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October 06, 2008


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Joyeux Anniversaire Peanut!! You truly are a Cutie Patootie. My little boy turned 4 in July and I still can't believe how "long" (tall) he looks in his bed when I watch him sleep at night.
You're a lucky dude to have her in your life, MD. Oh, and my son calls me "dudette" all the time. **rolls eyes** his dad taught him.


It's been amazing to watch the Peanut grow up into a beautiful little girl, MD. I've been following your blog and her since the early days. Hope she had a great birthday. Best wishes to all of you.


So damn cute! How can you ever think of dressing her up like an Olympian Chinese Gymnast??? What does she want to be?


Am I the only one who noticed the title of your video? Amor Caecus Est? Brilliant, MD. I guess that shows the benefits of a private-school education.

Shannon Best

Happy Birthday Peanut. You look great in your Mets hat. MD, you are a wonderful father.
-Shannon in Austin

lil prince's mum

Happy birthday peanut


Hi MD,
This may seem a little out of the blue as this is my first comment, but I've posted a little blog award for you. Keep up the wonderful writing. Cheers, Alice

creative-type dad

Happy (belated) 4th Peanut!


oh how sweet! my little girl will be 4 on Nov 1st and she is also anxiously awaiting the big day. so many of the things you say about peanut totally sound like my daughter. i hope you and me enjoy 4 as much as we enjoyed 3!



Happy Birthday, Peanut!


Happy big 4! I remember reading this blog when she really was just a tiny little Peanut :) I hope she is more pleasant than my 4 yr old daughter. Just saying...

She's adorable. Little Joe Pesci.
Does she say "two yoods?" Heh


I remember when my daughter was 3yrs old, she was funny without even trying. Every year, like you, I thought that it couldn't get any better. My daughter is 18yrs now and I still feel the same way.

Oh, and if the peanut needs an extra auntie, please pick me!


Aw a (heinously) belated but not less heartfelt happy bday to the beautiful Princess Peanut. No doubt she's already well on her way to saying that she's almost five.


Incredibly cute. As the father of a awesome four-year-old girl as well, I know how awesome it is to be the dad.

Jozet at Halushki

omg...she's BEAUTIFUL!

And yes, 4 if Fabulous! What a great kid...and a lucky kid to have such a first rate dad.

Jozet at Halushki

uh...4 IS Fabulous!

(I bet she spells better than I do.)

Jozet at Halushki

uh...4 IS Fabulous!

(I bet she spells better than I do.)

Jozet at Halushki

uh...4 IS Fabulous!

(I bet she spells better than I do.)

Vivek Nath

JOY... to read and relate....all the way from India....I have almost 2 year old son... and have been away from him the last few months.... but this post just reminded me, its good to be alive... but to be alive with your own kid .... BLISS !!
Will remember this forever :)

"although there are many different kinds of love, there is no true love like the one a father has for his child."


Happy belated b-day Princess P!!! May all your wonderful dreams come true! I know you'll go far in this world, spreading all your love and beauties to the world!!!!

I'm truly sad as well re: the Red Sox. But happy for the TB though since it'll be their first World Series (hopefully).


Happy Birthday to your girl! My girl is turning 10 this Friday!

the mad momma

happy birthday Peanut...
You're a lovely little girl and while I am sure it will be rather traumatic for you - I for one am counting on your dad blogging about you right until you leave home!!


that was truly touching!! belated wishes :)




So beautifully put....u just sort of put across emotions the rest of us feel, but can't express...atleast not as well as u:-)).


LOL! Very cute video! Its nice to see a dad in New York who isn't just a hardheaded hardass who doesn't like to view life with a simple mind and a child's eye.

These blogs always make me feel great about my kids. I'm glad you enjoy your daughter when you have her around, sometimes it can be hard, especially if, like when I was working second shift, you never saw your child aside for taking her to the bus stop.

Happy Birthday, Peanut....although belated...

chanel outlet

Peanut...Four is an amazingly fun age and when I look back at these times, here are just a few of the things I'll want to remember about you now:


I would try 1 y/o. But on a small cracker. Spread the Peanut-butter aruond the cracker but make sure that it is a small amount. See if he has any reactions to it and if he likes it. If he has no reactions and he likes it give him a half of a PB and J sandwitch. I hope this helps! Good Luck!P.S. sorry I didn't see abc's answer ..Sorry! I didn't mean to copy..


Posted on Does Chess King even exist anymore? Also, Pj, why only four mohnts? Did you get your fill of sweet purple plaid suits and decide to sever all ties?


Oh my gosh- love the photo in front of the quonset with the three boys, their coowby hats and I assume their 4-H animals!! Nice post JK and Happy Birthday Jim!! Rennae Jeanette

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