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May 27, 2010


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Mitch McDad

I love Julia Sweeney, mainly because she is an outspoken atheist and a big defender of evolution (as ridiculous as it is that evolution needs a defense).

My girls (5&7) pepper me with intelligent god questions to their credit, and fortunately for me, they rarely ask about sex...so far.

I'm much happier to deal with the make-believe stuff anyway, sex is much more complicated.


Tell him he got off rather easy. I was watching cartoons with my then 5yo cousin when he threw this my way: "Je.sus is our father. And Go.d is Je.sus father...So who's Go.d's father?"


You will get to go through this again in about seven to ten years. Remember what what said!

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Boom Trucks

your daughter would howl at my family. there were seven of us. know what happens on a birthday when one kid gets toy trucks and no one else gets anything? pandemonium. don't get me started on fighting for the bathroom in the morning. or at any time for that matter. and the hand me downs.


We will always be faced with these questions. You are doing the right things. There are no wrong things, except for doing nothing.


Your brother is only trying to tell her what he thinks. It is really up to her. She will have a bunch of people telling her how to think about things.


Wow, it's been awhile since I've read your blog. I think most parents of multiple children tend to luck out and have at least one really chill kid who requires very little attention and/or maintenance.
And my parents never gave me the "Talk". Which isn't particularly surprising considering that they are Korean.


Sorry, to double post, but I just thought of a book we discusses in my children's lit class this week. Robie Harris' "It's so Amazing" does a pretty comprehensive job of describing the entire process from insemination to pregnancy. It's also challenged and/or banned due to the nature of its contents. However, it is written for parents and children so it's up to the parent to decide what parts of it to discuss with his/her child and what parts to leave out "for next time". There's also another book written by Harris that's for younger children but has similar content. I just can't remember the title.


I love to see what you have to write about. You always put a smile on my face.


Your page is always so much fun to read. I makes me take a closer look at my life and see how much I am missing out on.

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