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August 10, 2009


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I love lobster, too. I do not care what someone writes about it.

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That list has a correct sense, I'm disagree with one of the comments I found there but I think that was your personal opinion, that's good.

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You are just brilliant, do you know this?


I like to read your post because it always makes me think. I do not agree with everything that you have said but, I do agree with you about Harry Potter. It is way over rated. It has been going on far too long.

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Becmaha, I don't see how, if you actually read over that list of samples Angelou's 'deathless prose' before posting it, you could possibly think that she's anything OTHER than overrated.

"I sensed a wrongness around me, like an alarm clock had gone off without being set."

Um, yeah man. Profound.

Definitely way, *way* overrated, that woman is.


I never thought that India did not have the resources and power to organise the commonwealth games. What a shame, really, what a shame... feel sorry for all of those who have trained so hard to go there.

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I know your aware on where you are. Glad to know your on the right path.


i think that many MMA fighters fall rlleay on the overrated side. why? well, the sport itself it's pretty new. Only now do we have kids actually growing up practicing MMA per se. Before you took a boxing class here and a wrestling class there. I think that in probably 20 to 30 years time, we will see more of the likes of GSP, Anderson Silva and Machida even though these fighters are rlleay once in a life time talent. But, when you grow up with MMA or you're Born into it, you tend to be deadly.

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We just had Shake Shack twice during our visit to NY, we loved it! Not over rated and def worth the wait! Gotta make the fries chseey too


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I wouldn't nraessceily say it is overrated. Along with a balanced and healthy diet, you need some kind of exercise. If you are trying to lose weight, Calories out > Calories in. Eat less, move more. To move, you should exercise. Drinking, smoking, and stress can all lead to having extra pounds, but since you neither smoke or drink anymore, I am not sure why they are telling you this.


One word. Bologna. Granted, you need to eat right to be thin but working out has many beitfnes including lowering stress levels, blood pressure, cholesterol and it's good for your heart, lungs and joints. Lifting weights helps lower your chances of osteoporosis. The list goes on and on.I'm glad it was a typo. Continue to exercise and eat right.

Julie Downs

Only one glass of champagne per year is not enough for me. There must be more than that. I love champagne more than anything else.


Hello Lisa, I am reasonably new to your blog, so thknas for pointing out those posts, saves me spending ages working through the archives to get to the good bits lol.I think your photos are awesome, and you are kind of funny too, I covet dreams of one day taking photos for a living too, but I have lots of practice to do yet.Loved the post about shopping with your daughter. That just wouldn't happen in our house, if I want to spend quality time with my 9 year old, I have to be prepared to get dirty, and to admire creepy crawly bugs and insects hmmm, not my favourite thing to do, I think I'd rather the shopping!Cheers


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That was great to meet you on the road a few days ago France and Netherlands meet at a traffic light in Maine, USA! Glad I got to ride with you for a few metres. I saw you were back in Portland yesterday, around the Regency. Hope you had a good time in Maine, it's a wonderful state and wonderful for bikers. Have fun in Quebec! and come back to Maine soon Jacques

Norris Magee

Your list is fantastic. The overrated stuff it's easy. It's everywhere these days.


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