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August 30, 2010


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Happy Fall to you, MD - and GO BEARS!

Katherine @ Grass Stains

You're right ... SO much of it is out of our control. This is particularly disturbing as I try to figure out whether my middle child is brilliant or a sociopath ... or both. ;)


This post pretty much sums up why I love reading you so much.


Lol. I laughed and then I nearly cried. Peanut is the cutest thing ever. I was once talking to my husband about Wiley Dufresne while standing near St Marks place and then the real Wiley walks by.

The Peanut is a girl after my own heart. Love the Peanut

Jamie B.

Did you go to Yale, MD? Harold Bloom was my favorite professor at Yale and "Anxiety of Influence" was my favorite book in college (despite the fact that I found it narcissistic for a professor to put his own book on his syllabus.)


Fuk, I thought I knew how to cook a steak too..............


Similarly, Bossy recently thought of a good litmus test: IF you don't want your kid to turn out exactly like your spouse, you have no business procreating with them. Happy end of summer, MetroDad.


My 6 yr old daughter is the same way about mis-identifying people based on some Food Channel personality she's seen. I am sure she'd mistake any pudgy white woman for Paul Deen. She gets it from her (Korean) halmoni, who thinks that any tall and thin black guy w/ close-cropped hair and suit looks "just like Barack Obama!"


"despite the fact that I found it narcissistic for a professor to put his own book on his syllabus"

All professors do this though. Not trying to be snarky but why would a prof write a book & not champion his own work in his own field of study? I would also assume he gets royalties from the sale of his books which is an added incentive, narcissistic or not.


I like how you can be both funny and touching all at the same time. The Peanut sounds hilarious. Five is a fun age!


My daughter doesn't watch food network, but she often asks Ada if the NBA stars she sees are they guys her dad plays with. (I don't really get why he says no.)


It's scarier to have a teen. I'm just sayin'.

Mine just turned 13. **shivers**

SciFi Dad

SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) Metrodad scares me. We need more lobster and cigarettes and less self-exploring revelations that turn into a complete mindfuck when you start to wonder, "Did she _learn_ that from me, or _inherit_ that from me?" ;)


I have a feeling the text about chasing MILFs via Twitter was yours. Just a hunch.


I'm almost 30 and I'm still trying to get over the trauma of my mom.


The Paula Deen story had me laughing out loud. My daughter is obsessed with her. Part of it is her charming southern accent. Part of it has to do with the butter.

Sandra chin

Man, even at eight months old my daughter Serenity (no, she rarely is) is displaying a character that is all her own. My mother in law thinks the only thing I passed down to my baby is my ears. Wtf?


Dude! Glad to see you're still alive and hilarious -- haven't read your posts in a while but I'm swiftly reminded of why your blog is the only one I track (since My Tiny Kingdom is no more). Your insights are yum, your daughter is adorable and thank you, thank you for that link to the Steak website: flippin' gold! (Bonus was the Cee-Lo video for "***k You" that I found there, delish!)

Thanks for sharing...


Like your daughter, I am pretty much hooked on Food Network too. The local cable tv company just brought in the channel recently and yes, I love it.

I am from Singapore and I just started reading your blog recently. :)


Love the "how to cook a steak" segment. Genius. And comes in particularly handy for me since I don't have a grill. Damn condo living.


"Mama Boom Boom"-I like that. I need a new moniker. Can I steal that?


What's with the steak hate? Griddle/pan searing is a poor substitute for F.I.R.E.

Cavemen got it... why can't he?

Meat + Fire = Good. But not too much fire.

Cooking a good cut of meat for 10 minutes (5 per side) should be considered a crime.

Sorry, just sayin'.


This is a great article. I really enjoyed reading it. You seem to have alot going on in your life. Good Luck!


Got a crick in my neck patting myself on the back for catching this one:

"How is it that the same little girl who is terrified of insects, the movie "UP," and oceans show no fear in the face of riding rollercoasters, jumping off the top of jungle gyms, and racing down the streets of NYC on her bicycle?"

Should say "shows." Girl is singular.

Metrodad, if you were anyone else I wouldn't have bothered to point it out... but I know a grammar geek like you will appreciate my diligence.

P.S. Great post


Love Food Network. Best kids' programing around.

I've always believed the first duty of a parent is to enjoy his/her child's company. You seem to have that covered pretty well:)


Nice catch, G!


Excuse me, where's Peanut!! :P
I miss hearing hilarious stories about you and you're adorable daughter.
Hope you've been well buddy!


I mean pictures too(:


You do have alot of things going on in your life. I would like to have half the fun you do. I get to read and enjoy what is going on in your life, that way, I feel like fun things are happening in mine. I hope that you will get you the love of your life and you and peanut will be very happy.


Loved the post, but I kept going back up to re-read, "The Peanut starts first grade in two weeks." How is that possible?! I started reading you when she was 3 I think? They grow so fast. Hope she gets off to a fabulous start this school year!

Dr. Cynicism

HA! What I wouldn't give to have been sitting near "Paula Dean" when that happened. God bless the youth - they outright say what each of us secretly thinks.


What's really going to frost your cake is when you see your traits in your grand children...talk about anxiety!

I know you "think" you have a ways to go, but it kind of creeps up on you.

My wife and I became grand parents recently, and baby boy has some physical and emotional traits from my wife. It's funny and scary at the same time.

It shows us how powerful we are in passing on our traits, and how powerless we are in controlling what we pass.


I do believe you little girl is going to be a great cook one day. I would not be surprised if, she did not have her own cooking show, too. Great post.

irretrievably broken

Whoever wrote the thing about how the best thing about makeup sex is the fighting? That's my favorite of your twitter friends.


I love to check in with you. You always have alot going on and my life is so dull. You make me smile even when you think that things are going crazy.


I hope that she does one day have her own cooking show. She would get to make all those great dishes and make alot of money doing it. You would never have to worry where to go for a good meal.


I would not be able to pick people off the street like your daughter does. I have seen the show but, I guess I do not pay that close attention to the person, just the food.


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Love Peanut, she sound so cute and funny!

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