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October 06, 2009


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Beautiful letter and a beautiful daughter! 5 really is an age to savor...actually all of the years are, for different reasons. I hope she had a great birthday!


Isn't she cute! My grandpa used to call me Peanut.


such a cute letter! Happy belated birthday peanut!


Save this to show her later... My dad also loves me like this I guess

Will Holmes

Funny, and I thought ours was the only "Peanut" around. Nice letter and blog. Happy 5th. Keep it coming.

Big Pumpkin

Happy Birthday, Peanut! I think you and Tee would make great friends. She sticks her fingers up the nostrils of statues.


What a gorgeous post! Happy birthday Peanut!


Those are wonderful things to remember. It has been so long since I had a young person in the house, your post brings back memories. I love it.


It is hard to believe that they grow up so fast. She seems wonderful.


I have never had that problem with my children. They never stuck their fingers in those places.


You write so, well about your daughter. I know she loves you very much.


I had not thought of all the fun things that children do at this age. She is very normal.


You should write a book about her. You have the gift that is takes.


I love to be apart of your little girls life through your post. It makes me happy, too.


I hope that she stays this cute forever. She is really her dads little girl and the apple of his eye.


Just Beautiful! I love birthdays and little girls with their dads.


This is the best time of her life. I know by the way you talk about her, you are really enjoying it.


I love five year olds. They do not judge you, they only trust you. I would like for my children to be five again.


Five is a great age. I hope that you will always think of her as a five year old when she turns fifteen. Enjoy her before she grows up.


She is so, cute even though she likes to put her fingers in places that you may not want her, too.

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What choice do you have? The satfey of your daughter over making someones life a little easier. I would go for the satfey of your daughter. Also if any of these other parents were in your shoes guarantee they wouldn't think twice about making it peanut free. It's nice of you to worry about others but your daughter is your main concern.


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Lynette I love that idea! I think this would be a great (and jealousy-inducing) airlnape snack, too Pam I don't know if I could stomach two! Maybe over a few days time This thing was awesome.


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