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June 05, 2008


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New design looks great!

Check out the new Weezer.


This is not a summer song (I don't even know what kind of song it is), but it has been keeping my step up at the gym:
Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance


EXCUSE ME but ah, the movie comments - There can be only one.


Not sure if this is your cup of tea, but so far this summer I'm loving I Get Around by Dragonette. It would be my go to beach drive song if my kids weren't so damn smart and ask too many questions.

nikki f

You men and your movie quotes. My DH thinks it's the funniest thing in the universe to teach our daughter lines from The Big Lebowski. I fear for her future!


Summer songs are tough for me these days with a newborn in the house (I don't get out much anymore with two kids underfoot!), but if I were rockin' the iPod more, here would be my top:

Mercy - Duffy
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis (more for the incredible voice than the actual song)
Mushaboom - Feist (from before she went all commercial)
The Heart of the Matter - India Arie
The Old Black Rum - Great Big Sea (it's old, but reminds me of hot summer nights on the patio of The Lower Deck... legendary!)
Pretty much anything by the Fratellis
And, because it's summer, I'm often in a Bob Marley kind of mood...


Site looks great, MD. I love that there's even a place for MetroDog. Too cute.

Music? What's music? The only songs we hear are all by The Wiggles, They Might Be Giants, Laurie Berkner, and Dan Zane!

Veerle Herremans

"Nearly HALF of all pregnancies each year are accidents - My OB GYN told me a year ago that at least a third of her patients tell her the pregnancy is an accident. I didn't believe her, but guess it is true.

Mama Nabi

dude... I argue with LN at least twice that number. seriously. We're both stubborn, what can I say? Sometimes I agree with her just to win the argument... but, come on, I have to lose respect for myself if I am constantly losing all my battles with a 3 year old. Yeah. It's all about respect.

Yeah... I'm laughing now but come tomorrow morning and LN wants to eat 2 packages of Starburst for breakfast, we're on, baby.

Hm. Good theory, MD's friend, Andrew. Coz, I'm thinking I may have voted differently if I didn't have LN.

I'm trying to teach LN to yell out "Run, Forrest, run!" every time she sees a kid galloping by.


Mmmm... starburst.

I just bought Rockferry by Duffy and I like the song "Mercy", which has been promoted to my new cell phone ring.

I like the new design!


Summer Song: "Game's Pain" The Game featuring Keyshia Cole. Very old school hip hop.


Daddy blogs are hilarious, even if I'm not a parent myself! And American Boy by Estelle featuring Kanye West. Not U2-ish, but still cool.


I'm partial to Daft Punk's "Digital Love" and the whole OK Go self-titled album. Seriously. It's rockin'.

sarah cho

the song of the summer for me has got to be rhianna's please don't stop the music. it's everywhere!


Jason Mraz - I'm Yours


They Might Be Giants - "Seven Days of The Week - Never Go To Work" It's not only my "summer song", it's my theme song!


I second: Rock the Bells - ladies love cool james

I'd also add in:

Barcelona - the rentals (off of seven more minutes)

California stars - billy bragg and wilco

Sex, love + Money - Mos Def

roger dodger

Lupe Fiasco, Coldplay, & Rihanna. All on a steady rotation.


The only suggestion I have about your blog design is to make sure a link to my blog is displayed prominently somewhere on it.

On another note, I'm going to a Mets/Padres game tonight with Whit and Dave from Rattle the Kettle. We'll toast our $10 beer to you.

(Oh, and you just gotta love losing a game with 3 walks and a HBP, right?)


Yes, there's a total dearth of acceptable summer-worthy pop tunes. I actually got a little excited the other day when I heard Will Smith's Summertime on the radio. I hadn't heard it in so long, and I still think it stands up as the anthem that most perfectly captures the laid-back vibe that we all seem to hope for once summer arrives.

By the way, just for your friend, I am a childless person who was part of that 90% that would want to be woken up, so I don't think that the child vs no-child theory stands up. Whether a wee bairn ever comes out of my uterus or not has no bearing on the fact that I already have people in my life that I love in a revoltingly sentimental and romantic way.

And shit. You've now given me another video to watch obsessively at my desk. My boss thanks you, I'm sure. I'll just explain to our vendors that I couldn't deliver their reports today because I had to watch The Roots rock the shit out of some U2 (again) (and again) (and again).


I don't believe those statistics, either.

