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January 11, 2009


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Hello from a childless 20-something in Sydney, Australia.


Live from Burbank... My kid's equally hilarious but hates being laughed at. She's 3, but she can usually tell whether you're laughing at her or with her. So we end up stifling, turning our heads and walking into other rooms.


Greetings from Kuala Lumpur! Been reading your blog for two years and have never commented. Thanks for allowing me to delurk.

Chad Skelton

I feel like a lemming for being another delurker now, but just wanted to say this post made me chuckle. Not to overanalyze the thing, but I've often wondered why humour operates so differently at different ages. I've occasionally watched a movie or TV show that I remember finding hilarious in my youth and wondering what in the world I thought was funny about it.


Delurking from Ann Arbor, MI!
I'm actually a high school student, but after my (also HS student) friend showed me your blog, I could't stop reading it. It's funny and I like your social commentary (even if I don't agree some times) because it's rare (for me) to find such articulate and witty opinions about little stuff that matter (manners). I also adore the Peanut! Does she really talk like that? I've never ever met a kid that talks like that.

--xh-- aka aNoop

ok, i am de-lurking myself :) I love the peanut stories - the humor is what got me hooked... and man, i love ur blog :) it is a laughter riot...

I am from Kerala, india.


Delurking from San Francisco! It's so heartwarming to read about your daughter and the complete love you have for her.


Seattle, WA
Thanks for such a great blog!


hey metrodad, i'm delurking from singapore while waiting for my 3.5 yr old to wake up so i can spring the noun+head thing on him.



Dum dum head was also quite hilarious yet powerful.


Originally from Malaysia, currently studying in London. Peanut is so funny! :)

Lady M

Delurking from California. I love your stories! And thanks especially for the link to video about that dancing-around-the-world guy. Made my day.


Hello from Singapore! keep up the fantastic and super funny posts! =)


A warm delurking g'day from hot hot Perth, Western Australia! I enjoy reading your blog and the sense of humour conveyed - and second Jessica's comment to blog more often. Thank you for making us smile each time.

Kim N

Nothing makes my kids laugh more than seeing someones butt crack hang out above their pants. They also like to take pictures of my backside (clothed of course) with their digital camera and they sit and stare at their pictures and laugh hysterically. I am near Seattle.


My niece used to poke me in the eye *hard*, when I was asleep to wake me up. Once I was awake, she would put her finger next to my face and say I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you..." because she knew I hated it. Her worst habit was licking my arm when I wasn't paying attention. That was gross but she would laugh and laugh. Ugh.


Hi from East Malaysia, Sabah. You are hilarious!

My niece Vea, is a 4 year old too. She thinks its funny to run real fast into a wall literally smacking her face and asking questions like "If you don't like that pants, WHY DID YOU BUY IT?"

College student de-lurking from los angeles. Your blog is hilarious and I need a good laugh every now and then.



Loving your blog and really wishing you would post more! If you do... I promise to comment more :-)


Delurking from Hong Kong (as well) to tell you that I think for most of your readers its the funny that keeps bringing us back! love your blog.


Delurking from Down Under to say hi :-)


The Peanut is as funny as she is adorably cute. I get the same lame jokes and name calling from my 4 1/2 y.o. son and his preschool friends, btw. =)

Pasadena, CA.


I'm from Sydney, Australia and I love your blog, but tell me honestly- what are the chances my future kid will turn out exactly like yours?


Delurking From India.Single female and no kids,yet I keep coming back for your posts ever so often!! :-)


Just saying hi from Sydney, Australia. Heard about your blog via karencheng.com.au



Thanks for the stories and insights. It makes my life as father more enjoyable & I remember why we have children. As a father of three boys (6,4&2) I sometimes wonder. Usually I do not have time to to comment, but today I will. For ultimate laughter get a whoopee cusion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whoopee_cushion This was their favorite Christmas gift(even better than the DS)
The two oldest laughed so hard when I continously "accidentally" sat on their well placed cushion, so they peed in their pants shrieking with laughter and tears in their eyes. Keep up the writing.

Mats, Norway.

jess (fushmush)

Delurking from London (originally from Sydney Australia). My friends kids went through the knock knock stage. I must admit I found it giggle-worthy. (Maybe I'm a 4 year old at heart.)


Bendigo, Australia.

