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September 11, 2008


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that was beautiful man.


What a heartfelt letter. Thank you for sharing it with us, and I'm so sorry for your loss.


Sorry for your loss, MD. We lost a close friend on that day also. It really is hard to believe that it's been seven years.


I am beyond words and choking back tears. Strangely, I was just thinking about it the other day after watching a video on 9/11, was MD in NYC during 9/11.


Why is it that sudden death affects us so profoundly?

Your letter took me right back to when I lost one of my best friends suddenly - in a light plane crash.

I wonder when I'm ever going to get over it.

I remember 911. It was night time in Australia. The rolling news started about 9.30pm. It was like a horror movie.

But it was real.

More real for you.

Thank you for your post.


I can't even imagine what it must have been like to be in NYC during 9/11. Whenever I see the news footage, I recoil in horror. Then I think of what it must have been like to witness it in person. With all the natural dangers in the world, it saddens me to see the tragedies that man can inflict on their fellow man.

Sympathies on your loss, MD. Sounds like you lost a great friend. Those are always few and far between, aren't they?


Thank you for remembering your friend, Andy. Thank you for continuing to share the memory of him with us. Thank you for celebrating the love he had for life and for loving life just a wee bit more in celebration of him.


pnuts mama

we still miss them...
peace to you today, MD- i hope you're able to feel andy's love and light today and everyday. xo.


Every year I've read your letter to Andy, it's made me cry, and this year is no exception. Condolences as always. Like the saying goes, we never get over our grief, we just get through it.


Living in Michigan, I sometimes forget how closely personal that 9/11 must have been for all you New Yorkers. We mourn the loss of our fellow citizens but you mourn the loss of close friends and family. Thank you for reminding of this today, MD.


I have no words. Just warm thoughts for you and your friends. xo


Thank you for sharing this with us, MD. I can feel the pain of your loss and how close you were with Andy. My warmest thoughts are with you today.


Every year I read this, and I tell myself that I won't cry.

And then I cry.

Peace to you, and to all of us who bore witness.


It's always a difficult day to remember but more so for people who lost someone. Big hugs to you today, MD.

Brad B.

I hope that I have a close friend who will always remember me like that when I'm gone. What a beautiful and moving letter, MD. I'm sorry for your loss. Good luck today.


Just...thinking of you MD. And your friend.


Every year I read your letter to Andy, I always ended up crying.
Im sorry for you loss. hugs.


Beautifully put. Utterly captivating.


Beautiful as always Pierre. Because of you, I will always think of your friend Andy on this day.


Thank you for this reminder. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll be thinking of you and your friends today along with the rest of NYC.


Thanks for putting this up again. It's hard being a New Yorker on this day, and I'm taking a page from you and Citymama and reposting something I had written back in 2001.


wow. i can't imagine. hang in there...


Woke up this morning and looked forward to your annual tribute to Andy. Beautiful as always. My best to you and your family today.


Seems nearly impossible to me that I have read several of these, and yet they tug my heart strings everytime. Years go by so quickly.

Thank you for the reminder and lovely tribute. It helps us all to remember.


Ive never posted but read religiously. Peace to you MD and thank you for showing us the real meaning of friendship.

Paige Jennifer

Over ten years ago, a good friend took her life. In a random act of violence, her boyfriend had been robbed and killed and she never recovered from the grief of that loss. Like you with Andy, I have great memories of Beck and I still struggle to grasp how her life ended so soon.

That being said, whenever I hear "Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard", I think of her. I can hear her squeaky voice belting out the words and I can see her smiling face as she bops her head to the beat. Life still goes on but the memories make her absence easier to stomach.

Beautiful post, MD. Just beautiful. I'm a hormonal mess already on the brink of tears and you totally drove me over the edge. Thanks for sharing.

Helen P.

As always on this day, I'm thinking about you, Andy, and your friends. Loss is never easy but a loss like that is so especially tragic and sad. Thanks for sharing with with us.

Daddy Dan

Beautiful tribute to your friend, Metro Dad. I'm thinking of all of those who lost loved ones seven years ago today. May they all rest in peace.


What a beautiful post. Tears in my eyes.


I lost my closest friend growing up in a car accident several years ago. Like you, the slipping grasp of every single detail about his life worries me. But you're right. The most important thing to remember is the friendship that bonds you. Really, sometimes it's the only thing that gets me through the day. Great post, MD.

Molly Chase

I always look forward to your letters to Andy. I write a similar one every year in June to a friend who died eleven years ago.

Beautiful post, MD. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Thank you for writing this letter and letting us read it. I am really sorry for this loss of yours. (So far, I have been quite pampered that way as I haven't suffered these kind of losses of close ones - yet.).

Apart from that, and being from another part of this world, I wish your letter to Andy had appeared in every newspaper there is today. It might have helped not to see another nation as an anonymous cluster of "them" (or, worse, identify a people by their politicians).

Your letter lets us feel and know (if one is open for this) that it's only about human beings and our feelings for each other.

Thanks again MD.





I sometimes have to remind myself that every single one of those lives lost on 9/11 affected so many thousands more. Thanks for keeping that fresh in my thoughts, MD. Beautiful post and I'm sorry for your loss.


Beautiful letter. It was just the kind of 9/11 tribute I needed to read today.


thanks for letting us see another little piece of your soul today.

glad i'm not being evacuated from the 51st floor this year (of a building in atlanta, so it's not it was necessary).


Andy sounds like an amazing friend. Our thoughts are with you today.


Not sure what to say here... just wanted to... you know... say it.

karen w.

It's too rare that we find such special friends during our lifetime. It's even sadder when we lose them.

My best friend drowned 6 years ago. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her. God, I miss her. I share your pain, MD.

Liberal Banana

Beautiful, MD.

This day is so heartbreaking...

Nothing But Bonfires

Do you know that poem Death Is Nothing At All by Henry Scott Holland? "Death is nothing at all / I have only slipped away into the next room / I am I and you are you / Whatever we were to each other, that we still are...."

Sometimes it helps.


Thank you for sharing another heartfelt letter to Andy. I was thinking of you last night and have been this morning, wondering how you are doing and how you would remember your friend.

As always, you've done it beautifully.


I wish there was a word for "I send you my concern and love and take on a piece of your mourning in case that might help."

Maybe in German.


Damn. You make me cry. everytime.
Beautiful words, MD

Soccer Dad

I lost my one of my closest aunts yesterday and have been trying to find the right words. You encapsulated a lot of what I wanted to say. Thanks for this.



Beautiful, as always.


You know, I've lost a lot of family members now (I'm 40 myself) -- parents, sister, aunts, uncles, grandarents -- but I've never lost a friend. I think that would be almost more painful. Especially under such unimagineable circumstances.

My heart aches for your loss.


Just like you promise yourself that you shall not drown in a bottle of gin, I promise myself that each time I read you letter I shall not cry. Everytime I fail. Your love for your dear friend touches a special place in me, thank you for sharing yourself so deeply with everyone.


On 9/11, I lost my oldest friend. Jason and I were baptized together and had spent our entire lives together as friends. The moment the planes hit him in the tower we were on email back and forth talking about our respective weekends. He never replied. Like you, I redialed like a fanatic. That day not only did we lose Jason, we lost his father in the same tower.

Thank you for your post Metrodad. Today is a hard day and it is always hard to remember the little things as time goes on. Thank you for your post.


I'm so sorry for your loss and the loss so many others are feeling today. What a beautiful letter, and a beautiful way to memorialize your friend.

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