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August 15, 2008


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MD, so glad you're back. I hope you and BossLady are holding up alright.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm a big lip kisser. Charlie is not. (With the boys, not with each other...um, yeah.) Anyway, I was totally not grossed out by their kiss; thought it was sweet.

I guess to each his own, yeah?

Oh, and my message to Peanut - sports are so overrated. But even princesses do ballet. AND they wear dresses. (If you can't fight 'em, join 'em?)


OMG, that toddler tossing video gave me a heart attack. Who are those people? Why are there so many kids running around? And how drunk is that mother? Methinks someone should be calling CPS on them!


I absolutely KNEW Bela Karolyi reminded me of someone. I just couldn't put my finger on who it was!


As for after school activities I think I have one dancer and one female athlete on my hands judging purely on their personalities.

Rachel C

What about figure skating? Those are some pretty girly outfits!

Glad you're back MD. I usually just lurk around here but that last post about your father-in-law had me in tears. He sounds like a wonderful man. Hang in there.



Phil Richardson

MD, you are a very funny man, your humour is well apreciated down here in Australia.

Farting on the dog sounds like a sport that just might take off here. Could you please email me the rules.



Put the Argeninians on your list too, MD. Looks like a bunch of photos have emerged with them making "slanty eyes" also.


carole b

I'm with on the whole lip-kissing thing. My sister and her hausband always kissed their two girls on the lips as babies. Now, the girls are older and, anytime they meet someone, they kiss them on the lips. I have to admit that it kind of freaks me and my husband out.

the mad momma

you'll probably take back your offer to catch up with me when i visit the US - but i'm not particularly upset by the baby tossing. we've seen worse versions done here in India.. and my own babies too. maybe standing closer... and with an older child.

but i notice that plenty of stuff we do here in india isnt treated as lightly as it is in your country. no car seats for kids, no diapers, kids left alone at home while parents go out, left alone in cars...

its a different world we live in :)


That video makes me nervous. I mean, do they laugh when they drop a child? Or do they point fingers and say, "hey it was your idea first!"


Ha, my son kisses everyone on the lips. But he's 2 so it's still cute. (I THINK?)


Good to have you back, metrodad.

Toddler tossing! My daughter watched this with me and said she would like to have people toss her. I watched the whole thing waiting for the drop! In fairness to them, they didn't drop anyone,and they did keep checking that the kids were happy - and htey stopped immediately when the little boy didn't like it. And the rest of the kids were having fun. And it was on grass... still, I wouldn't do it, or rather, let my feckless husband do it... I have a daredevil French friend who's a juggler, and I'm nervous when the kids are around him :)

As to the Spanish? Well, Catalonians are nice. The rest can be challenging to love alright!

Jozet at Halushki

No, not field hockey! According to the new book, Warrior Girls, those kids blow out their knees like race horses.

Figure skaters get to wear pretty dresses. And it's a cheap sport, too!


Okay, let me try that last line again with a straight face.


So sorry to hear about your father-in-law, MD. It sounds like he lived a long and wonderful life, surrounded by people who he loved, and who loved him.

(Scotch, hugging, tv and pickles? We do the same thing over here every night! Must be an Asian thing.)


OMG OMG @ Spanish Basketball team rant. SO FUCKING FUNNY! I had totally forgotten about that Monkey Monkey incident, too (what does that say about me)? Thanks for making me laugh.


If your daughter wants to wear dresses and be a princess you should rent the ballet The Nutcracker and see if she takes an interest in dance! Bet she does.

Raging Dad

That kid tossing video is troubling. I used to think I was irresponsible... Not any more!

I totally disagree on the kissing and Nastia! I was completely moved watching the two of them throughout the events. Seeing him tear up when she nailed it, and seeing him hurt when she felt was beautiful.

Sara GH

Love the new olympic sport!


I couldn't watch more than 45 seconds of that video. Everyone's having fun until someone gets hurt shouldn't ever be used when referring to adults 'playing' with children. Adults should know better.


I thought I had left a comment on this one a few days ago, but I guess not...
So if the Peanut likes to wear dresses and be a princess, than I suggest you rent the ballet the Nutcracker (the one with Baryshnikov!) and see if dance/ballet peeks her interest. Bet it does!


Oh my Lord! That just took a week off of my life seeing them toss those kids back and forth. I cannot believe people think that is funny!!!!!!


Eek, the video made me think of "Angela's Ashes" and Frank McCourt's Uncle Pat, who as a toddler was dropped on his head when his drunken father threw him up, once, twice, oops, and grew up to be not quite right in the head and think everybody is out to steal his fish and chips.


Metrodad, from Spain, I am completely mystified as to why it should be considered offensive to reflect that Chinese people have slanted eyes; they do, don't they? I, who am Spanish, have slanted eyes and my family calls me Chinita (little Chinese girl). It's considered rather an attractive trait. What the Olympic teams mean by the photographs is that they're very excited to be going to China, and is in no way intended to denigrate Asian people. Are the Chinese really that touchy? I suppose its just our dumb Spanishness (or the fact that we have been kicked around in the head too often, although I don't particularly remember the Italians ever doing so) which makes us naive. BTW, we do shower every day, you are confusing us with the French.


Was just surfing the web and I came across you site and I have to say that I am greatly impressed. Thank-you!


Archery is the perfect sport for a princess. It's safe to do it in your long flowy dress. AND it's potentially lethal--now that's much more hardcore than most sports.

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yes That is definitely an at home video. The parents definitely had to be drunk.oh



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