And my current favorite thing I've taught my kid to say for my own amusement is, "Tank you. Tank you verra much." You have to picture it with the sneer, wink, and finger guns to get the whole effect.


Things my husband has successfully taught my just-turned 4 year old:
-when asked "who's the man?" emphatically answers "Daddy is the man!"
-when giving high fives, always "punch it in" (aka 'the fist pump')
-how to "throw the horns" Rock On!
-Latest quote is "Gigidy gididy goo!" a al Quagmire from Family Guy
However, my favorite has to be the one she started all on her own. When I've done something particularly cool, she'll start bowing in front of me, arms raised chanting "All hail the Momma!"


you are really going to have to let us know what ends up on your summer list! i definitely found new music reading these comments....


Girls In Their Summer Clothes-Springsteen

My kids request it everytime we're in the car...I pray every day that their musical taste will stay the same-at least through kindergarten!

Little Brr

These are a few of my favorites in my current Pod rotation...

Handlebars - Flobots
Wheezer - Pork and Beans (the entire disk is awesome!)
Bartender - Rehab
Love Me Dead - Ludo
I Kissed a Girl - Katy Perry


I totally love and adore the new design of your site, MD. I can't tell you how many blogs I've stopped reading because I was so annoyed by all the clutter. This is a refreshingly clean look.


i second stacy's playlist, especially peter bjorn and john, and the cribs. also, susan's recommendation of paper planes by M.I.A.

current obsessions:
MGMT, oracular spectacular album
specifics: time to pretend, weekend wars, electric feel

Tigercity, time to love album
specifics: red lips, other girls


A Sample of my somewhat eclectic summer listening menu- Not that this would all appear on one playlist, but here goes;

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma / A-Punk
Death Cab - Your New Single Bed
Spoon - Don't You Evah
REM - Supernatural Superserious
The Ravonettes - Hallucinations

*Retro '90s*
Throwing Muses - Not too Soon
Sundays - Summertime
L7 - Pretend We're Dead
Better Than Ezra - Good
Blind Melon - No Rain
JudyBats - Down In The Shacks Where The Satellite Dishes Grow
Liz Phair - Polyester Bride / Whip Smart
Pet Shop Boys - Se A Vida E (That's The Way Life Is)
REM - Nightswimming / Me In Honey
Veruca Salt - Seether

*Retro '80's*
The Beat - Save It For Later
The Cure - In Between Days
Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar
Jane's Addiction - Jane Says / Standing In The Shower...
Joy Division - Isolation
The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
Seen And Not Seen - Talking Heads

Alton Ellis - The Preacher
The Wailers - Mr. Brown (a Teufelskind request)
Bongo Gal - Desmond Dekker & The Aces
The Ethiopians - Everything Crash / Pirate (the little devil's request again)
Justin Hinds & The Dominos - Save A Bread
Lord Tanamo - Iron Bar
The Pioneers - Long Shot Kick De Bucket
Toots & The Maytals - 54-46 That's My Number - One Eye Enos
Owen Gray - Shook, Shimmy & Shake / Bongo Natty

Papa Bradstein

When we were at DisneyWorld, I taught 3B to say, "Mommy is hot" whenever she was in her swimsuit. It's paying off now that our pool is open here and he's generalized it and says it whenever he feels like it.

Seriously, what is it with the finger up the butt?

Papa Bradstein

Oh, and please give our love to BossLady.

JJ Daddy-O

I vote for Nas' "Black President". Not your standard summer bubblegum, but something that will make us remember what's going on now, ten years from now.


Cadillac Ranch - Bruce Springsteen
Sweet Cherry Wine - Tommy James and the Shondelles
Handyman - Del Shannon
"The Harder They Come" soundtrack


I too love the new banner. Very modern. Your blogs always crack me up! As for songs I'd say anything by Nickelback. Kidding. I've been stuck on an old Fountains of Wayne CD so I'm not one to ask.


I still like listening to 90s music (reminds me of high school) so I revived "Faded" by Soul Decision (basically one-hit wonders). I really like Maroon5's "Makes me Wonder".

As for teaching your kiddo movie quotes, my hubby taught our oldest daughter a line from "Silence of the Lambs".....'Hello, Clarice. So good to see you again.'...creepy sounding voice included.

no kids, not married, and i voted for being woken up.
sadly, i haven't kept up with music like i usually do, but i do find "Bleeding Love" (Leona Lewis) irresistible for karaoke-in-the-car


I'm listening to Madonna's Hard Candy which is perfect for summer. It's dance-y and it's got good beats and is waaaay over-produced...all the things I love about a summer album. My fave is The Beat Goes On which is the song she did with Kanye West.


