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June 30, 2009


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Papa Bradstein

Dude, Ripley would tear your head off and make you do 100 behind the back pullups if you tried to sit around in your underwear, but you keep on dreaming about her.

Nice list.


I think Proust would be very sad doing this interview. I can see him now, pouting while drinking and mumbling under his breath about the pissy tudes in NYC.


This might be the funniest interview I've ever read. Thanks for the laughs, MD!


Let me get this straight. In one post, you've managed to reference The Fountainhead, Point Break, Raymond Carver, John McEnroe, Robert Evans and Frank Serpico. Is it any wonder I have a crush on you?

mr. big dubya

Wade Garrett - Mijo!

"That gal's got entirely too many brains to have an ass like that."


JJ Daddy-O

For your next interview, I will wear a Bill O'Reilly mask and berate you with pithy wing-nuttery like "pinhead!" or "turn off his mike!". We'll see if that produces a suitably tense atmosphere to elicit some bold NYC freestylin' answers...


Oh please, is it really up for discussion? Chuck Norris would totally lose based on body hair. Have you not seen Way the Dragon? And Dominique Francon, really? I lost respect for her after she basically let Roarke rape her. I know it's Roarke, but still, ugh.

Janet K.

"The one time I tried Viagra recreationally, I got a massive erection...the next day." That might be one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

JC Loco

I thought only depressed people lived in New York.... hmmm they do! But if all of them were as funny as you, it would almost make it bearable to live there.


"Hirsute basketball phenom, Teen Wolf." Ha! And I completely get that... he was "rad."


I'm going with Batman.

Lena K.

You must be pretty successful in the fashion business, MD, because you're one of the funniest and most talented writers around. This interview was hilarious. My husband and I laughed our asses reading this over breakfast today. Thanks for getting our day off to a great start!

Black Hockey Jesus

I was at this cheesy exhibition that meant nothing. Vitus Gerulaitis served wide, hit my foot, and McEnroe screams "GET YOUR FOOT OFF THE COURT!!!!!" I was maybe 13.

I love John McEnroe.


I hate cities. I particularly don't care for New York. I think an early exposure to the loathesome, whiney, incestuous Woody Allen must have indellibly stereotyped and tainted the whole city for me.

I love deer hunting, atv's, fishing, camping, and firearms. Other than nascar and mindlessly aggressive nationalism, I exhibit the majority of the traits in the redneck phenotype.

So why then do I like your blog so much?



Tatonka! Mwahh!!! Thanks for making my afternoon.


I believe quite clearly that the last time you were in LA was to move me back to NY.

Jane of Maine

Haha - looks like your wife got you there!


I'd so want to date (and marry!) Howard Roark. That dude's a hero.


"Tatonka!" LMAO


"Dickface" is one of my favorite derogatory names. That and "assfuck". Kills me when people don't know the rule. Those who are exiting [a subway, bus, elevator, small space] have the right of way to those who are entering. Assfucks.


My favorite derogatory name has to be 'fuckchop'. It's a bit like "you fat fuckin porkchop" all in one tight little bundle of anger.

great interview. 1st commentator was right, though. Ripley would kick your ass (or mine).


MD... you are L.I.V.I.N.


Kudos my fellow NYer. there is no where like it in the world and yet it is terrible and fantastic at the same time. I've got toddlers, so glad to see you are still able to hit the bars.


Hilarious post as always! I'd have some odd answers if I had an interviewer ask similar questions of me for whatever they wrote for.

Big Pumpkin

hahaha....I agree, only a tough, controversial interview would boost the arrogant ego enough to give yourself a pat on the back :-P


After living in NYC for three years, I had to move back to my nice neighbourhood in Toronto to get mugged. True story. though I did get accosted by a crazy, filthy, wheelchair-bound man in the rain once, so there's that, at least. had a nice filthy handprint on my shirt to show for it, too.


you are unbelievably funny. i still have to think twice when i hear "citifield". i miss shea.


One of the best interviews I've ever read. The Tatonka story is hilarious.

Father Muskrat

*Father Muskrat stands atop the Empire State Building and screams in a dialect that requires subtitles down at Metro Dad*

"Metro Dad! Metro Dad! I am Father Muskrat! Do you see that I am your friend? Can you see that you will always be my friend!?"


MD, you always make me laugh, but the Road House reference is classic. I mean, a cheezy eighties movie that I have seen a million times (thank you TBS) and I found someone other than my college roommate and myself that know it well. Tatonka is classic, he had to love that one.

"I thought you'd be bigger"


Rene P.

I love that Carver quote. It's one of my favorites. How weird that you chose it also. Have you ever even mentioned Carver before on the site? You have great taste in literature.


You make me laugh. But being from LA and having never been to NYC, you're really my only exposure to New Yorkers. . .

And Batman. . . all the way.


"Hey, dickface. Can you let me off the fucking subway before you try to squeeze your fat ass inside?"

One of my top 5 pet-peeves!!!


"where do you summer?"... Ahem... Come on... Even if the question uses a season as a verb... You have to give a shout out! You are truly a hamptonite...(is that a word?).


This is the funniest shit I have read in a long time! Also, I think "fuckchop" is my new fav word.


smart funny dude, you hate LA (even more cred toyou)...but what do you think of Sydney, Australia?

A. Karno

Staying at the Chateau Marmont
was your first mistake.
If one must come here for business, one stays at a funk palace in Venice beach, or at Shutter's. Where you can see Russia from Santa Monica Pier.

Small Chest Freezers

I have never visited NYC, but it is hard to believe that people are really like that in New York. I hope you, and all the others, are making it sound worst than it really is. If Not......well, good luck!


I am glad that you moved back to NY, and I think you have a very good humor. You seem to be a loving kind hearted person, who loves his daughter and likes to be alone from time to time. I think that is great.


Great Story! Thank You for the daily laugh. I always enjoy reading your post. Very nice.

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Incredible is an understatement for the phoatgropher Nicole is. She does an amazing job and is awesome to work with. We were EXTREMELY happy with these pictures, as I knew we would be. We can't wait to see what she does for the wedding and can't wait for her to celebrate with us! Not only is she very talented at what she does, i'm proud that she's one of my good friends <3 Thanks Nic!


WOW Nicole!!! These are AMAZING!!! they seem like such a fun and cute couple!!! Have fun shotiong their wedding (cant wait to see those pictures!!!


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