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March 22, 2009


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Tanya C.

Hilarious! I laughed out loud at practically every single item. Best list ever.


How do you come up with this stuff? I love it.


Absolutely priceless. I can't get over how big she is now.


She's soooo pretty, MD. I remember reading your blog when she was so tiny and learning to roll over for the first time. More photos please!

Amy Sue Nathan

#19! Hey Peanut - me too. And I'm way more than 4.


What a great post! Super clever - from the perspective of your daughter. Love it!


best 25 random things list i have read in the last months. i almost feel like you interviewed her for this. thanks for the laugh, metrodad!


Hahaha...diapers make my butt look big. You have to use that as a tagline for your charity line of onesies!


I love: I'm a Mac, not a PC. The Peanut is my kind of girl.

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Precious Peanut!


OMG, all my friends and family did this Facebook meme. The Peanut's list is better than all of theirs...combined! Funny idea, MD.


You're like the cutest dad in the world. It's so clear how much you love the Peanut. She's lucky to have you and the BossLady as parents.

the new girl

I have to dig up that picture I took of my kid reading the DSM-IV.

Great list.

Captain Dumbass

Good luck with the rest of your life, MD.


Awesome, MD! Best FB list I've seen yet.

What the heck is Capt. Dumbass talking about?


What does it say about me that I'm 27 and at least 30% of these could have been part of MY 25 random things? The Peanut is beautiful, MD. I can see why she's got you wrapped around her little finger. Great post.


Hilarious! She is so cute. I've got a great 2 1/2 year old who can represent #9. Today he spent a good chunk of time at the park making sand angels...


I loved this post! What a great idea, MD.


My great-uncle wrote What Color is your Parachute.

Rachel C.

Hilarious post. Definitely the best "25 Random Things" list that I've read so far. You're a clever guy, MD.


Peanut, just for your own information - a pony is very difficult to park in Manhattan! It may not be worth it.

Hygiene Dad

Proving once again why I think you are most brillant writer EVER.

(Peanut, just cut & paste this on your wall.)


Omg! I am totally crying and doing peanut's #1 because I am laughing so hard! We miss you guys!!!


i've read a ton of these lists and by far, Peanut's list is hands down the most interesting and funniest!! #15: def my kind of gal!

Maternal Mirth

Best. List. Ever.

Emily Campbell

As usual, my coworkers are looking at me funny while I read your blog and snort with laughter. I loved this post!

Papa Bradstein

3B hears you on #11, but he's fascinated by the Roomba and loves to flip it over to look at its innards. 3B also says that if you hadn't won on #20, you could have come over to share his princess gummy vites...but of course you won. Same for #23...and if he's not in the mood to share his guitar right then, there's always the ukulele, fiddle, saxophone...and he'll tell you how to win that battle with Santa too.



Gibberish Momma

Thank you for the morning chuckle. Very clever post!


Best 25 Random Things list I've read yet. That Peanut is a funny girl.


I'm still giggling 5 minutes later :)

Oh, The Joys

We are trying very hard not to tell anyone about our The number 12's in the House of Joy as well.


Awesome. I see similarities with my soon-to-be-3-yr-old here.

At least she can type and use "inane" correctly without mistaking it for "insane." Peanut is totally gifted (like all children, per their parents)!

Liberal Banana

Very cute!

Is Play-Do an off-brand Play-Doh? ;)


::snicker:: I love the Mac and electrical outlet ones. Actually one of my bosses was just relating a similar birdy one today about his daughter.

Toddler Language Development

What good of the peanut is. It's stated that : I'm only four but I've changed career paths twenty times already. Even though you are 4 but you must be an excellent toddler. thank you.


I leave this comment only because I know you will appreciate it.

#20 - "Guess who won," is a command, not a question. Therefore it should end with a period.


aaahhh you crack me up!


I would love to have my two-year-old write one of these.

#1 Peeing on the sofa without my diaper on.

#2 Eating ketchup straight from the bottle.

.... so on and so forth...


this is so so so funny. best thing i have ever read about anyones 25 things! lol


This was totally awesome! Best list ever.


awww.. that was sooo cute!!

twenty eleven.. LOL


You crack me up, MD.


Hilarious - found your blog via Supermommy. Excellent!


she is freaking adorable.

creative type dad



This is so cute!


Odd thing is... No less that 13 of these applied to me in my senior yr of college.

Great Shot BTW.

I'm always tempted to write "What Colour Is Your Cheese?" and "Who Moved The Parachutes?"


This is very funny. "Vacuum cleaners and paper shredders scare the crap out of me." - This must be universal.

I thought I'd share my own 25 things here.


you should do one for MetroDog!

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