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January 11, 2009


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Hmm... I'm in New York and if I weren't pregnant I'd ask for that drink.


I"m reading you from Toronto, Ontario, Cold, Cold Canada!


Julie from Laurel Maryland here. My husband and I think you are so funny. (underage olympic chinese gymnast-classic) Please write a book-I will buy it!


Delurking from Fort Worth TX (native Californian though so don't hold it against me!) As a mother of twin 1 year old boys I LOVE your style of parenting and find we have a very similar sense of humor... after all you need one to be a sane, er I mean, good parent!


I've commented every so often. I appreciate your ability to make ordinary life both hilarious as well as emotionally resonant. Thanks for your writing. (Menlo Park, CA)


Don't know if you've heard this one, but it was a favorite among my nieces and nephews for a while.

"Knock, knock"
"Who's there"
"I eep"
"I eep who"

Laughter for a good 5 minutes. (If you didn't get it by reading it, say it out loud).


Delurking from L.A.

As a transplanted KA New Yorker with two wonderful little girls, I always love reading your blog. Don't know why I never commented before! Keep it up.

Jennifer K.

Come to Atlanta and buy me a drink...please!

Lou P

Delurking Comment #458.
I dig that you don't post every day. If I want a daily dose, I'll read the archives. Receiving "MetroDad" via Google Reader in Chula Vista, CA - That's right, we were on Forbes Top 10 list of "Boring Cities”


14 min from the border baby!

-Lourdes (Lou) P.


My kids are now in their late teens and apparently preschool humor never changes. BoogerHead was a personal favorite of theirs. Your blogs always brings back great memories for me. Thanks!

St. Louis, MO


not exactly delurking, have posted comments before..but just to set the record straight..from Bangalore, India.


Lurking from Sunny Brisbane Australia - You have my kinda humour


Hilarious reading. Found you via Spontaneous Mini's page.

Kerala, India.

perturbed perceiver

great post!:)


Few things are as much fun as a 4-yr-old! Great age!

Since I have all boys, anything related to bodily functions, or the mere mention of the word "butt", sends them into hysterics!


Single & childless reader from Malaysia. Peanut is awesome!


hello from los angeles. you crack me up.


My teenage son rarely finds anything I do or say funny anymore, as much as he finds it embarrassing and unnecessary. He does, however, find great joy in pointing out typos on my blog. Or, generally speaking, any mistakes I happen to make.

My 6-month-old daughter thinks it's hilarious when we scare the crap out of her. Tickling and babytalking does nothing for her, but jumping into view unexpectedly, momentarily startling her, gets her cracking up every time.

s.i. - Bay Area, California


My wife and I are expecting our first in a few weeks. During the duration of her pregnancy, my interests have turned from sites like the sartorialist to sites about babies, the dad experience, expensive strollers, etc. I'm glad I ran into yours! Thanks for the great laughs!


ciao from Milano, Italy. Love your blog, if you ever travel through town I'll take you for an aperitivo.



Kate here-
Love your site!
I have twin sons who are 5. They are HY-STER-I-CAL!!!

Their conversations with each other are a crack up.
I taught them the Nonsense Joke last week while the three of us were taking a big bath in the jacuzzi (you know, two elephants are in a bath, one turns to the other and asks 'please pass the soap' and the second elephant responds - 'no soap, radio')

Well, they have latched onto the Nonsense Joke like a tick on a monkey!

Keep up the great posts.



San Antonio, Texas.

I wish you would post more often like you did last year. More than 470 people would probably agree with me, but I know, I know, you're getting TOO popular. The PRESSURE! Arrggh!

gray matter matters

Sorry, you have too many comments thereby making my blog feel inferior so I refuse to write something...oh crap.

Jason k.

Still the only parenting blog I'll ever read. Rock on, MD!


I love your sense of humor. You make parenting sound like so much fun. I (almost) can't wait to have kids of my own!

