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December 23, 2010


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Same to you, MD. I cannot believe The Peanut is six already! Wow. Have a wonderful New Year!!


The Peanut is growing up to be such a beautiful child. She looks so happy. Best wishes to you guys for the holidays. Happy New Year!


Must you make me cry? My husband retires next week from 20 years of Active Duty. It means so much every time someone remembers our military families. Thank you, Pierre!

Happy New Year to the both of you. Hopefully, I'll be in the City more in 2011 and we can hang out when I'm there.

Two words: Rice Balls. And you know where. Not as tawdry as it sounds. I swear. Not that anything's wrong with tawdry...

Heather P.

I was a student at Virginia Tech three years ago when you wrote that moving letter of advice to all of us. You'd be amazed at how many of us passed that post onto others.

Since then, I've been an avid reader (but silent commenter) of your blog. I just wanted to take this moment to say thanks for writing. Despite the fact that I'm single and don't have kids, your perspective on life has always been very healthy for me. The Peanut is lucky to have you as a dad.

I wish both of you the best for the new year. Please write more!


Happy holidays MD!


Merry Christmas, MD. Love the Peanut pic!

Leanne Koh

Merry Christmas MD! Hope you and the Peanut have an adventurous year ahead!

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Why am I hearing both Smoke on the Water AND the bass line of Chic's Good Times in the same picture?

Jack B

A rock and roll christmas? I love it. Happy holidays, MD.


All this holiday materialism always leaves me in a bad mood. Thanks for reminding us what's truly important to remember during the holiday season.


Happy Holidays to you and the Peanut. I wish they all could be California girls...


Rock on, MD! Happy holidays to you and the Peanut.


Love and kisses and merry wishes from Camp Bossy.

Captain Dumbass

Merry Christmas Metro and Peanut.


She plays bass? Your new neighbors must love that.

Hope y'all have a merry Christmas, too. Stay fly.


Merry Christmas!! Thanks for giving me some of my biggest laughs throughout the year....looking forward to 2011 :)


Sending much love and holiday joy over to you both. Have a great and happy new year!


Santa's little rock star. So adorable!


Merry Christmas!


Merry X-Mas MD!!


Merry Christmas, as the Peanut breaks it down for us.


Happy Holidays, MD.

alice, uptown

Is the Peanut planning a career as a rock star? Wouldn't that be an interesting (?) present for you! Happy merry and all that jazz.


Merry xmas, MD. Best to you and yours for the coming year.

Paul D.

Peace and Joy, MD. Wishing you and the Peanut all the best.


Happy holidays!!!


Merry Christmas! Nice bass! - Working Mommy


Love the photo. She's getting so big! Happy New Year to you and yours!


I'm catching up on a few blogs [it's been a few months], but I have to comment. I adore my three sons, but your daughter is perfectly precious. Lucky you. Happy New Year.

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Great picture, look forward to the next post.

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She's so cute! She is growing up to be such a beautiful child. :) Nice one..


uhhh!!! what a lovely girl with Guitar, such a nice pose and lovely cap. Praying for others and take care of others should have great heart.


Great post and thanks for sharing, pretty daughter there


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Peanut looking so cute and Pretty....
Hope you had great time at Vacations. Want to know about your experiences.

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