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July 18, 2008


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I hear you about finding comfort in food. That's what I did exactly, for nearly a year now I think.

Since having kids, I hardly have time for myself. At first it was okay, I liked being around the first born- the rewards are that her first word was "Daddee", I am her buddy now, and she tells me everything. I intend to maintain this so that we remain friends throughout her life.

The downside of course is that I have gained inches on my waist.

I do know that low-carb diets work- My sister tried it, and I did too when I was single, just for fun, and bodybuilders get into that zone leading up to competition time, when they (aim to) have the least fat ever, on stage. But it requires super discipline, and also difficult to stick to because its too easy to find carb-food, and equally hard (and expensive) to find low-carb food for every meal (especially in Asia where it's rice and rice with rice).

Wife is a workaholic. Which makes me feel obliged to be the parent around the kids. I am not complaining about that, only that this obligation means I don't find time for myself, for workouts, etc. Recent lulls in personal life compelled me to seek other comforts- food. Rich foods. I am talking rich curries, pasta, midnight snacks, etc.

The older we get (37 this Oct) the harder it is for us men to lose the fat. Something's gotta give.


Craziest thing to lose weight? Let's see, I stopped eating and drank only protein shakes, took Hydroxycut like a fiend, and hit the gym twice (sometimes thrice) a day. I lost 20lbs in 4 weeks, but I felt like shit. But I live in a place (Boulder) where eating disorders and obsessive workouts are the norm.


Vegetarian here. It's been a little over 3 years since I've had meat, and I wasn't a big meat-eater to start with. But I don't know if I have much advice for you - my primary reason for giving up the meat was because of the texture. Yeah, I'm a food freak, I know.

Craziest thing to lose weight: I was in high school and ate nothing but carrots for about 2 weeks. I wouldn't recommend it.


Sounds promising MD. If you stepped out of line, you've retrained your appetites. Now you have to build a sustainable eating pattern that doesn't kill you.

I'm a dad with a 3 month old and a 3 year old. It's not the call of the burger that gives me the bulge - it's the lack of time.

I'm trying to do the Portfolio Diet to drop my cholesterol. It would be better to go back to the gym. I remember when my body looked forward to the gym- that was 2 kids ago. Now my body just craves sleep and accepts coffee as a substitute. If I get up at 4:30 a.m. I could make it to the gym, or I could sleep. Aaahhh....sleep always wins.

Let us know if works. I'll try anything to get few more years. I want to see how my kids turn out. I want to keep the nursing home Don Juans away from wife. Good luck with the juice.


Oh God ... When I was much younger, I used to do the laxative/dexatrim combo. Not good. Now, I am a vegetarian and I work out as much as my insane schedule will permit (which isn't much). I haven't eaten meat for 15 years, but like you with the street food, I often smell grilled meat and think, "yummy!" But I can't overcome the repulsion at the thought of eating meat and really, I don't want to. I like being a vegetarian. I helps that I've always loved vegetables!
Sorry you are having a shitty summer. I'm sending positive, meat-free vibes in your general direction.


Hmmmmm...starting a regimen of bike commuting, freeweights, and portion control. Bike commuting, specifically seemed to make me feel better, have more energy, and just feel STRONG.


When John got his cancer diagnosis, just looking at food made me feel sick. I lost some serious weight on the Shock and Grief Diet. I also aged about 10 years overnight--you can see it in pictures. One day? Happy, healthy thirty-two-year-old newlywed. Then next day? Strung out, stressed out, thirty-two-year-old wife whose husband has just been handed a death sentence.

When John died, I assumed I'd have the same food aversion. Quite the opposite. If there was food within five miles of me, I ate it, especially if it were unhealthy. I'm still trying to fix up my eating habits.

No extreme diet stories to share. Good luck with your cleanse. I'm glad you're feeling healthier and more energetic. And I'm sorry this summer has been so shitty.


Dooce did a cleanse, with less than thrilling results. I lost almost 90 pounds in about 6 months by cutting portions and speed walking. But that's just me....and after the stress, not the actual pregnancies, of having two kids and my husband's almost three years of job hopping, I've gained about 40 of it back.

