so that adds to knowledge when reading



shes delightful...

the monogrammed towels are a great idea...iam gonna steal that..hmmm...now to make some friends..


You forgot the part of your post where you recommend something for me to read on the plane tomorrow. Help a brother out.

Vivian - vxdollface

I love the way you write :) That bar, food, book deal sounds like a pretty sweet idea to me. Peanut is so adorable!


Hi.. long time reader, first time commentator/commentor/person who posts a comment/posting a comment..

I really enjoyed the Jim Carrey quote, and you own personal philosophy on life..
Reminds me of a latin phrase Amor Fati, which means to love fate or to love one's fate.
It is used to describe an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one's life, including suffering and loss, as good. Moreover, it is characterized by an acceptance of the events or situations that occur in one's life.

Amor Fati mate!


Your article is very good fit to be read because it adds new value to me

John Cardero

I love your column, my kids love your column and my wife loves your column. Thanks for the chaos.


Perusing dad blogs tonight, found yours, I'm a-bookmarkin' it.

I'm sorry to say that I disagree with you on one point; I've been stealing towels for years when I stay with friends. Even moreso if they are monogrammed with the guests' initials.

I have so few friends these days...

Change Rules F1

Never thought Jim Carey could be this inspirational, but I see the root of it all. Depression gets you to places.


That's a lot of shit for a 6 year old but way to go, Peanut!!!! She obviously had cool parents to ride the turbulence with & has the most important ingredient in her life - ABUNDANCE OF LOVE!!!


I love what your last line in your post " Hope your summer is filled with lots of fun, sun, love and lobsters. Cheers! ". Her smile is really pure and you can see that she really enjoy that day.

Nancy D

Just another example of why you're one of my favorite writers. Thanks for the latest post, MD. Hope you're having a great summer!


Sounds like we're similar house guests.. My general rule when visiting any friend is: Be Generous, Be Thankful/Appreciative, and Be Different. It makes for a fun time and like you said those memorable moments people talk about for years are always a bonus.

Much like the Dos Equis man, someone must be that larger than life character of any occasion.

Jane K.

Love you.

Daddy Scratches

New reader. Thanks for stopping by my place and saying "Hey." I appreciate it.

Really enjoyed this post. I'll be back.

And I hear you about the six-year-old-daughter thing; took mine to see the "Winnie the Pooh" movie this weekend, followed by lunch at a grubby diner. She said it was the "most funnest day of [her] life."


AH there you are.... loved your tweets on the Glee concert with the Peanut as well as what's written here (::snicker:: little underage gymnast).

I will say: There is only one way to repel advances as a woman sitting in a cafe or bar: Do not read; write. They will ALLLL STEAR CLEAR..... they seem to presume you're a psychofemme at that point.

So: Basement coffeehouse; Cheeses/Crackers, Iced chocolate; Cocteau Twins; Me.

(Also: Now I'm intrigued; going to dig up stuff on Jim Carey). Thank you!!


:) i missed reading your blog while adjusting to the world of parenthood. but thankfully you haven't written much so i'm all caught up! (that having been said, quality is always better than quantity.)

i totally want to try the book/eating thing. i currently do a movie/eating thing myself.

and thanks for the quotes from your texts/jim carey. i never realized how deep he was. but he's right. and my favorite one out of all of those text quotes was the baby shower one. because my hubby was super against being present at my baby shower. haha. so i spared him.

The Mad Momma

This was a great post. And I may not comment very often, but heck, yes, you're still my blog crush. So write once in 2 months if you must, but please don't stop.

The Peanut is a lucky girl. She's been through a lot but she has two great parents and doesn't that make up for everything else?


MetroDad, COME BACK!!!

Amac Keylogger

First time reading your work, i am impressed with your plain but delightful words and your special writing style. Love it. I will continue to focus on your writing.

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The Peanut and I have always been lucky when it comes to the generosity of our friends; and while it’s always nice to be invited for a single weekend, here are a few of our personal tips for ensuring multiple future invitations.

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