Thanks for bringing a few extra smiles into my life!


Hello from Singapore!

You're hilarious, Dude!


Delurking from London. The real one.

I'm also a young single, child-less woman. I can't get enough!


OMG the bad knock knocks KILL. ME. Seriously, they piss me off, but I can't really be pissed about something so ridiculous, and trying to teach her the whole point of knock knocks is like trying to teach a brick wall to mix me up a decent mojito, so I have given up. Instead, we have the weird noise cheap laugh, and newly, the insane dancing path to seeing mom on the floor howling with laughter.


(Oh, and from toronto)


delurking from London, England, but i'll soon be lurking from KL, Malaysia :)


Delurking from Israel. Your kid cracks me up.


Have two girls, 3 and almost 1. Living in Tokyo now, but used to live in NYC. Started reading shortly after my first daughter was born. Love how you find humor in every aspect of parenting. Favorite post was the one about the parent types at a NYC playground. So right, and so funny!


Delurking from West Cork, Ireland.

My daughter is not quite 3 but she likes any slapstick humour, funny faces, making up silly songs and stories, etc. I'm looking forward to her embarrassing us in public like your lovely Peanut.


De-lurking from Rome, Italy. I have been enjoying your writing for some time now.

We are just entering the 'butt' joke phase in our household and much hilarity ensues when we ask our 3 1/2 year old daughter to do the sniff-test on her 8-month old baby brother.

Luckily, butt jokes translate pretty easily so everyone in the family can enjoy...

Jessie Raj


Seventeen,college student.

Can rarely even imagine the possibilty of having a little rugrat one day but stories of the Peanut makes me think,why not?

P.S,reading your blog gives me a huge smile that often lasts quite a while.

P.P.S,Got to know about this space through Karen Cheng :)

SciFi Dad

Toronto, Ontario.

And, I laugh at people who stub their toes too.


everything you mentioned are favs in this house too. (our girls are very close in age) the farting though isnt funny till she sits on ones lap or has her butt close to someones face...taught by older brother.

elkhart, indiana


Holy crap, that was a lot of scrolling down to get to the comment box! I'm in Ontario. :)


From Singapore! Peanut has personality!


Delurking from Melbourne Australia - started reading your blog about 1.5 years ago just after I found out that I was going to be a dad, and have been enjoying it ever since. My fave post was probably the one from July 07 titled 'MORE NON-SEQUITUR RAMBLINGS OF A 2.5 YEAR-OLD!' (part one).

FYI, as I discovered to my surprise this afternoon, spinning a megablock on the floor and then crying out 'Yes!!!' as it goes is freaking hilarious to an 11 month old boy. :-)

Thanks for the entertaining posts, and as per other offers, if you and yours find your way to this part of the world, feel free to claim a beer.


P.S. It's interesting that so many of your readers appear to come from what are considered the world's most livable cities (Melbourne, Vancouver, etc).


An expat delurking from Brussels, Belgium. Sometimes I feel like all I hear from parents is complaining about their kids so I love to read how you seem to enjoy parenthood so much. Please write more!


Bonjour from a tiny village in the south of France. I haven't commented as often as I should even though I've been following your blog for a while now.

Love the blog.


Also writing from DC. Thanks for making parenting seem so fun!


Murray Hill dad here. Been reading forever but have never commented. First found your site when it was mentioned in the WSJ. Keep up the great writing.

Laura Driver


We have several variations of the Noun + "Head" = Funny and we tried knock knock jokes yesterday which went a little like ...

Knock knock, who's there?, Me, Me who?, Knock knock

It was a vicious circle of knocks ... followed by ... Why did the chicken cross the road? To go to the shoe shop.

This is met by my straight face and the 4 year old asking why I'm not laughing. I realise that this is the end of the joke and fake a laugh.


from malaysia. got the link from karen cheng, no i m not married, no i dun have kids, n trust me i m too young to have kids. kids-me? not a good combination.
anyways ur girl is cute. is it true after marriage, its all bout the next generation, and ur wife only gets attention from u once a year (anniversary blog), pls, pay more attention to ur wife, or else u will really scare me away from getting married

S. Hirschorn

Come to Montreal and the beers are on us. My wife and I have twins about the same age as the Peanut. We've been loyal readers for years (but, of course, have never commented until now.)

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