Good luck. God bless.


The craziest thing that I've ever done is just a few moments ago when I actually contemplated doing your juice thing.

"Hmmm," I thought. "If Pierre is doing it then it's got to be a good thing."

But then I thought of breakfast sandwich with my name on it and I thought, "Screw THAT Pierre! I want my meat!"


i just did the master cleanse with a friend. the results were very similar to yours! no cravings, boost of energy, and overall healthier feeling. two others did it because of us and they're feeling great too!


I used to be the biggest junk food eater in the universe. Not really fast food but more like the ones that you enjoy...pastas in cream sauce, burritos, pizza. I ate it all with abandon.

Because I always worked out, weight was never an issue for me. Then I married a vegetarian and I found myself eating primarily fruits and vegetables. My only real protein source was fish.

I was amazed at how much better I felt. My weight dropped a little bit but, more than anything else, I had more energy. Minor health issues that used to nag me disappeared. Even my allergy symptoms got better. If I'm with the guys, I'll still eat the occasional steak or burger but I don't really miss it much at all.

I think your juice cleanse is a step in the right direction. You don't have to be vegetarian or anything. It just makes you more aware of what you put in your body. Everything in moderation, right?


i'm with you. i started eating better in May...and boy, the first couple weeks were brutal! I didn't do a cleanse like what you're doing, but definitely changed my eating habits and it was tough. but i feel better now....good for you!

Betsy M.

I may be dating myself but do you remember the cabbage soup diet from many years ago? I must have done that for two months. I lost 10 pounds but it was awful.

Now I just make sure I do everything in moderation. I'm not a vegetarian but I eat pretty healthy. I don't work out at a gym but I go for long walks after dinner or the occasional bike ride.

Sure, I'd like to be about 5 lbs lighter. What woman wouldn't? Overall though I'm pretty happy with my moderate lifestyle.

Karen in DE

You're doing this for TWO WEEKS? Yikes! Hope it's worth the cost - cha ching.

Hapa Dad

MD---when I met my wife, she was a hard-core carnivore like me. Then, one day, she decided she wanted to try being a vegetarian. I told her to go right ahead and be my guest. To tell you the truth, I was shocked at how much healthier she got from it and how much weight she lost.

It wasn't just that she had cut out meat. It was like you said. Being a vegetarian made her really think about everything that went into her mouth. I'm so impressed that I'm considering trying it myself. ME! The undisputed KING of the BBQ!



lemon juice
maple syrup
cayenne pepper.

all day long.. made it 4 days the first time

12 hours the second time....

same symptoms as you. dry stinky mouth, ferocious headaches...

and don't even talk to me about the salt water flush in the morning.

raw juice sounds like a treat in comparison!


Master Cleanse for me. Never thought I could do it since I eat all day long (small bit but still all day long). I get headaches if I don't eat.

I just finished the 4th Master Cleanse a month ago (I went for 14days). I get the same results as you are with your juice cleanse: Sinuses clear- "check", sense of smell up by 100%- "check" (enough that I can smell people breath sitting behind me on the train...hey, mouthwash next time buddy!). Sleeping very well "check".

Jessica Reilly

I did NutriSystem for two weeks but all the food tasted like cardboard so I had to stop. Then I did Atkins but I couldn't give up my carbs. Now I'm on Weight Watchers. We'll see how that goes.

Damn pregnancy weight!


Hey there! I just did a 9 day ISAGENIX cleanse and it was fantastic. It's similar in that you drink a super-vitaminey (??) drink and very small snacks every 2 hours along w/100 oz of water a day. It was amazing, I felt fantastic with tons of energy. I miss it and want to do it again...now if I eat something unhealthy I feel like crap! I lost 10lbs


I once did Dr. Natura's Colonix cleanse for thirty days. The first few days I had horrible headaches and was grouchy as a bear. But then the same thing happened to me - my skin cleared up, I popped out of bed earlier, had more energy. The junk that came out of my body was unbelievable. They say you're supposed to do it once a year, but... I'm putting it off cuz I'm lazy like that.


