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October 27, 2008


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This is seriously HILARIOUS. I am so totally impressed.


I was hoping you'd do that. If only you had video of others' reactions. Perhaps this weekend such an uplink will appear? Lord, I hope so.


that's just goddamn adorable!


Oh. My. God. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a week. Wow. That's fantastic.


Best costume ever!


I LOVE your sense of humor, MD. Peanut must be so happy to have such a fun dad.

Liberal Banana

I'm so happy that you actually went through with it. Where the hell did you find that outfit?!? Well, I guess you live in NYC...You can find anything there! Hilarious!


best. costume. ever.

the end.


Yet one MORE reason to have children---comedy props! By far, my favorite Halloween costume of the season. Well done!

Fiona B.

So politically incorrect but so freaking hilarious! Plus, she's completely adorable.




I thought the idea was funny when you first mentioned it but the execution was flawless. Well done! Definitely the best costume I've seen.


Bwahahaha!!! Funniest costume of the year!




That's hilarious. Glad the tourists dug it.

L.A. Daddy

I don't what you say, that, there, is funny.

You're funnier than I am!

I hate you.

(But, I did beat you fantasy football this week, so... I got that going for me.)

Gray Matter

Where have you been, man!!
So, the thing you worried about was that Chinese people would get offended about the costume, not the fact that she's actually Korean? Y'know they don't all look alike.

I may have to rethink my son's outfit. It's way too mainstream.


I'm so jealous that I didn't think of doing something more subversive with my daughter's costume. Instead I gave into her whining about being a princess. Of course, when we get to the town party last weekend, every single 4-year-old was dressed as a princess. Or a ladybug.

Jae Young

I swear, every single time I read this blog, it makes me glad to know that someone reaffirms that being a parent doesn't mean you got to go all fuddy duddy. Hahahahahaha, it's so wrong and yet so right. (Even if the poor Peanut is being borderline abused as you train her to be a Mets fan. I'm really more an agnostic when it comes to sports, but so be it.)


that's awesome! thanks for posting the picture.

jennifer b

Your daughter is beautiful (and such a good sport for wearing the costume!)


That gymnast isn't even Chinese! She's totally Korean.


D'uh, Sarah. That's part of the joke!


Best costume of the year!


Dude, if my quapa kid didn't have green eyes and dirty blonde curls, I'd totally be stealing your idea.


That's just too wonderful.

Purple Mouth

That is too funny! I hope no one yanks your spoils away on the 31st!

Erin@bride design

I for one am so glad you love the peanut enough to dress her up with such panache and the perfect shade of eye-shadow. Simply awesome.


I'm pretty sure that you're going to hell, MD. Which is great, because it means I'll have someone interesting to talk to, a la Dorothy Parker.

Awesome costume!

A Free Man

Outstanding and I agree, comedy prop is about all they bring to the table.

lil prince's mum

Great costume!~ with the gold medal somemore :)


Totally brilliant idea and flawless execution!


Ha! Love it!


LMAO! I love it! Great idea!


That is brilliant.

Possibly the best costume I've seen all year. (with the exception of my kids', of course) :-)


I told my friends about the Peanut's costume. They saw the photo and thought it was brilliant so they're going to do the same with their Chinese-American daughter. No way it compares to the Peanut. Kudos!


That is fantastic!


Crikey, you are freakin creative!


You're one lucky dad :)! She's adorable!


That is absolute comedy GOLD. You are the best parents ever.


Your daughter is incredibly cute! I LOVE the costume.


Sheer genius MD!! Happy Halloween to you as well!!


HILARIOUS! I was wondering if you were actually going to do this.
Success. Sheer brilliance.

jamie e.

I've been forwarding this photo to my friends and relatives. Everyone agrees that it's hands down the best costume of the year. Thanks for the laughs, Peanut!

HAH HAH HAH HAH........ upon looking at the picture of your daughter, I thought she was actually involved with gymnastics, that I wondered who was the guilty party to use too much eye shadow on her face.

realizing this is for halloween, THAT IS SOME FUNNY SHIT!

this is why I read your blog. I can read reading tidbits of your life where it's obvious that it is not hindered and you don't delve on this PC trend where people seem to walk as if they are walking on eggshells!!!

Vicky (Secret Mom Thoughts)

So original. I love it.


Awesome, awesome costume! It only makes me wonder if, somewhere in China, there's a tall, goofy guy dressed up as Michael Phelps for Halloween!



alice, uptown

You both deserve gold medals for this.


best halloween costume 2008. wow. she REALLY looks like a 15 year old chinese gymnast, i mean, this is what they look like. perfect.

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