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March 08, 2009


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Lisa K.

As much as I love Obama, his campaign slogan "Change We Can Believe In" made me cringe every time I saw or heard it.


Be the change, MD, Be the change...

The one that makes me crazy regularly is "currently right now," which everyone seems to say lately. Argh!

dana michelle

OK, I've been lurking for several months, but this one brought me out of hiding.

Love that they changed the sign! I, too, am a grammar freak, and can't believe how many errors I come across on a daily basis. Just today, I received a beautifully designed e-mail invite to an event at our zoo that read, in great big letters, mind you, "Your Invited"! Yikes!

The one that drives me insane is people that mean "I couldn't care less", but say "I could care less". It makes absolutely no sense that way, and it drives me friggen' bonkers!!! Aaaaiiiiieeee!!!!!


Dude. You took a picture of the "bad" sign. Why? Just in case they fixed it one day, and you'd have a before and after? HA! You ARE crazy.

I'am almost to scarred to leave a comment just in case i make me some grammer arrors.


Father Muskrat

That is damned awesome.

I like to give business with incorrectly-written signs an "upper decker" (meaning I shit into the tank part of the commode and let it float indefinitely).


OMG! Amanda is right. You took a photo of the "bad" sign before you knew they changed it.

That is too funny, MD!

I have a friend who does the same exact thing. Whenever she sees a public instance of bad grammar, she takes a photo with her iphone and sends it to me immediately. We both live in Los Angeles (which might very well be the Incorrect Grammar Capital of the World.) Honestly, we find about 10 mistakes a day in the L.A. Times.


I must be a total nerd because I would love to meet a man who liked to read the dictionary for fun.

Simon G.

You are too funny, MD. I really think you're becoming the Tina Fey or Larry David of daddy blogging.

...And that's a compliment!

Keep up the hilarious work.


You are one of "those" people!!!!
I've always been afraid of grammar nerds because I can see them cringe a bit whenever I speak.
Very cool, though, that Whole Foods actually took the advice of a consumer and modified the sign.


Oh bless you, MD. Bless you bless you.

And Will Shortz blesses you too.


Great. If I win the auction, I'm going to be just miming all night.


You're my kind of nerd, MD! I would have done the same thing. So cool that Whole Foods changed it based on your comment.


I always love the titles of your posts. So clever!


Grammar nuts FTW!

Seriously, that gives me hope that the seemingly insurmountable mountain of bad grammar is still vanquishable. Thank you, GrammarMetroDad!


This so reminds me of a story about my MIL. She once got her grocery store to stop stocking pre-packaged salads by writing a different note in their suggestion box.


I totally understand the grammar thing! I've left comments two times on celebrity-babies.com and they've corrected their articles both times!! hee hee. Everyone is so afraid to use "me" or "him". I can't tell you how satisfying that was....

Does that make me a total nerd?




Jennie S.

You're truly a man after my own heart, MD. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Good grammar is damn sexy!


OMG!!! I'm a delighted co-grammer-geek. You have no idea how many times I've corrected that particular one, Less v. Fewer. That is heartwarming, really.

My biggest contention is it's v. its, found in even the most intelligent people and on the most widely published pieces and signs. (I almost ended that last line with "err on." Fixed into an entirely new structure rather than bore people with the "on which....." etc.) Found it misused in a zoo on their signage, even. ARRRRRRRRRG.

My affliction started with my mom, but really grew while working under an old-time expert proofreader at a newspaper I can't name. She was a strange person who looked like she'd spontaneously combust out of sheer ambient anxiety, even if nothing were found wrong. She practically rapped your knuckles with a pointer if you were caught letting even the tiniest point slip. She made me what I am today.... what's your excuse?




hahaha. Nice one. You should walk around the city and peg similar errors. Take Photos and make a coffee table book of errors. Sort of a where's waldo of grammar. Great post.

Kris T

I'm also a grammar nerd, but even more so, a spelling nerd. People who cannot spell seriously confound me. This is a serious question....when did someone change the spelling of "cancelled" (this is how I learned it) to canceled ???? It changes almost daily on our local news shows....and well while I do live in Las Vegas (not Vegas btw) I would like to think people could spell cancelled.


I'm an middle school English teacher, and I cannot tell you how happy your post made me. Hooray for grammar nerds!


