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June 08, 2010


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This is one of favorite post of yours. You say what all of us who do not know how to write, would say. By the way...Your daughter is beautiful.


Where the heck are you, Metro Dad?!

Uncle S

Hope to see you & Peanut one of these days...
Is there a metrodog?

Anhtuan Doventry

I still remember my first crush when I was in kindergarten, and I totally remember being super nervous when I realized she might like me.

Heck, I was super nervous when I initially realized my wife liked me. Luckily, it worked out alright.


These kids are so cute. Such a lovely story. in my 24, the thought of marriage is still far from my mind.


I like your story. You have a great daughter.


My wife just raves about your site. I had to check it out for myself. She has fallen in love with you and your little girl.


MD. I know it's personal but would love to hear more about what happened with the marriage. I'd love to learn more from you for the sake of my own relationship. It sounds like your ex broke your heart.


How nicely written. You melted my heart today with your daughter's innocence and sincerity. She is a cutie!


You have the cutest little girl. Seriously, I kind of want to steal her.

Also, I just realized that we went to the same high school. (I recently started reading your blog, and I've spent hours reading your past entries!) Like yours, my Korean parents have worked hard at their business in order to give my brother and I the best. I agree that it provides an amazing education, but the sense of entitlement of most students is outrageous. Not to mention the tuition, which goes up at an astronomical rate. It makes me a little sick. A good education should not have to cost 30k. Kudos for sending your kid to public school!


What a sweet sharing of your daughter and your life. I think your daughter is beautiful.

Jason S. Grant

Too cute. They seem inseparable. Its sad it will have to end. But....it may happen that some day twenty or thirty years from now they may meet on the street and never leave each other's side again. That's what love and marriage is about. B'shert (Hebrew for meant for each other)

Mike - Potty Seat

Good stuff! I continue to enjoy reading these posts.


I have share your article with all of my friends. You are now a topic of conversation in my ring of friends. Everyone love that you love your little girl the way you do. She has become part of our family, too. We hope that you will continue to share a little of your life with us. We really enjoy it.


Your blog is really pretty heart touching. Really, i like your style. Thanks for sharing.

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As parents you will always feel disturb about that story, imagining your child with only 5 years old, what else will you think? But having a nice conversation with your child will surely help you and your child understand what it is that they were taking about. There were still young and there's still a lot of things they will experience and discover through there growing process. If you happen to have concerns regarding fertility, I found this site that may be helpful. http://www.natural-fertility-prescription.com/

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I also mentioned that girls start thinking about relationships and marriage in 5 or even 4 years. But I think mostly it depends on what their parents are talking about with them, what books they read, what games they play.


- CHANCE you are beautiful and your mommy sure can take great hpotos. You are a lucky little boy in so many ways. I feel lucky too as I am sharing the joy of your progress as each day goes by.AMANDA thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures and your day to day experiences with us.I wish God's blessing on you all. Your strength sets a high water mark for all of us.Warmest wishes for continued good fortune,Scott


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pssshhht!! don't listen to steve! if you start gniivg finders fees away you'll have to give them to the whole CT crew because we ALL put you at the top of the list!! we love you guys and I'm so excited for RE Kelley that they have such awesome people to be a part of their wedding.xoxoM:)


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Hey Caroline,I just wanted you to know, I've remceoendmd this recipe on several food forums, and posted the link to your site (hope you don't mind . People are very excited about this recipe, plus other great recipes on your site.


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Love your blog! Also love the new puppy I'm very jealous! We aullacty had some friends over last weekend with their 3 and a half year old daughter and their young great dane they were quite a pair! She loved her puppy (who was three times the size of her) and the for Maggie the great dane that was her baby. It was sweet to see how gentle she was with with April. Of course April was leaning on Maggie and hugging her. Maggie soaked it up. I'm sure Bella and Bailey will know who's boss as soon as your little one shows up.


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We really experience these things. Being so uncertain to being finally married and having kids. We all pass these wonderful happenings in our lives. What is important is we enjoy every step we make and we made the right decisions.

Such a cute story! I enjoyed much reading it. Thanks!


I love them, love them, love them. Did I made that clear enough? :)) Sincer, de abia apestt sa le port pe ale mele si cand aud oameni carora nu le plac imi vine sa slap them silly. Sunt cele mai adorabile cizme ever, they make your feet look like a teddy bear. Who doesn't love teddy bears?


Thought it woludn't to give it a shot. I was right.


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Hundt Stine

What a wonderful story it is. It really inspired my day.


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