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October 27, 2008


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keith t.

Leave it to you guys to avoid the typical princess ballerina costume! I miss the days when I could use my kids as comedy props on Halloween.


THANK YOU for posting that pic! I'm so glad you guys decided to go with this costume... by far much better than the Good Knight my 4-year-old wants to be.

Cheers to the MD household!


We didn't see you at the WFC otherwise I would have requested a photo op as well! My girls were dressed as cheerleaders. BTW, didn't this year's Halloween party at WFC sucked eggs? )


Absolutely awesome.


That costume is genius! I'm dressed up as Sarah Palin and my son is going to be Batman for a halloween party I'm throwing for him tonigh.

Ever since he and my hubby bought me a gorgeous diamond necklace from www.idonowidont.com for my birthday recently, I decided to have a big halloween bash for my son! That gymnast costume though takes the cake!


Incredibly funny.
And very nice of the Chinese tourists to play along :)

:: jozjozjoz ::

Someday she'll look back at this and laaaaaaaugh!


Clever, creative and chuckle-inducing. :)


Well done.

creative-type dad

I'm laughing hysterically here!

The fake birth certificate part is pure genius.


LOVE the costume. The fact that the Peanut is so deliciously cute makes it even better.


That is soooo hilarious! She is so cute.



Best costume I've seen or even heard of! The adorable Peanut totally rocks it.


I agree with another poster. PURE GENIOUS!!!


That was fantastic.. ingenious!!


What a beautiful child! And the idea - priceless!! I especially loved that the Chinese tourists got the joke and could laugh along.



p.s. I found you via the Angry Asian Man blog.


You'll have the complete package if you can get her to lie to the press.


she is so cute and so funny! "brevity is the soul of wit" is actually true!

Tyler @ Building Camelot

That's just too damn funny! My daughter is also a sucker for anything "princess" but I doubt she'd wear anything red so I'm glad you were able to pull this off. I love it!


that's just wrong....and absolutely fantastic!
lol...i especially love the blue eye shadow.


too freakin' funny!!

Sugarplum's Mom

Oh that is so funny. Glad the tourists laughed. The blue eyeshadow is a perfect touch.


OMG that's hilarious!!


My fave Halloween was dressing our 4 year old in rummage-sale Lederhosen, knee socks and an Alpine cap complete with jaunty feather on the side… he was an extra from the Sound of Music.

Nobody got it, of course, and in retrospect I realize he was just a monkey away from being an organ grinder, but if nothing else it was fun for the two of us.


Hi there metrodad! Just wanted to come in and tell you how much I love reading your posts. Your writing is wonderful - it has made me laugh, tear, smile and even feel a rise of motherly-instinct (even though I am only 23). You've been an inspiration with your honesty and great sense of humour, so do what you do and keep up the good work! =)




p.s. It is great when they can go out to buy you beer. They just don't because they are poor college students. They just drink yours.


OMG, that is too cute. She looks great.


she is so cute and good for her for being so inventive! I am all for originality

Are you okay? We haven't heard from you.

samantha jo campen

Couldn't be more perfect.


Absolutely hysterical!!! Is there any better humor than politically incorrect sarcasm??!

Big Pumpkin

Oh, so cute!!! Did you guys teach her how to perform some princess gymnast stunts??!


OMG I should Not have clicked on this at work!!! This is hilarious.... and glad even the tourists found it funny... She really looks the part! Where DID you find the medal?


You made me spit my Jack & Coke everywhere.

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Ever since he and my hubby bought me a gorgeous diamond necklace from www.idonowidont.com for my birthday recently, I decided to have a big halloween bash for my son! That gymnast costume though takes the cake!


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Lara Croft costume fan

OMGosh...this is brilliant! SO glad the tourists were not offended...whew!

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Good god, she is perfection! Frigging hilarious. Best costume EVER. But only one gold medal? She should have at least 5, being the best Chinese Gymnast ever. Marc

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OMG, my friends and I are here laughing our butts off. Every time we look at this photo, we start howling again. What a GREAT costume idea! The Peanut is absolutely adorable.

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You are a genius. Not only have you bested our Halloween costumes by a mile, you are now officially the first parenting blog that Nate reads--and that includes mine.

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Ok so I was stumbling across the interwebz, literally using stumbleupon, and this came up: http://www.thearchnemesis.com/entertaining-halloween-costumes.html

I knew I had seen it somewhere before, and behold here it is in this post of yours. Apparently Peanut is famous.


Hey baby chick!Erin, you're right, she is not impressed one bit. Seriously, what's the point of this ailodhy mom? Maybe that's the Phillips coming out in her! Love the photos!

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