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September 30, 2008


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Are you suggesting that children aren't here solely for their parent's amusement? If not that then what? The tax deduction?


So inappropriately funny.


I will be SO disappointed if you dont!


Yes, she might not get it, which might cause an identity crisis, poor little thing. Also, a lot of people won't understand it. So Little Peanut might not get the enthused responses she is hoping for. And maybe she will miss out on a whole boatload of candy. That would be traumatizing for her young soul. I don't know. Why don't you dress her up as an oversized Chinese basketball player? People would get the irony of that costume for sure! Whatever you choose, have a great Halloween!


I love it!

Hygiene Dad

Brilliant. I totally wish I could get away with that costume.


It is awesome. Hands down.

You and Nate are two peas in a warped, irreverent, beyond all human decency pod. Remember last year when George Clooney was shooting in the hood? Just in case we ran into him, Nate taught Thalia (then two) to say "Sign my boobs."


Just another example of why I love your sense of humor, MD. Aside from the costume idea, this whole post was fantastic. You always manage to cheer up my day. Thanks!


Oh that is funny, my friend. Very funny. doitdoitdoitdoitdoit


Can I just say that you and the Bosslady are the coolest parents ever? Hahahaha. I hope that when I pop out offspring, I don't lose my sense of humor - you are my future role model. Bravo. MOST APPROPRIATE COSTUME EVER!


Oh that is absolutely brilliant!

You'll need bandages on the ankles and wrists. Remember to dust some chalk powder on her hands for full effect.


Now that everyone has weighed in, you DEFINITELY have to do it, right?


Holy mother of GOD! I'm totally having kids now just so I can dress them up for my amusement. I'm starting to think of parenthood in a totally different light now. Thanks MD!


best. idea. ever.


If the Peanut knocked on my door dressed as an underage Chinese gymnast, I would not only laugh my ass off but I'd also give her all the candy in the world. GREAT idea!


Laugh and the world laughs with you... fart and you stand alone. If you think it's funny then it is. Go for it!


very funny!!


yes, this costume is mandatory.

it's no less appropriate that my brother's dressing like steve irwin (complete with barb in chest) two halloweens ago. or, my dressing like madonna (complete with african baby) the same year.

freaking brilliant!!!!

How to Party with an Infant

not a big deal at all--they're already selling Underage Chinese Gymnast costumes at Wallmart.

Sara GH

Totally inappropriate and at the same time VERY funny...people won't get it though!


that is major ROFLMAO! and i dressed my son up as magnum last year just to get laughs from my friends!!



Paige Jennifer

Isn't she too old to be a Chinese gymnast....? Oh heck, do it. I'm still laughing.


I think it's funny! I loved that show "Picket Fences" because their kids would always do some topical humor H'ween costumes. My favorite was when the boys went as Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Tonya carried a pipe and would whack Nancy who would holler, "WHY MEEEEEEE?". Hilarious.

DH and DD have a farting culture all their own. When they get a little older it's easier to convince them to keep some of this stuff private and only fly the fart flag at home, for example. You're at a rough age where they don't really discern that there is a time and a place, they just want to let it all hang out all the time.


Both. But more funny.


Great idea. I had the same idea for my 3 month old daughter but got vetoed by wife...


Funny. And not that wrong. Unless Peanut wants to be a Backyardigan or something and you're forcing her to be a gymnast for the glory of her homeland/your amusement. That would be more authentic, bit then wrong.

alice, uptown

Go for it! Don't forget to give her a gold medal, otherwise she'll really have something to tell her future shrink.

My mother once dressed me as a thermometer. Trust me, I was the only one on the block.

And which of your teachers were merely absent-minded? Coming back from my 30th reunion, it finally dawned on me that a good portion of mine were psychotic.


Very funny, can't wait to see the pictures after Halloween! : )


awesome idea. please don't forget the crazy eye shadow. the more glittery, the better!


OMG....too funny! Who are you and where the hell did you come from? Still laughing...


OMG you HAVE to do it! It's perfect! I just totally had to stifle my laughter here at work. LOL MD!


a possible conversation:
what are you supposed to be?
"An underage Chinese gymnast."
Oh...That's nice. . .


I'm all for costumes for the parents amusement when the kids are young enough to still go along with it. If the joke is a bit obscure all the better. The few people that will get it right away will totally make it worth the effort. Last year, in response to all the Jack Sparrow costumes, I, the dork that I am, wanted to put my tot in a rat costume with a big 3.14 on the front. The wife used her better judgment and veto power on that one. Now that I have two boys I'm thinking we could do the Beastie Boys Sabotage video... or the Intergalactic Video and make the wife go as the robot.

the weirdgirl

I think the idea is brilliant... as long as you can get the Peanut to go along with it. My son isn't four yet and this year he definitely has an opinion about his Halloween costume.

I don't think your escapades of self-amusement are all that bad either. Hell, I told one of my brothers that the recipe for deviled eggs was created by Satan for a cocktail party, and I told the other brother elaborate tales of the Target Alligator (that's the alligator that lives at Target for theft control, btw) that he half believed. And neither of them ended up in therapy. Yet.


Um, funny. definitely funny.

Monica Ingle



So wrong, but so effing hilarious!!

Maternal Mirth



My wife and I both say "Funny"! Go for it. If other people can't laugh at it then screw 'em. They should be home watching TV instead of ruining Trick or Treating for the rest of us.




absolutely and 100% funny!


Underage gymnast? Brilliant!! Must post pictures!

Lee Lee

It's both hilarious AND topical! It would be a crime to waste this idea.



Super Mommie

OMG! No, I do not think it's wrong. It does ring of british "humour" though. Do it!!


I know this is an old post but I just now stumbled upon your blog. A friend sent me this speech by JK Rowling and a part of it reminded me of this particular post...


"I would like to make it clear, in parenthesis, that I do not blame my parents for their point of view. There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you."



Carla Dance

:D :D :D

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