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January 11, 2009


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Delurking from Hong Kong. I discovered your site when the Peanut's Halloween costume was featured on Shanghaiist.com. I then spent the next two days reading your archives. As the mother of twin girls about the same age as the Peanut, I love hearing all your stories!

Jack B.

My kid is only two. The only things he finds funny are poop and throwing food on the floor. Hard to argue with those though. Even at the age of 38, I think they're funny.


Hey there, Esther from NE Wisconsin. Our house is full of boy humor. Burps? Hysterical. Farts? Even better than burps. Thank God I have a girl!


Yours is my favourite blog. if only you wrote more often.. you fill in the gaps in my working day perfectly. Peanut can coming visit me in Australia.. undies on her head and all. Ash


A Big Howdy from Central Texas....please no political comments at this time....I just think you are a fun dad, and you remind me of my husband and I as we parent our three. Keep it up, I love hearing your ramblings!


LOVE your blog, writing style, commentary. Thank you for sharing your stories with all of us, I'm writing from DC.


From Iowa... looking forward to that humor in our house as our 2 yr old starts to discover it, well, maybe not the parents' pain part. Thanks for all the laughs!


Delurking from Westfield, IN. My two year old is hilarious and thankfully, all it takes to get him to laugh right now is for me or his dad to start laughing. I'm sure those days are numbered...


A girlfriend recommended your site. I don't even have kids but I love reading your stories about being a parent in New York. It's my second favorite city!

Sophie from Sydney, Australia.


Delurking, and claiming the spot of second male commenter. Hah.

I'm from a combination of southern Maine, Pittsburgh (not by choice, trust me), and Fuzhou. Toss in Beijing for good measure.

Enjoying the stories and laughs. Your preschool guide to humor couldn't possibly be more accurate.

[commence much more lurking]


Hi Metrodad,
Im new to the blogging world, and really enjoying the humour you find in hanging out with your 'peanut'. I have two small ones of my own (seriously nutty too). I read your'Preschoolers Rules' to my 9 year old, and she is fully in agreement. She says the other thing she does to make her 4 year old sister laugh, is sing extra silly worlds to nursery rhymes. It makes them less boring. "Row row, row your dog gently down the stream" ...Hmmmm....probably a visual incongruity.

Jane from L.A.

Mainly I love your blog because I enjoy hearing your hilarious stories about parenting from a dad's perspective.

Also you remind me of my husband (right down to the Asian lactose intolerance!)


delurking 'cause "Go for it, dude. Good luck!" ? That's some funny shit.


Austin, Texas, soon to be Boston, MA. Guess I'll have to learn to spell Massachusetts.


Since you asked so nicely I'm de-lurking from the Whitsundays in Australia.

Peanut is one funny kid, and you've got pre-school humour spot on. Pre-school humour knows no international bounds.

jenny m.

Hello from Vancouver, Canada. Love your blog...it's one of my favourites!


It's posts like this one that make you the only daddy blogger I ever read.My wife and I always find it hilarious that we have this little kid who makes us laugh our asses off twenty times per day but has the worst sense of humor in the entire universe.



Another Sydney mom here. Why are you so popular in Australia? I thought you were my own little secret! ;o)

Phil B.

Park Slope, Represent!

Professor Pete

I practically feel guilty for delurking! Been reading your site for years and have never left a comment.

Madison, Wisconsin.


Best.Critique.Of.Toddler.Humor.Ever! You nailed it, MD.



I'm from Portland, OR.

Jessica Martin

Delurking to say...Can you please write more frequently?

Boulder, CO


Love reading about Peanut - makes me think I may actually want... a kid?

JDP (Chicago)

As a fellow Korean-American dad with a daughter roughly the same age as the Peanut, I want to thank you for providing great humor, insight and wit on the topic of fathering. It's been a real joy.


Metrodad: Still loving your wonderful blog on parenthood, culture and anything you care to write about.

Hope you can visit us! We're in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I'm with Mia. I'm 25, single and don't plan on being a parent for many years. But I love reading your stories about raising your daughter in Manhattan. It almost makes me want to have a kid right away.


