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October 29, 2009


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Can you move to Montana?

Mrs. Q.

Oh, what the heck was peanut for Halloween??


Dude, I hope you never get Plantar Fasciitis, because then you run the risk of having those hated Crocs be the ONLY shoes you can wear and still be able to walk, even a short distance...


Here's something for an Asian flavour




Suddenly, all I want to do is knit a cardigan sweater vest. Hmmm.

Angela Giles Klocke

Good to know I could make you laugh twice - though in my case, I'd probably be in my pajamas outside of home and run into a glass door at the same time, and then trip. :D


hey what's up with bosslady? can we get an update?

Kate (Bee In The Bonnet)

I just pounded a Five Guys Little Cheeseburger and almost an entire order of fries before I sat down to read this... I have always liked their burgers, but I'm pregnant now, and so NOTHING (not even the realization that my child/ren will be born with lettuce, tomatoes and extra pickles on the side) comes between me and my Five Guys. Mmmm.

And my husband cheered your choice of the complete works of the Rolling Stones. He was thinking he might enjoy visiting your island, but it looks like you lost him with the Joyce inclusion.


Wasn't the apple cobbler in a Swansons dinner a spectacular sort of luxury? Sort of used to make me feel 'part American'

Joe Skeptic

Good list. Like the James Frey quote, My Friend Leonard is one of my favorite contemporary novels.

And that 41 feeling is mortality. Just do what I do and look away.


Catching up after a month in the hospital. All I have to say about your shoe choices is that if you were a woman, with a size 11EE foot, all you CAN wear are my three favorite shoes: Uggs, Crocs, and Birkenstocks. No, they are ot pretty. They're UGLY as a matter of fact. But the choices are so limited for us Sasquaches, we're THRILLED when a new model of any one of these shoes comes out. Because honestly.... we are the forgotten women.


have you heard of listography.com?

Sue Laguna-Whang

Here's my to-do list for today:

1. Feed my kids - baby fat only lasts so long
2. Get some meth - coffee only lasts so long
3. Do some laundry - undies only last so long
4. Clean the house - cockroaches only last so long
5. Talk to my husband - restraining orders only last so long.


What did the Peanut end up being for Halloween?


I want to be buried with Q-tips.

Happy belated birthday. You'll wear 41 well. Age IS a high price to pay for maturity, but I think we've hit a sweet spot in our 40s. It'll feel more comfortable after a few washings. And if it shrinks and feels tight? Just squat.

An Irish Daddy

From a Daddy blogger to a fellow Daddy blogger, great site.

There's nothing to be ashamed of in keeping lists. It's part of every Alpha Male's competitive armoury.

It's also good to see we're doing our utmost to raise the profile of Daddys everywhere and reclaiming just a little bit of territory on the small army of Mummy bloggers out there. Check out my blog too if you get a moment to hear things from an Irish perspective.



An Irish Daddy


Damn! There's a HUGE difference between 41 and 43. You'll see...


You like watching people walk into glass doors huh?
Made me smile just reading it because when I was 6 months pregnant meeting my husbands grandparents for the first time, they have a house out in the country and it was late at night. All his family was sitting in the living room and because there were no lights outside to reflect on the glass I slammed forehead and prego belly first into that sucker and everyone turned and looked.And laughed, and asked me if I was ok, as they continued to laugh. They still talk about it.


Being a teenager rocks, but I'll stick to who and where I am right now: with my two daughters and my wife. :D


Dude, where are you? Don't leave us hanging.


Checking in. Surprised you haven't posted in a while. I hope everything is okay.


I kinda love it that you couldn't limit the fashion to 5, so cheated out the category by clumping all the bad footwear on one line. Maybe you should've done two separate categories---fashion, and shoe specific. Surely there are two more footwear eyesores stomping around out there in our universe.

Also, am a little miffed re: self proclaimed fat person un-bookmarking simply because you think it's funny to see someone big getting in a tiny boat. It is what it is.

lacoste shoes 2010

Neither beliver nor reject anything, because any other person has rejected of believed it. Heaven has given you a mind for judging truth and error, Use it. Do you think so?


You have alot of things that make me smile. I do not stop long enough to do this but, I like alot of the same things.


You have inspired me to make a few lists of my own. It is easy to get in a rut and not see the good for all the rest of what is going on in you life.


This is the only way to live life. I will pattern mine after yours. Thanks for sharing.


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