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July 08, 2009


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This is kind of funny when someone has to put blah, blah, RETIRED NURSE tnhiking that people will be impressed. With me, it is quite the opposite as though you are trying to justify some shortcomings. I say this because I am living proof that it can be completely cured my brother-in-law showed me how because I was thirsty, tired, and I had to urinate all the time. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. It took about 6 months and after 5 months I knew I did not have diabetes anymore. Why? Because I wasn't tired, thirsty, and did not have to urinate all the time anymore.I had not been to the doctor during this time, and kept giving the doctor excuses for not going back. After I decided to go back, my brother-in-law told me not to tell the doctor anything. The doctor did a blood test again and said, That's really strange there is no sign of diabetes in your blood anymore but you know, this happens sometimes Of course it does doc!! LOLIt was through detoxing and good nutrition that I was cured. As the person above mentioned about the sun revolving around the earth, the retired nurse and the others still living in the time when the sun revolved around the earth need to realize what a crock so much modern medicine actually is.The people who are actually curing people of Type 2 diabetes and cancer everyday can be found at.


There are no naturopathic ways to treat or cure daetebis. Some Type 2 s can be controlled by diet and exercise, most with medication (non-naturopathic), and some with insulin (a hormone). Type 1 s are dependent on insulin or they will die within days. Detoxing diets can be dangerous, especially if you do them instead of the prescribed medication. Don't fall for it.


Those are some symptoms of Diabetes. but you can't self treat. This is your life you'd be meissng with. You really need to find a dr. You may be urinating alot and getting thirsty alot because of too much sugar. Nobody can really tell you except a dr. Isn't your life worth the money you would spend on a dr.? If you are, the drs. have samples in their office if you need to be medicated. That helps, not having to pay for meds. Someone with a Glucose meter can tell you if your sugar is high or low but they can't deliver glucose from your Pancreas or regulate your sugar levels like the meds, you probably need, will. Please, go and spend the money, Diabetes is nothing to mess around with. There could be other things going on, also. You just don't know! Good luck!


You cannot self treat dibeates. If you are a type I, you must have a prescription for insulin. If you are a type II, you still must have a prescription for oral medication. It sounds like you know nothing about dibeates, you MUST go to a doctor. And I would advise you to shell out the money to get insurance before (and if) you get a diagnosis, because there is this clause in health insurance called pre-existing condition and you won't be eligible for health insurance, unless it's under a group.If you want, go buy a glucometer (you can get one cheap at wal mart). for a week, check your blood sugar when you wake up, before you eat lunch and before you eat dinner. Your blood sugar sould be between 70-120. At least that way you will have an idea if you need to go to a doctor for DIABETES, however if your blood sugar is normal, something else is going on so you still need to go to the doctor.


Your husband is right white food pcdourts are turned into glucose in the body faster than other foods, thus causing rapid rises in his blood glucose levels. Since this is a new diagnosis, you need to do some research on Type 2 diabetes so that you can help him with his food choices. And, with any new diagnosis, a referral to a diabetic dietitian is almost always made. These dietitians are found in most hospitals and he needs to make an appointment to get some food counseling so that he can utilitize the diabetic diet correctly. And, Asians who do NOT have diabetes can process this blood glucose spike without problem. It is only those who have a problem with decreased insulin production in the body and then are diagnosed with diabetes.


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No. Every new method (that have not even come out yet) reueriqs a blood sample. The one you speak of is still be tested, and there have been several problems with it .


They don't. Most just boost up the levels of icffeane in your body so that your metabolism is higher. The same effect can be done by drinking a couple cups of coffee.They are normally safe, but are not monitored well by the FDA and if you have any heart problems they can have serious effects.References :


Maybe you should make this into an image smsiubsion site, one where people can post unique and fun pony images and others can comment on them. Not like ponibooru but like a tumblr and an image poster.


I say you just have an infinite loop of tiliightlwcious here and maybe a counter for either how many times a single person watched the clip, or for how many total loops have been gone through.


There are NO benefits of chkceing your blood sugar on a daily basis UNLESS you are diabetic. Your wonderfully made body automatically keeps your blood sugar at normal levels unless you have a disorder such as diabetes.


If you're in the US, visit(the Health Resources and Services Administration) . Enter your zip code or other data to find a free/low cost health cnteer near you. Such cnteers usually have diabetes clinics that arrange for free meters and free prescriptions. Also Walmart and some other locations offer generic versions of popular diabetic drugs for $4 for a month's supply or $10 for a 3-month supply.Lynnbodo is right about the real cost being in the testing strips which range in price anywhere from about 50 cents each to a dollar or more each. That adds up FAST. The free glucose meters are to get you into their particular system.As humorist Tom Lehrer put it in his song The Old Dope Peddler , He gives the kids free samplesBecause he knows full wellThat today's young innocent facesWill be tomorrow's clientele' I'm not knocking diabetes testing. I do plenty of it myself. If you're doing it on your own and not through the HRSA website above, where you can do your brother a favor is in finding an accurate meter that uses quality test strips that can be found at discount rates. For a listing of accurate meters, see:The online pricing system is bizarre and often the 50 test strips sell for less than 1/2 the price of the 100 test strips, so buying 2 packs of 50 strips can be cheaper than buying 1 pack of 100. Go figure. Search Amazon.com for some good deals. Be sure to check the ratings and recommendations of the seller, because sometimes they sell test strips that have expired and you'll read about such negative experiences in the reviews. Find a seller who has a reputation for getting you test strips that are good for a year. A little online effort can save you big bucks over time. The worst place (highest price, often double that online) to purchase test strips is normally at a pharmacy and that includes Walgreens and Walmart pharmacies.

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My father, too, is giving me advice that are sometimes hard to follow. But along the way, I do realize that he is right. I always believe that parents know best. That is the reason why I always follow them.


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My advice is to forgive: yourself and everyone around you. And to love and respect the earth - its the only one we've got.


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