Oh, it's not just a guy thing. I've got my 19 month old Chicklet saying my favorite:
"We're gonna need a bigger boat!"


The great thing about "Shake It" is that it allows you to be cutting edge while simultaneously reliving your guyliner days, assuming you went through that phase.

Of course, as the parent who uses music as the teaching tool, I call it, "Shake It: Painless Intro to The Cure."


"The average mother of a child under 15 spends more on fast food every year than on books, music, movies and video games combined."---NY Times

I believe it. Especially when you consider that the average age people playing video games is 26... (or at least that's what it was a few years ago) and the fact that the average mother of a child under 15 probably has 2 kids under 15... I know with 3, and them getting big, so that a 4 piece nuggets isn't enough to satisfy them, we certainly pay if we decide to swing by a fast food restaurant...


Atm I just recently discovered Jason Mraz. Me like. Also, Marit Larsen, Sondre Lerche and Ane Brun, all three Norwegian singers/songwriters are worth checking out, I really like them :)


"Mercy" - Duffy, Rockferry.

Little bit of MoTown, little bit of Hip Hop, little bit naughty, says Summer 2008 to me!


THANK YOU!!! For me (ahem, cough, 40th) birthday I'm recording CD's for all the guests: a song from each year since I was born. I have NOTHING for this year. And as it turns out, 2001 kinda sucked, too.

A few months ago I realized that DJ was letting Molly play with his Peter Griffin action figure when she came running into the room singing, "Milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner fudge is made!"

Dr. T

Do you even have to ask? Summertime by New Kids on the Block! OK, OK, I had to throw up a little in my mouth too. Sorry. I'm really digging some Weezer at the moment. Island in the Sun is very apropos, as is Pork and Beans. Cheers!


1) I think my kids influence what I say more than vice versa. I wonder when I'll stop calling pillows "lillows" and blankets "blankies".
2) I try not to curse in front of my kids, but I honestly think that I'd be extremely disappointed if they became adults who didn't know how to curse properly.
3) I haven't updated my playlist in awhile but here are some things I'm listening to:
One Republic - Stop and Stare
Mylie Cyrus (yeah I know, shut up) - See You Again
Colbie Callait - Realize
The Last Goodnight - Pictures of You
Robbie Williams - Angels
Fergie - Clumsy
Lloyd - Get it Shawty
Rob Thomas - Little Wonders
Sean Kingston/Paula DeAnda - There's Nothing
Chris Brown (really, shut up, I'm pretending I'm not 30) - With You and Wall to Wall

4) On the one hand, I WOULD like to be woken up to say goodbye. On the other hand, if the people I love don't know that I love them on the day I die my life would have been a complete and utter failure.


PS I forgot the song I keep listening to over and over. Lupe Fiasco - Superstar


"Nearly HALF of all pregnancies each year are accidents." That one is true. I've polled mommy friends. (In my own case, it was 2 out of 3!)

The radio station at my office is tuned in to country music. I've nearly run out screaming a couple of times.


Single; No kids. WAKE ME UP. I can handle it. I think this has more to do with me being the youngest and being paranoid about missing out than, say, marital/kid status.

Summer songs: "American Boy" by Estelle and Kanye West & "Valerie" by Mark Ronson feat.Amy Winehouse. Pop + synth claps = heaven!

Summer song that reminds me of summers with my family (e.g. maybe fun for you & yours):

Dancing in the Moonlight (King Harvest)
Help me Rhonda (Beach Boys)
Centerfield (John Fogerty)


Nothing says summer like Wilco's, "Heavy Metal Drummer." It's also great to hear one's child sing the chorus, "Playing Kiss covers, beautiful and stoned."


Love the look, and with all that stuff you tell the peanut I'd be scared for you and Nate and our girls to get together. He's already taught her to say "farts are funny" among other gems.

As for my summer song, oh MD, you know I'm hopelessly lost in the 80s. I've got to stick with the original Boys of Summer which always gets some extra play on the iTunes when the whether turns sticky.

the weirdgirl

"Handlebars" by the Flobots

It's very cool, especially for those of us who come from Beastie Boys roots. I think you'll like it.

And WHAT is up with those toddler fingers going up the butt?!?

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