Weight Watchers, dude. As of yesterday, I'm down 30 pounds, and am in the best shape I've been in since my rugby-playing days. Haven't been hungry, dizzy, or tired; in fact, I've been hitting the gym and/or surfing five days a week.

JJ Daddy-O

Now you've done it, MD. People will want to tell you about their bowels all day long....


I tried the 3-day Blueprint Cleanse last year and loved it. Now I do it a few times per year (esp. after the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Labor Day!)


Where were you training in Florida? Hopmans or Bolletteri?

Maternal Mirth

Just reading about street vendors and the delectible steam that comes from their carts, ice cold beer and summer grilling is making my mouth water ... drool all over keyboard.


Personally I would have gone for the gyro. Every time I'm in New York, I probably average about one a day. For me, it's the quintessential NYC street food. So damn tasty.


Several people have mentioned the Master Cleanse, and I agree. The hardest part is having to feed the kids and husband while drinking only the lemonade. Good luck!


the craziest thing I ever did was go vegan two years ago. I had already been vegetarian on and off for years. my motivation to go full force was ethical and health reasons. I looked at it as being on strike until conditions improve. the first few weeks were rough at times, especially since my roommate would eat brie and cheddar around me, two of my old favorites. however, I think that once I let go of my addiction to old favorites, it was surprising how quickly my cravings changed. humans are amazingly adaptable.

side effect was losing a size or two over the course of the last two years, but I definitely did not experience a rapid weight loss (nor was that any kind of goal). in my opinion, losing a lot of weight quickly on a vegan diet isn't a good thing...it won't be sustainable for the long haul. another nice side effect is that my allergies have become a lot less obnoxious, probably due to eating less allergens. I also eat a hell of a lot more natural whole foods, and I cook almost daily as opposed to eating out, which have been positive changes for me and my health. besides the simple act of cutting out dairy and egg products, I think going vegan changed my whole attitude towards food.

however long you stick with the raw juice, it's amazing how a (healthful) new diet can change your perspective on eating. in my mind, that is a great reason for the occasional upheaval.

Seth M

What's the opposite of a vegan? A meatan? That's what I am. However, as every year passes by, it gets harder and harder to lose the pounds. Maybe I'll give the juice cleanse a shot.

Sorry to hear you're having such a crappy summer. Hope your FIL is doing better.


Craziest thing I've ever done to lose weight. I used to participate in a sport with weight classes. For some odd reason, I wanted to drop a weight class. I thought I could do it.

I thought wrong.

With 3 days to go, I was 10 lbs overweight. Not making weight = disqualification. My solution? I lived in a duct taped sauna suit, had a spigot to drain off excess sweat. I would constantly have hard candy in my mouth, only so I could spit and get rid of excess water weight. I would drink water out of a bottle cap.

I made weight by a couple ounces.

I fought, won and subsequently gained about 12 lbs back over the next 2 days from sheer rehydration before.

What do I do now to keep in shape? I do the dreaded running and the most blatantly homoerotic of sports, mixed martial arts. You should do some MMA Metrohyung.


Been a vegetarian as long as I can remember! If you want to go veggie, look for cuisines that have a lot of vegetarian food, like Indian. Awesomely tasty dishes and you wont even remember that you are not eating meat!

6th Floor Blogger

I always find that dieting is simple math. You have to eat healthier/lower calorie stuff, while burning more/exercising.

The other side of it is having the Guilt outweight the enjoyment. Something I find harder to do when depressed. I can't convince myself that happiness some timedown the road is worth trading the bursts of enjoyment now.


At one point last summer I tried the weird lemonade cleanse. I'm not completely sure I remember what it has in it, but it tasted like ass and I thought I was dying, so I gave it up after about three days. I think when you go back to real food, start with the healthier stuff. Steak on the street (dam I need to come to New York) isn't the way to start off.

I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I hope you guys are able to see him as often as possible.

mac daniels

no, i've never done anything like this. i'm fairly sure you're crazy. good thing there's no dreamland in NY.

