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October 29, 2009


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I loved reading these lists. Happy early 41st, MD!

Julie Kang

Whoa! In approximately 1 week I will be 31!

5 Things That Always Bring A Smile To My Face

1. Seeing my kids in the deep, deep surrender of kid-sleep.
2. The very first "good morning" from sleepy little lips.
3. Anything dogs do at any time, even when they're eating their old poop.
4. Cal people falling all over themselves to boo Stanford. I find their fervor quaint and charming. :P
5. Receiving a notice from Google Reader that Metrodad has written once more! Happy Birthday, oppa!

Julie Kang

Ooh, I forgot!

Change #2 to "French kissing."


I think you're my brother from another mother of a different color. I loved your lists. They were practically the same as my own!


i love list blog posts. thank you!


Amazing what we can learn about people from a few simple lists, isn't it? These were fabulous.

Hope you have a very happy 41st birthday.

Stacy (formerly of Slices of Stacy)

Crocs? Fuck you, dude...you spend all day on your feet on the linoleum-on-concrete floor of a government building trying to get the youth of America to give a shit about long division and then we'll talk.

(Commenters, don't give me any shit about this. MD and I were reading each other's blogs when you were diapers.)


Aw! Nesquik!!

Kevin (Always Home and Uncool)

To think, 18 months ago, we first bonded over the alleged return of the jort. Silly rabbit!


happy early birthday to you and your acid washed Girbauds of yesteryear. i hope.


Replica NFL jerseys will be the death of me. Whhhhhyyyyyyy?

(Good God, TV dinners ruled. The foil, the mashed potatoes, the peas...heavenly. Of course, I would violently vomit if I had to eat one today.)


You make me laugh, cry and smile. Have a great birthday, MD.


I love the quote from Frederick Douglas. I homeschool my kids and that right there is the reason why!

Great lists, though I'd add Pineapple Crush Soda and Now And Later candy....


Here's another quote for the over forty.

Forty is the old age of youth, fifty is the youth of old age.



My sister and I grew up on TV dinners and powdered iced tea. Good times! Happy 41st birthday, MD.


fun post! one thing that always brings a smile to my face:
being woken by the "stamping" of my labrador retriever's cold & wet nose. gets me every time. :)


powdered peach ice tea will make me think of family dinners for the rest of my life, no matter who I am with or what we are doing!

ps sweater vests are cool if they are argyle damnit!

Heather F.

My sister and I grew up on Swanson TV dinners. It's been years since I've thought about them. Do they even make them anymore?


I know there are more meaningful things to comment on, but Jimmy Fallon's "Housewives" always cracks me up too. And fat people getting into rowboats? I laughed just thinking about that.

march hare

Erm, just wondering that if you do not take a cd player or something, how will you listen to all that Rolling Stones? :P


I like the way you think.


Ah, forty-one is fine. Fine, I tell you. Try forty-two. Although it is the answer, you still don't get the question.

Rachel E.



I swear nothing feels better then cleaning out your ears with a Q-tip.

Jae Young

I love that crocks, uggs and birks are in the same line for banning. Unfortunately, when my arches collapsed, I sort of started wearing orthopedic sandals. (Mephisto) If I had it my way, I'd be walking around in Louboutins all the damn time, ignoring the fact that they cost as much as my paycheck and my arches are still shot to hell.

Happy birthday! I just turned 31 and one of my brothers had the audacity to tell me to stop telling him what my Korean age was and to come clean already about my "real" age. (OK, so I did that for a few years because my goal in life is to become an ajumma, but whatevs.)

Keith Wilcox

I come from the land of crocks (Boulder CO). Even here they are fading quickly. My boys still wear them because they're easy, but I ditched mine about a year ago. I still wear them to take the trash out though. Great list!

Lena P.

Your list made me realize I haven't read 5 books in the past year. My mind has clearly been decayed by reality television.


Gosh, nostalgia, yeah. You know, I remember when you used to be funny.


Tracy Morgan is a poet...

Who's Your Daddy?

We are getting old and with technology's help, in front of everyone.


Love your lists. You speaka my language. May I add a quick list of my own?

