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November 12, 2008


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Happy 40th birthday, MD! You rock.

Backpacking Dad

Who are you talking about?



I'm with you, MD. There are a few blogs that I used to like but I stopped reading because they were posting so frequently that the writing suffered and the blogs became mundane recitations of their daily life. You may not post frequently but your posts are always awesome.

Black Hockey Jesus

Vote for Black Hockey Jesus!


I've learned that when it comes to daddy blogging nobody cares what you write as long as there is a picture of your adorable kid.

Rattling the Kettle

Happy 40th. I think you're officially too old for the internet.

JJ Daddy-O

Welcome to the 40's, homes!
What is the MCMDM (mad crazy MetroDad mobile) anyway?

samantha jo campen

I've been away for a while (sorry! missyou!) so I've caught up. You've been busy. Glad things are going well. We're just chugging along over here. Theo's about to start crawling and I just got a new job. Other than that nothing much. Oh the exciting life we lead! :-) Happy birthday again!

Ten Feet of Steel

"I'm cleaning my apartment so I can see more than 10 square feet of space at any given time."

"I'm subsisting solely on meat and cheese."

"And I'm reading five books simultaneously while trying to figure out whether I should keep watching 'Fringe,' 'The Mentalist,' 'My Own Worst Enemy,' and 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles.'"

See, this is what I like about you. Even though you're a daddy blogger, we have so many things in common.

Forty gives you plenty of time for that portfolio to bounce back. I wouldn't worry about it unless we're still in a depression when The Peanut starts driving.

A Dad's Life

Hey MD,

Happy birthday from someone who turned 40 in September. Quite the milestone.

I can relate to your situation. To be honest, I blog simply because it give me a respite from my hectiv life. It forces me to take a few minutes to disconnect and organize my thoughts. It's theraputic. And, as you know, at our age therapy is just what the doctor ordered.

Here's to our next 40!

All the best


Happy Birthday MD!


Happy Birthday. Here's my present:

The Fringe - possibly
The Mentalist - more than likely
My Own Worst Enemy - I certainly hope so
The Sarah Connor Chronicles - definitely not

Happy Shit-shooting...


for what it's worth: not typically a blognoscenti-stalkerazzi type, I dreamnt about you last night. It was horrible: no sex, and I was twisted in knots over what to offer you to drink- I saw only non-alcoholic "ale" in the dream fridge.


Happy Belated Birthday, MD! I'm a huge fan of your blog....witty, hilarious and very well-written. I love it! Would love to hear your perspective on the election if you have time.


Did you know that Wal-mart greeters are actually under cover security?

They're not looking for the people who come in the in doors they're looking for the people who go out the in doors.

But they're sure an affable group.


I'm with you on the whole anonymity thing. I use my blog as a place for me to vent or share the randomness that I think or see. Happy Birthday MetroDad! You kick ass.


You can post once a day or once a month and I'll still come by to poke fun at you. It's habit at this point. You are one of the oldest Bloggers I know. Oh, that didn't come out quite right. Happy birthday MD!

Me: I had a third kid, he's almost 8 weeks old now. I spend my days just looking at him.


Oh I almost forgot. Keep watching The Mentalist, screw the rest and add in Top Chef, which starts tonight.

6th Floor Blogger

happy birthday and all...weaning yourself off coffee? how will you live? How will you get through the day!?! Now excuse me, my hands are shaking and I need a (at least a) shot of espresso.


Happy Birthday MD! Hearing you shooting the shit is the best 5 min of my work day. You say it exactly how it is and I hope to be as good of a parent as you one day.

Gray Matter

You don't want to be popular? You're like the gorgeous girl with the big boobs who wants to be loved for her brains. Sorry dude. Deal with it, you are beloved. Happy birthday, heard it was "bitchin'"


I stopped drinking coffee about a year ago, and had monster lie-on-the-sofa-in-a-fetal-position headaches on days 2, 3 and 4. (although I was only drinking one cup a day before that). It was worth it. So good luck with that. (Accupuncture or Reiki can help if you are interested in that sort of thing)
I often don't post because I feel uninspired and/or I have no time but your reason is way more refined, so that will be my excuse from now on...


Word. I wrote a fairly well-regarded Veterans Day post and then had way too much to drink at Coldplay and a gay karaoke bar. Otherwise, not a damned thing.


Word. I wrote a fairly well-regarded Veterans Day post and then had way too much to drink at Coldplay and a gay karaoke bar. Otherwise, not a damned thing.


Happy 40 and all, but are you sure you aren't enabling your daughter by letting her win all the time in Candyland? What happens when she grows up and learns that Candyland is not as easy to win in real life? I say, kick her butt in Candyland a few times as tough love.


As a fellow 40-year-old, welcome to the club! Long time reader and admirer of not only your writing skills but also your whole perspective on life.

Captain Dumbass

I'm sure you'll look great in that little blue vest.


The sad thing is, I need coffee to do most of the things on your to do list. You are a man among men to do so without caffeine. Happy belated birthday.


Hey, Happy belated! You don't look a day over 39! Kidding, you've got the asian blessing - you look very young.

Ah, TV talk. My Own Worst Enemy is surprisingly entertaining, although Holy Hairline, Batman! I recommend NCIS as well. I already know you are a House fan, one of the best shows around.

