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September 30, 2008


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Oh, I love that idea!! Totally hysterical! Go for it while you can... in a few years she's going to want to choose her own costumes.


I think that is most awesomely funny.

But I have to say I'm also reminded of the big discussion over costumes on Rice Daddies last year, and have to wonder where this fits. Where is the line? Or am I now trying to be too overly sensitive?


Is it funny? It's hilarious! Do it, MD and BossLady. And be sure to post photos!


I think it wouldn't be funny if the Peanut wasn't of Asian descent. But since she is, I think it's really funny.


Well let's see, I snorted tea up nose because I'm a s-l-o-w learner and still drink while I read your blog. SO yeah, FUNNY. Maybe a little wrong, but doesn't that make it even funnier?

The Grocer

Can't decide whether its funny or wrong but I know one thing she is going to freeze her ass off unless your in Florida.

Captain Dumbass

You, sir, are a genius. My kids are only half Asian, do you think I could still pull it off? They're male too, but that could pull in some pre-communist collapse Eastern Bloc laughs. I'm thinking by that time the Spiderman outfits we already bought them will have completely fallen apart from constant use.


Oh, that definitely falls squarely into BOTH categories! I can't decide. It is absolutely hilarious but yes, also kind of wrong. I think maybe funny wins, though...

LFE Pooh

Do it MD, and be sure to get her a bouquet of flowers and a few gold medals.


By all means, do it.

After all, with all the money we spend on our kids, we might as well get some entertainment out of it.

And in a year or two is going to be harder to convince her to do your silly costumes.

I tried to convince my 5yo daughter to dress as Sarah Palin (yes, I know, scary) but she failed to see the point.

always home and uncool

Better that than a crying little Mets fan.

Kitchen Vixen


Photos, please!


See, I do learn something new every day. All this time I thought children were for fetching beer out of the refrigerator so you don't have to get your lazy ass up off the couch.


Why would that be wrong? Definitely go for it. I am laughing just thinking about having a tiny girl show up at my door and announce that she is a Chinese gymnast!
--I was ALWAYS a crying Cubs fan when I was little... I never had a say in that (nor did I understand it. It was just fun to dress up and get candy.) Hopefully my daughter won't have to be that this year...

Rachel C

FUNNY! Now I can't wait for the day after Halloween, when we get to see pictures!


If you do not do this, I will organize a campaign to never read MetroDad again. And I mean it. You MUST do this, and you must post many many pictures. Because this is the most hilarious idea I've heard of in years. Now, if only you could go trick or treating in ChinaTown. Double the comedy fun!

Sugarplum's Mom

so wrong.... but so funny...


Oh my gosh, hilariously funny. Do it! Dooooo iiiiittt!!

(My daughter tells everyone she's going to be holding the slow sign on the side of the road when she grows up. Hmmm.... can't imagine where she got that.)


I almost choked! Please, oh please do that!
Is the funniest idea I've heard in a long time!
We're dressing our 3yr old as a little devil, and I'm wondering she won't like that any second.


Oh, my word, do it. No one will have any trouble identifying her, and the scare factor is enough for Halloween. Also, do you think you could put a reference in there somehow about how Peanut stole the gold medal from Nastia Liukin with the help of some IOC bureaucrats? Because that would be even more awesome.


That is effing hysterical... you HAVE to do it! And post lots of pictures, including the neighbors' reactions once they figure it out.


Please be sure to get the makeup and hair right - the bright blue glitter eyeshadow and the taut, slicked-back bun with lots of barrettes.

Rachel E.

TOTALLY funny!


Something tells me you are to pretentious to be the father of the "weird kid". I like to believe that's our common thread.

As for the the costume, funny... but only if you can teach her to say "I'm an underaged Chinese gymnast, pa dump pish! Thank you folks I'll be here all week!"

Papa Bradstein

Funny, but nobody will get it. But do it while you can.


LOL...if you can get her to go for it, I'd do it! My kids have been insisting on choosing their own costumes since they could talk. I always wanted to do something fun like that, but princesses and superheros won out every time. Sigh.

Jason B.

That idea is hysterical! I think I'm going to have to steal that idea from you for our 5 y.o. Chinese-American daughter.


If I saw that Halloween costume on a little 3-year-old Asian girl, I think I would laugh my ass off for days. Great idea. Now you HAVE to do it!


Hilarious! Definitely do it.


She needs to carry around a fake birth certificate so people know what the costume is!


I would empty all my candy out of the bowl for a kid dressed as an underage gymnast. Best. Idea. Ever.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah


Ian also sings "Shake Your Booty" but he actually pulls down his pants to do it.

Charmed, I'm sure.


Nope, not mean at all. But I beg of you, post pictures. If she goes for it, enjoy it. When they take over choosing their own costumes, they want no input from you. Nata choose her own this year; I get to walk around with a pink unicorn for a kid. Then again, you could always just have another kid, it will buy you a few more years.

Somehow I bet Peanut will be a lot like you. I could be wrong, but I would put money on it.


not wrong...hilarious. and the right of all parents. you'd better post the picture.


That is HYSTERICALLY wrong. I really hope you do it!


I guess it might be offensive to a few Chinese people but since you're Korean-American, I think you might get a free pass. Go for it!


without a doubt - FUNNY, funny, funny.

ccr in MA

I think it's hilarious. On the other hand, I don't have kids, so I haven't had to face up to the whole thought of "Am I warping my kid too much?"

Nah, it's funny. Do it.

JJ Daddy Baby Momma

Triple. Dog. Dare.

With eyeshadow.


While that's totally cracking my shit up, I'm not sure if pople will get it. They may well just figure she's a gymnast (or, you know, tap dancer or figure skater, since all of those tend to wear the same kinds of hideous sparkly leotard thingumies). Still, YOU would know...


My housemates could kill me for ruining the drama movie we're watching right now because I kept bursting out in laughter with this post!!! Please MD and BL dress her as the underage olympian!!!! teach her to throw her arms up in the gymnast dismount and feel free to post these pictures for us to see the end result!

Hope this year's Halloween is a great one!

Mama Nabi

I support this ONLY if we see pictures.

LN does the shake your booty dance as well. Mama is always PROUD when her baby shakes her booty.


Do it!


Oh, you SO have to do this! Its hilarious!

Rattling the Kettle

Definitely funny.

W. Lee

There's a very short window where you can pick your child's Halloween costume. That's why, last year, I dressed my 2-year-old twin sons as Siamese twins. The wife sewed two pairs of pajamas together and the costume worked perfectly. You should have seen the looks on people's faces.


Funny. Wrong. Funny. Damn. Wrong?

The year Payne Stewart died, I wanted to dress up as him for Halloween. I had my knickers all picked out, but then the S.O. said it was in poor taste.

Do you think I could dress up as an overage Chinese gymnast? Peanut and I could be cross-nation co-trick-or-treaters.

Erica Y.

So wrong but so darn funny. You guys have to do it. PLEASE!


hahahha.. funny. i think?

Black Hockey Jesus


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