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May 11, 2010


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Thank God, you're back! I thought you'd given up the blog for good. Nice to hear from you.

JJ Daddy-O

Ha, ha, that's OK, I'm sure she'll feel better after she gives YOU a trim. You might want to lock up all your scissors and try not to fall asleep around her.


"Voracious" makes its third appearance in three posts. You should come up with a different word to describe "reading a lot."



hmmm.. she reminds me more of John Depp as Willy Wonka...

Jen K.

As the child of divorced parents, some of my fondest memories are of my burly ex-Marine dad lovingly braiding my hair or taking me out shopping for dresses. I love him so much for it.

P.S. the haircut is cute!


that's nothing... you should have seen what my dad did to my hair once... my curly hair so short the stylist could do NOTHING with it... nothing! curl was gone! and of course picture day was not long after. I'm pretty sure the quilt from that grade 1 haircut was the reason I got my first car.... a 1978 4 door Mercedes... an old beast of a car but still a Mercedes :-)


I look back fondly at the times when my mom went away and my dad was left with me. It would always take him 20 minutes to try to pull my curly mess of hair into a ponytail, and it was always terrible, but I always remember the sweetness of the effort. It was exasperating back then because he couldn't do it the way my mother did it, but thinking about it now it's just cute.


That chic haircut is worthy of a Hair Thursday Hall of Fame award. (I should hold my own ceremony in our driveway or something...)

Paige Jennifer

I'm sorry but I can't stand Coetzee. He's a talented writer but his characters are always so tortured, depressing, and quite unlikeable. The cover of his books should read: This prose will lead you to drink, a lot.

Currently entertaining myself with No One Belongs Here More Than You (July), After the Quake (Murakami), and The Bridge Over San Luis Rey (Wilder).


Peanut's hair is so cute!

Thanks for posting - I've been waiting patiently for another installment of metrodad :)


Love the bad breath quote. Strange because my dear friend has always referred to bad breath in a similar, perhaps less articulate way. Whenever she is referring to getting rid of bad breath by going to brush your teeth in the morning she says: "Go on and kill that dead kitty!"... short for the longer idea of killing that stinky kitty that crawled up into your mouth and died. Good stuff yo!

Glad you are back, I've always loved your posts.


I think I paid $90 for that same haircut last week...and the Peanut's hair STILL looks better than mine! Perhaps you've got a new career ahead of you, MD. You've got skillz!


Maybe it is gender stereotyping. Or maybe it is diminished expectations.

All I know is that nothing makes me melt like seeing a dad brush or braid his daughter's hair.


I have video of my twin 3 year olds singing glee version of "don't stop believing." We can have dueling Facebook videos of Asian kid gleekiness.


I went on three dinner dates with a woman recently. Every time we went out, she looked great. Stylish and classy.

On Sunday we had our first daytime date. Dude, she showed up in jorts and Crocs. Blew my mind. I almost didn't recognize her. Now I don't know what to do!

What should I do?

Julie Kang

I love Ramona (although I thought her last name was Quimby?)! Peanut's hair is even, at least, and the side-part looks good. All in all, a decent job, I must say!

As for jorts, how short do the shorts have to be to count as jorts? I just got a pair of denim Bermuda shorts, now I'm feeling a twinge of buyer's remorse. I thought they looked cool!

Right now I'm in the middle of Chang Rae Lee's "The Surrendered"...when I'm done with it I'll be sure to check out your recommendations. There is a theme of the familial dysfunction you mentioned in this one as well, and it's dark as all hell, so I heartily recommend it even though I'm not done with it yet.


i think it's ramona quimby... and the author is beverly cleary =)

cute kid!


I don't know which shocks me more: That you betrayed her trust that way or that others seem to be congratulating you for it. The result of the cut is not the point. You made a promise to her and broke it. You, someone who obsesses over his hair. I would think you would have some inkling of what she would feel like. I really don't understand why you aren't ashamed of the whole thing. You come off as quite proud.


Peanut as Ramona is awesome.

I agree- #3 is worst. I think that's more tasteless than endangering kids' lives.

Glad you're back online for a spell. Have a happy Memorial Day weekend, summer solstice, and 4th of July!

SciFi Dad

Don't know if you have an iPhone or not, but if you do there's a Glee app where you can sing (and be autotuned) with a chorus.

Also, I've got to go with #2... dead kids trumps pimp parent.


Dude, it's been half a day since you posted this -- where the fucking hell is that god damn video, cock bone!

This is all so great. She lives a charmed life, to be sure. And so do you. Glad you're back!

alice, uptown

I remember one of those haircuts -- only mine was in the beauty parlor and I couldn't throw a full-on tantrum. Pity I hadn't learned the word "fuck" by then. I would have found myriad uses for it.

P.S. glad to see you blog a bit. hope the dating scene is improving.


"His mouth had been used as a latrine by some small creature of the night, and then as its mausoleum." - I hope to never forget this.

I'm glad you're back! The Peanut is slaying me with the hair and glasses-and that serious expression; holy shit dude she's awesome.


You did an awesome job with the Peanut's hair! It's chic and fabulous and about 1000x better than the butcher job my expensive stylist did on me six weeks ago. Anyway, loved the post -- just one tiny thing though: crocs can be awesome! I have a pink pair with mickey mouse cut-outs and they are adorable. Absolutely. Fucking. ADORABLE! :)


I don't understand. If you lock your kids in the trunk, how are they supposed to get your errands done? Not just bad parenting, its poor planning.