Papa Bradstein

Dude. I'm a vegetarian, and it's like what you're going through--at first, it's a hard habit to break, but then you're pretty much repulsed by the stuff. All the e. coli and mad cow outbreaks make it pretty easy to stay off the junk.

But I would never live off a bunch of water that you managed to squeeze out of a pile of weeds, as you are--props to you for that, my man.

In times of great stress--a loved one dies, we move from CO to DC, we're stuck on a nonstop cross country flight sitting next to Jabba the Hut with a head cold--I tend to combine yours and BossLady's approaches: I eat hardly anything except crap and coffee. In one day, I might have a bag of potato chips and six cups of coffee. The next might be some mac and cheese, ice cream, and six cups of coffee.

If I ate more than that, I'd probably hork it all back up anyway, so what's the point? I'm just hoping that the next time I want to lose 10 pounds, I don't have to lose it by sweating it out while I load my household into a UHaul truck.

Black Hockey Jesus

Did you play tennis with Nick Bollettieri? You're a badass.

I got tired of marathons and tried ultras. By far the craziest thing I ever did. I entered a 6 hour timed ultra, and made it 34 miles. Then I tried a 100 miler and called it a day after 42 miles.


Dude -- don't give up on your health... and HUMOR! you rock!

BTW vitamin D and fish oil are great immune busters -- may benefit your father-in-law's cancer too. You're probably deficient like everybody else. Ask your MD, 'MD', for a blood test 25(OH)D and then take enough to get the level to 70ng/ml (check it again 2mos later).

Good luck! (OMG you were nearly like Michael Chang -- asian athlete star -- now you're a star BLOGGER *heh*)


Jen @ amazingtrips

I've never done anything remotely like this. But my 75-year old mother has. She checked in to the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) in San Diego, CA for two weeks the first time >> three months the second, third and fourth time. She was DESPERATE to regain her health after a series of medical challenges had left her feeling miserable.

Her daily regiment included wheatgrass, watermelon juice, rejuvalax (wheat and barley juice) and an entirely raw food diet. She fasted alongside Jack LaLanne (a guest at the Institute) and by the time she was finished with her three-month-stint, she had lost 40 pounds. She was entirely off her blood pressure, arthritis, cholesterol, and heart medication. Her skin and hair looked fabulous. And, she was leading an exercise class with Debbie Reynolds as one of her students.

Part of the OHI regiment also included daily E's and I's (or, enemas and implants). The implants being poultices of wheatgrass, which were intended to heal the colon. They also suggested colonics to clear out the high bowel. What's funny is my naive sister went to the Institute for 2-weeks and she thought the colonics session she was attending would involve how to make perfume. She was all "You want to put that hose WHERE?!"

What's amazing is that as you fast, the toxins that are in your body will come out >> (hence DE-tox) and that is why you feel so crappy. Mom told me stories about people who had gone through chemo YEARS prior and as they went through the detox, they started to lose their hair. Because the chemo meds that had been in their body and trapped in their fat cells were released during the cleanse, re-entered their blood stream, and they had many of the same symptoms until everything was flushed out.

It's absolutely incredible the healing power of foods.


Dude, did you go Nick Bollettieri? I didn't (I still hate tennis, years after all of those @#$@!! lessons I can't stand chasing after a ball with a racket) but one of my younger bros did.

I'm actually on this "I can't this bullshit with my no longer baby weight" diet right now. Which means back on the Pilates wagon and not snacking on garbage. Since last week I've lost 10 lbs.


My parents are devout Hindu vegetarians. I, however, am not. They are both incredibly healthy and never seem to get sick. I get sick 2-3 times per year. Could there be a connection? Yah, I'm pretty sure. Doesn't make me want to turn vegetarian though.


1. I absolutely can relate.
2. For me, if I don't want to feel (even just the normal fact of being tired), I want to eat. Sometimes I do.
3. The older I get (I'm pushing 50, so you have some time left...) the less I need to eat. I could easily run on some muesli in the morning and a salad at night - how depressing. So it's important for me to do some sport; then I may eat as much as I like (and I'm also less needy for food).

