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October 06, 2009


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Happy Birthday to the Peanut! Five rocks.

I know the KDS of which you speak. I get it from my daughter all the time.

christopher paul

Hey Metrodad I'm new here and admire your writing very much. Congrats on the daughter being so smart, I hope to have a baby D some day.

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Chang and Eng wanna know what she got for her birfday.

Emily C.

Happy 5th birthday, Peanut. You are absolutely GORGEOUS!


Five sounds like such a fun age. My kids are 2 and 4. Life is joyful at times but often a living hell. It gets better, right? It has to!

Happy birthday to the Peanut!


She's so cute. I love her dress. Does it come in adult sizes? Hope y'all have fun celebrating her birthday.

Julie Kang

5 is such a great age! Enjoy it!!!


Happy Birthday Peanut!!! FIVE? Really? Holy crap, where has the time gone?

I continue to laugh and be entertained at the awesome personality that the Peanut has - and your ability to embrace and encourage her growth (and not be punitive for her showing her personality). I'm 23 weeks preggers and am both enthralled and terrified at the thought of having a child just like me. . . ha ha ha! Stubborn!!! But if she's snarky - that'll be hilarious too!

Thanks for the post! And big hugs for your little pizza delivery fantasy girl! :)


It's always so great seeing a father express his love for his children. You manage to do it so effortlessly and beautifully. The Peanut is lucky to have you as her father. Happy 5th birthday!


She looks just like you, MD!

always home and uncool

That butt thing is just wrong.


And wrong.

Best of birthdays to Peanut.


happy birthday, peanut!


Happy Brithday, Peanut! What an adorable, infectious smile!


Hey Miss P, you don't know me and I don't know you 'cept thru your old man's funny ramblings. And he sure is funny! I guess that's where you get your humour from. Happy birthday! A whole hand, that's awesome. Here's to many more to a seriously hilarious, cute and smart kid! Bonne fête à toi!


Happy birthday, Peanut! I should try that statue butt trick... :)

haitian american family of three

She is so cute. I am really looking forward to five, I've read that 5-8 are called the "Magic years" because kids are so fun and sweet at those ages.


What I love about your blog is 1) that it makes no attempt to court favour or followers and 2) is so honest and 3) will be a priceless artefact for the Peanut in 5, 10, 20 and even 50 years. It's exactly what my blog should be and maybe one day will become!

Happy Birthday to Peanut.


Happy Birthday Peanut! I was really expecting to see her giving that panda his proctology exam though!


Happy Happy Peanut!


Happy birthday to the Peanut! I hope you had a wonderful day, and got all the packages you could possibly deliver, when you play UPS driver.

May you grow up and fully appreciate the wonderful dad you have.


Happy Bday Peanut! Keep inspiring your dad with these awesome entries!


Happy Birthday Peanut! I love the blog.


Happy birthday to your lovely daughter! Love your blog!

Leslie K

Your love and affection for your daughter are so wonderful. When she's older, she's going to cherish reading all these notes that you write to her. It's really touching, MD.


Happy Birthday, Peanut. You are so beautiful and smart and if you ever feel the need to run circles around a couple of dudes from Calfornia, TheMonk and Golden Boy are available.

Account Deleted

happy birthday miss P.
I really hope that I smart and funny just like u when I was 5.
hhh.... I wish you'll enjoy your rock age.
Fiva Five ...... !


Yep, familiar with the KDS. Soon the eye-roll of derision will arrive. About age 7.


We don't call it KDS, we call it Death Eyes - maybe that's because my granddaughter is Chinese. lol


Five is the best! I hope you have an awesome time. I love reading about parental love from somebody who so surely gets it. This post makes my day. Happy Birthday, Peanut!!!


Happy 5th!! In Singapore, we have a term for it called "Eye Power". Actually it refers to something else but you wouldn't know the difference, would you?

I'm not making sense cause its late but Happy Birthday Peanut and love this blog!


Happy Birthday Peanut!

MD love your blog, keep up the great work as a loving and caring dad.

