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March 18, 2010


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These are hysterical. I'm so glad you saved them for posterity!! It was nice meeting you at Bossy's NYC stop. I'm so glad your daughter came too, it was delightful watching her play with AlphaMom.


this is a tangent, but a friend played a (cruel) trick on me once, mixing around names and numbers on my cell. i ended up sending texts to the wrong people, ie., juicy texts to my then bf who actually wasn't my bf after all... gotta love my friends.


These are some of my very favorite texts that I've been holding onto.

"God, I'm a weenie! I just watched the end of Marly and Me. That movie about the lab puppy that drives the family crazy. I bawled like a bitch with a skinned knee."

"OMG...There's a PEEPS store..."

“Have you seen him pee? It’s like he’s creating a masterpiece every time. The really good ones he scratches his feet as if to say ‘My work is done’.”

“Impossible! Who will make sure you’re making it correctly? Loki? He can’t even find the right place to pee!”

While at a diner eating breakfast I realized that the old people at the end of the counter were talking about getting their prostates examined. My husband's response when I texted this information to him? "Mmmm. Ass exams...Tasty..."

"Well, did you see the lady? She was leathery and filled with botox. That should account for the cow poop shouldn't it?"


I just visited your blog after a while away and laughed out loud at least ten times. Thanks.


Just catching up on the posts - I love your random text posts!

One of my favorite random texts is, "don't you want to see me ass up bent over a pool table?" Sent by my friend, intended for her boyfriend at the time, trying to convince him to come to my 7 year old's bday party at the pool haul. LOL! My response, "ummmm... I thought you were coming to B's party, so I will be seeing your ass bent over the pool table." Needless to say, she was very embarrassed. :)

Also "I come from country trash, what do you think?"


best text from a friend: "I just saw a woman with short shorts pick her camel toe!"


Those text are so funny. They made me and my husband laugh so hard I could not breathe. Your friend have a great sense of humor. I do not text either.


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I am with you. I think that if, someone wants to visit with me they should speak in full sentences. I am glad that there are people who still think this way.

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"My daughter just tried to put me in a time-out." aaahahahaha. my kids actually did that to me once after i told them if they didn't pick up their toy trucks i was gonna throw em away. i did it and they got mad.


I hate text messaging. I would rather write about what I want to say instead of hen scratch it. I like to read your post. It is alway refreshing.


I really do not like to text. It is wrong to spell words wrong.

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Everytime I read one of your post you make me think. Most of the time you make me laugh especially when you talk about your little girl. I really enjoy reading all of your fine work.

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"My daughter just tried to put me in a time-out." LOL it's happened before.


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