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August 03, 2009


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Let me set the stage. I am an HIV social worker in an inner-city hospital. I am about to spend a terrible morning explaining kaposi's sarcoma to an intellectually delayed patient. I begged God for something to lighten my heart. Theeeen I read the Home Depot story. And now I have to figure out how to stop laughing before I go talk to the poor man. Best thing I've heard in months. Thanks for making a tired old social worker giggle incessantly.


I don't know MD. Ever since the divorce, I cannot read this blog the same way I used to. I feel like your entries with BL were just too fake full of media manipulation.

One reason why I loved this blog was because it was honest and truthful.

Jae Young

It would be far more disconcerting to know that 40 year olds would lose their sense of humor just because they turned 40. Then I would be counting the precious years left of my 30s with bated breath.

I would love to play the non sequitur game. However, I actually say things that sound like non sequiturs but are actually responses/comments relating to a conversation that happened like 20 minutes ago.

And dude, you make me feel like a slacker. Take a nap already!!


Well, no more reading your fabulous posts during office hours. I've now confused the hell out of my co-workers by laughing out loud at your friends texts and then (5 seconds later) shedding more than a few years reading about Peanut asking for a hug. Excuse me, I need to go call my Dad now.
A sincere thank you, MD, for the laughs and the tears.


"Chaos Theory: August 2009" was perfect! Great read. Had a little bit of everything.

Hope the new school for your daughter, work, custody schedule, therapy, and the Meet & Greet all go as smoothly as possible. You're doing great.


I can't believe I get to read this for free. Absolute genius. And one funny mofo to boot.


Re Sap - Peanut is confused by your response because she knows the correct answer is "bacon".


Dude, bring your own vodka to the mixer. Like you, I am a very social person, love to hang out friends, cook, drink, enjoy each other's company. I also find the mixers soul-sucking. Wait until you have to take her to the soul-sucking, loud b-day parties. Oy. My daughter also goes to a private school and I am one of the 3 moms in the class who does not drop off the kid in high heels and designer clothes and some giant SUV. And of the few who work.

You are brilliant as always.

Mama Nabi

When/If I find myself in Whole Foods somewhere in your neck of the woods and see someone texting, I will have to assume he/she is a friend of yours.


You're working on the pilot! Remember, no daddy's a dumbass shit. Dying to know if TV Metrodad is Korean.

I have been lucky, there were some interesting parents in the twinbabies classes. But boy, I still am figuring out the whole school parent thing. Hhmm, fodder for show?

Finally, aren't we lucky we get to tell our girls that we fully, without reservation or embarrasment, LOVE them. Can you even imagine your relationship without that?
F'in lucky.
Jesus take the wheel, Yo!!!!

jennifer k

Just discovered your blog earlier this year. I was really close to my dad before my parents divorced. Reading your blog makes me miss him.



As always, it is a pleasure to read your blog. A full range of emotions bubble up almost every time I come here.

Happy memories, sad memories, insane laughter, and the need to educate myself on a new word of the day (since it always seems that your posts contain a word or two that I've never seen before!)

Good luck getting through the next few months. We'll all be anxiously awaiting the new stories of "MD & The P"...


You made me laugh all along the post until the last bit which made me cry. You rock! It's a good thing I'm alone in the office right now.


MD. As much as you (and I) dislike the whole school parent thing you are doing your daughter a TREMENDOUS disservice by not going the extra effort to befriend them. These will be the parents of your daughters closest friends and if you can't get close to some of them you won't be able to arrange playdates with HER friends (as opposed to yours). You'll end up just like your own dad.

baby hair bows

Lols! great blog! I really liked the "first pay check" story. =)

baby bows

In my childhood, I cannot recall any conversation with my father like that. It was always with my mother. Good job dad! Your daughter will love and adore you for as long as she can.


Ooo! Metrodad! Bend over so that I can kiss your ass! You're just that awesome! People, get a fucking life! This guy is so full of himself, and who the fuck cares if he doesn't have a life and lives through his liitle shit kid just like most parents today???


Are you getting divorced? just wondering?


You are a magnificent man, MD. Your posts have been an inspiration and I always enjoy seeing life from your perspective. I do believe that ends are always followed by new beginnings. I hope all is well with you, the peanut, and bosslady. C'est la vie!


Tempting as it was to leave your comment count at 69, I wanted to say:

1. Sorry to hear about your marriage. Marriage is so hard.

2. I like your friends. Poor French girl....

3. A little bit envious that you have so much on the go. Oh, if I had the time, the things I would do that would make Dr. Seuss proud....

4. 5-year-old girl might need new friends. Funny!

5. Thoughts on parenting (especially Macgyvering): Lovely.

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MD, we were really missing you a lot and it’s nice to see you back. Now keep posting your good work, which will encourage us to read and write comments on the blog. You must take time for us. Nice to here that peanut is adjusting well. She is lucky to have you in her life.

Best of luck with everything and keep the Peanut stories coming.

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I just found you post not too long ago. I love to hear about your little girl. You sound like a wonderful dad. I hope there are alot more like you out in the world because we will be raising wonderful children if, there are. I am sure peanut loves to be you weights. Consider it one on one time.


We have good time and we have bad. You will have many more good than bad. Keep looking for the good. I enjoy you post. We are all going through the same times.


Glad that you are back. I love to be apart of your life.


This is such a funny story. I thought that I was the only one with this going on.

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That's pretty scary, about the neertwltess not arriving the first two times, but I get more concerned about ID theft due to people stealing mail from my mailbox -- thus, I take my paid bills in to the post office. So far, they've all gotten to where they were intended to go. Your stories are interesting and your shots of the mailboxes and post office area are nicely done!


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