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December 10, 2008


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I would imagine millions of girls the world over are wishing they had the relationship with their dads that you do with Peanut.

I hope Santa takes very good care of her this year.


Nice work MD! She's one in a million! My nephew tells me when he does #2, "Tio, I did two balls and one snake". I LOVE THIS KID!!!

Happy Holidays MD! All the best to you, BossLady, the Peanut and MetroDog, now and in the new year!


Bwahahaha ... reindeer poop! I love it!


you seem like a really great father. i wish i was able to get into my dad's head like this.


Where is this year's picture with santa? I keep checking....




omg i love your kid too!
awesome blog dude, i hope you never stop writing!


No Peanut with Santa picture this year?

Big Pumpkin

What's the deal with four year olds and reindeer poop??? Mine said she was going to lookout for reindeer poop as evidence that the reindeers came into our apartment on Xmas morning!!

Grace aka blackbelt

THAT is awesome. You have reason to be scared. ;-)

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