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April 29, 2009


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Awesome. So, when you're barely awake, is your aim good enough to break the turd apart and push it around the bowl? No?


She's going to LOVE that photo in 15 years, MD. How could she not?


She's like a female version of my 4 year old son "El Chupa Cabra" What is it with 4 year olds and their obsession with all things poop related?


You only got 53 comments here. Maybe you're not so special. ;-p

I laughed out loud three times, in case you're into statistics. I especially liked the punchline about payback because it helps me with my unsurety over leaving up posts that will one day be embarrassing. Ya-- why SHOULD I feel bad? I used to hallucinate while I was awake because of the sleep deprivation. (Incidentally, my most common hallucination was that my baby son was talking to me in Spanish. No, I don't speak Spanish.)

And Peanut is sooo adorable. Love her side-swept hair.


Damn, Peanut is getting big! She is a doll! Anyway MD looking out for the yearly allergy post. What gives? Find a cure? I'd love to know about it! Sincerely, Fellow Gusher/Can't Fricken Breathe/Spring is Here Again Reader


Payback's a bitch is a great lesson for all of us! She's too cute, MD!


i wish i had such amusing things to write about, she sounds awesome.


My 7 year old boy loves to leave presents in our toilets. I can't seem to get him to flush. Between both my boys and my husband, there is a bit of obsession over crap. My oldest considers the bathroom his office and retires there after school for 45 minutes each day. My husband has spoiled the kids with cottonelle wet ones, and my youngest leaves gifts...HELP!

Jee K.

Every time I read your blog, one of the only thoughts running through my head is that someday I would love to have a daughter just like yours. I know she's going to drive me crazy, but with a funny, beautiful, intelligent little girl like that, who cares?

I love your blog ^^ I come here whenever I'm overwhelmed, like now, when I should be studying, and just reread all the older entries. They crack me up every time!


Your little peanut is so adorable...I'm sure she will appreciate your sense of humor in 15 years...love your blog!!!


This is a very funny post and cute picture. Hey, all the joys of parenting. At least she has a sense of humor. Love reading them.


This is very ironic, I'm 24 now and I used to do the exactly the same thing to my dad. Granted, I only do milder versions now.. ie: dutch oven instead of leaving "presents.."

Spontaneous Mini

You guys are such adorables!!
Love the Peanut but I guess love you bit more for sharing such precious moment with all of us. How is the Sitcom deal coming up?


loved this post metrodad! visiting ur space after ages so have a lot to catch up on...
...and how it goes?

the mad momma

you know why i love you so? because you do the things the rest of us dont have the balls to. i put up a picture of my son on the toilet, when he was 2. the indian blogging moral police drove me nuts and i finally took it down.


Oh, wow...I'm still laughing after reading that one. My 2 1/2 year old is so much fun, and I can hardly wait to see what she comes with as those brain connections keep growing. I definitely see a lot of "potty" humor in her future...

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AWWWWWWE! She is so Cute! It sounds like she's hazing you to be a part of her sorority. Kind of like a right of passage :)


This is so cute. I have forgotten all of the fun things that they do. I now have a grandson that holds me down, so I will not leave the bed as soon as he falls asleep. If, I try to move his arm from around my neck, he wakes up and holds on to me closer. The game is now, when I put him down for his nap, I have to go to sleep, too. Kids are great!


This is so funny. You take it so well. Wait until she grows up and sees this. I do not think she will think this is funny, but I do.

Annie Leibovitz

It's was so funny I remember my little brother on that..


Happy birthday to your mom-in-law, Beth! So many stmiohengs and someones to celebrate if it was my bday how to pick? Hmm OLLIE! I celebrate him every day of the year. Also, I found out this morning a pastor I LOVE is cancer-free following surgery last week. It hasn't spread anywhere else. A massive reason to celebrate, bday or not.


I'm not far behind you (32w5d) thuogh I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead on top of that! And I soooo understand this is #4 and I've avg 60lbs a baby! ack! I'm so big this time even the longer shirts don't fit!Anyhow, congrat's and great blog! (followed thru from moms of grace)


What a wonderful erxoessipn of love! It was nice to read. It was my oldest daughter's 16th birthday this weekend. We did some silly stories but not as much reminiscing as I wish we had now as I read your post. It is a good healthy thing to do though. Thanks for the reminder.


to the nurses I about got tears in my eyes! I hear ya about scoohl I don't want to do it ALL summer and I'm praying we can cram a bit here and there to finish at a decent time! Nice to see an update from you!


Just Call Me Relieved .To have found your review of this drefdaul book. Yeah, I think there are some good basic anecdotes in it, like having a thankful attitude, smiling at my husband and showing him that I'm thankful for him, etc., but as a thirty-two-year-old (Jewish, albeit Christian ) single mother of a brilliant autistic eight-year-old boy, I more or less wanted to put my head in the oven after I read CTBHHM. I have known for the past 15 months that God is preparing me for marriage, and it was in an eagerness to please Him, as well as to gain insight into the special secret ingredients that make up a good wife that I picked up the book in the first place. I should have known better. I never have liked (but felt pressured into adhering to) the Pearls' theology, but I really wanted to do the right thing. Sadly, according to Debi Pearl, as a single mother, not only have I committed the worst imaginable sins in order to arrive at my lowly status (must've somehow impregnated myself while in the troes of some delerious, lustful rebellion never mind the CONTEXT or HISTORY, or, gasp, BIOLOGY/DUAL NATURE OF HETEROS*XUAL INTERCOURSE involved in pregnancy), I have a ragged hair cut, I dress cheaply, I desperatly cling to whatever soul-crushing, un-inspiring job I can find because I am a slave to my morbid, tawdry, Godless past and now will forever be bound to it, I wear too much make-up, I seek companionship in the arms of other single mothers (!!!), my kid is an unlovable, uncontrollable brat that no man wants to step-father, I leave him with my weird boyfriends when I have to work, and I can look forward to a future of lonliness and rejection as eligable men look over my head at younger women with no strings attatched and I drive myself to the doctor's office when I have a lump in my breast because my angry, self-absorbed, neglected son is too invloved in s*x and drugs to care about me.Yow.I don't know about anyone else, but I in particular am VERY good at morbid future-gazing without the help of anyone else. With what I have been through in life so far, I don't think I would still be alive if I believed that Debi Pearl's view of me was God's view of me. Praise Him, He loves me so much more than what is presented in this book. I don't like to constantly defend or justify myself, but DP's bigoted, unjust and bitterly unkind take on single mothers is enough for me to Just Say No to the Pearls. I've wasted enough of my money and time.


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I can't bileeve you're not playing with me--that was so helpful.


Justina - Stephanie, I am so happy for you. He is so adorable. Don't worry im not TOOOOOOO upset you are tainkg time off to care for your child and wont be tainkg pictures of Baby John IF HE EVER COMES! haha. No really enjoy every second of being a mommy. Maybe if you can slow down I can learn how to also. August 30, 2012 2:11 pm


Joanne Zahn - Steph, you are a beaming Mama and I am so very happy for you, Mark and Sydney !!! I am so glad to see you tanikg a break, really I promise ha ha! Even if it means missing our favorite photographer for a while Nothing beats this Enjoy every second!!!!!!!!!!!!!August 30, 2012 2:43 pm


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