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June 23, 2008


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Thanks for making an old fogie cry, MD. This was fantastic. The whole family is watching it over and over again.


I saw this at breakfast this morning and it made my whole day. Happy tears at 5am. It was a a good day. Ever see the Discovery Channel commercial, I love the world?


Things have been pretty grim around here too, MD. We're nervously awaiting the results of my wife's amnio. Preliminary markers aren't looking so good. Thanks for posting this video. It really put a much-needed smile on our faces tonight. Hope BossLady's father is hanging in there.

always home and uncool

Just beautiful, man. Hope life gets only better ... for you and our Mets.


Great video, MD. Your words made it even more touching.

And though I'm only writing from the exotic land of Oakland, CA, we're all praying for your father-in-law too. Best to you and the family during these difficult times.

helen b.

I should have known better than to watch the video but I couldn't help myself. I'm pregnant, hormonal, overly emotional and I cry during every commercial on television. This one had me bawling. I've watched in 5 times already. Going through kleenex by the box this week.

Driver B

Kick ass. It kinda looks like Matt is doing the Gratitude Dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9z2ELaBVJY

I gotta read up on how he was able to go to so many awesome places!


Very cool. Man, I would love to travel like that. I've been to a few of those places, but not enough- and I rarely danced in any of them.

Thoughts for you father-in-law.


Homie, much love to you and the BossLady during these difficult times.

Amazing video - very uplifting in a time where hope (on a world stage) seems pretty grim. Obama bring us back to love and harmony in this world!

Hapa Dad

You have this really cool ability of providing an amazing perspective on the world, MD. You see the beauty in the small and the joy in the big. Posts like this show me once again why you're my favorite blogger out there.

Much love to you and the whole family as you go through these difficult times. Our prayers are with you.


That really is the greatest video on the internet. I had a smile on my face the whole time I watched it.


I'm showing this to all my students tomorrow. I hope it has as much of an impact on them as it did on me. Thanks, MD.

spontaneity and afterthoughts

This is a lovely post.
I have seen this before and followed Matts site for sometime last year before I drifted. Thanks for bringing a smile to everyone.
I agree there is more of similarity among us than diffrence. The background song musically and faintly phonetically, at certain places sounds much similar to my mother tongue Bengali/Bangla, India.


My 8-month-old went nuts when I played that video. Bookmarked for his future crabby moments, definitely. And yes, very moving. I was laughing at my kid with tears in my eyes through the whole thing. Thanks, MD.

metro mama



I brought my 3yr old over to sit and watch with me. "Look at all the friends!" he kept saying.

keith levens

This totally just made my morning, MD. I've watched it twice with my morning coffee and I've got a bit shit-eating grin on my face. Thanks!


This is absolutely fantastic. I was not really expecting for a dancing fool to bring tears to my eyes, but what do I know?

Sending you happy thought and prayers for you and your family.

Maria V

Anyone could have posted the video, MD, but you shared what it meant to you and put it in a larger perspective. We've been praying for BossLady's father every week in church and have you all in our hearts. God bless!


That video is fucking awesome. Thank you for sharing.

I have not had any interest in dating since John died, but I'm wondering if Matt has a thing for widows with toddler twins.

Mama Nabi

Thank you, Metrodad. Thank you.

It reminded me why it was so important for me to fight for LN's freedom to travel internationally. Thank you.

Lots of love and warm thoughts for Casa Metrodad...


my father-in-law passed away from cancer a few years back, it took almost a year for it to really hit home. u guys have my thoughts & prayers.

i love matt, great video!!


Absolutely amazing. Thank you. I'm wiping away tears now. Oh course, I'm the person that always gets a little misty everytime I hear "Imagine."
Love and prayers to you and your family.


Oh, Matt. Why do you have such power to drive me to tears?


Love the video - it has my 8 year old dancing all over the house! Thank you!


You're so awesome, MD. Thanks for sharing that amazing video. I'm always so jealous of people like you and Matt that are able to make travel a priority. I live vicariously through you.

My best to your family. You're never far from my thoughts - and I don't even know you!

First Rough Draft

I'm so glad you posted this. The last time I saw this video, it was only half as long -- Matt sure has been busy. It makes me smile and cry every time. And this time, I saw my city visited along with all the faraway places I can only dream of. It's an inspiring perspective.

jackie j

Wow, this video is amazing! My co-workers and I just watched it about ten times in a row. Now they're all passing it on to their friends and family. Thanks, MD! Wishing the best to all of you and Bosslady's father..


that video is incredible and, like you, I cannot stop watching it. It's the kind of thing that gives me faith in humanity.

I'm so sorry your family is going through such a difficult time. Take care.

Jona Family

Greetings from Fiji, MD! We found your site via Karen Cheng and we've become big fans. We hope the best for your Father-in-Law and our prayers are with your entire family.


Wow-if you wanted to make me all teary eyed then you succeeded!

Dyar Baby Momma (aka Kelly)

I had seen one of his first videos with just him, and loved it, but when I started this I was just like... this again? But then the people start joining him and tears started popping up in my eyes... so wonderful. Thanks!


That had to be the coolest video I've seen in a while! I'm "stealing" it for my blog, if you don't mind.

I understand how hard it is to have a parent/family member with cancer. My dad lived with it for twenty years (he died not of cancer, but a fall from a hospital bed - irony sometimes is not funny), and lost my aunt to breast cancer. My thoughts go out to you and your wife. Wish your family the best. Love your blog!


so good. It makes me want to create my own bad dancing moves.

why does it make me cry?

Amy Nathan

It made me cry - geez - I wasn't expecting that.

Brett Nordquist

Thank you for making my day. I can't stop watching it and don't believe it's possible to watch and not smile.


You're right...that is the best video on the internet. Brilliant and incredible. It really puts things into perspective. Thanks for sharing.

janelle in nyc

I played this for my three kids this afternoon. Now they're insisting that I keep playing so that they can dance along. Not easy to find something so uplifting and inspiring that it brings a smile to everyone it touches and makes them want to dance. Blessed is the human spirit.

I'll have the kids say a prayer for your father-in-law tonight. We're all thinking about you guys.

jamie E.

What an amazing video. I can't stop watching it. Wish there were some way to just play it on repeat.


Metrodad, thanks. That's all I can say. You took my crappy day and made it good again. I can't wait to show it to my daughter when she wakes up tomorrow.
Thoughts and prayers to your family and hugs to Boss Lady from our family.

mac daniels

i love it. have shown it to most of my friends and even a few assholes i hate.


I teach an ESL class and I'm showing this to all my students tomorrow. Thanks, MD!


WOW! That an amazing video. It really felt like the people of the world were uniting in peace and happiness - if only it could really be like this.


Between reading your blog and watching this video, I've realized that I've got to get out and see more of the world. I'm 26 and the only countries I've been to outside of the US are Mexico and Canada. Things like this remind me how much bigger the world is than what I see around me. Thanks, MD. Thanks for posting this video and thanks for always trying to inspire people to see more of the world.

Hope BL's dad is doing better. I'm praying for all of you.


that's an awesome video that brought tears of happiness to my eyes...my prayers and thoughts are with you & BL in this time...


Thank you for sharing your pain and your joy.


That video is pure joy.


What an awesome video! This is definitely a pass it along video, as you know, we are in the same position as you MD, as we are awaiting for my sister's stem cell transplant soon. This will put a smile on her face for sure. Thanks and hang in there MD!


I have never forwarded anything from the internet to my friends and family. This was the first time. I think everyone needs to see this expression of pure joy and happiness. It really is inspiring.


MD Thank you so much for sharing. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

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