Holy shit...you are alive! Nice surprise.


And here I thought I was the only one lovin Friday Night Lights.

Love this blog...hope you update more often.

The Granderson Clan

Welcome back! We've missed you.


Definitely #2. Although #3 might result in a kidnapped/killed daughter. I've watched way to much Law and Order: SVU to think that it couldn't happen.

David Boxer

Lisa. You must be the EX-wife. Lighten up a little. You sound like my ex with the guilt-inducing tirades. That's why she's my ex.

ray lee

Sorry MD, I would have to agree with your friend. #2 is worse because it could have resulted in death!

And seriously Lisa, I'm pretty sure the overwhelming majority of people have gotten bad haircuts from their parents at least one point in their life. At least Peanut's came out decent!

-ray leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


oh MD!!! i missed you!! and peanut is pretty awesome.


Can I insist you PLEASE commit to a post a week, at least??

ANyhow, amazing stuff. Peanut looks Gaga, eh?


- Please include leggings as pants and - how sad is it that there is even this word in the world? - jeggings in your fashion pogrom.

- My first reaction was that the locking in the trunk was the worst because they could have killed those kids, but then I realized it's probably a case of well-intentioned but stupid - "they'll be safe in there, right? Because no one can see them?" - While selling off your daughter's virginity is just so far from th expected role of a parent as protector and so far into the territory of exploiter it's making my blood pressure rise.

- You need the book/CD "Hip Hop Speaks To Children" about poetry with a beat. Where else do you find Yong MC, The Sugarhill Gang, and Kanye in a book for kids? Awesome. And I've just recently joined the ranks of Glee fans myself, so yeah, LOVE.

- I'm sure somebody above has mentioned that the kid is Ramona Quimby - but I love the haircut. Put some bangs with those glasses, though, and you could even go with mini asian Anna Wintour!


The wonderful thing about hair is that it always grows! She looks adorable anyway!

My family are major Gleeks...to the extent my hubs bought me volume 1 and 2 soundtracks and we listen to them. All. The. Time. My 11 yr old did Don't Stop Believin' Glee-style at her school talent show. (All the other were entries were sappy or Taylor Swift)

Olivia Kim

OMG, I totally saw you and the Peanut in Soho two weeks ago!!! I wasn't sure it was you guys because the Peanut's hair was short. Now I know that it was!

You two are soooooo cute together.

(P.S. My girlfriends thought you were hot!)


Do you have some fantasy about opening a salon I didn't know about? On some level you must know that men and scissors only go together at Paul Mole.

And I totally called you as a "It's Always Sunny" guy. Just surprised you ranked "Community" higher.

FYI, Oodgie is trying to get onto "Friday Night Lights" as an extra. Come visit and we can get you on, too...


When I read, random thoughts, I knew I would be smiling!
Your daughter is adorable.


Did you buy actual hair stylist's scissors for the job? I can attest that these make it much easier/cleaner. Way more accurate. You know, for next time. Hah.


So glad to see you are back, missed your ramblings and thoughts. Ok, so I have been on the fence about cutting BabyGirl's hair -which is quite long these days too... it's either hers or mine and no joke, my hairdresser died just recently. I was so shocked and so sad, but beyond the emotional stress of her death, now I am out a fabulous hairdresser so I think it's gonna be BG's hair that's gonna get cut. I'll try to remember not to get too carried away though I must say that Peanut's hair cut is adorable!


I agree w/ you on the worst parenting award: auctioning off one's daughter's virginity is just about the most heinous act I've ever heard of.

My mother used to swear a blue streak, but always in a syntactically incorrect way. For instance, when frustrated with a difficult gizmo, she'd say, "This is a god-damned can opener!" rather than "God damn this can opener!"

Leanne Koh

Her hair looks good, love the ramona reference. I hope you donated her hair, at least she can say that she helped someone in need.

John Longstocking

My wife thinks I'm secretly writing this blog, even though she knows we have a son. And thaqt I'm not asian. At least, I think she knows those things.

and yes!
"Shows you'd think I'd wouldn't like that I do: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

Harajuku Girl

I knew I loved you!

Best show on TV: Friday Night Lights -- for sure!

Peanut looks adorable. Did you donate her hair?

Missed you. Please do not wait another two months to write!

BTW: I'm a total Gleek, too!


Will you please outlaw the mullet? Oh and skinny jeans? Please and thank you.


MD. Is Lisa bosslady posting? Yikes.


Any 5 year old that watches cooking programs is a big girl and deserves that cute big girl haircut. RE parenting poll: one and three will result in your child hating your forever, but two may actually kill them so it's gotta be the worst. Sexism: number three wouldn't seem as horrific if it was your son's virginity and not your daughter's....or not? Tangent: time to swap the Bosslady title above the chair with that of Metrodog's above the mattress, no?


R2dad. This raises so many interesting questions. Like how important is it that Bosslady approves of this blog? Is they share in the parenting together does she mind all the disclosure about peanut? After all peanut has no say in the matter. And bosslady is posting and not approving how does that fare for the psychological health of peanut?

And how is metrodog?


Hey, Peanut Gallery. Commenter "Lisa" is not BossLady. Just some random reader drinking the haterade. Carry on!

Mum's delight

Enjoy reading your posts and nice to have you back. Agree with you that #3 is the worst, shocking, can't be true?? #2 is just plain stupid and they may not have realised how dangerous it can be.

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