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October 06, 2008


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happy birthday beautiful!


The Peanut is soooo adorable and absolutely gorgeous. No wonder she's got you wrapped around her little finger. Hope she has a great birthday with mommy and daddy!

Andrea P.

What a touching tribute by a great dad. I've just discovered your blog recently and I'm enthralled by all your stories about fatherhood and life in NYC. I'm halfway through your archives and am loving every minute of it. Happy birthday, Peanut!


Pierre, she sounds amazing. Happy forth birthday to the Peanut!

Captain Dumbass

Happy Birthday, Peanut! 4 is a blast, live it!

Mama Nabi

Mmm. Mango Lassi. I know the best place to get a mango lassi here so if Peanut comes to visit, we're set.

Happy Birthday! I hear 4 IS a great age. Here's to many more years of love, family AND chocolate pudding!


I'm 28 and I don't know how to cook homemade tortellini with butter, Parmesan, pancetta, and peas. Maybe the Peanut can give me cooking lessons?


happy birthday!


Four is a GREAT age, MD. And you're right. It does keep getting better and better. Happy birthday to the Peanut!


... Meanwhile in California a 4 year old Dodger fan continues to unwrap his birthday present ;)

Happy birthday Peanut, have a great one.


Hey, my kid's birthday is today too! I haven't had a chance to write anything though. Think I could just copy this post and TELL her I wrote it?

Guess not.

Jeff St Real

I brought my 7 year old up from Virginia for the last weekend at Shea. Fortunately we had tickets for the Saturday game (when Santana pitched the best game of his career on 3 days rest).

Listening to Sunday's game on XM as we drove home was not a pleasant experience. You just knew that once they pulled Perez it was all over.

There's always next year. Surely they can't do collapse three times.

Black Hockey Jesus

4-Year-Olds are crazy fun. Remember to laugh. Forget rules. Etc.

Jeff R.

My daughter is almost 4 and she too is in that WILL.NOT.SHUT.UP phase. Sometimes she'll be talking to me and I'll walk out of the room. When I come back 10 minutes later, I'll find her still talking because she hadn't noticed that I'd left. It cracks us up.

Happy birthday to the Peanut!


Ahh yes, one of life's most important lessons---how to accept the agony of being a lifelong Mets fan. I'm 43 and I still haven't accepted it. Welcome to the club, Peanut. Have a great birthday!


AAAWWWW. How sweet! Happy Birthday, Peanut!! I hope it was one of the best!

Raging Dad

What a cutie. I want to see video of the Pesci impression! My twin boys just turned four, and I agree it is a magical age. Have fun!

Hygiene Dad

Happy birthday kiddo. You make me laugh all the time and I've never even met you.


too cute!

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk

Ouch, that was so lovely.
I have a very difficult three year old who is way too cute for her own good and has her daddy totally wrapped around her little finger.
You totally summed it up right there.

Absolutely beautiful words. I really hope you had a great day together.


Happy birthday Peanut!

JJ Daddy-O

That is one tired little girl. I bet some cotton candy and a 42-ounce Coke would have perked her up, though!

Happy Birthday Peanut!

And Happy 4th anniversary of Parenthood, MD and BL!


Damn you, I am a weepy, sniffling mess. Well said.


Happy birthday, Peanut!


Happy Birthday Peanut! With the arrival of Peanut's birthday, my Genna turns four in just four months. Awesome.

kelley chapman

i love your blog! you are HA-larious. seriously-you need to write a screenplay or something. your stories make me laugh so darn hard, but yet cause mascara to run down my face. dang that waterproof mascara...it does not always work!

thank you for the laughs. happy b-day to your baby girl!



Happy birthday beautiful girl!

I'm impressed that you enjoyed this past year of 3-dom. I just assumed that all men made appointments with their urologists when their children were 3.

That's a testament to how special the peanut really is.


And I thought 2 was the best age ever! For the last several months, I've been telling anyone who says "Terrible Twos" to eat a dick.

Glad I have something to look forward to now: four.


When I come to NYC, can Peanut take me out to dinner?

And don't feel bad about the Mets. Chris had Ada so pro-White Sox that today she was insisting that they won. Poor deluded child.


Happy Birthday Peanut!

And I'm totally going to teach my kids to yell...

"Steve Garvey's not MY Padre!"

Not sure other Padres fans will enjoy it, but I'll giggle.


Happy Birthday Peanut!!

I am so happy that you have such loving parents that appreciate and cultivate your unique personality.

Dude, I call everyone DUDE!

How freaking adorable.

Thank you for sharing the joy of parenthood and fatherhood with us. Peanut has brought so much joy to my life and I've never even met her.


Happy birthday to Peanut! Congrats on turning FOUR!


Happy Birthday Peanut.You are adorable and a lady with an attitude and I am glad your parents are letting those qualities flourish.

Tina C.

I wish my dad wrote letters like that to me. You're a great dad, MD!

Paige Jennifer

Beautifully put, MD.

Happy birthday, Peanut!

PS: I can't wait to read the birthday message when she turns I-hate-both-of-you-13. Good times.


Happy Birthday, La Peanut!

Papa Bradstein

Happy birthday, Peanut! And happy birthday to Boss Lady too! And to you, MD--you're the best dad the Peanut could ever hope for. She's adorable and wonderful and you're a better writer than you think and an excellent father.

Also, what's with the accent? After Mama and 3B were trapped for nine hours in LaGuardia, he had a Brooklyn accent for a week...which doesn't even make sense, since LaGuardia is in Queens.


It's so fun watching her grow up. As a single lurker on your blog, I love coming here because you make parenting seem like so much fun. I hope to have my own version of "the Peanut" one day. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday to the Peanut!!!!

She is a wonderful kid....How do I know?

She speaks Brooklynese! Luv HER!


What a beautiful birthday post. I look forward to such wonderful years with my own daughter.


Simply a beautiful post. It embodies all the reasons I blog for my own kids. Thanks for the (continued) inspiration.

Happy Birthday Peanut.


Happy birthday to the Peanut! You're lucky to have such a fun dad.


So sweet, M.D. Oh the joys.

Kia (Good Enough Mama)

What a beautiful love letter to your daughter. She sounds adorable! I especially like the bit about Construction Worker Barbie, though I hope she doesn't spit and curse too much. ;)


Get used to hearing it - she *is* a special kid, and you are the lucky owners of a special edition. Happy B-Day, P-Nut.


hey..how's it going?
i just discovered your blog recently and i am terribly addicted to it! you're a brilliant writer and i love how passionate you are about being a father. hope you had a great birthday with your daughter...happy birthday peanut! :)


My little bear turns 4 next week. Thank goodness 3 1/2 is over ! This is the first year she has really looked forward to her birthday. It will be a blast! We just bought season passes to Disney World. Now I can't get that Small World song out of my head. Oh, now you can't either. Sorry!


Happy birthday to your little girl! My little girl will be turning 3 in about a week's time. One thing I try to keep in mind, sang by Bono (U2):

"Baby slow down. The end is not as fun as the start. Please stay a child somewhere in your heart."

Here's hoping yours grows, but not too quickly! Let's let our kids enjoy their childhoods!

Tyler @ Building Camelot

Happy Birthday and awesome post! It made me laugh and almost made me cry. I can tell that you love her and I love reading your blog. My daughter turns three this weekend and I might have to put something together like this.


Happy 4th birthday, Peanut!

And you're right, MD. It keeps getting better at every age.

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