Emeryville, CA


You are SO on with your list of humor! You had my husband and I laughing out loud at your list.Our two boys are 5&3, and their favorite? Calling each other Maccroni-head and Cheese-head, or pajama head. Or stinky-diaper. I just have to shake my head.

Oh, and we're in Centeral Indiana--I love your insights!

Delurking: Absolutely love your posts! Do write more often :) Sangeeta from India


Hello from California. Keep it up!


Love your site. You're hilarious, and I love reading the stories about Peanut. It's not everyday you hear fathers sharing about their kids. Although I wish you would post more often.

Hope your new year is off to a great start!

Nina C.

OMG, this post was hilarious. My husband and I are howling with laughter. Keep up the great work, MD.

The Coopers in Vancouver.


not de-lurking, been posting for a while, but HAD to comment about the pre-school humour.

My 3yr old (Teufelskind) finds NOTHING funnier than poop (except for, perhaps, head injuries and their accompanying noises). I still get the giggles from a good cranial trauma, but I'm hoping he grows out of the poop jokes. I don't want him to join a frat :)

He's just developed a taste for the stupid knock-knock joke too. Let me know when the Peanut phases out of the joke phase. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the both of us.

Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas

My Boo's 5 YO favorite joke:
What do you call a gorilla with a banana in each ear?
Nothing. He can't hear you!



Definitely not a group-thinker myself, so I feel better about de-lurking for a comment on Sunday, rather than the prescribed Monday date. My present domicile is in Cleveland, OH but I'm a Jersey Girl forever. I have an almost three year old whom I photograph constantly and one of my regular ways to make her smile naturally is to utter "poopy head"! Great blog - I've been a fan for ages.


Goodnight Toaster! HAAAHaahhhaaa
Goodnight BananaHead! HAaaaa
Goodnight Boogernose! HEEEheeeee
Goodnight Streetlamp! Hooohoooo
Goodnight SlimyWormChocolateSpaghetti! HEEHOO
Goodnight MommySillyFace!

Good times from Phoenix.


If you ever make it to Austin, drinks are on me.

Delurking to say thanks for all the laughs over the years. Your love for your daughter is truly inspiring.


Hi there, I'm a Singaporean Chinese. Love your site, read all your posts. Can't stop laughing every time....


Norfolk, VA. Your website cracks me up! I like your style.


Yes, nothing funnier than seeing a parent howling in pain.

Thanks for the laugh. Good to see you writing again.

Rachel in the LBC


Like you, I recently spazzed out. I slipped on the kitchen floor, did a total face plant, and ended up breaking my nose. There was blood everywhere. While I was writhing in pain, my two little kids were laughing like hyenas.

No doubt I'll be bringing that up when they first ask me for an allowance!

SF native. Now an expat in HK.

becca banana

Thanks for the funnies!
Salem, Oregon


From San Francisco, CA. Love your stories... they make me want to someday have kids.


Delurking from San Francisco. Found you when angryasianman posted about your daughter's Halloween costume, which is hands down the funniest thing I came across in 2008.

march hare

* Waves hands *

Delurking for the first time from practically across the world. From Calcutta, India infact.

Love the site. Stayed up all night one day reading through the archives. The peanut is one seriously funny child. :D


Hello! I read often but comment almost never. I live in the lower Midwest...basically the Upper South, really. It's colorful!


Vancouver, BC.

We're just entering dirty-poopy-diaper-head phase. Oh, the joys.


Hi Pierre, I'm de-lurking here in Boston. I've been reading your blog for years, and it's one of my absolute favorites. Our daughter is around the same age as Peanut, so some of my fatherhood experiences have coincided with yours -- minus the celebrities, of course. Incidentally, I'm a fellow Cal alum. Keep up the great writing!


I'm always incredibly touched by your complete love of your daughter. In many ways, it also makes me sad that I never had a father who loved me the same way.

Bridget from Palo Alto.


Lincoln, Nebraska.

Young, single, child-less woman--and I still think your posts are hilarious!

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