Cheryl from Houston

Next Gen Dad

From Santa Barbara, CA...

I covet your wit and raw humor and am pretty sure Peanut and Bubba (almost 4) together could have their own comedy tour.

A snippet into the mind of Bubba...

Question: "Bubba, how come you have the hiccups?"
Answer: "Because God got bored and pushed the hiccup button!"

I can't make up material like that.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tho'I don't have my own kid yet, I really enjoy reading your blog!!! Particularly when you write about things that Peanut says... had me laughing my ass off too... :)


How can anyone not delurk for a blogger with such a funny kid?!


Baton Rouge, LA

It's not Monday, but I can comment anyway. I have a three year old and I'm laughing because this entire post is true to us.

Please post more than once per month...I know you have a busy fabulous life eating dinner with TV stars, but the bayou loves you. =)


De-lurking from Wellington, New Zealand - I think I'm the only kiwi here so far! Go me. Thanks for the hours of entertainment!

Priya Desai

Advertising copywriter from Bahrain. Just got married. Have been a silent lurker on your blog for about a year on and off. Your daughter sounds hilariously cheeky.


Hi, from St.louis, MO. I will be coming to Brooklyn, NY at the end of this month to visit my brother. My first trip to the big apple!


this is funny. i have a 9 year old boy. wow, it's all entertainment. aaah, the knock knock jokes...gotta love 'em.


it's chris from Dallas. you are so freakin funny.


Found you via 6th floor blog which i found via barista brat which i well you get the point. I'm in upstate NY.


delurking from Manila. started reading your blog jan '08 coz i was trying to "DAD" vicariously through your stories.

guess what? will FINALLY become a DAD in May! Woo-hoo!


MD...PLEASE WRITE MORE!!! I just spent the past week reading your archives and am craving more. I'm sure you're busy with work and family but...think about your readers!

Lana (Chicago, IL)


she's like your replica.
isn't that amazing?!

Mary Anne

Greetings from Mountain View, CA!


I read your blog often. I really like it. I am delurking for the first time. I live in california. I subscribe to you rss feed through google reader. So, you probably can look it up there.


From Dallas, TX.

No kids but I love your blog. Please update more. :)


Am I too late to comment? Just read this on a Sunday evening but it will be Monday somewhere in the world!

Love your blog. The previous one 'Breast not to ask' and the comments had me crying with laughter. Keep it up.

Jo in Liverpool, England.

julie @ coveiter

way far away in louisiana, but love your blog never the less!

{ julie }


delurking a bit late from the charm city - baltimore! we have a small peanut - 4 months though i've been following your blog for years. thanks for blogging!

Jess - This Is Worthwhile

Delurking from Austin, TX. I found your site listed on some random blogroll. Your effortless humor is akin to sucking in air with an Altoid in my mouth: crisp, refreshing, and tingly. You're hilarious.

I even email your posts to my husband (about as high a compliment I could ever give to a blogger).

Thanks for writing!


> 1. Noun + "Head" = Funny

I'd expand that a little -- in our experience, pretty much anything + head = funny. put a bowl on your head? funny. she puts a bowl on her head? also funny.

daddy puts a champagne glass of apple juice on his head at thanksgiving, momentarily forgets about it & nods up and down at something the baby says. strangely, daddy covering himself in apple juice wasn't funny.

there's no accounting for taste.


Sharon. Toronto, ON. White Wine. But I'm not fussy if you're buying. Not de-lurking so much as I just found you (through 3 bedroom bungalow in crazy town)


Been reading your blog for a few years' now, I think. Love following Peanut's stories, and how she's growing up. I'm a 24-year-old Korean-Dutch girl, would love to have kids but now's not a good time ;) Plus, the boyfriend might not be ready, either.

Delurking from Brussels, Belgium, formerly Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Beer's on me when you're in town!


Stupid-head feels pretty good....but fuck-head feels way better!!!

Mocha Dad

The word "underpants" is a definite crowd pleaser.

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