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June 08, 2010


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That's just precious!


This can't get any cuter! Thanks for sharing the story.


This made me tear up big time. Granted, I am in a mood today, but still.....

Thank you for this post.


Could you please recommend places to visit with a 4-year old in NYC?


I think a pen pal relationship is in order here


I have a friend who had the same thing happen to him when he was Peanut's age, and he and his "girlfriend" stayed pen pals for many years and ended up getting married a couple years ago. So you never know...Peanut and Dane could end up getting married for real one day as well!

And the picture of Peanut - omg, she is absolutely beautiful. You make some good-lookin' kiddos MD!


I saw the two of you walking together in Tribeca this morning but was too shy to approach you. Both of you are even cuter in person!

tjean na

i love it! i love the innocence with which children declare their love. so damn adorable. and of course, i'm sounding like a broken record when i say your daughter is quite the pretty girl.


Hi MD,I'm visiting NYC from Australia. I think I saw Peanut in Dean and Deluca in Soho. She was wearing the prettiest olive tutu though I could be mistaken. It was the dress that caught my eye and then I thought she looked familiar though she's so big now. She's adorable! And you could possibly have been at the counter.


this one touched my heat.give me love to peanut and also to Dane.I have a 6 year old son (aku) and he loves someone just like Dane does.My heart will break for him as we move in September and wish he can cope up with it.

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That is a funny story. I think when kids that age copy the things they see their parents doing, like being married, they are very cute trying to act grown up.

Good Read!


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Thanks for sharing this great story.

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I think that this is a great story. I also, think that all little girls think of getting married. That is what my daughter thought about.

New Baby Care

Beautiful, beautiful! I love to hear stories like this.

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She is precious! Very cute!

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Great story!

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I love her outfit. Makes me wish I was young again.

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This is a heart warming story. Thanks.

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Children grow up so fast. I would like them to stay small.


What a wonderful story and what a beautiful ballerina.

I thought you and Childsplayx2 had an arrangement?


after working a 10 hour day at the office and feeling completely lost in the world as a fresh grad, your post just reminded me of the joy and meaning in life! thanks :)

the mad momma

not sure what is cuter, your post or the picture of peanut.


Aww, thank you for this post, it melted my heart :)

I, too, had my future husband picked out in kindergarten. If only I had stayed with that choice, it might have turned out happily ever after! Similar to you, I'm recently divorced and will be 40 next month. But I've been blessed beyond imagination to finally find the partner of my dreams. I hope you will, too!


Just had to add a big round of applause and thank you to you and Boss Lady for communicating with each other so well. Sadly, that is not the case for many of us with ex's who do not communicate at all.


This is such a cute story. It makes me remember the questions that children do ask.


You have a beautiful daughter and you are a great father.


Enjoy her while you can. They grow up way, too fast.


I know that she loved the flowers. It makes a little girl feel like she is grown up.


Awwww she is so cute and obviously has her head screwed on right ;-)

Karen Bannan from NaturalAsPossibleMom

This was so beautifully written. I'm just finding your blog. I am so impressed. You remind me of my husband -- awesome dad, very self-aware. I've got some single friends who live in NYC. Interested? :)

You're right, BTW. Kids today are much more mature and together. They are benefiting from our years of therapy. At least that's my theory.


i'd recently chanced upon a tumblr entry about a girl with a crush as well.


kids are so innocently sweet. they just love unconditionally without any expectations. i wish we think more like kids more often.

Bob Brody

My daughter took ballet for a spell early on. We have a videotape of her in class looking adorable in her tutu. She could have kept at ballet if she wanted. She was limber and graceful (still is). But she decided to pursue singing instead. Every time we see the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center, I still imagine her playing one of the little girls. She could have done it. But now she's found her true calling: singing opera. So I've long since let go of my idea of her as a ballet dancer. If she's happy, I'm happy. That's the equation I live by.


I loved a boy when I was five. My grandfather nicknamed him Cupcake. Precious story. I'm relieved to know that not every divorced man over 40 wants to date a woman in her 20s. I have female friends in their 40s who play with the 20-something boys because they're pretty, but *snore*.

Your daughter's beautiful. Don't torment yourself with wedding thoughts yet. Silly.


What a hilarious, beautifully-written, heart-string tugging post. Your daughter sounds amazing and wow, if only more boys (of all ages) were like Dane! He's a keeper!


I wish i could have the same relationship with my ex. Unfortunately, my ex is a philanderer and a liar. What kills me even more is that she is bringing up my daughter half the time and instilling her with these terrible values.


Great story and the Peanut is absolutely beautiful. I am so glad that you and Peanut's mom are able to have a relationship centered around the peanut and her needs. You are both good parents.


Peanut is just so gorgeous MD!

And that is so cute! C's best friend is a little girl who has told everybody she's going to marry C, that C's going to be her husband. C just seems a little confused by the whole thing. It's sweet. :)


I can TOTALLY recall dreaming of a wedding between me and an imaginary special boy at her age. How warped is that. I had the dress all figured out. I think it had been triggered by some movie about old English royalty making arranged marriages with small children. I decided that was PERFECT.

Many MANY years later, I recall e-mailing a schoolmate from my former gradeschool and asking if that guy Douglas was still in town (whose eyelashes and dark good looks I'd ogled in first grade). I asked her to ask him if he remembered me. He was in town, and when she asked, he said, "Oh her! The one who used to kick me in the shins all the time! Sure! : ) "

OMG!...I remembered: I DID kick him in the shins....

Your Peanut is a darling, and kudos to the mom of that sweet little boy who didn't care who knew.


I am glad that you and your wife are going to work togather to give your peanut a good feeling with her parents. You are a good father and a great writer. Peanut is beautiful.

Leanne K.

i almost teared reading this post. very cute story.


That is all my little girl thought about. She got what she wanted. She is married with a little boy and a little girl on the way. She is very happy.


That's pretty cute. When they do decide to go for it, make sure you have a hand in putting together the registry. You could score a margarita machine out of this deal.


Dude it has been so long since I posted that I can't believe Peanut has turned into such a little lady! I just thought about you ten minutes ago and decided to google you again and check things out, and I'm treated to this delightful story and cute photo!

As a fellow dad, it makes my heart melt as well that she's so well-mannered, so mature beyond her years, or even ours!

My youngest is just starting to become so interesting. It's too cute to see her act like she's grown up.


Your daughter is wonderful. The name fits her, too.


What would we do without kids and their questions? I miss them. Loved the story.


All little girls need flowers. I think that she is very pretty in pink.


You have the cutest little girl, ever. I love to read your stories about your events of the day.

Boom Trucks

the days are long but the years go by fast. you aint kidding. i have a ten year old now. seems like yesterday i was stepping on plush toy trucks and now i'm answers geometry questions.


Great post. She is beautiful.


You and your daughter look very much alike. I think that you are doing a great job with her. She is beautiful.

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