I cannot believe I had a grammatical error. Ack!

Super Mega Dad

I know I'm probably giving away a secret here, but the "normals" just do this stuff to piss off the grammer nerds. We randomly sprinkle bad grammer here and there just to keep you on your toes. :)


Oh man. I'm gonna un-make your day then. Take a look at this link:


I came across this link when I was planning my trip to Disneyland Japan. All it took was one glance at the first sentence and the next and the next. It's so bad it's good. It's not even grammatically wrong anymore. It's just plain WRONG. Hilariously wrong. I love it.


I'm a grammar freak unto myself. I meant to say "I came across this link while I was planning my trip to Disneyland Japan", not when.

This, "All it took was one glance at the first sentence and the next and the next." also doesn't look quite right so I would like to strike that off please.

I typed my earlier comment just as my daughter was waking up from her nap and didn't have to proof-read. Excuses, excuses.

The worst thing about being so particular about grammar is that I check my writing repeatedly for errors and cringe at my mistakes, hoping to correct them before anyone spots them.


ARGH!!!! It never ends! I suck at proof-reading!

I meant to say "didn't have time to proof-read."

MetroDad, I'm sorry about clogging up your comments page. I shan't comment anymore (unless I spot another mistake, that is).


Score one for the grammarians. Nice work, MD!


Next, maybe you can talk to the self-important cyclists behind the "One Less Car" stickers.


Why does everyone use the word "reticent" for "reluctant?" I must have heard that about 10 times in the past couple of months. WTF? Also, I have a good friend who is otherwise very articulate and bright, but has, as part of her outgoing phone message, "please leave a message where I can reach you at." I cringe when I hear it, but can't figure out a way to tell her without embarrassing her and making myself look like an anal-retentive grammar prude.



There's a whole website devoted to public instances of bad grammar and incorrect spelling. It's enough to make you want to blow your brains out.


Deana D

My pet peeve is when people mix up "then" and "than." Drives me bonkers.


By the way, in reading through the comments I was struck by how many women get all hot and bothered for a skilled gramarian (I was going to say "cunning linguist" but figured that was inappropriate). That would have emboldened me back when I was allowed to pursue such opportunities. And here I thought I was just a dork. I guess women just don't find a dangling participle attractive.

I appologize. I had a rough day of meetings.

Dave again.


Oops. I meant Grammarian. So much for my nerd appeal.


i didn't know anything was even wrong with that, that's what written at all the markets i go to. "fewer" sounds funny to me now.


I've been lurking for a while, but the chance to air my favorite grammar grievance has drawn me out. Looping announcement in the Oakland Airport: "To prevent the transport of dangerous items without your knowledge, please keep your bags with you at all times." One reason to be glad I don't live in the Bay Area anymore.

Derek W.

No wonder my wife has a crush on you...

Derek W.

Oh, aside from the grammar thing, she also likes to read the dictionary for fun!


As Barney from HIMYM would say, "Awesome".


My pet peeves in this category include the following:
- "and/or" (http://www.geocities.com/thorin.geo/and_or_invalid.html)
- people that can't figure out "there, their, and they're"

Daddy Geek Boy

My big one is "breathe" and "breath". I see it all of the time (from professional writers no less) and it always makes me cringe.


Woo hoo for you! While I can abide, and often even participate in, poor grammar verbally, it drives me nuts when it's been PRINTED on a sign for all to see.




LOVED this post. Always nice to meet a fellow grammar nerd.


Here is another super super annoying one:
"He was at the gym twice or three times a day. He was on a nutrition and workout regime for the last year not knowing if he would be in this film."


I forgot to mention that that one was a quote from an actress on people.com.

Leslie K

I wish I had money to bid on that dinner with you. We could have geeked out and discussed grammar all night!


A new shop in the mall that I work near has "Fashions design with you in mind" on their sign. My grammar has never been great but this one really bugs me. Kudos to you on being a grammar nerd!


That's odd. Most Whole Foods stores I've seen have "fewer" written in place of "less".

BTW..."If SOMEONE in conversation improperly said "if" when THEY should have used "whether" is a pronoun-antecedent agreement error. :P
I'd like to think I am as obsessed with good grammar as you, but the reality is that my students are still making this mistake in their papers despite having learned the concept twice in just this school year.

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