Top 5 tv programs from my childhood:

1. The Banana Splits
2. Johnny Quest
3. Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
4. Channel 56's Creature Double Feature on Saturdays
5. The Magic Garden

Captain Dumbass

Isn't it insane how you wake up and realized a decade has just gone by?

Favourite 30 Rock quote: "Shut up or I'll gut you like a taun taun."


5 Saddest Songs of All Time

*Right Out of Your Hand – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Gets me every time; hence, the star.
Colorblind – The Counting Crows
Father and Son – Cat Stevens
Damn you Cat!
The Wolves (Act 1 & 2) – Bon Iver
I Grieve – Peter Gabriel
The beginning part. The latter tends to offer a good resolve.

And if these don’t get the job done, I like to throw in something by Lucinda Williams, preferably, “Are You Down”; or, Whiskeytown. If all else fails, something by The Smiths/Morrissey (should be followed by half an Ambien by that point).

The best book I have read recently: Palimpsest (Vidal).

...great lists, yours.

Account Deleted

Happy early birthday MD. Are you sure you r 41??? May that why your kid food sound so old for me =D, ha ha ha
I will add my own list

Top five morning wake up moment
1. A call from a good friend
2. Got new book from e-library
3. Receiving a notice from Google Reader that Metrodad has written once more! Happy Birthday
4. hot coffee on my table
5. a furry kiss from my cat

Paige Jennifer

When I grow up, I want to write like Lorrie Moore.

I like how you identify Crocs/Uggs/Birks as one. No one who wears them should be permitted to have sex.

Diana Krall's A Case of You always makes me cry. Always.

Lisa F.

Despite your attempts to prove otherwise, it's posts like this that always subtly reveal why you have such a huge following. You're a special and interesting guy. I'm always so happy when I see that you've got a new post up. It really makes my day!


Sriracha Hot Sauce!

Which kind? Chunky or smooth? I prefer the chunky, unless you're having pho.... I like a man who knows his Sriracha!


Oh Happy Birthday! As someone who's starting down the throat of 42, I can tell you that 41 isn't much different than 40. But 42, I hear, is a bitch.


Or, people walking into a mirror and saying, "oh, excuse me." I still laugh about that one and it happened 10 years ago.
The quote from Soren Kierkegaard is so true.
I talk to people in their 80's everyday and they always tell me (age 50), I am just a pup. It always makes my day!

Papa Bradstein

Feel better about joining the 41 club, brother, and write a list of five things you'll never miss about high school...acne, having only other teenagers to hang out with, having seven bosses every day (that change twice a year), having a curfew (even if you ignored it), driver's ed at o'dark thirty


Jean Shorts are the work of the devil, weren't they? Hope you have a happy birthday!


I meant "*AREN'T* they," not "weren't they."

Top 1 thing that makes me sigh: 1. People who mess up comments that aren't very clever to begin with and then come back and correct themselves only to bring unnecessary attention to their originally not very clever comment.


Waiting for just the right moment to pass along that "always be their slave" quote to my 13 year old daughter.


This fat chick loves to go in row boats, and canoes and kayaks too. And this fat chick is going to unbookmark your blog.


I'd bring my tongue scraper on a deserted island b/c not only could I scrape the bacteria off my tongue, I could also remove the scales of the fish I catch for meals! Nothing like a dual purpose utensil! ;-/


Jorts and Crocs: 2 more reasons to saw Florida off from Georgia and send it to Cuba.

Mrs. Q.

Oh, thank you for mentioning jorts. No one knows what the heck I mean. Bluurgh. And I spent two weeks in Austria with my mother's family when I was a kid (in the 80's). No one used Q-tips. I thought I was going to dig out my brain with a pencil.

Parentopia Devra

Right now I am the answer to life, the universe and everything. I cannot help but worry 43 will be a let down.


TV dinners?? really??? I think I was pretending to be an adult the first time I had one.

The shoewear--YES---Crocs are gross, Uggs are ridiculously overpriced and overloved, and birkenstocks...sigh...I can't even form words about them.
I've never heard the word Jorts - but I own a pair. Really, I do. I wore them two wks ago.

I love lists too!! They really are helpful!!

Happy early b-day! 41 isn't bad, it's not like you're 42--THAT would be old! :)


You okay, man?

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