I grew up getting only maybe one or two dishes with meet a week as we couldn't afford more - the missing animal protein being replaced by diary products; my mother was smart that way. I am still on about that dose. If you eat more, you get used to it and want it. I had a French friend who needed to eat meat twice a day...

Thanks for your blog btw, I thoroughly enjoy it and it is an inspiration. I wish you all the best especially with the current challenges your family is facing.
Greetings from Vienna, Austria


Interesting strategy. I've never done anything like that. The silliest thing I've ever done is to pay mountainloads of money to several gyms that I never went to. Ugh! Now I've got the Wii Fit--we'll see how it goes.


I've never done a cleanse (not THAT motivated!) but I am a vegetarian and have been since 1995. I can relate to the idea that you think you can't live without meat as I'm the daughter and granddaughter of cattle ranchers who think that a good piece of meat solves EVERYTHING. I was raised to think that eating meats of all kinds was the norm.

That said, I don't even think about eating meat anymore and I'm much healthier ever since I made the choice to become a vegetarian. I struggled with my weight my whole life and ever since I stopped eating meat I've not had to think about it. I'm a steady (women's) size 6 and I love it. The only drawback is when I attend family get togethers and they've decided that feeding me is too much of a brain cramp to figure out. I make do though......I eat the side dishes and wonder when they are ever going to lay off the giant slabs of meat.

I feel good, look reasonably good, and wouldn't go back to being a carnivore if you paid me big bucks. It just simply does not appeal to me.

Good luck with your cleanse and maybe you could consider going on 'meat' fasts. Try cutting meats out of your diet for short periods of time and see how you feel. You might be surprised.

Sara GH

I have been a vegetarian since middle school...I'm now almost 29 and couldn't imagine eating meat again! I went to Thailand and ended up loosing weight just from the hot weather! It definitely curbs my appetite. I've fallen off the eating well wagon, In fact I had pizza the night before last as well as last night...but, like you, I'm going to get back at it...


Sara GH

I have been a vegetarian since middle school...I'm now almost 29 and couldn't imagine eating meat again! I went to Thailand and ended up loosing weight just from the hot weather! It definitely curbs my appetite. I've fallen off the eating well wagon, In fact I had pizza the night before last as well as last night...but, like you, I'm going to get back at it...


Sara GH

I have been a vegetarian since middle school...I'm now almost 29 and couldn't imagine eating meat again! I went to Thailand and ended up loosing weight just from the hot weather! It definitely curbs my appetite. I've fallen off the eating well wagon, In fact I had pizza the night before last as well as last night...but, like you, I'm going to get back at it...


Sara GH

I have been a vegetarian since middle school...I'm now almost 29 and couldn't imagine eating meat again! I went to Thailand and ended up loosing weight just from the hot weather! It definitely curbs my appetite. I've fallen off the eating well wagon, In fact I had pizza the night before last as well as last night...but, like you, I'm going to get back at it...



While I've never done a cleans, I've always wanted to -- but held back due to my miserable history of not following through. However, after a year and a half of comfort-feeding while VB was being treated for his cancer, I tried to go back to eating more rationally. Over time I lost all of the weight I had gained, although I haven't yet been able to shake my renewed addiction to morning coffee.

Baby steps....


If you are thinking about going vegetarian - or even, just changing what you cook when you eat at home, maybe check out these books. Give them a look and see what appeals. Tonight we grilled bread (small pieces), eggplant, tomatoes and zucchini, and had open faced sandwiches with homemade pesto and goat cheese. Whole meal took 20 mins to prepare, also was cheap. Its really all about it becoming a habit, like anything else when it comes to staying healthy. If you only get one, get the Bittman:

" How to Cook Everything Vegetarian", Mark Bittman

" Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" by Deborah Madison

" Veggie Planet" by Didi Emmons


Craziest thing I have ever done to lose weight? Well, it had nothing to do with being healthy and everything to do with fitting into a bridesmaid dress...yes, that old story. It involved going to the gym everyday, walking 2 miles a day, the "48 Hour Hollywood Diet", and Lasix. All at the same time. The dress fit and I ate like a pig at the reception :)

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