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September 02, 2008


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Rattling the Kettle

That's very sweet. And emotionally mature. How old is she, 10?


Beautiful on the inside and out, MD. Nicely done.


You're being featured on Five Star Friday:


Awwwwwwww, how sweet!

But dude -- I can't believe that you guys let flies out when you catch them! I agree w/ you on letting spiders and fish live, but flies are worthless pieces of shit and deserve to die!


What a lovely idea. You brought tears to my eyes with this story. My mom died in June, and this has been a difficult summer to get through. Since when is summer something to be endured? Sigh. Hug your wife one extra squeeze for me, in solidarity for losing a parent.

I hope that fish lives a long, healthy life. If not, maybe this can be a tradition, that every time she comes to visit, she puts a fish in the pond.


Hi MD,

I'm sorry if my last comment was offensive. I certainly didn't intend it to be, and I express my most sincere condolences for your recent loss.



Great post, MD. What a special girl you have there!

midlife mommy

I lost my mother last September, and we are approaching the first anniversary of her death. My daughter had just turned three when she died. We received boatloads of the death and dying questions, and then they just stopped. Now I know why. Sadly, she told me the other day that she doesn't remember my mom at all. I guess the toddler amnesia has fully kicked in.

manager mom

That was wonderfully sweet... like many of the other commenters already pointed out, she will treasure reading this post someday.


Awesome idea...that's one smart kid. Although by the looks of the fish in the picture he may not agree.


OMG I just cried because of how heartfelt the comment of your daughters was. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I'm emotional..and I have tears falling right now...



Your peanut is adorable. I bet she named the fish too. :o) Children help heal when our hearts hurt. They just naturally do.

My boys caught tons of tadpoles one summer and put them in their grandparents' expensive koi pond...and there was an explosion of frogs in the yard that year and years to follow!


Thanks for such a wonderful post. My father just passed away and my Korean mother whose steely composure was forged in a small, dirt poor village outside of Seoul, has revealed the tiny cracks in her armor since his departure. My daughter and my nephew (2 and 1 1/2) are the best medicine - bringing smiles and laughs as they visit their har-muh-nee's home. Without our children to distract us, what would we do?


Peanut is a very smart and sweet girl.


I love that she caught the fish with toy equipment. Beautiful story.


Oh crap, now, I'm crying and my breasts are leaking.

What a great kid.


Was just surfing the web and I came across you site and I have to say that I am greatly impressed. Thank-you!


Loving her.
And you.
I'll be back to read you s'more.



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is fine now.Nitrates are a little high, but I will be doing a water chnage today. So I think everyone will be fine now. I did lose three fish in the end. A guppy, a platy (really old) and a angelfish.


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My aunt was dug a huge 8 x10 pond in her yard with the help of family. Then she ceorevd with a pool liner(can get at walmart, target, on-line) PLaced big stones around the outside to hold the liner and filled with water, she had ducks, fish and other animals. It worked very well for years. You can do this by digging a hole the size and depth you'd like, you also can cut liners that are to big, but having a bigger one is better that way you have some slack in case it slips some while filling. you can do this for the price of a pool liner, stones and water treatment(for fish)


You mean those fish they inject dye into in order to give them diereffnt colors? I doubt there is a book. Personally I think its cruelty to animals. C.


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