Maternal Mirth

"more overexposed than George Hamilton slathered in baby oil lying on a bed of aluminum foil under a magnifying glass at high noon in Palm Springs".

Sheer. Poetry.

Reason #2,837 of Why People Crave More Metro Dad.


Happy belated birthday! I just turned 30 on the 3rd. But I'll still call you oppa instead of ah-juh-shi. :)

As for me, I'm currently vacationing in Hong Kong with my almost-5-year-old, Isaac. You blogged a while back about the importance of traveling and how one should just hop on a plane and "just do it" sometimes. I looked at my pitiful stampless passport and decided now that I'm an old lady of 30 years, I too can "just do it." And I dragged Isaac with me so I could blame the 100 pounds of dim sum on the table on him.

Do you have much experience with Hong Kong? If so, I'd love some tips. I'm here until Sunday.


Rough problem to have - too much love. That said, I am always happy to see your posts.

Nothing much happening out my way. Except that I'm pregnant. With twins.

Lisa K.

I know what you mean about the blogger overexposure. I think everyone is secretly hoping for a book deal. Sadly, most blogs aren't very well written so the writers try to compensate for it with sheer quantity. Then again, everyone has their own reason for blogging so "to each his own."


As one of those who has written to you begging for more frequent posting, I still say "WRITE MORE, PLEASE!"


Happy belated for last week MD!

Amen for life being crazy - attempting to start a blog but I'm in my final year before entering 'the Real World' so I never seem to have any time.

Hope the Candyland, cleaning, meat and cheese eating go well for you!

I'm happy whenever I get a chance to read your blog! (no pressure!)

Amy Nathan

God how you've hit the nail on the head. I'd rather be known as a quality blogger than a pervasive one. I know when I see you've posted that I'll read something smart and funny and poignant - or something that will make me ball my eyes out. No matter, I'm clicking over.

Blogs lose quality faster than our homes lose their value. I've witnessed it and there are many blogs I ignore because of it. Do they care? No. But I'm too busy for bullshit unless it's my own or my kids.

A little silliness now and then? Gratuitous Peanut photos on occasion? You betcha. Like everything else, blogs gotta have balance, babe.


I'm 23, single, Irish-American, have no kids, have never traveled anywhere, and live in the Midwest. We couldn't have less in common, MD, but you're one of my favorite bloggers. I love coming over here and hearing your stories. Sometimes you make me laugh. Sometimes you make me cry. But you always make me think.

The thing I love the most about your blog is that you seem to genuinely like people and enjoy the community of blogging. Unlike a lot of other bloggers, I never got the sense that you're trying to be some huge blogger. You write when you want and when you've got something to say.

I hope you never stop.


I'm sorry, who are you again? hahahah I kid. The husband turned 42 on the 9th. He went to go shoot hoops with some of the Dad's at beck's school and came home bragging. The next day he went into work limping. So what did he prove? That HE'S FORTY-TWO. I told him. I just think that he didn't believe me. I hope you guys celebrated in high still. I might still have some pint glasses from two years ago that say "40 is the New 20" I'll scratch out "Sander" and write in "Pierre" for you. xo

Miss Britt

I'm sorry, but if you don't want to be popular, you're going to have to stop writing posts like this.

Do you have any idea how many people shared this in Google Reader?

Next time try "I had tuna for lunch. Mmmm. Tuna and mayo. And not Miracle Whip. Mayo."

That might go over better. Or, um, worse.


Happy 40th, MD! Hope you kicked off your 40's with a bang.

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Ah doo buhlieve when your arthur-itic fingers can get back on track and type some freakin' blogs, we'll all be happier.


As usual, in your own inimitable way, you've put up yet another smart, witty, funny, poignant, and well-written post.

And you wonder why we all enjoy coming here?

Happy 40th. Damn, you're old!


wow.. 40 is a big turning point age.
Happy Belated Birthday!
Also, I love reading your blog.


Nice post. Happy birthday, Fonz.


Happy 40th, MD! It's great to have you back! <3


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday, dude; 40 is the new 20, or so I keep telling myself as my 40th draws nigh. (There WILL be a massive blowout next year and all the DadCentric crew will be invited. You're bringing the Scotch.) But in all honesty, I gotta say that it's a bit distressing, the notion that you're "nauseated" by bloggers who try to promote their work. Some of us do make a living off of our blogs - people you know and who consider you a friend, I should point out - while others have been fortunate and talented enough to have made the move over to the print world. (And vice versa; print writers are certainly using their own blogs to market their existing work and even bring exclusive new stuff to their readers.) One of the best things about the blog-o-sphere is that it's given an audience to many deserving writers that otherwise would be toiling in obscurity; is it fair to knock those folks for trying to build on that?

Anyway, not trying to piss on your birthday candles. Cheers to you!


And, how many of us fans even remembered your birthday?

I'm just mad you didn't list the books on your bedside table. You know how I go for that sort of thing.


Ha! Emailing you was on my list of things to do. I see you're alive, contrary to what your fantasy football team would lead us to believe.


40? Pffft. You whippersnapper. I’m 43 and I barely even use my cane. Kids today... hmmmph.

(And get off my lawn, dagnabit!)

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