Jae Young

Hahaha, she's so cute! Happy birthday, peanut!!! Trilingualism rocks, not that I am biased or nuttin'. (I don't know that if what I speak really passes for Korean, but it's close enough.) I only know like 3 or 4 songs in Spanish tho, so Peanut clearly kicks my butt.

Also, Daphne, Koreans use a similar word- 눈치 or noonchi, which I think does translate into eye power. You're right, noonchi isn't KDS. I don't know what Koreans call KDS in Korean, if they even use the term.


HAHAHAHAHA! She is hilarious, she reminds me so much of my daughter at that age. Aside for sticking fingers in statue's butts. That is purely her own, but funny as hell!

My daughter at five loved to imitate as well; daddy headbanging in the car, mommy talking on the phone, daddy raking the yard (she was such a great helper until she figured out it required actual work).

Congrats to the Peanut on another milestone in a road of thousands, may she live a happy life and keep her wits and charm about her till her life comes to an end.


aww those are such amazing things u've listed for her :) Funny little girl is going to be loved by everyone around :D
:) Happy birthday, papa's Peanut! :)


Happy birthday!
Wow, I know you've heard this every year, but she is definitely turning into a little lady. Peanut is very lucky to have a dad like you.

Keith Wilcox

My littlest boy is 5. It is indeed a funny age. I'm sorry I haven't read a ton of your posts so I don't know if you've mentioned it before, but... One thing to do is interview her a few days a week for just a few minutes at a time on a flip camera. Over time, that compiles into a really nice record book of their personalities.


happy birthday! she's really cute!


I'm looking forward to seeing my son when he gets to that age. Happy Bday Peanut! And all the best Metro D!

Wandering Chopsticks

Happy Birthday Peanut! She's turning into quite the young lady.

And what's this? Metrodad, you've been cooking? More than stuff from cans, I hope?


Those conversations are amazing aren't they. It's weird how they sort of creep up on you. I'll suddenly notice that we are really talking about something beyond the usual, and I can't believe what she's telling me. (I have 6yr old twin girls, so i love reading about peanut. It makes me notice things again) I wrote this about listening for a local parenting mag: http://www.strongfathersmaine.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=55&Itemid=18


Happy Birthday, Peanut! I hope my future kid is as precocious as you. Your blog is incredibly hilarious yet amazingly poignant, Metrodad. Great job! Take care, all the best and may Peanut grow into a mini you!

Papa Bradstein

Based on the panda's expression, it's been visited by the Peanut previously...happy birthday to a beautiful girl with a wonderful father.

Hetha (wife of cheese czar)

Happy Birthday Peanut! She's one of a kind and just about the cutest little thing I've ever seen.


Happy birthday to the Peanut!


She's adorable. She must have daddy wrapped around her little finger!

Nanny Lexy

Happy late 5th birthday Peanut!!!!

You are a truly amazing father! It makes me sooo happy to see a dad that is so active in his daughters life! My dad was a very hands on dad, and it really means the worlds to me. My father passed away when I was 14 and I will always cherish the memories I have with him! I know the Peanut will feel the same way about you when she is older! Thanks for sharing your special bond with us!


Is that panda about to get a shocker? Look at its open mouth and frightened eyes. Perhaps he just got a shocker and is trying to decide if he wants another one.

My girl just turned 3, so I love reading about how fun her next year will be as you move on to new experiences with your girl.


u touch my heart in many ways on how you are as a father to peanut! happy bdae peanut!


Happy belated Birthday Peanut! I very much admire that you wrote her this love letter on her fifth birthday for the world to see.

I think I'm going start doing the same thing from now on for my kids (all six of them lol), and my wife as well. It will be really neat to sit down with them and read the series at different points in our lives moving forward.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Great letter. I might steal it, since my 3 year old son as the same nickname -- I wouldn't have to change a thing!

(He's half chinese -- for some reason it occurs to me that "Peanut" is the nickname that General Stilwell gave Chiang Kai-Shek...)

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